Isis worshippers! Evil Phrygians! Satanic rites! Whore-goddesses out of Babylon! Jews!


By "Shadok" (an ex-follower of LaRouche)
Posted on Factnet, Thursday, June 07, 2007 (12:42 pm and 12:46 pm)

The Bible as a "Babylonian hoax"...?

I have two quotes here from two authors who both despise(d) the Judaic "infection" within Christianity or any "semitic/oriental/near eastern/asiatic" influence over our "western culture."

Author 1:

The personality of Evil is clearly and concretely identified as "The Whore of Babylon." This is no symbolism; it is the name of a very specific mother-goddess, whose priestesses practiced prostitution as part of religious ritual, to such effect that the names of Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, and Venus, are venerated as the goddesses of the lesbian's and the whore's professions into modern times. The source of these whore-goddesses' cults, in Mesopotamia, in Sheba-Ethiopia, in Egypt, in Palestine, and among the Phrygians, is the worship of the whore-goddess Shakti by ancient "Harrapan"' culture of the Indian subcontinent, introduced to Mesopotamia through the "Harrapan" colony at Sumer. The Satan-figures of ancient Mesopotamia, Sheba-Ethiopia, and of Osiris, Apollo, Lucifer, are, like the Phrygian Dionysos, derivatives of the "Harrapan" Siva. The most powerful form of this Satanic cult then, was the Syrian Magicians' cult of Mithra, which had been established as the leading cult of the Roman imperial legions, through an agreement reached between Augustus and Syrian magicians at the Isle of Capri.

Author 2:

The great whore of Babylon of whom the Apocalypse speaks is no fairy tale or metaphor, but an historical reality attested to a hundredfold. It was literally the rule of the hetairai over the peoples of the near and middle east. On high festival days at all the centres of these various racial groups, the official prostitutes were enthroned as the embodiment of a common sensuality and universal lechery. In Phoenicia they served Kybele and Astarte; in Egypt, the great procuress Isis; in Phrygia as priestesses of wholly unbridled communal sexual orgies. The reigning priestess of love was joined by her lover dressed in diaphanous Libyan robes. Anointed with costly perfumes and bedecked with precious jewels, they then copulated before all the people (just as did Absalom with David's concubines in II Samuel XVI:22). This example was imitated in Babylon, in Libya, and in Rome under the Etruscan dynasty where the goddess priestess pushed the institution of the hetairai to its extreme limit in the closest collaboration with the Etruscan priests. (...) But in the hands of the Etruscan priests this becomes Asiatic magic, witchcraft linked with pederasty, masturbation, the murder of boys, magical appropriation of the manna of the slaughtered by the priestly murderer, and prophecies derived from the excrement and the piled up entrails of the victims. The virile sun impregnates itself with the magical phallus on the solar disc (the Egyptian point in the sun) which finally penetrates it. From this is born a golden boy, the foetus of a boy with a magical orifice. This is the so called seal of eternity. The violence of the magical phallus is imagined as a bull which copulates with such frenzied force that the disc rolls and the phallus bearer of the horn turns to fire, the phallus of him who possesses the heavens. In endlessly repeated obscenities, the original myth is degraded into repulsive homosexual love. This is to be seen on the wall paintings of graves, as in the Golini tomb where the dead man holds a banquet with his boy lover in the next world, and where two gigantic phalluses spring up from a sacrificial fire as a result of magical satanic rite.

Okay, both quotes sound similar and even familiar, don't they?

Well, Author 1 is...Lyndon LaRouche (in "The Truth About St. John's Vision of Apocalypse," 1987) and Author 2 is...Alfred Rosenberg, the chief ideologue of the Nazi Party (in The Myth of the 20th Century).*

Strange that Lyn attacked the Nazis as "Babylonian," Isis/Ishtar homosexual worshipers...and these are just a few quotes. If you read it all, you'll be in for some more surprises.

Maybe you [he means LaRouche Youth Movement members--DK] will think again before joining LaRouche in attacking Rohatyn the Jew as a "Satanist" or a "Nazi."

* Read here the chapter of the Rosenberg book in which the above quote appears (and in which other evidence of LaRouche cribbing can be found).