Another "fine mess"?

From "eaglebeak" to Lyndon LaRouche Watch, Dec. 1, 2008:

Was reading your latest posting about ego-stripping and a mess to be cleaned up,[1] so I thought I would send you a quote from Lyn [LaRouche] which I have never mentioned anywhere publicly till now, and which bears out everything you're saying in that posting.

LaRouche made this remark in April 2007 about the suicide of longtime LaRouche follower Ken Kronberg, who killed himself by jumping from a highway overpass on April 11, 2007. LaRouche played a key role in driving Kronberg to suicide by repeated attacks, printed and oral, precisely along the lines of the ego-stripping LaRouche was commenting on in 1973.

Anyhow—April 2007, on Kronberg's death:

LaRouche: "Well, here's another fine mess I have to clean up."

[1] From LaRouche's "Beyond Psychoanalysis," first published in The Campaigner, Dec. 1973:

Because the members have some formal knowledge and experience of the significance and of some techniques for stripping away aspects of the persona [he means "ego-stripping"—DK], the member who applies such techniques without have yet developed a working grasp of the dialectical method rather inevitably accomplishes only the negative aspect of the "molecular" organizing task. He succeeds in either organizing or estranging worker-contacts on the basis of induced heteronomic rage. (Either way, the organization is thus confronted with a bit of a mess to be cleaned up.)

For an explication of this turgid prose and a link to the section of "Beyond Psychoanalysis" in which it appears, go to Lyndon LaRouche Watch's Nov. 29, 2008, posting here.