Don and Alice Roth's letter of resignation from the LaRouche movement

January 19, 1981
To the National Executive Committee of the NCLC:

It is with sorrow that we, long-standing and loyal members of the National Caucus of Labor Committees, announce our resignation from that organization. The memos of Lyndon H. LaRouche are a hideous, moral abomination which can only destroy the ability of the organization and of its membership to contribute anything positive to the future of the human race. It was bad enough that LaRouche should echo the words of a known Nazi sympathizer, Willis Carto, cynically dismissing the true horror of the Nazi holocaust with the argument that "only" one and a half million Jews died. Much, much worse is the fact that LaRouche was too small a person to admit his mistake and retract that damaging statement, but instead sought to wallow in its reaffirmation. That reaffirmation was the sign of a mind which has become dangerously ill, a soul which has died.

How dare he set up Costas Kalimtgis, who has spent his entire life in the humanist movement and who was our acting chief executive for so many years, for character assassination, and perhaps worse, as a ''KGB agent"? How dare he vilify and arrange the legal frameup of loyal, self-sacrificing members, Chrissa and Andy? If you remain, you are complicit in this.

There is no such thing as the "moral opinion of the membership," when the membership has been psychologically profiled and whipped into a frenzied, unthinking mob. There is only the truth.

Look inside yourselves. If there is any man or woman among you who is not a pathetic, lying coward, you must resign now.

Donald Roth
Alice Roth (signed)