"How many Jews have to die to satisfy this monster's hatred of not only them as individuals, but of Yiddishkeit as a whole?"

Factnet and blog postings by ex-LaRouche supporters
May-June 2007

"sancho," Friday, May 18, 2007, 12:16 AM: Lyn can't get it quite right on Jews....

(1) Here's a book review by der Fuehrer in which he tries to laud a Jewish writer:

However, Jews are of value only when they incorporate non-Jewish perspectives into their work; nowhere will one find in any of Lyn's writings the least respect for any aspect of the Tanakh (apart from B'reshit) or rabbinical Judaism or of anything which makes a Jew a Jew. He used to say nice things about Philo--but only because Philo happens to have been soaked in Plato. As a Roman Catholic, I know how offensively Lyn tries to give that tradition his own peculiar stamp, for it too is of value to him only when expressive of his own gnosticism which he mislabels Platonism. But, so far as I know, no Catholics die on freeways in his organization, only Jews.

(2) In attacking hedge funds, he persists in using the term "locusts," a classically anti-Semitic term:

How many Jews have to die to satisfy this monster's hatred of not only them as individuals, but of Yiddishkeit as a whole?

"howie," Friday, May 18, 2007, 1:58 AM:

For anti-Semitism, I'm most bemused by the word "synarchist"--which seems to be a synonym for international cabal, used to describe Felix Rohatyn, who is an investment banker and Holocaust survivor. Hence parce out this sentence from one of LaRouche's pamphlets:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean turned to the upper 3 percent of family income brackets for financial support and notably the cronies of bankers and synarchist Felix Rohatyn. The lower 80 percent are basically ignored.

And he's saying that LaRouche needs to take the Democratic Party away from its current control by the wealthy International Jewish Conspiracy.

"eaglebeak," Friday, May 18, 2007, 07:09 AM:

LaRouche's antipathy for Judaism and Jews has always been a theme--go check out the so-called Feuerbach Campaigner, part of the notorious Beyond Psychoanalysis series (Feuerbach published December 1973 or January-February 1974 or thereabouts), and check out his comments in that on the "Jewish question," in which he basically calls Judaism a parasitical degraded derivative of medieval Christianity, at best.

Or note his affection all those years ago for the repellent phrase devised by Karl Marx, "dirty-judaical." That showed up a lot in LaRoucheland. He hates Judaism, although he will tolerate individual Jews like Paul Goldstein and Jeff Steinberg.

But right now he's engaged in trying to woo back the Jewish members of the organization, a project he's been working on since Fernando Quijano and most of the Catholics were driven out of the org in 2000. Especially after Kronberg's death--so that's the point of that stupid book review.

Please note in the book review that the only thing he actually cites is from the introduction--a standard LaRouche approach. That means he read the introduction. Chances are excellent he didn't read much more.

"eaglebeak," Friday, May 18, 2007, 07:15 AM:

P.S. In the book review, the references to Sholem Aleichem and the Workman's Circle suggest that Kronberg is haunting LHL. Kronberg was the one who started all the work in the org on Sholem Aleichem et al. and the Yiddish Renaissance, and Kronberg used to talk about the Workman's Circle and his family's activities in that (including the Jewish school he went to on Saturdays).

"eaglebeak," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 08:02 AM:

The LaRouche org's use, especially in Germany, of "locust fund" as a characterization of hedge fund definitely has anti-Semitic roots--and to judge from the press is catching on more broadly in Germany, among others beyond the handful of LaRouchies left there.

In the indictment at the post-World War II Nuremberg trials of Julius Streicher, the notorious editor of Der Stuermer, one of the passages from Der Stuermer cited compared the Jews to hordes of locusts--this was a popular image in Germany under the Nazis, and now among a few Germans and crazed American ex-pats under Helga.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, anti-Israel Arabs throughout the Mideast routinely use the term "locusts" to describe Jews.

