The following affidavit of Mordechai Levy was presented to the State Prosecutor in Wiesbaden, Germany, in March 2005 as part of an effort to persuade German authorities to open a new investigation of the mysterious death of Jeremiah Duggan, a Jewish student from the U.K., who was struck and killed by a car on March 27, 2003 while apparently fleeing in terror from a LaRouche indoctrination program in Wiesbaden. The local police initially declared the death a suicide without bothering to inquire into the possible culpability of the virulently anti-Semitic LaRouche organization, which has longed been protected by German security agencies.

Mr. Levy, a Jewish activist, infiltrated LaRouche’s security operation from 1980 to 1984 posing as a security consultant. Mr. Levy undertook this effort completely on his own initiative, but from the beginning he provided information to journalists and to Jewish communal organizations. He later cooperated with the U.S. Justice Department in its successful prosecution of LaRouche. He is today the chairman of the Jewish Defense Organization in New York City. Reporters can contact him at

The bracketed information in the declaration below is for background purposes only.


Declaration of Mordechai Levy

I, Mordechai Levy, do hereby declare:

I began talking with the LaRouche security staff ("Security") in 1979, and by early 1980 they were asking me to gather intel. At first they gave the impression that they were only interested in information, but as they gradually came to trust me more and more they made proposals to me and revealed intentions and plans that went far beyond intelligence gathering or any legitimate security concerns.

During much of this time I was living in Los Angeles, where I dealt with the LaRouche organization’s local security chief, TP. But the organization flew me to New York on numerous occasions for meetings with the national security chiefs, JS and PG, and to engage in various New York "operations." I spoke on the phone to "Lyn" (Lyndon LaRouche) once, and saw him at [the] Roosevelt Hotel give a speech, but spent no other time in his presence. Once I had gained Security’s trust, I began to speak on the telephone with JS or PG almost on a daily basis.

I made up stories about imaginary plots and solicited friends to pose as important people to confirm my claims. But Security’s coming to trust me to the point that they would reveal sensitive information was in part the result of a fortuitous accident. I once told them that LaRouche’s German wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, might become the target of harassment (a not unreasonable prediction, since Mrs. LaRouche, the leader of her husband’s EAP in Germany, was making outrageous accusations against many wealthy and influential people in Europe). It so happened that Mrs. LaRouche was later involved in a minor traffic accident on an autobahn. This convinced Security that I had access to inside information.

Once I was trusted, I began to hear much talk on the theme of violence and guns. I was also asked to carry out illegal activity on behalf of the organization. Many of my conversations with them took place face to face at restaurants, but I talked to them on the phone almost daily. If a sensitive subject was to be discussed, I was supposed to call JS at his home or office from a pay phone. He would then ask me to wait for a few minutes while he went out to what he called a "safe line" (another pay phone) to call me back.

TP, PG and other Security members boasted to me of the weapons training they had received at the "Cobra" paramilitary school run by LaRouche’s chief security consultant Mitch WerBell. [WerBell, now deceased, was an associate of the late Cleveland, Ohio, mafia boss John Nardi and claimed to be a former CIA contract employee.] TP boasted that WerBell had taught them advanced "liquidation techniques." PG called these techniques "wetworks," a euphemism for assassination methods. Another Security member, RG, explained to me how they had learned to ambush someone by setting up a three-man fire team and positioning members of the team in such a way as to minimize the danger of their shooting each other by mistake. TP told me that if you have to take out an enemy security team in a car, you should always shoot the agent handling the radio first, rather than the driver, to minimize the chances of a call for backup. TP on at least two occasions showed me his shotgun and 45 automatic handgun. When TP asked me to go to the firing range with him, I claimed I had a prior engagement. When still photos of members of the LaRouche security team dressed in camouflage uniforms and supposedly engaged in paramilitary training were shown on national TV in the United States (this I believe was in early 1984), members of Security told me they had leaked the photos in order to send a message to their "enemies" that the organization was capable of serious violence.

PG constantly boasted how Security and he himself had used violence against Lyn’s enemies during "Operation Mop Up" and at other times. He also discussed Security’s special classes in hand-to-hand combat. I sparred with him once, and he indeed was skilled in martial arts.

In 1981, I was brought to New York to help with the security arrangements for a LaRouche conference at the Roosevelt Hotel. I noted a man with a glass eye working security in the room. I asked who it was and they said he was a "warrior" for Lyn and that he was packing a MAC-10 [a machine pistol used by cocaine dealers and manufactured by WerBell]. I later learned that the man with the glass eye was Roy Frankhauser, grand dragon of the Pennsylvania Ku Klux Klan. [In 1988, Frankhauser would be convicted in U.S. federal court of obstruction of justice as a result of his efforts to hamper the FBI’s investigation of the criminal activities of the LaRouche organization. This was the first of over 15 criminal convictions for members of the organization, including that of LaRouche himself.]

Both TP and JS would talk about the massive physical retaliation that would be meted out to Lyn’s enemies should the NCLC leadership give the order. Indeed TP once told me that if Lyn ever got assassinated or even injured a whole lot of people would be killed. He said they had "lists" of people who would be targeted.

On several occasions they tried to solicit me to organize assaults on their enemies in a way that could not be traced back to them. On at least four occasions they asked me to organize a beating of journalist Dennis King, who had written many articles critical of Lyn, saying that King needed to be taught a lesson. They also raised the idea of my attacking other persons, but most of the names were unfamiliar to me. On some occasions they talked about physical assaults that would "go all the way."

On one occasion they asked me to help with a break-in at the office of leftwing politician Tom Hayden, who was married at the time to actress Jane Fonda. I declined. They also asked me to get a postal box under a phony name and organize a demonstration in downtown Los Angeles backing the Argentine military in the Falkland Islands war. Fortunately the British retook the islands so quickly that this scheme did not have to be carried out.

When they requested my help on a particular operation, they would sometimes say that Lyn "would like this to happen" (or words to that effect). However, LaRouche never directly solicited my help on anything illegal.

They expressed to me on several occasions their loathing for Germany’s Green Party and asked me to run an intel operation to find out about the alleged connections of Petra Kelly, the Green Party’s leader, to counter-culture activists in New York City.

The potential danger of the LaRouche group was made clearest to me when in a "safe line" conversation JS asked me to travel to Europe. He said they were concerned about the growing strength of the Greens and other leftists, especially in Germany. He wanted me to organize certain unspecified acts of mayhem that could be blamed on the left and thus would produce government crackdowns on leftwing groups. I evaded the request by telling JS that I thought it was too risky.

Throughout my association with Security, its members (even those who were of Jewish descent) repeatedly expressed an intense hatred and anger towards Zionist Jews and the State of Israel. They especially hated what they called "rich Jews" and told me that such people would have to go into camps when Lyn came to power. They talked this way to me because they believed they were winning me to their cult’s way of thinking.

SIGNATURE: /S/ Mordechai Levy

DATE: Feb 27 2005