Origins of the art of inducing suicide?

LaRouche alleges a giant CIA psychosexual brainwashing plot

"The person goes into a final total caricature, sort of a steppin-fetchit homosexual act. Pathetic. Worse. Like a dead cow. It begins to die. He's free. Automatic crematoria. No gas ovens required. The person is programmed to self-destruct. That's his freedom."

By LYN MARCUS (Lyndon LaRouche)
New Solidarity special supplement, Jan. 1974

[INTRODUCTION by New Solidarity: The following historic exposure of CIA brainwashing operations is taken from a speech by Lyn Marcus, chairman of the Labor Committees (LC) on Jan. 3, 1974 in New York City. At the time we go to press, NBC and CBS-TV interviews with Marcus scheduled for immediate release are still being kept off the air under pressure from the CIA. Nevertheless the New York Post, the Sunday Times of London, the New York Review of Books and two television networks are following developments closely, pending publication in depth.

[The brainwashing victims mentioned in Marcus' speech are, or were at one time, members of the Labor Committees.]

I'm sorry for the delay, but we had a press conference that took a little longer than we expected. There, by the way, should be no applause; I'll explain why. Don't get freaked out by anything, but I don't want to create conditions which are not healthy for one or two individuals in the group here. Now I'm going to give you the worst part of the thing as well as the best so that there's no question in your mind that I've given the whole scoop. But it's not that bad.

We are now in the second phase of a psy-war game designed by the CIA, that is, a psychological warfare game conducted on a scale of four continents, in which the CIA is playing psychological warfare with an organization, the Labor Committee. That's what this is about. Now, I'll give you the KGB angle too. But let's deal with only this aspect, and then I'll put the KGB in the picture. There was, but that's not relevant, an assassination plot against me by the KGB. That existed, but that's not relevant at this point, because assassination of me and a few other people is nothing — is absolutely unimportant compared to what has actually been happening. Human beings — you know it's one thing to be dead — you're dead.

But imagine the torture you, a human being, one day you find yourself after extreme torture and degradation, sitting inside your own head like a conscious corpse sitting inside a tomb. There is no real connection between your conscious sense of self and your outer body. Your body is under the control of an alien monster. I'm going to get it rough. I'll tell you what brain-washing is. I don't think, after what these people have been through, that they will mind my telling the truth of this degradation as to how this brain-washing works. And this is what the CIA did to these people. When you find out what it's about -- you'll understand what's important right now.

Chris White was brainwashed in two steps. One step — he was brainwashed from September 17. He was brainwashed by the CIA to simulate a brainwashed KGB agent. Okay? The way this was done — he was marked out and targeted. He was referred to a school in applying for a job as a history teacher — was referred to a school that was open. When he got to the school there were never any children, except on pictures, used as part of his conditioning. There was never a class; he never taught a class. Each day at the end of the day he'd go home, his personality gradually changing. The next day each day in due course he went to work -- his personality gradually changing. This went on 5 or so days a week for 17 weeks. And then, after this was completed, he was picked up last week, drugged again, and subjected to 12 hours of final conditioning, and put in a psychotic state for shipment to me in the United States, under contract for delivery by the CIA. Okay?

How do you brainwash an individual? Well, first of all, you can do certain kinds of brainwashing very easily. I'm not going to go into those kinds of things where you drop LSD and a few other things into coffee; then you hypnotize them and have a gay old time. That sort of stuff is rather common and it may be important, but it's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about systematic brainwashing of the type that was done to Chris White.

Chris White was brainwashed in two steps. One step, — he was brainwashed from September 17. He was brainwashed by the British government to simulate a brainwashed KGB agent. He was brainwashed by the CIA to simulate a brainwashed KGB agent. Okay? The way this was done — he was marked out, targeted. He was referred to a school that was open. When he got to the school there were never any children, except on pictures, used as a part of his conditioning. There was never a class; he never taught a class. Each day at the end of the day he'd go home, his personality gradually changing. The next day each day in due course he went to work — his personality gradually changing. This went on five or so days a week for 17 weeks. And then, after this was completed, he was picked up last week, drugged again, and subjected to 12 hours of final conditioning, and put in a psychotic state for shipment to me in the United States, under contract for delivery by the CIA. Okay? [Repetition is in the original.--DK}

