The Our Town exposes of LaRouche:

This web site is republishing Dennis King's original 12-part 1979-1980 LaRouche series on the 35th anniversary of the first edition (May 26, 1970) of Our Town, the East Side Manhattan weekly in which the series first appeared. The republication is dedicated to the people at Our Town who worked with King, including the paper's founding publisher Ed Kayatt, its daredevil editors Kalev Pehme and Katy Morgan, its art director Arnold Sperber (deceased), and its political columnist--the late great Stanley Pinsley ("Catullus").

Under Kayatt's direction, Our Town had a strong record of standing up to bigots even before the emergence of LaRouche as a force on the ultra-right. For instance, the paper worked during its early years to expose the National Renaissance Party, a uniformed neo-Nazi group operating in Yorkville, formerly a German-American neighborhood. During and after the battle with LaRouche, Our Town also published articles and editorials warning the public about the anti-Semitic New Alliance Party and about Ku Klux Klan activity in New York.

The first article in the LaRouche series was published on August 26, 1979 and was entitled...


First of a series


In the years following World War II, public revulsion over the crimes of Adolf Hitler and his "Third Reich" prevented Nazi-oriented anti-Semitic groups from emerging as a significant force in American politics. Such groups, with their bizarre swastikas and uniforms, remained tiny and isolated within the prison walls of their own sick fantasies.

This postwar period of relative freedom from anti-Semitic demagoguery may be reaching its end. The National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), a nationwide neo-Nazi organization, has emerged over the past two years to provide homegrown Nazism with resources and political skills unseen since the heyday of the German American Bund in the late 1930’s.

The cadre of this group carefully avoid swastikas and armbands, and they sometimes disguise their anti-Semitism in code words. Yet, on behalf of their 56-year-old fuehrer, Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche--a ruthless hate-monger who advocates the "Final Solution" against American Jews--they have built up cells in 33 cities, an election machine in more than a dozen states, a budget estimated at well over $2 million per year, and a vigorous party press including the biweekly New Solidarity, magazines and business publications, and paperback books.

NCLC and its electoral front, the U.S. Labor Party, have their national headquarters at 304 W. 58 St. in Manhattan. The entire apparatus is estimated by close observers to have a membership of 2,500 which would make it larger than all of the uniformed stormtrooper sects combined. In addition it possesses a tightly unified command and members who are far better educated and more highly motivated than those of the smaller Nazi sects.

The effectiveness of LaRouche's apparatus is seen most clearly in USLP electoral activity and in the group's success in building single-issue coalitions with forces as diverse as the Liberty Lobby, the Black Muslims, and conservative-oriented Teamster officials.

- In the 1978 elections, the USLP fielded 72 candidates in 17 states, more than any other minority political party.

- In at least a dozen election races since 1974, ranging from the Congressional level to the municipal school board level and from Oregon to Virginia, the USLP has polled between 8 and 30 percent of the vote.

- LaRouche is off and running as a "Republican/Labor" candidate for the 1980 Presidency. With heavy financing he has already reached an audience in the millions through carefully placed television and newspaper ads and a nationwide campaign tour which so far has included a helicopter arrival in Atlanta (which netted him a TV news spot, "The Year of the Third Party"), a meeting with the Government Relations Roundtable of the Detroit Chamber of Commerce, and articles in both the St. Louis Globe Democrat and Post Dispatch. In addition, LaRouche has announced he will participate in the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries.

- In the wake of a July 1978 meeting between LaRouche and Black Muslim leader Wallace Muhammed, the two cults joined in launching an "Anti-Drug Coalition," which has spread to at least eight cities and is based on LaRouche's theory that Jews are responsible for the drug traffic. The coalition's activities include mass rallies in ghetto churches, intensive and effective lobbying for stronger narcotics laws, and seminars in inner-city high schools. Wallace Muhammed has consistently refused to break off this alliance, in spite of appeals from Jewish organizations and from responsible Black leaders. The coalition partners have attracted an amazing range of clergy, businessmen, mayors, law enforcement officers, state legislators, Masonic leaders, and trade union officials to endorse their efforts. They are currently preparing for the founding convention of a National Anti-Drug Coalition.

- NCLC has earned the gratitude of powerful gangster-connected Teamster officials, thanks to the cult's effective attacks on the TDU and PROD (two reform movements in the Teamsters union) in several election battles for control of key locals. Some of the most corrupt locals have purchased giant quantities of NCLC pamphlets (such as "The Plot to Destroy the Teamsters") and several union leaders have endorsed the anti-drug coalition. These officials are placing no obstacles in the path of a recently formed "Teamster Committee to Elect LaRouche."

Given LaRouche’s total domination of his followers, the history of the group has largely been an extension of LaRouche’s personal evolution: a saga as tortuous as that of Benito Mussolini who (like LaRouche) was a revolutionary socialist before founding the Fascist party in Italy.

Born into a New Hampshire Quaker family in 1922, LaRouche is a college dropout and a veteran of World War II. He joined the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party in 1947 and remained a member through the mid-1960s while working as a management consultant and systems designer. In 1967, with a handful of radical students, he formed the SDS Labor Committee which changed its name to NCLC in 1971. They regarded themselves as the only "true" communists and quickly came into conflict with rival sects. Frustrated by their inability to seize "hegemony" over the American Left, they developed cultist trappings and in 1973 launched "Operation Mop Up" a series of more than 60 violent attacks on members of rival groups. This was followed by a period of "psychological terror" inside NCLC, with LaRouche charging that members of the group had been brainwashed by the CIA to assassinate him. The cadre were forced to undergo security checks and hypnotic "deprogramming."

This year-long reign of lunacy (which close observers believe was connected to a period of emotional crisis for LaRouche) gave NCLC an odious name with the media and resulted in its total isolation from the Left. LaRouche soon cleaned up his act to the extent of halting the violence and deprogramming, but he was only able to recoup his political losses by moving to the opposite end of the political spectrum (where his Operation Mop Up had, of course, been observed with glee). In 1976, LaRouche’s group announced that it was abandoning Marxism and henceforth would be a patriotic organization in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Franklin. This shift to the Right was consolidated by an alliance with the Liberty Lobby, an ultra rightist group which shared LaRouche's hatred for "Fang" (Nelson Rockefeller). But the Liberty Lobby was also a rabidly anti-Semitic outfit, and LaRouche was soon being chided for his failure to recognize the real enemy. In late 1977, he took the final plunge, declaring war on the Jewish lobby, the international Jewish bankers, Jews in the U.S. government, and (most especially) the Anti-Defamation League.