Interestingly, in the U.S., just at the time in the mid to late 1980s that LaRouche was trying to insinuate himself into the Catholic Church (unsuccessfully, of course), the Jews in the org, at least in Leesburg, were having virtually underground Passover and Hannukah celebrations, suddenly discovering or re-discovering themselves as Jews. Kronberg was one of the leaders in this.

Anyhow, the use of "locusts" is telling--but after all, Helga is the moron who once declared (late 1970s) at a New York Regional Meeting that "in Germany we don't have this problem with the ADL" (meaning Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, which attacked LHL as anti-Semitic).

Even the most zombified members gasped at that one. They don't have a "problem with the ADL in Germany" because almost all the Jews there were exterminated--wow, Helga! Could she be any stupider or more vicious?

"sancho," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 10:54 AM:

One element of LaRouche's anti-Semitism within the organization of course is simply that any attention to anything--including God--takes attention away from him. Lyn must always be the 100% focus of everyone at all times, otherwise they are "agents." This town ain't big enough for both him and God. A seder or a Mass makes the ugly duckling feel shut out and unloved: he then retaliates. Ken was not giving every cent to Lyn, nor all his faith to him, therefore he was hated by Lyn and [Tony] Papert....

"borisbad," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 01:29 PM:

This idea of the descent of the locusts is fascinating as it really does reflect the deep seated anti-Semitism of Helga. I was googling locusts and found about five speeches and articles where Helga especially refers to banks like Lazard Freres and of course banker [Felix] Rohatyn as the locusts descending upon Germany. It struck me as being very similar to Hitler's invectives against the international bankers that destroyed Germany after World War One.

And it does seem that the term locusts is being used in a broader fashion in Germany beyond LaRouche and the ELP or whatever they call themselves now. Witness the following site where the term is used to describe hedge funds that are mythically destroying German industry:

"borisbad," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 01:37 PM:

For more insight on the Helga issue the following from 2006 again seems like a screed that could have come straight out of Mein Kampf for blaming Germany's alleged economic straits on the Jewish bankers.

I also post the following which may be a bit extreme, but references many of the anti-Semitic images used by the Nazis in brainwashing their youth; terms like locust, bedbugs, parasites are all there. I doubt that Helga is unaware of the usage since she is such a partisan of German culture.

"jmp87," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 09:08 PM:

I have to say that this allegation that LaRouche is anti-Semitic is absurd. They're attacking for example Felix Rohatyn, not because of his ethnicity or religious beliefs, but because of the economic policies he had been a part of. Rohatyn's Big Mac policy in New York for example is a huge reason why there are districts in that area that have the living conditions of a third world country. It doesn't matter whether the person is blue, green, orange, whatever. If a person is going to conduct policies that kill people, the person is evil. That's all that LaRouche is saying.

"jmp87," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 09:14 PM:

Another fallacy that is stated here commonly is that the organization only claims that the British and Jewish people are enemies. That is simply not true. The two biggest planks [of] the movement right now are to remove Dick Cheney (an American: not British, not Jewish) from office, and to prevent the Congress from being duped by Al Gore (once again, an American: not Jewish, not British).

"jmp87," Saturday, May 19, 2007, 09:20 PM:

And [in] regards to the allegations of there being anti-Semitic jokes in the office, I have a feeling that you guys might be flat out making the story up. I was in the office for seven months and there [were] absolutely no offensive jokes [about] any nationality in any form or way.

"eaglebeak," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 01:29 AM:

Trust me, jmp87, we're not making the story up. Back in the late 1970s/early 1980s, New Solidarity (predecessor paper to New Federalist) ran a remarkably offensive joke in its "humor column" about a stripper using yarmulkes as pasties or whatever they're called. Really disgusting.

Longtime member Stephanie Ezrol went so far as to write a letter of complaint to the editor of New Solidarity. Immediately, Paul Goldstein started an "investigation" of her--including interviewing the present writer (who told him the joke was anti-Semitic).

If you were new to the org in the recent period, then you probably didn't hear such jokes. Things changed a lot over the last 28 years or so, and after all the flak they got for being genuinely anti-Semitic, they figured out that maybe it wasn't so smart to tell jokes or carry on about Jews all the time.

