What are 100 million Chinese lives worth to LaRouche?

By a former ICLC member, August 13, 2007

I had occasion to observe a meeting in the mid-1990s between LaRouche and a student from the Chinese democracy movement. The student had been an important figure in the movement that led to Tiannamen Square in 1989, and had many contacts throughout this movement in China and abroad.

To my surprise, LaRouche showed no interest in learning about the Chinese democracy movement and how it saw China before Tiannamen and after. The student tried to talk as would be expected when meeting with someone who might have political advice to offer.

This went nowhere, however. Instead, LaRouche interrupted him: "There is no need to worry about the Chinese leadership. They will never compromise China's sovereignty, even if they have to kill a 100 million Chinese, eh?" seeking approbation from the confused student. LaRouche repeated the same sentences again and again, each time with a bigger glint in his eye. I got the feeling he wished he were a leader of China and could kill the 100 million himself.

Lyndon LaRouche Watch asks: Is it any wonder that media controlled by the Chinese government today depict LaRouche as a major world thinker? Or that the Chinese government underwrites Schiller Institute conferences on Chinese soil (with the keynote address, naturally, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche--herself once a Maoist)? Perhaps another ex-LCer could provide a description of the LaRouche movement's former close ties with the Taiwanese military and security apparatus and elucidate whether LaRouche has severed his Taiwan connection or is still trying to play both ends against the middle.