Over the course of 1978, the virulence of LaRouche's anti-Semitism was proven beyond any shadow of a doubt. For example:

- In the Dec. 8, 1978 New Solidarity, LaRouche dismissed Hitler's murder of 6 million Jews as merely a "commonplace delusion of the American Zionist or Zionist fellow traveler."

He continued: "The contemptible but impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the 'holocaust' thesis. It is argued...that any sort of criminal action is excusable against anti-Zionists in memory of the mythical 'six million Jewish victims' of the Nazi 'holocaust.' This is worse than sophistry. It is a lie."

LaRouche's followers were quick to see parallels, however, between these "mythical" deaths under Nazism and the mass suicide last year of the People's Temple cult. For New Solidarity, this was a pretext for anti-Semitic jokes: "Question: What do you call kosher Kool-Aid laced with cyanide? Answer: B'nai Broth."

Predictably, NCLC also launched an attack on the recent law mandating a Holocaust curriculum in the New York City public schools. Carol White, LaRouche's former common-law wife, wrote in New Solidarity: "These courses not only have the immediate effect of programming especially Jewish youth to paranoia, but are, of course, viciously anti- German...These courses...represent the introduction into our schools of subversive propaganda with the purpose of undermining the U.S. as a constitutional republic." And a USLP policy statement accompanying White's article urged that an "investigation, leading to immediate disciplinary action, should be instituted for the introduction of such filth."

NCLC also resurrected the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the famous forgery published by the Czarist Russian secret police in 1903 to "prove" a Jewish plot to control the world (and thus to justify pogroms against the Jews). In Oct. 1978 New Solidarity announced, "the kernel of the Protocols of Zion is factual." And in the USLP's 406-page book Dope, Inc. (Nov. 1978) the Protocols are presented as evidence that the dope traffic in the U.S. is controlled by Jews (the "Fifth Column USA"). The book quotes a secret oath alleged to be similar to that of the Elders of Zion: "I will cut open the stomachs and wombs of their women and smash the heads of their babies against the rocks...."

Thus NCLC has revived the medieval belief that Jews secretly kidnap and murder Christian infants and rape Christian women. But NCLC has given this superstition a contemporary twist: ritual sacrifice of Gentile infants has become ritual dope pushing to Gentile adolescents.

The Liberty Lobby newspaper, Spotlight, is selling Dope, Inc. on consignment. But the bulk of the 20 to 50 thousand sales so far have resulted from the activities of the ULSP/Black Muslim anti-drug coalition. From the coalition's inception, Dope, Inc. has been pushed to audiences in Black communities and inner-city high schools. In addition, the book has been translated for German readers by the European Caucus of Labor Committees, NCLC's co-thinker organization based in West Germany and led by LaRouche's current wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

NCLC versus the New York Times

A New York Times investigating team preparing an expose of NCLC was apparently outfoxed last month by a cloak and dagger maneuver of LaRouche's Security Division.

According to the NCLC version of this incident, its leaders heard rumors in mid-July that the Times was working on article in cooperation with several recent NCLC defectors. The security squad thus arranged for two "simulated dissidents” to meet with Times reporters Howard Blum and Paul Montgomery on July 23 (with a planted cameraman nearby).

Blum and Montgomery allegedly told the pretenders that the Times was planning a major front-page article linking NCLC with the CIA. According to New Solidarity, Blum also offered to help the two NCLC members get immunity with the U.S. Justice Department.

The NCLC leadership gleefully followed up their entrapment of Blum and Montgomery by holding press conferences on July 27 in Washington and New York, where they announced that the Times's efforts were part of a giant conspiracy involving the Anti-Defamation League, the liberal press, Israeli intelligence, Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman (D.-N.Y.), and the Justice Department's newly created Nazi war crimes investigation unit. The purpose, NCLC charged, was to harass and destroy LaRouche's 1980 Presidential campaign. NCLC termed the conspiracy "Supergate" and likened LaRouche's plight to that of the late Jimmy Hoffa when attacked by the Kennedy administration.

Once again LaRouche was showing his tactical skill. If he could not stop the Times, he could nevertheless turn the attack around and use it to his own advantage with the Liberty Lobby, the Black Muslims and other allies (who have no great love for the Times). In effect, LaRouche served notice that he would use the anticipated harassment of his Presidential campaign as a pretext for launching a drive on the Right to disband the Justice Department's investigation of Nazi war criminals. On July 31, New Solidarity charged that the budget and staff of the new Justice Department unit is far larger than necessary for dealing with the war criminal problem, and therefore that the unit's real purpose must be to launch an unconstitutional witchhunt against NCLC!

As to the Times version of the incident, Paul Montgomery told Our Town that "it is not our policy to comment on articles in progress."

LaRouche linked to CIA?

To date, no newspaper has presented solid evidence to back up the longstanding rumor on the American Left that the CIA funded the NCLC during the Nixon and Ford administrations. Yet the fact of NCLC's own self-defined attitude of solidarity with the CIA is already a matter of public record:

- Our Town has obtained under the Freedom of Information Act a file of CIA internal memoranda which show that NCLC leaders made several attempts in 1976 to meet with ClA officials to pass on information about alleged terrorist activity on the American Left.

- According to Business Week (Oct. 2, 1978), LaRouche met with CIA director Richard Helms shortly after Helm’s retirement.

- In 1978, LaRouche published in New Solidarity his "In Defense of the Central Intelligence Agency," a protest against the Carter administration's wholesale firing of Nixon era dirty tricks operatives.

- On Feb. 27, 1979, LaRouche issued in New Solidarity a public appeal for "an outpouring of financial and political support to establish a private intelligence agency designed to fulfill those intelligence-gathering functions that ought to be the proper domain of the CIA."

"What we propose," LaRouche wrote, "is a de facto augmentation of the resources of the U.S. Labor Party, thereby combining the core contribution to be made by the USLP with the resources otherwise befitting a U.S. government intelligence service into one independent agency. Such an agency, endowed by corporate...and other private sources, would immediately rehire those patriotic, trained former operatives of the CIA and related official agencies purged through British influence."

One veteran NCLC watcher familiar with the above facts commented to Our Town, "If Blum and Montgomery can present a halfway credible case that LaRouche worked for the CIA, LaRouche will publicly express outrage but privately he'll be tickled pink. Why, he's been trying to imply such a link all along, because he thinks it will give him increased prestige on the ultra-right and help him overcome the embarrassing fact of his Marxist past."