Brainwashing Operation

Now, there's a. little angle on this — that in order to accomplish this the British government asked an airline, British Caledonian, to sabotage the engines of one of its own planes, a plane on which Mr. White was presumed to be traveling but which he in fact never boarded. Nor did two other passengers listed on the same plane ever board it. You may find their names on the passenger list but they were never on the plane. The plane was returned to the airport to give a 12 hour cover to the absence of White to allow for final conditioning. The cover was that he was teaching every day. He wasn't teaching every day — he was being brainwashed in the basement of what seemed to be a school building without students. He was in the premises. This can be verified. There's no question that he was in those premises during that period. Nor is there any question that he was operated upon during that period. We have objective evidence, independent even of his own internal states, that he was brainwashed in those premises in that period. A British national was brainwashed by his own government, by arbitrary selection, from September 17 to December 17, 1973. And later in the month of December he was picked up for a final course in psychosis -- a 12 hour course in psychosis, and an airliner was sabotaged by its own ownership, risking the lives of other passengers, in order to create a cover for his absense. In addition there were two other members of the organization over there who were previously brainwashed, principally for the purpose of setting up White. As a matter of fact we found that out because they were actually giving out key and code patterns that were appropriate to Mr. White's program. As a matter of fact these unfortunate individuals were part of the operation to assassinate me here, which was to be effected by the CIA and blamed on the KGB.

Not Their Fault

However, there was at the same time a KGB operation. Where does the KGB come in? I'll just indicate this briefly and then return to the question of the CIA. The KGB has in this operation, since the period of Mop-Up here in particular, though it has been operating against us for years, has been planning this move for years — if you want to know why Bob Dillon isn't in the organization any more, ask the CIA what happened in Iran. If you want to know what the Alice Weitzman case is about, ask the CIA what happened to Bob Dillon in Iran. Ask why 55 Perry Street was on the program — that is, Joanne Joseph's home — why 55 Perry Street was the address, the emergency address for White to call to actuate an assassination of me. And why did Dillon and Co. decide to launch this campaign to discredit the Labor Committee at precisely the same instant the CIA went into operation. Why during that period was a certain white-haired man seen guiding a frantic shouting, obviously half-psychotic Dillon at the Joseph residence with several other ex-LC members during that period, people who became ex-LC members only because they had been brainwashed or otherwise subjected to this kind of thing. There are a significant number of members of the organization who have been brainwashed. And many of them don't know it — many of them are sleepers.

Now the fact that someone has been brainwashed is not their fault. It does not discredit them. But let me tell you what a real brainwash victim is like. How do you brainwash somebody? Well, first of all, you generally pull a psychological profile or develop one in a preliminary period. You find every vulnerability of that person from a psychoanalytical standpoint. Now the next thing you do is you build them up for fear in males and females of homosexuality, aim them for an anal identification with anal sex, their mouth is identified with fellatio. Their mouth is identified only with the penis — that kind of sex, and with woman. Womanhood is the fellatio of the male mouth in a man who has been brainwashed by the KGB; that is sucking penises. As a matter of fact, the programs that I've been up against in both cases — and one case is an old case, going back years before these operations — a man of great dignity, a comrade, was sitting on a couch sucking a pig one morning recently; he'd been actuated by the kind of program that was actuating Dillon’s behavior and that of those working with Dillon, the CIA. Why was he actuating a pig? Because his control was in the Russian language, and "pig" in Russian is penis. He was receiving a reward — what's called "freedom" — "svoboda" — for having completed a part of his assignment for the CIA. A man of dignity degraded to bestiality, with no control of himself, running around the streets screaming control codes, keys, codes, "cancel me, cancel me," — you know what that means? It means a code barrier has gone out of control, and for 24 to 36 hours he laid on a bed in a room alternating between the desire to die and the desire to strangle to death any leading member of the LC who came near him. He's a man whose secondary object has been to use his only capability — his strong arms — to strangle someone to death, from me on down. A man reduced to merely a pair of arms without a brain of his own. A similar thing was done to Chris White.

You know what they do to you? When they really start the heavy programming, first of all they give you heavy electric shock. Heavy electric shock. First you've been built up with fear of the electric shock. Everything possible has been done to induce fear. This was done to White first on October 12. He had started his brainwashing course on September 17 and on October 12 he was given his first brainwashing. Some character named Trevor in England was responsible for doing some of the fingering work to set him up for the operation. An Irishman named Trevor.

