"Words are NOT innocent!"

LaRouche's recent call to "burn and torch" Congressional leaders could trigger violence by his "desperate and frustrated" followers

FACT Net posting by "shadok," Sat., Dec. 22, 2007, 12:27 pm:

Thank you, Sancho, for spotting this Dec. 21 LaRouche PAC insanity:

The reader must not be fooled by the schemes and fascist policies of the Synarchist International agent, Felix Rohatyn; any true citizen of this Republic must burn and torch the so-called leadership of the U.S. Congress for associating themselves with the enemy of the United States. [For full text of LaRouche PAC statement, click here.]

A few months ago I posted info on the LYM [LaRouche Youth Movement] intention of "burning the textbooks," a call [issued] in May 2003 in Germany while commemorations were being held in the country for the 70th anniversary of the Nazi bonfires. [Click here for Shadok's earlier posting.]

Now after years of vilifying Rohatyn (a Jewish refugee from the Nazis), the LYM have reached a new point in their "war of words": burn and torch him and his friends!

What would be the next step? To reopen the gas chambers that LaRouche denies existed?

Words are NOT innocent.

There could come a point when somebody would translate this into acts.

In 1986 we were suspected to have killed Olof Palme, after years of vilification and hate campaigns against him that portrayed him as a Nazi, a "Fascist/Social Democrat" working for Moscow and the KGB...(or whatever).

Viktor Gunnarsson, a contact of ours, was suspected by the police and arrested. They found our anti-Palme literature in his house (hence the attack against us by the Swedish tabloids at the time). The case against him was eventually dropped (he was killed several years later in the U.S.).

The Olof Palme murder remains unsolved. But it is important to realize that words MEAN something. Yamabkad's previous post on this ("I certainly had thoughts of assassinating Cheney") is a good reminder of this. When people are desperate and frustrated, anything could happen. This is how terrorism works.

For Dennis King's comments on the Dec. 21 LaRouche PAC press release, click here.