"The Lost Tribe: The American Council on Judaism and 'Jewish Self-Hatred'"

Psychohistorian Richard Morrock scrutinizes a renegade organization that long worked with neo-Nazis to bash the State of Israel.

Lyndon LaRouche Watch is proud to make Morrock's unpublished article on the AJC available here. It belongs on this website to help enlighten the many non-Jews who, upon first encountering the LaRouche movement, hesitate to call it anti-Semitic (in spite of its rhetoric) because it has so many Jews in its ranks.

Morrock describes how the ACJ, an anti-Zionist organization founded in 1943 among Reform Jews, allied itself in the post-war decades with Israel's most obdurate enemies in the Arab world as well as with rabid rightwing anti-Semites here at home.

"No other community in America ever produced a group so single-mindedly devoted to fighting against its collective interests, sabotaging its influence, and apologizing for its enemies as the ACJ," Morrock writes.

His article demonstrates that there's nothing very unusual about Jews jumping on the anti-Semitic bandwagon, whether in association with LaRouche or otherwise. Indeed, one can cite such disparate examples as the members of Neturei Karta (an Ultra-Orthodox sect that sent members to a 2006 Holocaust-denying conference in Iran), Jewish members of certain far-left splinter groups that openly express support for Arab terrorism against Israel, and Jews who support the anti-Semitic Raelian cult (which has adopted the swastika as its symbol).

Given the breadth of this lunacy, it's time to recognize the deceptiveness of Jewish spokespersons for LaRouche who tell the media that their leader and their organization couldn't possibly be anti-Semitic because they themselves are Jewish. The reliability of such individuals should be judged by the content of their organization's propaganda, not by the sound of their surnames or their ability to mouth a few Yiddish phrases.

Neturei Karta member warmly greeted by Iran's Ahmadinejad (2006)