But then, you know what they do to you? It's not the pain that brainwashes people.

What kills you is when you eat excrement as a way of inducing your torturer to lay off the pain. In permitting a bottle to be inserted in your anus and sitting on it on a chair for hours while interrogation continues, as a way of avoiding greater pain. Lying on the floor and whining like a puppy, as a way of getting your torturers to lay off. Or permitting yourself to be subjected to homosexual rape, oral and anal.

Eating excrement, having a program to eat your own excrement. Being reduced to an eight-cycle infinite loop with look-up table. With homosexual bestiality.

First they say your father was nothing, your father was a queer, your father was a woman. They play very strongly on homosexual fears. It doesn't work on women because in women homosexuality is much more accepted and easily taken among women than men. Most women are to a large degree homosexual in this society. The relationship between daughter and mother is homosexual, so the thing is not so much of a threat.

But to young men it is generally a grave threat. They play upon that fear. They play upon the guilt fears and feelings about masturbation — guilt fears about masturbation. They play upon every kind of silly thing that really doesn't mean a thing.

They say, "See that sheep. Wouldn't you like to do that to that sheep?" They show him a picture. He's half drugged, conditioned. They show a picture of a man performing intercourse with a sheep. "Wouldn't you like to do that? How about this dog? How's this picture?"

What brainwashes is the victim's knowledge that he is degrading himself in order to avoid pain. It's not the pain that brainwashes, it's forcing the victim to run away from pain by taking the bait of degrading himself. This persistent pattern of self-degradation, self-humiliation, is what essentially accomplishes the brainwashing.

White's De-Programming

Take the case of White. This is an unusual one because Chris White is an unusual person. I could not do this with most people if they were brainwashed. I would have to start a much longer program, with much more equipment, because I couldn't get in on the verbal level at all, or very little. But with White I can by-pass some of the blocks and get in on the verbal level with very minimal amounts of other techniques.

In most cases there is no connection in the end between the self inside and the body outside. The identity of the people who control you is sort of a super-witch. The term in this program is the mother who is not a mother.

And Mike Vale, the bastard who, as Chris said, got poor slobs like us into this mess. Vale is the guy who ruined a lot of good men, a real crud — who probably is responsible for McGourty.

You know why McGourty is in jail? I know why McGourty is in jail. We put what we know on the George case together with what we know about McGourty, and we have the scoop of one of the nastiest, most vicious CIA operations — the brainwashing institutes of Sweden. It's a great place to go for a vacation. But don't eat anything, don't drink anything. You may not come back a man, or a woman.

Now we know why McGourty was victimized when we cracked the George case — to protect Bo Burlingham, Mike Vale, Kopkind, and other scum — Spender and that type. Real scum.

The British International Socialists is full of these scum. British IS is one of the scummiest operations in Europe.

And they had a hand, by the way, in selecting and routing our members into brainwashing. British IS had a hand — leaders — as a matter of fact Tony Cliff himself — helped set up the CIA operation against the Labor Committees. Tony Cliff is personally responsible for the brainwashing of some Labor Committee members.

The Confusion

Why was this done? Well, actually the amount of brainwashing that has been done to the Labor Committee — and I know more about it than, I think, anyone else — is actually very little. Actually very little. The confusion is a great deal more.

But the confusion is mostly coming from a handful of disoriented people, including some brainwash victims, gathered around Bob Dillon and run by a CIA agent. I don't know if they are all brainwashed, I know that some of them are brainwashed, but the whole group around Dillon is being run by a white-haired CIA controller.

And the function of that group, the creation of that group which went into existence at the same time that brainwashed victims were released, is to do the CIA's work of simple disruption. So if you get any problems with that, simply recognize that you've got some unfortunate former comrades who've been victimized by the CIA, who, if we can do something to free them from this enslavement, of course we certainly shall.

We don't blame them for what they do. They are being denied their humanity. Their humanity is sitting inside their heads looking out, piteously, helplessly, unable to control the functions of mouth, hands, and feet. Our job is to free them.

The Reason

Now that's what the CIA's done in the first place. Why did it do this? Well I'm partly the reason for it. Why? When you get the reason for this you really begin to get the enormity.