Why LaRouche is a threat to American Jews

1. Like Adolf Hitler, LaRouche is an authentic if warped genius. He has developed an all-embracing anti-Semitic worldview with ramifications in a dozen fields of scholarship from history and philosophy through physics. He has lifted American anti-Semitism out of its traditional know-nothing illiteracy and rendered it theoretical. He has attracted brilliant young intellectuals as the core of his organization, in sharp contrast to the beer-bellied cadre of the uniformed neo-Nazis. And these young intellectuals are busy amplifying LaRouche's theories in a plausible form in many fields of scholarship: a barrage of pseudoscientific articles and books the likes of which have not been seen since Nazi Germany.

2. LaRouche has freed neo-Nazism from the discredited genetic (racialist) theories of Hitler, and has developed the alternative theory of a culturally based "criminal mind" (the Jewish mind). The NCLC leader has thus laid the basis for white neo-Nazis to ally with anti-Semitic blacks and to whip up the latent anti-Semitism in black communities as a powerful adjunct to white anti-Semitism.

3. LaRouche has solved the problem of how to advance neo-Nazi politics in American elections without stirring up a storm of opposition before one is strong enough to withstand that storm. He has developed a series of code words ("British" for Jew, "British utopian doctrine" for Zionism, "Republicanism" for Fascism) which lull to sleep liberal observers while being perfectly understandable to his target audience on the Right. He has banned the use of swastikas and stormtrooper uniforms--childish symbols foreign to American culture. He does not attempt to openly defend the memory of Hitler, but alludes to "British" (Jewish) manipulation of Hitler as being the source of the German fuehrer's "errors." In addition, LaRouche is extremely skillfull at enclosing his real political ideas within a protective covering of conspiracy theories, Lost Continent of Atlantis visions, and other eccentric claptrap: This protects him from potential opponents, who at present tend to discount him as a mere kook. Meanwhile, he is able to recruit the people he needs to recruit, preparing for the day when he will be strong enough to throw off the cover of eccentricity. (Already, in seeking conservative business support for his 1980 presidential campaign he is speaking with a new soberness.)

4. LaRouche has pioneered in the use of Moonie style brainwashing techniques for overtly political purposes. He has thus been able to win over hundreds of young Jewish intellectuals and use them as a Judenrat shock brigade. It is these Jewish followers that LaRouche pushes forward as his candidates for political office (although they do not make policy in the organization). When they campaign for his anti-Semitic program, he is able to point to their Jewish names as "proof" that his organization is not really anti-Semitic but only "anti-Zionist." (His repudiation of racialism is helpful in controlling these Jewish followers: LaRouche promises them immunity from the coming NCLC-directed Holocaust if they thoroughly and completely repudiate their Jewishness.)

5. LaRouche's economic plans for a "high technology" economy are brilliantly conceived and carefully researched. They have genuine merit. But there's one little hitch: To carry them out would require an authoritarian transformation of the U.S. government and the development of a Fascist type corporative state (which the West German branch of LaRouche's organization has already advocated in its program, "Der Rechsstaat"). If U.S. economic clout continues to weaken at home and abroad, it is quite possible that significant forces in U.S. industry will become attracted to LaRouche's economic thinking. Certainly he is the only American economist today who is seriously exploring the Fascist alternative for American business. As such, he will inevitably receive a respectful hearing (even if he fails to make any converts) from some conservative business circles, in spite of his kooky "cover."

6. LaRouche has taken American neo-Nazism beyond the simple agitational level. He has merged the traditional demagoguery of the ultra-right with the highly sophisticated "united front" tactics used by American communists in the 1930s. By proposing joint action around specific issues with groups which are not yet pro-Nazi, he has gained access to their constituencies and has been able (most notably with the Black Muslims) to gradually shift the focus of the joint activity (opposition to drug abuse, for instance) in the direction of confrontation with Jewish groups.

7. LaRouche has spurned the traditional neo-Nazi practice of mindless, undifferentiated anti-Semitic propaganda. Instead, he carefully tailors his anti-Semitism to fit each of his target audiences: Blacks are told to hate the Jews because the Jews control the drug traffic. Law enforcement officials are told to hate the Jews because the Jews are radicals and "terrorists." Industrialists are told to hate the Jews because the Jewish bankers are "looting" the economy and undermining American power and productivity, Military officers are told to hate the Jews because the Jews spawn "traitors" such as Daniel Ellsberg. Teamsters are told to hate the Jews because the Jews assassinated Jimmy Hoffa.

8. LaRouche has developed a brilliant long-range strategy that, given a major economic crisis and a polarization of American society, could actually bring the NCLC to power. His analysis divides American society into a silent majority and a "liberal third." The latter is hopelessly tarnished by Jewish modes of thinking and thus is written off by LaRouche. He aims at bringing the silent majority together in a "grand coalition" of Midwest industrialists, managerial technocrats, "traditionalist" labor leaders, blacks disillusioned with liberalism, law enforcement officials, military officers, and southern segregationist/Liberty Lobby types. He believes that these disparate elements, in spite of mutual suspicions, can be united by mutual hatred of a scapegoat: international Jewry and its local representative (the "Jewish lobby"). NCLC cadre and ideas, of course, would be the glue that holds the coalition together. LaRouche has cautioned his cadre not to expect to "dominate" such a coalition, but to learn to cooperate with other forces and to allow others when necessary to take the lead. This latter insight places NCLC on a higher level of sophistication than virtually every other extremist sect in the U.S. today.


Second of a series


Lyndon LaRouche, chairman of the U.S. Labor Party and its 1980 "Republican/Labor" presidential candidate, is attempting to present himself in national campaign tours as a respectable candidate concerned with nuclear power, more jobs for construction workers, and other down-to-earth issues.

Yet this same LaRouche and his disciples, in several little known theoretical articles, have also proposed various repressive measures against the world's Jews, including a governmental purge in the U.S. and denial of civil rights in West Germany. In at least one article, LaRouche has even argued for the Final Solution as the only way to prevent the destruction of Western civilization by the Jews.

The fact that these articles are usually only read and studied by a small circle of LaRouche followers in the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), the cadre organization which controls the USLP, is probably the main reason that LaRouche has so far avoided any public outcry as he tours the U.S. pledging to base his presidency on sound Republican principles. But another reason he's escaped opposition is his clever use of code words, whereby "British" and "Zionist" stand for Jew, and "Humanist republic" stands for Nazi- totalitarian state.

The code language is not merely designed to avoid clashes with the Jewish Defense League. More important, it is intended to keep LaRouche out of hot water with the authorities in West Germany, where he lives for much of the year with his wife Helga, chairwoman of the European Caucus of Labor Committees (ECLC). West German law prohibits neo-Nazi propaganda, and LaRouche's articles are translated and disseminated in West Germany by the ECLC. If he advocated Nazi repression against Jews openly, he and the ECLC would become subject to criminal prosecution and a ban on their political activities. In using a code, LaRouche is merely following the standard policy of all neo-Nazi groups in West Germany (which are flourishing despite the restrictive laws).

