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It is not necessary to wear brown shirts to be a fascist….It is not necessary to wear a swastika to be a fascist….It is not necessary to call oneself a fascist to be a fascist. It is simply necessary to be one!
--LaRouche, “Solving the Machiavellian Problem Today,” New Solidarity, July 7, 1978

This is not a democratic situation; this is a time where democracy is the worst factor you can get. You've got a democracy in the streets now, they want to kill these guys. That's the democracy I want to hear from. I don't want to hear from these so-called Democrats; I want to hear from the killers!
--LaRouche, quoted on the 2008 financial crisis in a LaRouche PAC press release, Sept. 25, 2008


PART ONE: The Vanguard

ONE: Makings of an Ideologue

TWO: Do You Believe in Marxist Magic?

THREE: Operation Mop Up

FOUR: The Great Manchurian Candidate Scare

FIVE: The Beethoven Gang

SIX: The Jewish Question

PART TWO: What LaRouche Wants

SEVEN: The Grand Design

PART THREE: LaRouche and Star Wars

EIGHT: The Greatest Invention Since Fire

NINE: The "Higher" Peace Movement

TEN: Old Nazis and New Dreams

PART FOUR: Building a Movement

ELEVEN: More American Than Apple Pie

TWELVE: The Gotterdammercrats

THIRTEEN: Tanks Down State Street

FOURTEEN: After Illinois

FIFTEEN: LaRouche and the Reagan Revolution

SIXTEEN: The Art of Scapegoating

SEVENTEEN: Get Kissinger!

PART FIVE: LaRouche’s Private CIA

EIGHTEEN: The Billion-Dollar Brain

NINETEEN: Intrigue on Five Continents

TWENTY: The Wooing of Langley

TWENTY-ONE: Night Riders to the Rescue

TWENTY-TWO: Join the Spooks and Stay Out of Jail

PART SIX: The Security Staff

TWENTY-THREE: The School of Dirty Tricks

TWENTY-FOUR: Law and Order, LaRouche Style

TWENTY-FIVE: An Agent of Chaos

TWENTY-SIX: To Roy Cohn, with Love

PART SEVEN: Conspiracies and Code Words

TWENTY-SEVEN: LaRouche’s Purloined Letter

TWENTY-EIGHT: Babylonians Under Every Bed

TWENTY-NINE: Elizabeth, Queen of the Jews

THIRTY: The War Between the Species

PART EIGHT: LaRouche, Inc.: The Tycoon

THIRTY-ONE: The Root of All Evil

THIRTY-TWO: The Shell Game

THIRTY-THREE: The World’s Most Expensive Glass of Sherry

PART NINE: LaRouche, Inc.: The Underworld Connection

THIRTY-FOUR: The War on Drugs, So Called

THIRTY-FIVE: Las Vegas in the Sky

THIRTY-SIX: Fishing for Piranhas

THIRTY-SEVEN: How to Win Friends and Influence Hoodlums

THIRTY-EIGHT: Senators, Cabinet Members, and Dictators

AFTERWORD: Why LaRouche Was Not Fought

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