Why did they do it? I had cracked the George case [the brainwashing of Konstantin George, in an attempt to infiltrate the West German Labor Committee in August 1973]. I'd cracked the George program, and they misunderstood what I did in the George programming — it's obvious. They don't understand anything about the mind. They are only the plumbers of the mind. (This is not to take anything away from plumbers. A plumber has the sense not to install pipes in the head and expect the human being to work. As a matter of fact we'd be much better off if some of our plumbers would become psychologists and some of our brainwashers would become plumbers. Maybe they'd flush it.)

Why was it done? Well, I apologize to you. The CIA has discovered that I have the capability to break Soviet brainwashing jobs that they do not have.

So what did they do? They went out and grabbed a number of Labor Committee and sent other people into the organization as infiltrators. They made sure that they set the thing so that the result was a staged psychological warfare game, with the Labor Committee against the CIA.

There are KGB programmings around. There are also KGB programs inside the CIA. As a matter of fact the CIA probably has more KGB agents working for it than the KGB has CIA agents. The Russians have done one good job in penetrating the CIA: So that's one aspect of the thing.

To Observe Marcus

But why did they do it? To confront me with the most heart-wrenching agonizing thing. To see comrades to whom I was most close turn into zombies by brainwashing. They concluded that under that kind of pressure I would be forced to produce, under circumstances in which they can watch every move. I would show how to de-brainwash, de-program a Soviet brainwash victim. Which would give the CIA therefore one edge up on the Soviet Union in the psy-war business. You get it? you get what this is all about?

This is on the psy-war level. Now, the KGB is in it, in a very funny way. We are expecting to get a sign of a direct eruption from the KGB at any time; we don't know when. But the KGB has got to make a move. Why?

The KGB is not going to permit the CIA to get by with squeezing me and this organization to get a technique in psychological warfare which would give the CIA the benefit over the KGB, right? So the KGB must do what it's already decided to do, i.e., kill me, or capture me. So the KGB will kill me or capture me if it can.

The CIA doesn't want that to happen. It will kill me rather than let me fall into KGB hands. As a matter of fact, when the job is done, they'll probably kill me anyway.

Because what we've got is this. We've got a game of three-player Riemannian chess, among the world's three psychological powers: the KGB, the CIA and the Labor Committees. Right. That's exactly what it is. The most fantastic thing you ever imagined. And the reason I missed the boat on this thing is I said, "God, it can't be that. What's the matter. It's getting to me. It's impossible." That's what it was — that's exactly what it was.

A Telegram

And we've had a telegram, in effect, from the CIA which has told us that that's exactly the story. As a matter of fact, in the program in London they put in at the end of the routine, on the last day of formal programming, a message to me. "Not Marcus, Mark-ham. Not Marcus, Mark-ham." A direct message to me in the tail end of the program — "You can't do it; and if you succeed, he will die and we will kill you."

Because the British government delivered a product to the CIA, but it impaired it. Because it didn't want this individual to survive to go back to expose the fact -- in other words, the guy is de-programmed, he's now got a certain case against the British government. They don't want to see him again. Now as I said out in the corridor in the press conference, these guys, the CIA, make Hitler look like a wonderful Jew, don't they? Hitler only destroyed people. Nothing to what these mind-destroyers, these vampires, these body-snatchers will do.

If They Succeed

Now this is the kind of situation we're in. If these monsters succeed — if the Labor Committee is eliminated as the third world power in psychological warfare, which we are for various reasons right now — then there is no hope for humanity for the rest of this century, and who knows when beyond. Because what is now happening in the work programs, in the welfare programs, in the prisoner programs — systematic brainwashing! — will be stepped up. 1984 will be Sunday reading for people in 1984. They'll say, "That's a paradise of freedom." This is going on, in the United States. The CIA picks up individuals with impunity and brainwashes them. The police come in, are presented with evidence of brainwashing, and they say, "Well we don't know if we want to get into this." And they walk off. They walk off. The individual cops may be upset, but they have superiors after all.


Now what kind of a country is this? And who's behind this? Rockefeller of course! I mean, the CIA is nothing — the CIA is nothing but Rockefeller's fist!

