"The Boomers will be scared into becoming human...
Unless they want to commit suicide."






The leadership is among the 18-35 year olds. The Baby Boomer generation is politically dead, and can only be brought back by artificial insemination. And get ready for new pedagogicals forthcoming on Gauss; in "the basement," there is already the first model of determination of the orbit of Ceres.

It's not an individual problem; we have mass insanity. The Boomers are politically insane. They can follow a trail of shit, but they can't lead anything. You want proof,-- look at the US Senate since Al Gore began his latest pitch. The world is going to Hell, and their talking about sex with polar bears! Look at Kerry's crazy debate with Gingrich yesterday; and it's not just Kerry; it's the entire Senate! Typical Baby Boomers: in 2005, LaRouche told them what had to be done about the auto crisis. They said, "Yes, yes!," but did nothing, and went the other way. And then they brought fascism onto the Supreme Court in 2006.

The leadership in society will come from the young adult generation, because the Boomers are all similar as a generation; it's not a question of individual, but of group behavior. Despite individual exceptions, the group behavior is tantamount to senility.

To the extent that they perceive that the younger generation is setting the agenda, and only to that extent, does the Baby Boomer recognize that someone is telling them what to do. There is no way to raise money from Baby Boomers, other than a mobilization of young adults. They will never mobilize themselves. Only if the young generation says to them, "Now, here's what we're going to do!"

The breakdown in fundraising is a symptom of a moral breakdown in leadership. The issue is not a supportive attitude to the right agenda; the issue is the conviction to make that agenda effective. The disintegration began in the period of the 1990s to 2000, especially, in Leesburg, in 1992-93. When Lyn came out of jail, he presented his solution to the sales force in the very living room in which he spoke last night. People went screaming out of the room, and refused to change. This Boomer policy failure went on uninterrupted into Y2000, and only changed as the Y2K bubble finally exploded. The print shop was the worst. "Lyn is wrong," they said. "There may be crisis, but the economy won't go under. There will always be money there for people smart enough to grab it." This was the prevalent approach radiated back and forth, out of Leesburg into the whole organization.

Winstar was another part of it; a phoney company which was paying big salaries, while producing and selling absolutely nothing! "We have a lifestyle." Commitment to the lifestyle was a cause of the collapse. Some of them disappeared in 2000 or thereafter.

Don't go telling a Boomer to exert leadership. We're organizing the country: namely the 18-35 year olds. How? Just like an army: convince them that that's what they should be doing! That's what we're doing! The change into the new news aspect of the LPAC website by the LYM is the key to everything. It's already raised the quality of our intelligence, much of which was bullshit (if passable bullshit) before. We're entering into active exchange with significant people, not just in the US, but into Russia and India as well. We're in interchange of views with key people in various parts of the world.

We're reaching the most active part of the younger generation, with product which no one would have dreamed of. We go the the Boomers: "We're your boss." "You? Who are you?" "We represent the youth, the leadership." But, you have to make it stick!

We're stirring controversy; we're getting responses,-- often enraged responses. Rage! How can you say that? How dare you? We're setting the agenda, by forcing them to respond. That's how you organize the older generation: "Hah! These young guys are doing something!" it's always that way,-- it's young adult leadership which moves the entire population.

Through the website postings, pulled together into briefings in the evenings, the publications develop over weeks. Not stylized, stereotyped publications which must always devote one page to this and two pages to that. Take the ideas off the website and deploy with them. To influence the population, you need ammunition. The best is knowledge they could not get otherwise. They may not agree, but they'll be impressed by your command of the subject and your mission. That's the way you organize. It's not consolidated yet; we can do much better, and we will do much better in two weeks. In one month, we won't recognize ourselves.

The Boomers will be scared into becoming human, because you're in the real world, and they're not. Unless they want to commit suicide.

Our members became demoralized by taking their approach of the 1980s and '90s, and trying to adapt it to a different situation, where it can't function. They stopped thinking how to win, and instead tried to adapt to failure. The right approach is not a ritual in which we glorify our "suffering." It's to provide effective leadership to society, and to go to society: "this role must be supported."

Take the website. How insane were we, not to do all that time what we are doing now? It was clinically insane. To build a mass movement, you need a mass base. The easiest way is through this sort of website! It you think you can succeed without a mass effect, you're an idiot!

The Boomer is characterized by a self-imposed insecurity; a sense of jeopardy regarding his personal identity in society. Imagine yourself at a big party of cannibals, wondering if you'll be next.

LPAC is it. Our impact as an organization in every way depends on LPAC, which depends on its website. Activate that! Don't look for any other miraculous plan. No effort we do would exist without LPAC. The world has changed! Any other idea is masturbation: a lot of work and no satisfaction!

LPAC is the equivalent of a political party among other political parties. It raises all the leading political issues of the world, which are all contained in US policy. US policy is contained in LPAC; everything else is an adjunct. And what LaRouche does defines LPAC.

Lyn concluded by addressing the youth: You must represent the pinnacle of what mankind has achieved so far. Not as something given to us, but as a responsibility. We will make the world a better place for the human race, as FDR wanted. Therefore, demand of yourself the very best. You can be confident if you represent of what our culture has won.

Lyn is pleased that the LPAC operation is working; now it's ready to go wild. It's our opportunity; no one else could take it. There's a dead generation in the Senate, but we're going to start having fun doing this,-- it'll work.