In the United States, the code words are not consistently adhered to by LaRouche's followers. Indeed, attacks on the "British" seem to be only one part of a complicated strategy for conducting anti-Semitic agitation on several levels at once: the open flagrant anti-Semitism (as quoted in the Aug. 26 Our Town), the "anti-Zionist" attacks, the attacks on Zionists as "agents of the British," and finally the attacks on the "British" themselves. The LaRouchians shift from one tactic to the next with dizzying rapidity, depending upon the audience to be reached and the level of outrage against Jews to be advocated.

A similar policy is seen in NCLC's attitude toward Adolf Hitler: in one article, he's the essence of evil; in another article, he's bad (but not as bad as the Israelis); in a third article he's a puppet of the Rothschild family; in a fourth article, he's the symbol of the bad Nazi (but there were also good Nazis, like the Wehrmacht); in a fifth article, under a code name, he's a great humanist whose mission was aborted by satanic forces.

The choice of "British" as the code word for Jew was due to the fact that several well-known Jewish banking families, including the Rothschilds, are British. In LaRouche's theory of history (as explained in such articles as "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites"), these "British" families are the modern day representatives of an ancient conspiracy against human progress.

According to this theory, human history for the past 3,000 years has been a struggle of two opposing elites: the humanist city-builders, who believe in increased productivity and the power of reason; and the oligarchs, who stand for "zero growth" and fatten off society through the practice of usury. To LaRouche, the usurer faction is the faction of unremitting evil: "the Whore of Babylon," he terms it.

The struggle between the two elites is waged via conspiratorial manipulation of the general public, which LaRouche calls "the bestial mass of ignorant sheep which is 99 and 44/100th percent of the human race." In today's world, the usurer's conspiracy is led by the "British" bankers operating through an organization called the "Round Table." The humanist conspiracy--the good guys--is currently without real leadership except insofar as it accepts LaRouche as its theoretician. And LaRouche's party, the aspiring general staff of the humanists, is modestly depicted as the inheritor of a tradition dating back to Alexander the Great.

Thanks to this theory, LaRouche has been able to evoke a messianic fervor in his followers. They believe, quite literally, that the survival of the human race against the subhuman "British" depends upon their own personal sacrifices and discipline.

The anti-British campaign erupted in the pages of New Solidarity, the NCLC biweekly newspaper, in the early weeks of 1978--at the precise time that New Solidarity also launched its first direct attacks on Jewish politicians and bankers, Jewish organizations, and the "Jewish Lobby" (who soon were being branded as "agents" of the British). New Solidarity readers were now barraged with anti-British headlines in place of the customary anti- Rockefeller headlines: "British to Sell World Short," "Brits Run Spy Hoax to Push Cold War Clime," "British Launch Drive to Break Up the EEC, "Brit 'Full Employment' Plan Would Wreck Italy," "Expel Britain's Kissinger for Treason," and on and on.

As the propaganda campaign intensified, the editors scattered clues throughout New Solidarity to make sure that even the dullest reader would decipher the real message. When describing the machinations of the London bankers, New Solidarity referred to mostly Jewish names: Rothschild, Lazard, Meyer, Weill, Montefiore, Warburg, Oppenheimer. And if the name wasn't obvious they added a tag: "Lord Beaverbrook, otherwise known as Max Aitken," and "Lord Crewe, a Rothschild family cousin." Of course, Gentile names had to be added to keep up the pretense, but New Solidarity's writers were skillful at implying that these Gentiles were dancing to a Jewish tune. For instance the ancestors of Winston Churchill, as described in The Noble Family, NCLC's pamphlet on the British ruling class: "John Churchill [the first prominent Churchill, in the 17th century--ed.] was backed and supported by Solomon Mendoza, a Dutch-based financier in the Portuguese Jewish community, who used the Churchill family to batten off the English according to methods that have been maintained down to the present day...." And then the Churchills of the 20th century: "Winston Churchill's grandson Winston Spencer Churchill III maintains the family's reputation for sycophantic ... braggadocio in the service of the Rothschilds to this day." (The author was apparently attempting an oblique slur on Winston Churchill's leadership of Britain in the war against Hitler.)

NCLC's theory of Jewish control over British politics doesn't just extend to Tories such as the Churchills. The Noble Family labels Labourite Harold Wilson a "Rothschild agent," and New Solidarity describes the Fabian Socialists as an offshoot of an alleged Rothschild network of secret societies. As to the key institutions (in NCLC's view) of the "British System"--from the Round Table financial group through the British secret service--each of them is described explicitly, in one NCLC publication or another, as being under the direct control of the Rothschilds or of a string of mostly Jewish families including the Rothschilds.

To leave no doubt of the true meaning of "British," we quote the definitive statement in The Noble Family: "It is the Rothschild family that continues to preside over the inherited international operational capability that is the present British political system. It is, in consequence, the evolution of the Rothschild family and its outlook that in large measure accounts for the evolution and outlook of the British political system as a political instrument." This statement is expressed symbolically by an illustration in the Oct. 17, 1978 New Solidarity: the Star of David with Queen Elizabeth at its topmost point (and a caption underneath alluding to a "satanic" connection).

Armed by this code language, the NCLC has been able to say everything the uniformed neo-Nazi sects say. And they can appeal (without unnecessary "crudity") to the rightwing American industrialists whom LaRouche believes will one day wake up to the Jewish threat and unite with NCLC to save America.

We quote from a U.S. Labor Party policy statement, "Indict the Zionist Lobby!" (April 21, 1978): "The U.S. Zionist Lobby, since its creation by Theodore Herzl, Louis Brandeis, Eugene Meyer of Lazard Freres, and the British Foreign Office earlier in this century has served as a foot-in-the-door for British sabotage of U.S. industrial growth, and for the terrorizing of American industrialists and workers...."

And again, from New Solidarity, Feb. 14, 1978: "The services of Brandeis and Co. were indeed useful to the British Empire....Today...their services...have become a vital aspect of the British plot to deindustrialize the U.S. and undermine the legitimate interests of the nation."

The convenience of the British code, however, is most clearly revealed in LaRouche's open letter to U.S. Secretary of Defense Harold Brown ("The Fitness to Command," also in the Feb. 14 New Solidarity). LaRouche is not just letting off spleen this time--he is calling for a specific action: the purge of alleged traitors from the armed forces and from civilian government agencies. As befits such an explosive proposal he is careful to avoid any direct references to the "Jewish Lobby" or the "Zionist Lobby," even as puppets. Instead, he speaks of the demoralization and disorientation of the U.S. armed forces by "witting or unwitting British agents or agents-of-influence," by "friends of Britain," and by "British utopian doctrine" (code for Zionism). And he concludes the letter: "As perhaps General George Patton would say, 'It is time to kick every British-loving son-of-a-bitch out of every last nook and cranny of the American government.'"