In other words: Just because you don't know about something doesn't mean it isn't true. You're just not that familiar with the organization. You were in the office seven months, I was there for more than 30 years.

"xlcr4life," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 01:37 AM:

jmp87, if you are a former LYM member then you were probably not even born when we began secret meetings with Willis Carto and his Liberty Lobby group with Lyn and security. This began a nonstop love-a-thon between the org and several outright anti-Semitic or Jewish-baiting groups. The love affair continued with LC material showing up in the Nation of Islam outfit with a pretty nasty NOI leader I think referencing EIR in his speeches.

There is an edition of Dope, Inc. which included as a chapter a reprinting of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in it:[1] "A kernel of truth" was our slogan.

Read Lyn's own words from that 1978 edition:

The Czarist Okhrana's Protocols of Zion include a hard kernel of truth which no mere Swiss court decision could legislate out of existence. The fallacy of the Protocols of Zion is that it attributes the alleged conspiracy to Jews generally, to Judaism. A corrected version of The Protocols would stipulate that the evil oaths cited were actually the practices of variously a Paris branch of B'nai B'rith and the evidence the Okhrana turned up in tracing the penetration of the Romanian branch of B'nai B'rith (Zion) into such Russian centres of relevance as Odessa....[2]

In the late 1970s we had a few centerfolds by Lyn on how the Holocaust was only a portion of the six million figure. We danced around that saying that only maybe 1.5 million were killed while the rest were worked to death. This is important because Carto and friends are involved in the Holocaust revision wackyness. There are many web sources with the LC and Lyn's quotes on the Jews. One place there is not is the LYM web site you looked at for years. The notorious "Zionist" Campaigner where a lot fo this comes from was removed a while back when perhaps too many people were downloading it.

I am going to deliberately not use any King writing here, just what was apparent in the LC as this continued. You see that as this continued the next step for the membership was to rethink German history and forgive Nazis. Sounds crazy, but that is what we did as World War Two was rewritten by us and now Hitler was a British project and Jews were involved with that. Helga was big on that as we were starting a German version of our electoral campaigns called "Patriots for Germany." Among our supporters were a few real old World War Two German officers or soldiers. At the same time the FEF began to write glowing articles about Penemunde and Nazi rocket scientists. I can say that never in the LC did I hear about how these "German patriots" used slave labor for their facilities.

We went even further in attacking a NYC official named Liz Holtzman as a lesbian in leaflets. Her crime against Lyn was working in the U.S. Justice Dept. which was tracking down old Nazis who were in the USA by misleading immigration with a false history.[3]

You can look up LaRouche and the Zayed center and see what that place represents in the Mideast.

We began lawsuits which ended with something worthy of a Bizarro World cult. The members were whipped up into a frenzy against the ADL as being part of the titanic struggle against humanity. Somehow, very few people figured out that if [you] write a lot of crazy things about Jews and are friendly with hardcore anti-Semites, then Jewish groups will worry about you.

So we were sent to march against the ADL and of course fundraise for the legal suits. I think in 1978 Lyn sued the ADL for being called anti-Semitic. The judge dismissed the suit and I think said that it was fair comment to call us that. You know what happened next of course? The judge was part of the conspiracy while the evidence used to make the fair comment decision I think was what Lyn wrote!

"xlcr4life," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 01:39 AM:

Later in 1984 we decided to burn through a couple of hundred thousand [dollars] and launch more suits including one against NBC, Berlet, King and Irwin Suall of the ADL. Suall called Lyn a "small-time Hitler." In the end we had another decision worthy of a Bizarro World cult. Not only did we lose the case against calling Lyn a small-time Hitler, but we were ordered to pay $3 million in damages to NBC! That was reduced but I doubt anything was paid. Lyn often bragged that he would never pay anything and that may be one of the reasons why you never find anything in his name.

Helga got into the game when there was lot of news about a made for TV movie about the Holocaust in 1979.

