Inside the LaRouche movement

"I found that whatever the LC was doing beyond raising money was creating a very hard-core cultism of cold-blooded hatred of what was not us."

Posted on Factnet by "xlcr4life," Jan. 30, 2009

I will say this about what is on the King site about the Jan. 28 EIR release by Lyn about Jeremiah Duggan: There is no limit to Lyn's sickness and how cold blooded the cult is.

I have to question if the grace of God just kept me a nobody in the LC [1] for all of those years. There are numerous stomach-turning moments I went through which to others were just business as usual. The popular line for members as told by the NCs[2] was that we all needed to be like Lyn! In my delusional days, I imagined that, to be that, I would have a mastery of all subjects and be able to link everything in a sort of unified theory of the globe to answer all of my interests and questions. It seemed like that was what I was after and the LC gave you a sort of quick pass to that nirvana without having to really study, work or face someone who actually knew what they were talking about.

What happened as the years went by was something which stabbed me in the heart over and over. I found that whatever the LC was doing beyond raising money was creating a very hard-core cultism of cold-blooded hatred of what was not us. No one knew any field outside of the LC and Lyn. You did not [simply] disagree with the names [vilified] in our publications, you had to hate them for their role in killing humanity. You could justify anything in the LC as long as it led to our imaginary world of Lyn where the MAGLEV's run on time. There was a way to link everything to this and if a member did not do enough, he or she was weak. We turned on our contacts to steal from them and laugh about it while later denying that we did anything wrong. The only emotional connection I had was to some fellow members whom I had known for many years. Even then you could see the changes as they too were undergoing a never-ending stress of insanity which screwed up their lives.

Years ago, some LYMsters[3] said I was too weak for the LC and could not handle the pressure. They were right. I could not handle the never-ending abuse and destruction of people I was witnessing first hand. There was always this sort of boundary I knew existed that I would have to cross to be like the others.

Who knows what we will be finding out next about what we did and what Lyn was supporting. Today I was reading about how the president of Argentine has ordered the release of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents involving the military government's program of eliminating undesirables from the mid-1970s to 1983. Argentina was one of our favorite places at the time. We used to organize around the Rio de la Plata region as being the breadbasket for the world. During the Malvinas war, there was nothing that was ever wrong in Argentina. They were at war with the British and I can still recall NEC member Warren H telling us the latest update from Lyn and his war advisors about how Britain would be defeated so easy. How easy it was to praise the Argentina government back then and write about Peron as a humanist and then call up for EIR subs.[4]

Notes added by Lyndon LaRouche Watch:

[1] "LC" refers to the "Labor Committees" (or sometimes, "Labor Committee"), which is shorthand for the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), LaRouche's cadre organization. When used in foreign countries where the LaRouche movement is active, LC usually means the International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC), embracing the NCLC and its overseas sister organizations.

[2] "NCs" refers to members of the NCLC's National Committee--with special reference to those who run regional and local branches of the organization. These branch leaders play a key role in the NCLC's internal culture of abuse, imitating LaRouche in their ruthlessness and often becoming tinpot bullies. In recent years, reports have emerged of policies and activity in the "regions" (the satrapies of the NCs) that would not have been condoned in the NCLC's early days; for instance, forcing young recruits to sleep crowded like sardines in one room, and NCs and other older cadre sexually exploiting the recruits.

[3] "LYMsters" means members of the LaRouche Youth Movement, founded circa 2000.

[4] This refers to a practice dating back over 30 years. LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) will write articles praising some thug regime of the right or left that is not popular with the mainstream U.S. media and is under attack from human rights activists. The diplomats from the country in question will be pleased that a seemingly important U.S. magazine which claims to have an influential readership is taking their side. (In most cases, the regime will not find it odd that EIR calls their critics "British agents," since the majority of countries with such governments are former direct or indirect European colonies and thus have no fondness for Britain.) Even if they recognize that LaRouche is pretty much a fringe player, they still will want to get to know his aides and see if there's a way of using them for public relations work, espionage, dirty tricks, etc.

The upshot is that the LaRouchians have sold a very large number of annual EIR subscriptions over the years (at $299 each) to odious human rights abusers, and this has often resulted in further under-the-table payments for intelligence reports, the organizing of phony demonstrations in U.S. cities to support the regime in question, etc. The big prize is when such a regime coughs up money for an EIR conference in their nation's capital (as the Republic of the Sudan did several years ago) with LaRouche and his wife Helga as the keynote speakers. Such conferences are then highlighted in EIR to make Lyn and Helga seem like important people on the word stage, thus facilitating the cult's ability to recruit naive teenagers and obtain large donations from mentally less-than-alert senior citizens.