Close observers of NCLC believe this open letter was aimed at retired military officers in the conservative movement rather than at Secretary Brown himself. And clues are provided, once again, as to the identity of the "British." The letter begins at the top of the page directly following a diatribe against the Jewish lobby, with the completion of the latter article directly underneath. And a photo of General George Brown (together with a photo of Secretary Brown) is positioned directly under the hypothetical quote from Patton. General Brown, although not referred to in LaRouche's letter, had generated national headlines several months previously by his remarks about the "Jewish Lobby" in Washington and the "undue influence" of Jews in American banking and journalism.

The call for a government purge was not enough for LaRouche, however. In the following issue of New Solidarity, Feb. 17, he took the big plunge and wrote of the necessity for a Final Solution against world Jewry. This proposal--the culmination of his evolution as a Nazi theoretician--was inserted in an article directed at West German readers: "How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism." LaRouche bases this article on a trick he apparently learned from Hitler: Blame Bolshevism on the Jews, then call for the extermination of the latter to stamp out the former. But anti-Bolshevism is out of fashion nowadays, so LaRouche simply replaces it with anti-Terrorism. (At the time he was writing, terrorism was an urgent political issue in Western Europe, thanks to the antics of the Baader-Meinhoff gang and the Italian Red Brigades.)

LaRouche charges that the terrorist wave in Germany and Italy (as well as most other political and social evils) is controlled by the London bankers, the most powerful of "those financier-oligarchies which practice usury rather than productive investments." And he specifically accuses the Rothschilds, together with Rothschild-affiliated banking houses and politicians or firms believed by NCLC to be Rothschild-controlled.

How to stop the terrorism? LaRouche approaches the question in a roundabout way. First, he praises the idea of "counterterror force" against the usurers; but then (to lull the reader) he appears to shrink from his own proposal and to cast around for a nonviolent solution: "Assassination of a key figure behind terrorism is not recommended," he writes, "except to stop an impending crime which can be stopped in no other way. Such desperate measures need not be required if other, political means are used in time."

But what "political means" (nonviolent means) does he contemplate? He clearly states that only one such method has a chance of succeeding: exposure of the terrorist controllers in the press. "Only if the public press creates such a clamor against British responsibility for international terrorism...can one create so large a penalty for Lazard Brothers, Barings, N.M. Rothschild, Winston Churchill III et. al. that they will abandon their terrorism...."

Here LaRouche is indulging in mere obfuscation, since he clearly believes that the public press--the only possible nonviolent avenue--is controlled by the very same people who control the terrorism (and hence is useless in stopping the terrorism). He writes: "The connection [of the press and the conspirators--ed.] exists, if one traces the training of journalists to such locations as the BBC..., if one traces the financial connections of certain newspapers and magazines, the pedigrees of certain publishers and editors, and if one also traces the connections leading back to Lazard Brothers in London for the terrorist networks."

But this latter qualifying statement is buried near the end of the article. And LaRouche can continue in the interim his discussion of counterterrorist measures without the reader yet being aware that it is counterterrorist force once again, that he is advocating. "The citizens must give their governments," he writes, "the courage to take the necessary measures, the courage to face the facts so abundantly available....Let me put it this way. Were I a head of state of any principle European nation I would clean up the terrorism problem in short order."

To LaRouche, counterterrorism means assassination, and the assassination efforts should be directed against the prominent Jews who allegedly control the terrorists. He expresses this idea through an oblique reference to the "Old Man of the Mountain," the leader of an Islamic cult of assassins in the Middle Ages. We quote in full:

Although it is unavoidable, indispensable, to attack the terrorist problem as such, no general success can be gained by limiting counter-measures to this level of approach. On that level one is fighting a hydra's many, proliferating tentacles. One might strike the hydra in the vital center, kill it, and then the arms are easily eliminated. The 'Old Man of the Mountain,' Hassan ibn Saba, were he alive, would have none of the conceptual difficulties which have weakened the effectiveness of most European security agencies to date in dealing with this problem. It is a slander that [his] 'Assassins' were indiscriminate killers. On the contrary, [they] were a counterterror force....

If at this point the reader develops a nagging suspicion that the "Old Man of the Mountain" is really Adolf Hitler, and the "Assassins" really Hitler's Death's Head SS, Our Town assures you that your suspicion is not entirely without foundation. For LaRouche proceeds to indicate that the mission of the counterterrorists should not just involve the assassination of a few Rothschild Hofjuden but also a massive attack on the Jewish people as a whole.

LaRouche justifies such a policy via his criteria for determining the guilt for international terrorism:

There are two kinds of facts which are crucial to determining British responsibility for international terrorism....The first, not conclusive in itself, is "Who benefits?" The second, which is decisive, is "What is the national origin of the state of mind of the terrorist? To what national interest and national philosophical outlook does that state of mind belong?"

Here, slyly presented, is LaRouche's justification for the Final Solution. Terrorism has its origins not just in the class interests of the Rothschilds but also and most importantly in the national interest and national state of mind of the Jewish ("British") people. Hence, to strike at the "vital center" of the hydra--to "kill" the hydra, as LaRouche says--one must destroy the Jews en masse, since as long as they remain in existence as a national or ethnic entity their "national interest" and "national state of mind" will give rise to more Rothschilds (and hence to more terrorism).

Of course, LaRouche has already stated that he would only use assassination against those who are directly involved in controlling terrorism. But as he describes the alleged terrorist conspiracy, it becomes increasingly clear that he regards vast masses of Jews from every social class as being directly involved. First, there are the leading families "embedded in various institutions of each nation." And when LaRouche speaks of these families, he doesn't just mean a few isolated villains: "Despite individual and other defections from the oligarchical traditions among these families, the core which continues to adhere to that oligarchical tradition represents aggregately a large force for...corruption in the governments and major private institutions of power in various nations."

Second, LaRouche describes the alleged collaboration of the Jewish middle and working classes (the very strata that were shoved into the ovens during World War II by the Old Man of the Mountain's Assassins):

Around [the Rothschilds and other leading families] are gathered a secondary layer of plebians. These...include leading intelligence and political families going back a generation or two, certain families with a legal professional tradition, and so forth....Around these there is an outer layer of agents, trusted, deemed useful, but not really on the 'inside'....Around these strata, another layer of agents, and so down to the pathetically demented individual environmentalist and terrorist.

