It would be difficult to imagine a more sleazy relationship than that in the early 1990s between Lyndon LaRouche and Rev. Bevel: The KKK-linked far right cult leader, sexual puritan and convicted felon meets the former civil rights leader, sexual libertine (including with his own children) and shill for the Moonies. LaRouche needed a front man in the Black community; Bevel needed cash. The menu below covers Bevel's hypocritical stance on issues, his relationship with LaRouche, the relationship of both LaRouche and Bevel with Farrakhan, LaRouche's political exploitation of Black senior citizens (an interesting counterpoint to Bevel's alleged sexual exploitation of Black children), and LaRouche's longstanding ties to Klansmen, neo-Nazis and (formerly) the South African apartheid regime.

  • "Rights leader sentenced to 15 years for incest" (Associated Press, Oct. 15, 2008). Former LaRouche Vice-Presidential running mate and civil rights activist James Bevel had raped his own underage daughter. "[The prosecution] revealed that at least four other daughters Bevel had with various women have made similar allegations against him." And: "The assault occurred in the early 1990s in Loudoun County, when Bevel was working closely with the Virginia-based organization led by...Lyndon LaRouche."

  • Report by Chip Berlet on Bevel's opportunistic dealings with LaRouche and others on the far right. Reveals that in the early 1990s Bevel played a prominent role in a commission founded by Helga Zepp-LaRouche to investigate an alleged child abuse conspiracy in Nebraska.

  • Full text of The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John DeCamp (1992, second ed. 1996). LaRouche, Zepp-LaRouche, their erstwhile ally Dr. Judianne Densen-Gerber, and Rev. Bevel join forces to whip up hysteria around murky allegations that prosecutors had decided were false. See book's index for references to Bevel & Co. The author praises Bevel's commitment to the struggle, saying he "cared about one thing--children. Children were being abused and were going to be abused, unless something was done."

  • Farrakhan connection. Bevel, LaRouche aide Anton Chaitkin, and Farrakhan spokesman Abdul Alim Muhammad attack the Anti-Defamation League as the "new KKK" at a Howard University forum. See items 66 and 67 (Sept. 23 and Sept. 30, 1992).

  • "No Compromise with Racism" (Columbus Free Press, 1997). Dr. Manning Marable traces the history of LaRouche's racism and criticizes the LaRouche-Bevel-Farrakhan alliance. Thinks there's a certain similarity to the NOI's dealings with the KKK in the early 1960s.

  • Rev. Bevel attempts to introduce LaRouche as a guest speaker at Nation of Islam sponsored gathering (1996). LaRouche is booed by the audience at the National Convention of the Oppressed in St. Louis and has to be escorted from the stage.

  • Manning Marable comments on LaRouche's presence at the National Convention of the Oppressed in St. Louis (Columbus Free Press, 1996). Why was a man with a "long history as an enemy of the black freedom movement"--a Ku Klux Klan ally and former spy for apartheid South Africa--on the speakers' list of the NOI-endorsed conference? Marable suggests that Rev. Bevel, Rev. Ben Chavis and Minister Farrakhan should each be held accountable.

  • LaRouche, Bevel and Amelia Robinson. Example of LaRouche's shameless manipulation (2007) of 95-year-old civil rights veteran Amelia Robinson, a relationship that Bevel earlier helped to facilitate (they also tried to get Rosa Parks into the LaRouche orbit).

  • More on Amelia Robinson. LaRouche's ICLC takes time out from Labor Day conference to celebrate Ms. Robinson's 90th birthday. To anyone with experience of cults, it is easy to read between the lines and see how she's being manipulated.

  • Amelia Robinson tours Italy for LaRouche at age 95. Why has Bevel never spoken out against this blatant exploitation of his former close ally in the Selma civil rights movement?

  • LaRouche's relationship to apartheid South Africa's Bureau of State Security. Did con man Bevel bother to tell Amelia Robinson and Rosa Parks about this?

  • LaRouche and the Ku Klux Klan. LaRouche had Klansmen on his payroll long before he hired Rev. Bevell ("Night Riders to the Rescue," Chapter 21 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism).

  • Earlier LaRouche racism. The NCLC leader attempted to use black teens as a goon squad against Amiri Baraka while targeting Baraka with Klan-style leaflets and attempting to forge an alliance with white-ethnic racists ("The Beethoven Gang," Chapter 5 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism).

  • LaRouche and Sheila Jones. An ex-LaRouchian recalls Lyn and Helga LaRouche's cynical, decades-long exploitation of a black woman who was among their most fervent disciples.

  • The ultimate hypocrisy. Bevel condemns "sexual addiction" and calls for "atonement" (2000) in Farrakhan's The Final Call.

  • LaRouche and Farrakhan. Read this 1994 ADL report.

  • African-Americans for LaRouche: The Mann-Chestnut Hearings (1995). With the help of Bevel and others, LaRouche enticed civil rights attorney J.L. Chestnut and former South Carolina congressman James Mann into heading a bizarre private commission to exonerate LaRouche, Nazi concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk, Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim and several African-American elected officials busted for bribery. Manuel Noriega sent a letter from his prison cell asking to be included on the list.

  • Federal Election Commission advisory opinion (1992). Says Bevel must file his own statement of candidacy and designate his own campaign committee, which must file campaign finance reports separate from those of LaRouche. However, "all contributions received by any authorized committee of either candidate are considered as received by both candidates."

  • "Zombie Killers Out of Control" (June 1974). The rhetoric of this LaRouche leaflet is almost indistinguishable from Ku Klux Klan racism: "This summer you will be walking down the street with your family and a cruising car will pull up beside you. A group of young black men will jump out of the car and surround you. As they close may notice that their eyes show no emotion, their pupils are pinpoints. Your throat will be slashed, your wife will be stabbed, your children's heads will be smashed against the pavement. The attackers will be grinning or laughing."

  • Praise for LaRouche (1984) from Klan leader and anti-busing bomber Robert Miles. "He [LaRouche] is White Racist to the core....He has done more to split the ranks of the jews than most groups labeled as NS [National Socialist] or Klan could ever do....Good show, Lyndon!"

  • Arch-segregationist and neo-Nazi J.B. Stoner claims (1977) that the LaRouchians approached him about forming a political alliance. Also alleges they were working with members of the Klan and white citizens' councils "throughout" the South (the latter claim may have been a bit of an exaggeration).

  • LaRouche's security staff spied on anti-Klan conference. You can be sure that a dossier containing the information from this March 3, 1981 Investigative Leads (and probably with further details) was circulated by Roy Frankhouser--the Pennsylvania KKK grand dragon who was serving at the time as a paid LaRouche security operative--to violent white supremacist groups around the country.

  • Leading neo-Nazi Robert Miles hails LaRouche as an "instinctive" white supremacist and compares his movement to the Nazi SS (1986). Gloats that the LaRouchians wrought "havoc" in the ranks of ZOG [the so-called Zionist Occupation Government in the U.S.] through their victories in the Illinois Democratic primaries that year. (The page reproduced here is from Miles' "From the Mountain" newsletter and also promotes the Order--a neo-Nazi terrorist gang (now defunct) that was heavily influenced by The Turner Diaries. (The latter tract, disguised as a science-fiction novel, basically advocates the physical extermination of all blacks, Latinos, other nonwhite people, Jews, gays, white liberals--and even white conservatives, if they fail to get with the program.)

  • Lyndon LaRouche: a 35-year history of racism. Full documentation, from armed attacks on blacks in the early 1970s to calling Barbara Jordan a subhuman in the late 1970s to calling Barak Obama a monkey in 2008.