Now where does that put Rockefeller in comparison to Hitler? Where does that put these damn liberals in New York? Where does that put these weak-kneed sissies in New York, who've been told, look, come investigate the evidence. Bring your competent specialists. See what the hell we've got here. We've got cold, hard evidence of brainwashing. Cold evidence that it was done by the CIA. Cold evidence the police are scared, to either defend the victim or stop the perpetrator.

As a matter of fact, what do the police do? The only thing the police have done — this is apart from the local precinct level — the only thing the police officials have done in net is to arrest the victim.

If your brother is brainwashed, don't go to the cops, they'll arrest you. That's the score in New York City. That's the score right now.


Now as I said, I emphasized the CIA operation of this thing because that's what is really important. More important in a larger sense is the KGB operation because the CIA's ability to do this was based on taking a KGB operation again us, and adding an advance point to it. That is, the KGB is moving down for an attack, its various publications are signaling an attack, calling us fascists, CIA fascists, and what not. All the time it knows the CIA is attacking us, it calls us CIA fascists. It knows the CIA is trying to kill us, and the KGB says, "Well, uh, this group is working for the CIA." While it knows the CIA is trying to kill us.

But it's even being taken in by the CIA. The CIA says, "Well, we'll give you some extra people. We'll give you some simulated KGB agents who will go out and kill where you are only punching. We'll set up assassinations and mass murder and brainwashing where you're only doing a little minor kind of stuff and ordinary hooliganism."

So what happens is the KGB operation against the Labor Committees becomes sharpened and complicated by the infiltration of the KGB operation by the CIA. And that's what wrecked it.

The Phases

Now, as I said, there are two phases of this thing so far. There will be a lot of phases. Phase One was the phase of looking for an opportunity to hit. The major purpose of Phase One was not to make it or break it on actually killing me and other people; the major purpose of Phase One was to test our capability to deal with the threat of assassination.

Okay, we passed that test. Nothing happened. Then they had a problem. They had not made the assassination. So every one of these individuals were programmed as of Tuesday, Jan 1 to go into a second operation, which is called — as our dear Comrade Engdahl [a brainwash victim] said -- "Program Paranoia."

Chris, when we de-programmed him, came out with "Operation Chaos and Confusion." The Dillon operation -- that is, not Bob Dillon but the guys controlling him, the CIA -- was to create, as of the first of the year, the maximum confusion in the organization. It was to discredit the organization, and then create the conditions under which a hit could be done without much public furor.

So anyone supporting that Dillon operation now knows they are supporting a CIA-controlled operation, which is clearing the decks for the next attempted kill. We don't know when it's going to come but it will come sometime.

Stop the Spooks

Now how can we deal with this? In the spook business — and we've suddenly found a lot of spooks coming out, it was a late Halloween this year — in the spook business, a spook cannot be a spook in the daylight. That's the basic principle. So if you turn the light on, or turn the sun on, the spooks have to go underground.

See, the brainwashers got it wrong. Orpheus, as they called their operation against us, can never come into the sunlight. Orpheus coming into the sunlight has been cancelled, or as they say in the Soviet thing, I think it's "cel-can-ed." The operation is ended.

Orpheus does not come out into the sunlight, he goes back into his hole where he always belonged. This time we throw some dirt on top of him to keep him down there.

So if we publish and expose the operational capability and general intensity and policies of the KGB and CIA regularly, as we are exposing this brainwashing campaign, then the CIA cannot carry it out without exposing itself. If anyone tomorrow is running a discrediting of the Labor Committee campaign in this city, we know that he is willfully doing the work of the CIA, because he's been warned by us. And before he says another thing, he'll shut his mouth up until he finds out whether or not there was actual brainwashing. And he'll not go off half-cocked because some CIA psy-war agent manipulates him into acting like a jackass, a controlled CIA agent jackass.

The number of our members who are suffering brainwashing — although few — is a fact. And anyone who says this is a hoax — let him go down and look at Bill Engdahl. Let him hear the tapes of what Chris White went through, let him see what White has to go through to get out of this damn thing.

Any of you who say this is a hoax —you're cruds! you're subhuman! You're not serious. The human race is at stake. Either we win or there is no humanity. That's the way she's cut.

That doesn’t mean we are the only force in the field. That means that people who join with us in this effort constitute the only force in the field. Don’t care what the press says. The press is finally broken. But for days they were refusing to publish accounts because they had firm orders from the CIA not to publish. Throughout Europe they had explicit orders from NATO Intelligence not to publish this. That is, the agency that was perpetrating the crime was effectively suppressing the news.