If by now, any readers of Our Town are still not convinced that "British" stands for "Jewish" in LaRouche's lexicon, they should reread the last two paragraphs. They should carefully note LaRouche's reference to leading families and satellite strata "embedded in various institutions of each nation." They should then recall LaRouche's previous references to a particular "national interest" and "national state of mind" said to characterize these strata. LaRouche cannot possibly mean the British, because the British as a people exist in only one nation. Only the Jewish people exist and retain a separate consciousness within each nation. And in fact, LaRouche has fingered the Jews openly in dozens of New Solidarity articles as being the "agents" and "agents-in-place" within the United States.

The article on international terrorism from which we have quoted above is by far the most revealing piece in the entire immense corpus of LaRouche's writings. In it, the NCLC fuehrer’s rhetoric rises to a crescendo of ethnic hatred, including an appeal to the industrialists of the world to give him power so he can use his vaunted Erkentnistheorie to destroy the usurers and the national state of mind behind the usurers.

To give the full flavor of LaRouche's appeal, we have placed the words "Jew" and "Jewish" in parentheses wherever he actually used the code words "Britain" or "British":

The essential motive behind (Jewish) terrorism and environmentalism is identical with (Jewish) opposition to the Luxembourg market, (Jewish) slanders against the Dresdner bank, and then the (Jewish) terrorists' murder of Dresdner's head Jurgen Ponto, (Jewish) efforts to wreck the U.S. dollar and loot the U.S. economy, (Jewish) efforts to sabotage Middle East peace, (Jewish) efforts to ignite a global confrontation around a (Jewish)-created war in the Horn of Africa, and (Jewish) efforts aided by (Jewish) agents in high positions within the United States, to crush the economies of West Germany and Japan with a hyperinflationary depression.

The (Jews) loudly, shamelessly advertise such objectives in the press controlled by the same Barings, Lazards, and Rothschilds who control the Round Table, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the London International Institute for Strategic Studies. These ruling (Jewish) forces, the avowed enemies of the entire human species, shamelessly declare war on the human species, and yet the governments of the nations targeted for victimization profess to be incredulous when we insist that the Royal Institute for International behind international terrorism and environmentalism.

LaRouche then makes his plea for the mantle of leadership:

I have had personally approximately 10 years of continuously fighting (Jewish) international terrorism.... Over the intervening years, through my collaboration with my immediate associates, and later with other forces combatting the same evil. I have a better scientific knowledge of the (Jewish) mentality than perhaps any other living person, and therefore a better analytical understanding of (Jewish) international terrorism than anyone outside the inner ranks of (Jewish) intelligence itself. I know the enemy, how he operates, how he thinks, and how he can be decisively defeated.

In this and other articles, LaRouche avoids any reference to "tainted blood" and other traditional concepts of Nazi racial doctrine. To him, the Jews are cultural degenerates. And he therefore can hold out to the Jews in his entourage the promise of immunity from the Holocaust if they completely renounce their Jewishness. Indeed, LaRouche tells them in an article on the very subject of the Holocaust (in which he cleverly mixes a dash of "anti-Nazi" rhetoric):

Either you, as a Jew, join with the U.S. Labor Party....or you are implicitly just as guilty as...Adolf Hitler....If you say, "As a Jew, I must be concerned primarily with what is good for Jews," you are already on the pathway to becoming a Nazi. You were better advised to ask yourself, "What is a Jew good for? What can a Jew contribute to humanity generally which obliges humanity to value the Jew?"

And, in sterner tones, LaRouche warns his Jewish associates that only the most fervent devotion to NCLC doctrine will enable them to survive:

You have no right to hide behind the whimpering, morally degraded profession [of excuses]....Either you take responsibility (for the ultimate consequences of your conduct or you have no moral right to complain against whatever evil the world's developments bestow upon you.

But if LaRouche thus sidesteps traditional Nazi racialism, such concepts have nevertheless surfaced in at least one official NCLC publication, as a harbinger of the policy that may emerge once the usefulness of LaRouche's Judenrat brigade has been exhausted. We quote from The Noble Family:

"As one begins to examine [the differences between the British and the rest of the world], one faces up to the major question in world politics today: the British are different than us because they are not human." And again: "They are the end product of a specialized process of genetic engineering that had begun to produce congenital deficiencies and brain damage in the 17th and 18th centuries."

The author, one Christopher White, continues:

Let us speedily expedite the urgently necessary task of freeing humanity from the grasp of that specific form of lower life before we are destroyed by them or enslaved by them. Let us joyfully ensure that the representatives of the British system are destroyed so that humanity might live and prosper under the political conditions appropriate to the development of actual human beings.

And the pamphlet ends with a blatant reference to the unfinished work of Adolf Hitler: "Those of us who should know better have been tolerant of such creatures [the British] for far longer than has been good for the rest of us. Let us, with ruthlessness, ensure that the job is done correctly now."

LaRouche sues Our Town


The neo-Nazi U.S. Labor Party responded in a most bizarre way to the expose on their political activities which began in Our Town last week. First, they confirmed everything we've said by passing out a scurrilous anti-Semitic leaflet at East Side subway stops, charging that a Jewish conspiracy is behind the Our Town series. Second, they announced a $20 million lawsuit against Our Town, on grounds that we "libeled" their leader, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., by reporting on his anti-Semitic remarks (which are all a matter of public record, by the way, available for anyone to see in the U.S. Labor Party's own publications).

The USLP leaflet was headlined, "Our Town Slander Signals Zionist Hit on LaRouche." It charged that an assassination plot has been launched against LaRouche by "Israeli Intelligence and other Zionist-connected agencies" because of LaRouche's role in combating the alleged Zionist control of narcotics traffic in the United States.

In this leaflet, the USLP does not bother to use its customary code word of "British" for Jew, since we exposed that trick in last week's article. Instead, the leaflet directly and flagrantly goes after the Jews, spewing forth a long string of names of Jewish bankers, lawyers, politicians, and businessmen who are said to he involved in the conspiracy. In addition, the leaflet alleges that Zionism controls organized crime in America, and that Zionist agents assassinated John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The libel summons, drawn up by attorney David S. Heller (with law offices at the same address as USLP, 304 W. 58 St.), also harps on the assassination theme. The Our Town articles, the summons alleges, were published with the intent of "arousing and/or signalling persons who read the same to attack, kill or otherwise disable plaintiff in order to prevent the 'Holocaust' that defendants falsely accuse plaintiff of planning."

In fact, the suit against Our Town is just one more in a series of "nuisance suits" which the USLP has launched against the press and against Jewish organizations. "Welcome to the club," an official of the Anti-Defamation League told Our Town last week. "LaRouche is suing us for $26 million."

