Continuing to kick your victim even after he's dead...

LaRouche claims Kronberg was a "Judas"

The below statement by Lyndon LaRouche was issued as a Nov. 3, 2009 press release by the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) under the headline "Morality and Former Associates." The introductory sentence said that LaRouche had "provided the following point, in response to an associate's request for relevant supplement."

I regard this as one of the most damning of LaRouche's recent self-revelations, and present commentary here to prove it.

The original text of LaRouche statement can be read on the LPAC website (if LaRouche's spin-doctoring assistants don't persuade him to rewrite it or remove it from the web).

LaRouche: "In my own life, since the time about the age of nearly 15 years, about sixty-five years ago, when I rightly rejected Euclidean geometry on correct moral premises at that time, I have seen many generations come and go. Since more recently than that, since March 1, 1968, the organization with which I have been associated since that time, has seen approximately two successive young-adult generations come into the ranks of that association, and, in numerous cases, also go.

"For that, our commitment will be greatly honored among the knowledgeably wise for generations to come.

"For those former associates who still live, but have abandoned our association, a great existential paradox confronts a certain some of them, respecting their dismal choice of a current life's moral outcome. This confronts, especially those who have turned against us, in deserting the moral commitment which they had once adopted. In many wars, once brave men "went over to the other side," out of opportunism. For the latter, life has lost its moral meaning, for reason of the elementary, existential fact, that they have chosen a morally doomed destiny for their continued existence.

"In any case, the "side" those who became enemies, serving the side of Adorno, Arendt, and the Congress for Cultural Freedom, have chosen a virtual Hell. We are now confronted with the on-rush of the very early, general physical-breakdown-crisis of the cause which they have presently adopted. A nation which chose the pathway they have chosen is certainly a doomed destiny; only the course we have chosen, together with those, as in the United States, who have joined the cause of that mass strike, a mass strike akin to that of those who pulled down the DDR in late 1989, will leave this mortal life with justified pride in having lived--lived either in triumph of humanity's or wearing defeat with eternal pride.

"In my lifetime, and in my knowledge of history earlier, I have seen generations come and go. I have witnessed generations which have borne the seeds of an honorable future, and those who have chosen that worse-than-death, to seek wealth and comfort in the delusions which are an opportunistic embrace of corruption. Admittedly, from my own life's experience, I have known many who chose a Judas-like apostasy, and who may have also chosen to hang themselves in one fashion or another. Usually, the choice of apostasy had something to do with "money." The society which they have chosen to serve is, in any case, doomed. We who fight still, are the guidon-bearers of a present or future, victorious humanity.

"Wars of all kinds, are like that. We shall now probably prove victorious, very soon. The others are probably doomed, in one way or another, that also very soon. In the meantime, the essential meaning of one's mortal life, lies, essentially in what comes out of it for generations still to come."