And even the New York Post, which broke the damn thing, had been approached on Sunday and told, "Get down here immediately. We have a fresh brainwash case, with a possible assassination. We invite you to come in and make a full investigation of the facts of the matter." They said on Sunday, "Well, we refuse. Our management does not intend to do this."

The police refused to investigate. I said, refused. Refused to investigate the evidence. Refused to bring in qualified specialists. So until competent people have worked with us to work off these facts and solve these problems, nobody knows what they are talking about. We are the only ones who know what we're talking about.

Simultaneous Psychosis

When you've got twelve people -- or slightly more -- who suddenly went psychotic on the same two days in the same way, and the psychosis in every case has them babbling out brainwashing programming codes, what do you think is happening? Because psychotics who go psychotic automatically do not babble brainwashing codes. They do not babble infinite loop patterns.

These are objective facts. A brainwashing can be recognized. It is as indelible as a fingerprint. You see a brainwashing case and interrogate it shortly and you know you've got a brainwashing case. And after a short period you know what kind of brainwashing job has been done. And if you go deep enough you know who did it. It's a simple objective fact. And it can only be denied by those who refuse to face the facts. And those who refuse to face the facts are denying humanity.

Because if you permit this to happen, to continue, then there is no human race, unless you consider a race of zombies a human race.

If you do not oppose this, if you do not mobilize to fight this, regardless of all these nonsense antics by the police and others, then you have said, "I don't care if I become a zombie. I don't care if I have a mind. I can't think anyway."

But I ask you, if you don't care about thinking, I ask you to contemplate the high voltage electro-convulsive shock therapy. I ask you to contemplate eating shit as a way of getting less pain. I ask you to contemplate sucking a penis as a way of getting less pain. I ask you to contemplate sitting for hours with a bottle shoved up your rectum as a way of easing pain.

And there are some more real beauties. The best of them all — you know what it is? Svoboda. How does the program end? Svoboda, You're free. The person goes into a final total caricature, sort of a steppin-fetchit homosexual act. Pathetic. Worse. Like a dead cow. It begins to die. He's free. Automatic crematoria. No gas ovens required. The person is programmed to self-destruct. That's his freedom.

Not Concerned

Now if you like that, then you are not concerned about these problems, of course. But if you're not concerned about this problem — if you want to heckle and say "hoax" and "imagination" — it shows you don't give a damn about the human race. You haven't bothered to check the facts in consideration before you begin yacking. And you don't give one damn about the people who are suffering, who we have to get out.

Well, we are going to save them. Engdahl's going to be tough. They did a vicious job on him, and it was done many years ago, the first job. It was done by the CIA with that pig Michael Vale involved. Bo Burlingham, editor of... [Ramparts magazine and Central Committee member of the Weathermen] you know who Bo Burlingham is. We told you. And he's involved in this stuff. He was involved in it. Stephen Spender, the "poet" — he's one of the same type. He's involved in it. CIA. Andrew Kopkind of Ramparts. He's involved. Tony Cliff of IS in Great Britain, he's involved in it.

This isn't speculation. No guessing. This is hard fact. We know it. We've got a trail, a firm hard fact trail. Because when you break these things that weren't supposed to be broken, you find out how the, brainwashing is done. Because the victim can tell you each step by step exactly how he was brainwashed. And you can prove it. You can check it out

Now, we are going to have cures, in every case, I think. Unless there are some complicated jobs done which affect the physiology. There are dangers, there are drug insertions, where after a number of weeks the poison is released in your body automatically and you self-destruct, chemically self-destruct. There are ways in which, say pills can be inserted in the rectum, and when you get to a certain stage in your program, you make a bowel movement of a certain type, with a certain kind of psychosomatic feeling. This disgorges at least one of the two poison pills; you eat your excrement and that way you get the poison in your system. There are other ways of doing the same thing. There are sophisticated ways, if you want to get nice and mechanical — you can play around with teaching people to program their own alpha waves, and so forth. Things like that. To adjust their own blood pressure. To kill themselves by high blood pressure. All kinds of wonderful things can be done, in the name of science. But these things are not involved.