But Our Town readers should note one special aspect of the latest suit. Plaintiff LaRouche is an announced candidate for President of the United States in 1980. It is the accepted practice in American politics for the press to subject the published views of presidential candidates to the most searching possible criticism; after all, the president is the man who will have his finger on the nuclear button. By blaming a newspaper for performing this vital civic duty, LaRouche has served notice that he is not committed to the free flow of political ideas, but would prefer to repress unfavorable criticism and analysis of his own published work. The lawsuit against Our Town dovetails neatly with the call for suppression of civil liberties found in "Der Rechsstaat," the program of LaRouche's West German apparatus.


Third of a series


An Our Town investigation has uncovered one of the major sources of funds behind the neo-Nazi National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC).

Conspiracy enthusiasts will be disappointed to learn that the culprit is not the Central Intelligence Agency. NCLC fuehrer Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr., a former systems analyst, has moved in a basically unglamorous manner to develop a multi-multimillion-dollar computer software corporation utilizing the scientific and engineering talents of his whiz-kid cadre.

Well-known in the industry, his Computron Technologies Corporation is estimated by top software experts to take in revenues of three and a half to five million dollars per year. A 1979 Computron sales brochure gives a partial list of clients including corporations that are household names: AT&T, Mobil Oil, Colgate-Palmolive, Bristol-Meyers, Weight Watchers International.

Also listed among the 28 clients are names as diversified as Standard Research Corporation, Crane Construction Company, Melody Fashions, Studebaker Worthington Services, Tensor Corporation, Associated Merchandising, Panorama Radio and Electronics, Benton & Bowles Advertising, Lewis Business Machine Service Company, and the non-profit Institute of International Education.

Not surprisingly, Computron also has several clients in the generally under-computerized trucking industry (see Aug. 26 Our Town for links between NCLC and the Teamsters Union).

The uncovering of NCLC's business activities is of no small importance in understanding the cult's political evolution. Close observers of NCLC have long been puzzled as to how this small group could afford a paid staff of over 30 persons at a corporate style headquarters in New York City, intelligence and political operations in 26 foreign cities, newspapers in several languages, an international telex system with six circuits (including an audio voice data model between New York and LaRouche’s European headquarters in Wiesbaden, West Germany), and year-round consulting and training services from an industrial espionage firm based in Powder Springs, Georgia.

According to sources inside NCLC, most of Computron's clients are totally unaware of the company's political connections. The NCLC cadre assigned to leading positions at Computron are ordered to keep a low profile both on and off the job. One software consultant who worked with them recently said that he had noticed "nothing unusual" about the company except the multinational character of its management: "Greeks, Italians, Jews all together--we nicknamed them the United Nations."

The cover of respectability is maintained so carefully, our sources say, that most "outsiders" among the estimated 40 to 50 employees are as unaware of the political connection as Computron's clients are.

Computron was founded by NCLC in the mid 1970s under the name Computron Systems. From 1975 to 1977, it was listed in the Manhattan phone directory at 231 W. 29 St., the same address as NCLC, the U.S. Labor Party (NCLC's electoral arm) and Campaigner Publications, Inc. (the NCLC press). In 1975, according to Public Eye Magazine, Computron produced an income of $75,000 for NCLC.

During its sojourn at 231 W. 29 St., Computron was located on the 11th floor, in space also used by NCLC. According to the building super, Tony Giorgio, "the rent was paid all with one check" both for Computron and other NCLC operations which occupied floors 11 to 15. Giorgio's statement was confirmed by the landlord, who also said that Computron's space had been included in the NCLC lease.

Computron moved to 888 Seventh Avenue in 1977 and began to conceal its connection to NCLC. Growing rapidly, it was incorporated in Sept. 1978 as Computron Systems Company, Inc. The name was changed in Feb. 1979 to Computron Technologies Corporation. Shortly thereafter, the firm moved to larger quarters at 810 Seventh Avenue.

In its latest sales literature, the firm continues to use the name Computron Systems, identifying the latter as "a division of Computron Technologies Corporation."

An application for authority to conduct business in New York State, filed March 7, 1979, lists the registered agent for Computron as David S. Heller with law offices at 304 W. 58 St. (the current address of NCLC). On the cover of the application, Heller is also identified as "general counsel" for the computer firm.

Heller is a member of NCLC, according to sources inside the organization, and was identified as the "U.S. Labor Party attorney" in the Aug. 14, 1979 issue of New Solidarity (biweekly organ of NCLC). He is the very same David Heller who is handling the U.S. Labor Party suits against Our Town and the Anti-Defamation League.

A list of Computron's officers in a 1978 company brochure leaves no doubt that Computron is controlled by NCLC political cadre.

- The president of Computron, Andreas Typaldos, is active in NCLC under the name Andreas Reniotis. According to our inside sources, he is a member of the NCLC national committee, while his wife, Renee, is a member of LaRouche's security staff. In addition, Mr. Reniotis is described as the closest personal friend of LaRouche's second in command, Konstandinos Kalimtgis (a.k.a. "Gus Axios," a.k.a. "Costas Axios"). These two, together with NCLC intelligence chief Criton Zoakas (a.k.a. "Nikos Svyriotis"), are said to comprise the so-called Greek Mafia in NCLC. Along with the top West German cadre, they are LaRouche's most trusted aides.

Our Town checked this information with the help of a copy of NCLC's secret New York Regional and National Office Telephone Directory for 1978. The names "Andreas and Renee R." are listed under the phone number 796-0925. According to the New York Telephone Company's Bronx directory, this is the same number as Andreas Typaldos. And the address, 2600 Netherland Ave. in Riverdale, is the same luxury high-rise rumored to contain the "fortress apartment" in which LaRouche is guarded around the clock by security squads.

- The Computron brochure listed one Paul Teitelbaum as director of Major Accounts Marketing. A phone call to Computron on August 31 elicited that his title is now executive Vice-President. Former NCLC members say that a Paul Teitelbaum was active in the cadre organization as early as 1973. The NCLC private directory for 1978 listed a "Paul T." at 569-8995. The 1977-78 Manhattan phone directory listed a Paul Teitelbaum at the same number. Since then, the 569 number has been reassigned. A Paul Teitelbaum is now listed at 2600 Netherland Avenue, the same address as Typaldos-Reniotis.

- Computron's director of Research and Development was listed in the brochure as Mark Stahlman. The NCLC private directory listed a "Mark and Norma S." at 781-8677. The 1977-78 Manhattan directory listed a Mark Stahlman at the same number. In addition, an article in the Dec. 30, 1977 New Solidarity was co-authored by a Mark Stahiman. The article, "Rock Music and the Mass Marketing of Terrorism," is a typical NCLC diatribe against the "British" (the Jews) for allegedly foisting rock music on American youth to destroy their moral fiber. (Ironically, Computron lists the R. Stigwood Organization, well-known rock music promoters, as one of its major clients.)

