Two LaRouche aides helped spread anti-Semitic hate literature in Japan

Now they hope to rule the roost in Leesburg when their 84-year-old leader dies

Postings by "xlcr4life" on FACT Net

"xlcr4life," Wednesday, August 29, 2007 - 6:03 pm:

In reading a summary of Lyn's yearly delusions I noticed something called "The Club of Isles." I vaguely remember coming across that years and years ago and wondered where I heard of that. Then pow! It hit me: on wild anti-Semitic websites one can find praise for Lyn and the cult's theology of "The British = The Jews." Try this example.

Looking further down the [FACT Net] posts someone mentions an anti-Semitic book in Japan that Lyn's closest security staffers had a hand in. For quite some time, before the age of the internet, it was impossible to track this stuff down. But someone with a WABAC machine found a reference in a book review of the history of Japanese anti-Semitism where it jumps out at you.

In Leesburg it seems that after the death of Ken Kronberg, Lyn has a welcome wagon of sorts where security chief Jeff Steinberg and [his close associate] Paul Goldstein knock on your door and sit down to chit chat. At first glance this seems a bit odd as Paul Goldstein claims to everyone that he is "out" of the LC while in the next breath claims that he is the man who made Lyn.

When your turn comes up to get that visit from Jeff and Paul, ask them if they can autograph a book called Confessions of the Jews which was published and translated by a Pastor Masami Uno, who is one of the most prolific anti-Semitic publishers in Japan.

Protocols of Zion, The Club of Isles, Satanists...I wonder if Lyn is channelling Henry Ford instead of FDR at times.

For further documentation of the above, read here and here and here.

"xlcr4life," Wednesday, August 29, 2007 - 6:30 pm:

I am certain that Jeff and Paul will gladly explain how close they are to Masami Uno and even share laughs about how all of them were involved in book projects with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as feature. Why if you serve them some Starbucks coffee, you might just get them to jointly autograph Confessions of the Jews.

If they both claim amnesia, just take them or your local [NCLC] leaders to this book and ask for a clarification.

Why, Jeff and Paul--those two wild and crazy guys--might be so honored by your bringing up Confessions of the Jews that [they] may just break down and do a skit for you and relive telling those famous "Jew Jokes" from the 1980s which caused an exodus of LC [Labor Committee] Jews from the 304 W. 58th St. office. [This address in Manhattan housed the LaRouche organization's national headquarters in the early 1980s. For more on the "Jew Jokes," read here.--DK.]

There is a lot for these two happy campers to explain. We need to make sure that we have our books straight as there is another one published by Victor Marchetti for Japan by Paul and Jeff about the ADL and Zionism (read here). Who knows what else there is out there in this murky world?

I and others are wondering if those two are planning a post-Lyn party of sorts and getting their people together to battle Helga. Here is something for LaRouche's "Believe it or Not Museum":

Paul and Jeff tried to convince Lyn in the 1980s that the safest place for him to be safe from the never-ending assassination threats was in prison.

Believe it or not.