We can, we know now, solve it. Chris White is progressing on the way to recovery. There's no question but that technically I could track him wide open, that is in terms of breaking the program wide open, in a few hours. But he could not stand the massive shock of so much decontamination at once. Therefore I have to go step by step. And Carol, his wife, and others are working slowly with him— those who know exactly how to do this. Of course some are doctors in the Labor Committee, others are working with us. You don't fool around with this. You don't just say, "Well I'm a good psychoanalyst, I'm going to have a confrontation group and fix up this brainwashing." You can't do it. You can't do it. You've got to know how to do it. I've got to get that competence out. We need help from competent people to begin to develop and publish methods for dealing with this kind of problem. We are not going to say; "Well, so and so got brainwashed, so the hell with him or her."

Our job is to recover these people. To, bring them back to enjoy their humanity. There may be a by-product, perversely, in the long run, because it is obvious that the techniques that we can use to deal with this brainwashing problem would help us to open up the area of treatment of psychosis. So in the long run we will gain that much that way.

"Make the World Go Away"

The problem that I speak of tonight is essentially the same problem that I spoke of at the end of the keynote at the convention last week. The main problem that people have when they find themselves suddenly in a position such as ours, is, as I said last Saturday, because I hate it so much, that idiotic lyric: "Make the world go away."

They say it isn't true. They say it is a hoax. Why do they say that? Only one reason. Because if as I said, if you are now a factor in determining the course of events in a significant way, this is not merely a privilege. If you hive this influence on the course of events, then you must act, in the way you must act, in order to bring about what mankind demands of you.

We, none of us, can hide from this question, this brainwashing. We are the...(ironically, it should happen to us -- so what else is new?) -- we are the world's third power in psy-war at the present moment. Because the Chinese gave up thinking. We can't find a Chinese agent anywhere anymore. They went a little far with that deal with Nixon.

So we are going to use this power. We are going to use this power to deal with the CIA. We are going to use this power. We are going to pull an accounting on every one of these swine. Everyone of these conscious swine, who turn men into zombies. Two or three years from now — maybe four — I'm getting less patient — we are going to say, "Gentlemen, or ex-gentlemen, we have a book here. It seems some people were brainwashed and you did it. Now, we are not going to do a thing to you. The people are waiting outside."

But we are going to use this capability. We are going to use it. We are going to use it in every possible way to wreck both the CIA and the KGB, which indulge in this hideous business.

We are not going to brainwash anyone. I'm not going to teach the CIA how to brainwash anyone, how to do a better brainwashing job than the Soviet Union. What I'm going to do is teach people how to break brainwashing. Not just myself. I'm going to take the particular insight I have into this problem. I'm going to find every competent professional who is zealously interested in this same thing: we are going to put what we've got together and we are going to come up with an increasing program to deal with these problems and to broaden the effort into dealing with problems of psychosis and related considerations.

The most precious thing about a human being is that kind of freedom. The freedom to create ideas. And through the creation and action upon creative ideas, to be able to say that in the course of history my life was meaningful, my life is meaningful, the human race needs me, I enrich it by my existence.

When you take that from a person, you reduce them to something less than an animal. And when you do that to them, whether by bad schooling or genocide, mental genocide, and after all mental genocide is simply the next step beyond Baraka. It is the pit in which Baraka lives, or should live, with that school of his.

It is a crisis situation. We are in class war. No significant shooting has started here yet. Shooting will occur. People will be killed. People will suffer brainwashing. We have a large number of casualties. In addition to the brainwash victims themselves we had effects on people out of fear. The fear is twofold. Part of the fear, the least part of the fear, is the effect of encountering a brainwash victim. The brainwash victim is so irrational, so totally unreachable, it's like the worst sadist you ever met. They say human words, but can't make a single human response. It's an idiot caricature of humanity. And the effect of trying to break through and help out some of these people will, shall we say, psyche out the person who is not familiar with, who has not developed the experience to deal with it. And a great number of our members who were working intensively trying to hold Bill Engdahl back until I could get to him -- that sort of thing -- these people suffered tremendous, sort of traumatic, experiences, not so much from the work with Bill, but seeing, despite their efforts, seeing him slip below, below, below, unable to stop it. They are concerned for their friends.