Heeeeeres Helga:

Whereas nobody in the USA has the slightest illusions concerning the power which the Zionist lobby exerts especially upon the current administration, in Germany only a few political persons in the know are aware of the influence of a more secretly operating undercover Zionist lobby, but not the German public. And therefore we must take the hypocritical bogus Holocaust-spoof as an occasion to get rid of these foreign agents."

--"Der zionistische Holocaust heute" ("The Zionist Holocaust today"), Neue Solidarität, January 25, 1979.

What was being presented to us in a gradual buildup was the concept that German collective guilt for the things like Nazism, World War Two, the Holocaust and the destruction of Europe was not [a] problem for the Germans to feel a bit remorseful about. Instead, blame it all on the British and eventually you get to the point where you can blame the Jews for [the] Nazis. Seems crazy, but I have read a few Mideast conspiracy kook articles over the years which support that.

Do not expect to find any Hitler portraits in LaRouche offices. There are more than enough of Lyn to go around. Between the self-named youth corps [the LaRouche Youth Movement--D.K.], the German fraulein and a basement instead of a bunker, how does a person come to conclude that maybe we truly have an anti-Semitic/British cult on our hands?

The real genius just may be a comic book writer named Howard Chaykin. In 1984 he wrote a series called American Flagg. In it he has a panel which has our original org called the U.S. LABOR PARTY. The drawing has USLP soldiers in gas masks emerging from caves and being an anti Semitic/British cult! If anyone has a scan of that, please send it to me.

As far as you seeing Jewish members who complain about the anti-Semitism, they all left 20 years ago. Here is a description from former members Alice and Donny Roth.

This is from the King web site:

but is found in other places.

"xlcr4life," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 01:45 AM:

Two of the dissidents, Donald and Alice Roth, immediately dashed off a letter announcing their resignation from NCLC: "The memos of Lyndon H. LaRouche," they wrote, "are a hideous, moral abomination....It was bad enough that LaRouche should echo the words of a known Nazi sympathizer, Willis Carto, cynically dismissing the true horror of the Nazi holocaust with the argument that 'only' one and a half million Jews died. Much, much worse is the fact that LaRouche was too small a person to admit his mistake and retract that damaging statement, but instead sought to wallow in its reaffirmation. That reaffirmation was the sign of a mind which has become dangerously ill...."

The Roths followed up with a more detailed letter analyzing the relationship between bigotry and brainwashing in NCLC. The letter cited, as a prime case, how NCLC members are "subjected to sick 'Jewish' and other 'ethnic jokes.'" (Example given: "How many Jews can you fit into a Volkswagen? One hundred. Four on the seats and ninety-six in the ashtray.")

According to the Roths, LaRouche's use of such jokes "has been an important tool for psychological manipulation of the membership." The jokes, the Roths charged, help to generate self-hate among Jewish party members, as part of a process by which members are psychologically "bludgeoned" into rejecting their parents and their previous values.

The entire process had resulted in a "moral anaesthetization," the Roths recalled, so that NCLC members became "capable of taking political actions which violated their most basic sense of morality."

The resignation of the Roths from NCLC was followed by that of Computron executive Paul Teitelbaum (among others). Ten days before resigning, Teitelbaum wrote an "NCLC Internal Discussion Document" which gives a vivid picture of the totalitarian atmosphere inside the party.

"Some time ago," Teitelbaum recalled, "[LaRouche] returned from an extended stay in Europe and gave a public presentation in New York. Some of our German members were present. At the end of the speech, the claque initiated the chant of 'Lah'Rouche, Lah'Rouche, Lah'Rouche, Lah'Rouche....' My reaction at this and all subsequent occasions is difficult to describe. Suffice it to say that one's hair really does stand up on one's neck...."

Teitelbaum concluded with a demand that LaRouche "be suspended from all policy and decision making functions in the organization, for his own good and for the good of the human race." If the NCLC membership should fail to implement this demand, Teitelbaum said, "then the characterization of the organization as fascist will become irrevocable, with all that you know that this implies."

Just spend some time looking up "LaRouche and anti-Semitism" and other key words and you will find a lot of non-King material if that bothers people.