- The director of Systems Programming at Computron, according to the brochure, is one Fletcher James. The NCLC private directory listed a "Fletcher and Marilyn J." at 942-0608. The 1977-78 Manhattan directory listed a Fletcher James at the same number. Former NCLC members have confirmed that a Fletcher James was active in NCLC as early as 1973.

- The brochure also lists one Eric Nelson as an officer of Computron. On Nov. 8 and Nov. 15, 1977, New Solidarity featured a two-part series by an Eric Nelson, "Why Garfield Was Murdered." The articles attempt to prove that the assassination of President James Garfield in 1881 was the result of a Jewish conspiracy. Our sources inside NCLC say that the Eric Nelson at Computron and the Eric Nelson who writes for New Solidarity are the same person.

- The staff of Computron is said to be liberally sprinkled with NCLC members and former NCLC members--especially those who have been "demoted" because of political incompetence or unreliability. (The job is a way of continuing to control them.) A phone call to Computron on Aug. 31 revealed that Tony Papert, a co-leader with Mark Rudd of the 1968 Columbia University student strike and a founding member of NCLC, works at the computer firm. According to our sources, Papert is one of the demoted cadre believed by top NCLC leader to be hopelessly contaminated by the group's original leftwing ideals.

According to Dun and Bradstreet, the NCLC computer outfit is in good financial shape, with a rating of 2 on the D&B scale of 1 to 4. Its balance sheets show assets of between $500,000 and $750,000.

But balance sheets are not the full picture. "Don't judge Computron's profits by their assets," said our source in the computer industry who has worked with Computron. "In the systems business, assets tend to be low but the revenues, or sales, can be extremely high. After all, our industry doesn't deal in fixed assets like machinery or warehouses. Essentially, our assets are the knowledge and skills in the brains of our employees."

"My partners and I," he continued, "estimated Computron's revenues last year at between three and a half and five million dollars. But don't let that amaze you--I know companies where the assets are even less and the revenues even greater."

Our source noted that Computron is "only one of an estimated seven thousand systems houses in the U.S. today. The little ones tend to hook up with mini-computer manufacturers and submit joint bids."

Computron's main partner in joint bidding, he alleged, is Wang Laboratories in Lowell, Mass., one of the nation's pioneer computer companies. "Wang provides the hardware, Computron provides the software," he said. "I understand it's a very successful relationship."

Could Computron disguise its profits and transfer the money into USLP electoral efforts? "Such a maneuver would be very easy for a systems house," our source speculated. "Given the fluid nature of the business, it's almost impossible to estimate the profits from assets or revenues. I would say the profits of such a company could very easily be concealed from the IRS."

The possibility of illegal transfers of funds is indicated by a bizarre civil proceeding filed with the State Supreme Court on June 7, 1979. Three NCLC cadre--Jon Gilbertson, Calvin G. Larson, and Steven Bardwell--are suing two defectors from the organization, Eric and Carol Lerner, to regain control of Advanced Technologies Enterprises, Inc., an NCLC firm set up to promote a desalination process invented by Mr. Larson. The NCLC plaintiffs claim that the Lerners manipulated a shareholders meeting to seize control of the corporation.

In their answer to the suit, filed June 12, the Lerners charge that a member of the NCLC national executive committee, one Uwe Henke von Parpart, had instructed the three plaintiffs "to make future political contributions and political campaign contributions from future ATE funds to the U.S. Labor Party in violation of the...New York Election Law...and the Federal Election Campaign Act...." The Lerners also allege that the plaintiffs had agreed to make such contributions, and the Lerners explain their own move to gain control of the majority of issued shares of common stock as an attempt to prevent the illegal contributions.

Whatever mysteries surround the financial relationship between NCLC and Computron, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the NCLC software systems capability has been used for ideological as well as commercial purposes.

A former member of NCLC described Computron in the days when it was still located on W. 29 St. "They had a room on the 11th floor, and people from the intelligence division were always coming downstairs to use the computer." This free traffic between Computron and other NCLC units was also confirmed by the building's super, Mr. Giorgio.

And how was the Computron facility used by the NCLC intelligence staff? One example is found in a pamphlet, "Carter Party of International Terrorism," which NCLC published in August 1976 in an effort to link Democratic Presidential nominee Jimmy Carter with violence-prone leftists and with ultraliberal Jewish foundations--and thus to persuade the public to vote for Ford.

According to an appendix to the pamphlet, NCLC used the systems design capability or its computer unit to analyze the alleged terrorist conspiracy. This effort included the development of a Labor Party Connection Tracking System (LPCTS), described as a "computer-based Labor Party intelligence tool." We quote:

The system's CONNECTIONS module monitors the shaping of the Wall St. Cabal's political machine as a connected network of policy-makers and key operatives down to but not including the field operatives level. It can be used to trace out chains of command, funding or control connections, covers, deployments, internal instabilities or other developments, and the historical evolution or change of policies and operational capabilities. An HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS AND FILES module may be referenced during the process for further analytic support or documentation. WHO'S WHO listings of high-level operatives and policymakers, and of their histories, are also routine.

This overall capability is obtained by a design which permits the posing of interrogatory conditions upon both discreet entities within the system and command and control network paths. For example, after a DISCRETE SEARCH produces a listing of Carter advisors connected to terrorism, a PATH SEARCH with the same conditions will show the control paths over these people. Such computer interrogation and WHAT IF or IF THIS THEN WHAT type of questioning of vast intelligence data will yield particularly useful political results since this network orientation provides for a unique court-evidence oriented documentation capability.

Another system module, the WHO'S WHO, links the cabal machine with local pools of mobile and expendable field operatives and groups, while a POPULATION PREP module monitors funding and other programs intended for mass ideological fertilization (i.e. local control) in anticipation of later more focused operations. This can be used, for example, to examine the capability for pulling off a specific operation in a certain area (i.e. race riots), and to then determine what field operatives and command control connections might be used.

Finally, an OUTPUT section monitors significant network output and major political events, such as successful or foiled field operations and activities of key operatives intended as direct political interventions or for priming and redirecting cabal operations as a whole.

Our Town asked our computer industry expert about the above description. "The guy who wrote it certainly knows the right buzz words," he said. "I don't want to comment on his politics, but the technical aspect sounds plausible. That type of system is used with scientific and medical data bases all the time. It also sounds a lot like the tracking system used by the Senate Watergate committee during its 1973 investigation."