And then of course we had a more interesting phenomenon, which happened in the Labor Committee, particularly around the leading circles. People want attention. And you've got a new rage. You can get programmed. And you get people who know perfectly well in the abstract — they say "I'm programmed." And they work out an abstract argument, a very creative argument to prove they are so programmed that they need my immediate attention. Well, when I get good abstract arguments for why you are programmed, you ain't programmed. A truly programmed person is the extreme schizophrenic. They babble on, they've memorized words and phrases, they are a vast regurgitation machine or small regurgitation machine. But they just free-associate on the basis of very crude types of associations. As a matter of fact, they read almost like Levi-Strauss. Indeed, it's no accident because structuralists like Laing are very instrumental. Laing's psychology, if you look at it with the understanding that I have of it, is an argument, an apology for brainwashing.

You know what "being-in-the-world" is? Shit. That's right. That's what it means psychologically. That's what it means in brainwashing. They take away your father. Your father's nothing. Your mother doesn't love you, your sister, and so forth. Look at you, you little id. You little failure, you nothing. Look. You know what you are? Think down. Think down your colon. Go along that transverse colon. Go down the descending colon. Come to the sigmoid. There's where you are. That's you. You're nothing. I won't repeat the phrasing, because if anyone has had a programming experience — if there's a sleeper in the audience — he would freak out. Or probably would freak out. That's Laing. The brainwasher or programmer who has to do the job simply translates Laing into its practical form. Laing is not human. Laing and Hitler belong in the same category. With Hitler maybe slightly higher up in the moral scale. And structuralism, Levi-Strauss, existentialism as some of us will be showing you shortly in connection with the French problem — that's all the same.

Okay. I think we will probably best handle it at this point by getting some questions in writing. Let me explain that. Certain people are carrying, not because they've got them, but because they've been exposed to them, are carrying code phrases which if repeated, may excite someone who has been exposed to a corresponding phrase or to a small amount of conditioning. I don't think there's any such problem in the audience, but I'm not going to take any chances. Okay? So I don't want somebody getting up and shouting out something and then you find out in the course of it that they cite a code phrase, which triggers somebody else. Okay? So I'll avoid — if I see any code phrases here I know the patterns of code phrases in these programming jobs — I'm not likely to make any mistakes. So I'll just read these. If I see a code phrase I'll paraphrase it so we don't get into a brainwashing pattern.

SIDEBAR: White's Life Threatened

According to information developed in the de-programming of Mr. Christopher White, it is absolutely certain that if police agencies were to take possession of Mr. White by court order or otherwise that the sole purpose of this would be either to destroy his mind with drugs or electro-shock methods, or the alternative, to kill him and attribute this to a "psychotic suicide."

Everyone must know that any move to take possession of Mr. White from his wife or those professionals assisting her in his de-programming, whether by due process or otherwise, is nothing but an act of legalized murder by the police. The instant Mr. White were to be picked up by the police, everyone should know that the CIA and British Intelligence have issued an order to kill against this victim of British government brainwashing.

The final phase of de-programming of Mr. White, which is proceeding successfully but slowly, has shown that he was programmed to kill his wife on contact with another brainwashing victim, Mr. Engdahl. The complete restoration of Mr. White's sanity, indicates also that the police would be given instructions to kill his wife in one way or another were he picked up — in view of the corroborative evidence she possesses concerning his brainwashing.

The reason for the impending danger of an order to the New York Police to kill Mr. White and his wife should be obvious. Mr. White's complete return to sanity will provide the last links in the chain of evidence sufficient to bring down the Heath government of Great Britain.

Also, Mr. White's full recovery would enormously strengthen the evidence we already possess on the conspiracy of the CIA to overthrow the existing government and constitution of the United States. Immediate legal remedies are being sought through the courts by the Labor Committees.

NOTE: The above transcript of LaRouche's speech was originally published under the title, "UNCOVER CIA-POLICE PLOT TO TAKE OVER U.S.: Discover Method to De-program Victims of CIA and Soviet Psycho-Sexual Brainwashing." All bracketed explanatory information is by the original editors, unless signed with the initials "DK" (Dennis King). All highlighting was added by King and is not meant to designate boldface or italics in the original. The original editors did make use of bolded text in several places, apparently to capture the inflection of LaRouche's voice. Such bolded text has been replaced with italicized text in the present version to conform with standard editorial practice.