The final thing to think about is that in the LC, the Jew has been beaten out of people like other things over the years. The people you see are what I call Lyn's "Trojan Jews." They will gladly say "well, I am Jewish and if there was something anti-Semitic going on, I would be the first to leave."

Oh, please. You are the last ones to leave as you accepted ashtray jokes without a whimper.

"shadok," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 07:56 AM:

[Regarding] Gore and Cheney being American, not Jewish or British...well, I'm afraid jmp87 doesn't read or understand LaRouche's own recent literature and the logic behind these campaigns. You are against Cheney or Gore because they are agents of the SYNARCHISTS, right? (Cheney is called a "synarchist lackey," isn't he?). That's the point. You may disagree with their policies, but calling them evil, Nazis, genocidalists, etc. isn't the same story is it? They are "evil" because they are agents of the synarchists, so LaRouche and his lackeys say.

So, who/what are these "synarchist forces of evil," these so-called "synarchist financiers"?

Well, to list a few names (read LaRouche literature again, that'll help): Felix Rohatyn, George Soros, André Meyer, Lazard Freres, the Worms family....ALL JEWISH BANKERS.

Other "synarchists" are Jews like Kissinger, M. Ledeen, George Mosse, L. Strauss, P. Wolfowitz, Marc Rich, Joe Lieberman, Richard Perle, L. Libby etc. etc. to name a few.

LaRouche calls them "Children of Satan." These are the people Helga Zepp calls "locusts," who aim (according to her) at destroying the German economy. Coincidences? Of course not.

For your information, the “Synarchy” plot/cabal was a conspiracy theory concocted under the pro-Nazi anti-Semitic French Vichy regime. The center of this "cabal” was the Jewish Banque Worms. Various factions within the Vichy government spread the rumour that the French economy was in the hands of these Jewish financiers....Ring a bell? It is similar to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion; nothing's changed, only the names.

Of course LaRouche and his lackeys cover their ***** by blaming these Jewish bankers for bringing Adolf Hitler to power, and launch[ing] World War Two, and the crimes that went with it. So [by] accusing THEM [of] being Nazi genocidalists, LaRouche is expecting naive people [to] think he is not one...better to accuse than be accused!!! LaRouche's tactic was always to attack as a self-defense....In LaRouche's fantasy world of hatred, "they" (the Jews) are traitors, "they" are "agents from Babylon, "they" crucified Christ, "they" put Hitler into power, "they" are behind the dope industry to destroy the U.S. from within (it's all from the Campaigners and books available now online on your wlym website--so no excuses anymore!). Now these "synarchist locusts," via their "American" agents Gore and Cheney, want to destroy the world (yet again!, it's like a hobby for them I suppose)....

So LYMers, start reading LaRouche's own literature in a more critical way. Go beyond your daily slogans and headlines. People didn't take Hitler's Mein Kampf too seriously, and paid the price for it. Hitler rose to power thanks to a naive and illiterate Hitler Youth movement too....LaRouche doesn't need you to be anti-Semitic, he only needs you to carry [out] his anti-Semitic targeted campaigns. The LYM is just an insignificant totalitarian cult that utilizes naive and illiterate youths and destroys lives. The LYMers deserve going back to school and study for a change.

"jmp87," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 05:33 PM:

Yes, LaRouche does attack people who so happen to be Jewish but not because of their ethnicity or religion. He attacks them because of the actions they are commiting. Henry Kissinger for instance: LaRouche isn't attacking him because of his religion. He's not attacking him for being Jewish. LaRouche has been after Kissinger because Kissinger has killed millions and I'm serious millions of people. The famines, dictatorships, the spreading of HIV have [come] out of Kissinger's policies. If you don't believe me, just read national security memorandum 200 where Kissinger calls for the mass murder of all "Underdeveloped Nations." He even cites 13 countries to target for murder: "Mexico, Nigeria, India, etc." Not to mention, Kissinger as well as George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn financed Operation Condor. This operation put the dictator Augusto Pinochet into power in Chile. Once again it doesn't [matter] what race a person is, if they are killing people then they are evil. This should be common sense.

