(And if you have them anyway, against his command, he'll bide his time until they're teenagers, then recruit them into his hellish youth movement)

Comments re Molly Kronberg's "forced abortion" article (posted on Factnet by "xlcr4life," Feb. 27, 2007, 07:07 AM):

I can tell you from someone who was in a few [National Caucus of Labor Committees, or "LC"--ed.] locals since a teenager, that many a female LCer would just vanish for a few days. If you asked about where they were, you did not get a straight answer like "She is in the National or in another region." What you got was a sort of gulp in the throat and a quick story of her having some medical issue which needed attention AND maybe a story of a quick trip to another local. The female LCer would then be deployed with only select people and no questions were to be asked. This was a sort of silence which members would know meant something not good.

Earlier I posted a news story of two- or three-decade members who were freezing in South Jersey for Lyn. One of those was Terry M., who many will remember as a very sweet girl and married to Don M. What many may not know, and I had forgotten, was suddenly brought back to my memory--an LC National Conference over a quarter century ago. I believe that Terry asked Lyn a question about having children, and the vileness of Lyn in addressing her was pretty nasty. If anyone remembers more details, please post them. What I do remember is that the words "selfish" and "saving civilization" were part of Lyn's bile.

A few years ago, Lyn waltzed through the Leesburg office and declared that he was a grandfather as Danny's wife had just given birth. [Daniel LaRouche, Lyn's son, was not raised by his father and never belonged to the LC--ed.] I was not there of course, but the people who were could not help but see the looks of disgust and pain on the faces of many LC women who had to hear that from Lyn.

As a father with two sons, I sacrifice for them and would die for them. To reread what Molly and others have written about can only make one recoil in horror at what type of madness the cult produces. I and many others left early enough to rebuild our lives and enjoy the indescribable joy, and the many swings, of parenthood.

It is not just what Lyn has extracted from members in lost wages and education, but the question of "what if" that must linger in the minds of many members and ex-members: What if I had been able to resume my education? What if I had given birth to those kids? What if I had not lost so many years of waste and horror?

The final cruelty which many Leesburg members still do not recognize or wish to face, is to see what Lyn has done and is doing to them daily. Part of the endless hunger Lyn has to control his dead-enders is to eventually take their kids to be in the LaRouche Youth Movement. Not only have the parents lost their entire adult lives in keeping Lyn well nourished and healthy, but now the kids get to follow in the family business and carry on this slavery to Lyn's lunacy and delusions. It is even worse than you think based on how the LYM operates. The offspring are paid less then their parents and are in a much more hardcore cult-world of insanity. Lyn has an even crueler joke to play on the dead-enders by often having THEM pay for their kids' upkeep while in the LYM.

That's right. Life support in the LYM for the kids of current members involves the parents having to send their kids money to eat and buy clothes with. In one case, the parents had to buy their son a used car to perhaps keep him from a LaRouchemobile death trap. It will not matter though as that car will be part of the cult and not your son's.

All of this becomes more cruel when you have your own kids and think about what you have to do to raise them. My kids come first and go to the head of the line when it comes time to buy clothes, see a doctor, take extra classes and sign up for activities. I work the OT and do side jobs to make their lives better, not someone else's.

This was one of the sickest things I began to notice years ago about the LYM when one LYMer and LYMette after another, along with their parents, would email me about how little they got from the cult and how they depended on their parents to send them cash and clothes to keep them from starving or freezing for Lyn. During all of this lunacy, Lyn is claiming a ridiculous yearly income as gobs of weekly income is devoted to his and Helga's lifestyle while the LYMers are regarded as "volunteers."

When your son or daughter has reached the end of the line--and it may be decades after they joined up, as in the case last year of a longtime Security staffer with health problems--he or she gets a ride to the airport to be sent back to you for you to take care of them. Decades of slaving for Lyn and poof, you are gone and forgotten like the meal Lyn had last night.

There is no way we can stop posting all of this because we have not yet reached the bottom of the sickness called the LC/LYM under Lyn.