Not only that but LaRouche has many close friends who are Jewish. Jeffrey Steinberg, Harley Schlanger, and Phil Rubinstein are all Jewish. There are other members as well. He was also great friends with a famous Israeli poet who just passed away. I forgot his name. He also constantly refers to Yitzhak Rabin as a role model to help restore peace in Israel. So you claim he's anti-Semitic yet he references a former Israeli Prime Minister as a great hero.

"eaglebeak," Sunday, May 20, 2007, 10:44 PM:

Dear jmp87--

I'm guessing you're in the West Coast LYM, based on your listing of LaRouche's "Jewish friends"--Harley Schlanger, Phil Rubinstein--both assigned to the West Coast--and Jeff Steinberg, who travels there quite a bit.

Steinberg once wrote an amazing centerfold in New Solidarity, the defunct predecessor to the defunct New Federalist, in which he said that the Joint Distribution Committee (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee) had pre-selected every single Jewish immigrant who came to these shores in the first half of the 20th century, so all the Jewish immigrants were "agents" of--some international conspiracy.

So Steinberg's not the guy you want to go to to disprove LaRouche's anti-Semitism.

The reason LaRouche cites Yitzhak Rabin as a great hero is that Rabin signed the Oslo Accords with the PLO--that is, he made a deal with the odious Arafat (New Federalist once described Arafat as "sublime").

And the late Israeli poet whose name you can't remember is Maxim Ghilan, an ultraleftist who became a big fixture in the Israeli peace movement and who supported the "right of return" for Palestinians whereby Israel would fast cease to be a Jewish state.

Don't forget, Lyndon ("some of my best friends are Jews") LaRouche is also the guy who says the Old Testament is a Babylonian fraud and the Talmud is international Jewry's Handbook for Something Bad. He also used to take the position that the Holocaust killed "only" 1.5 million Jews, and they weren't killed for being Jews, but for being trade unionists or communists....

Attacking Henry Kissinger doesn't make you an anti-Semite--it's HOW you attack him. Ditto for Soros, Rohatyn, etc. You don't know about all this because you're not familiar with oceans of creepy LaRouche literature, but let's just say the ADL had reason to be worried.

"shadok," Thursday, May 24, 2007, 07:03 PM:

To answer about anti-Semitism. Yes most of the members are not anti-Semites,[4] they'll become eventually by being involved in anti-Semitic campaigns.

To comment on the "locust" term. Check on the internet. When Müntefering used that term, he faced a barrage of criticism about the potentially anti-Semitic nature of that term, given Germany's past. What did Helga Zepp do about it? She endorsed that term!!!

When the Zayed Center in Abu Dhabi was closed under international pressure, because it had become a center to propagate anti-Semitism and revisionism [Holocaust denial--D.K.] throughout the Arab world, what was LaRouche's reaction? He defended that center and opposed its closing down!

See no evil? Hear no evil?

"sancho," Friday, May 25, 2007, 05:36 PM:

I have spoken about the perpetual mendacity which characterizes the organization as a whole and every member in it--including me, when I was in. Another salient feature of the whole LaRouche operation is its persistent hatred. A foretaste of Hell can be had by any involvement with this group, whether as the hater or as the hated or as both. There are always targets either without or within the organization: everyone is kept to a good boil over something always. I carried that trait for a long time after my separation from the Labor Committees, so it is something for you ex-LYMers to watch out for too. LaRouche not only poisons your mind and character, but also your heart. This has been my experience, at any rate.

"charltonrom," Saturday, May 26, 2007, 01:18 AM:

Before I joined I read and researched a huge amount, from the trials, old Campaigners, &c. I was somewhat aware of the anti-Jewish angle of the early years, but here again it seemed that Lyn had modulated upward into maturity, with the embrace of the Yiddish Renaissance and such. So during my early years in the org I went around lambasting Ariel Sharon and Israel and the oligarchic conspiracy that had prevented the glorious Oslo Accords from being implemented. Also after 9-11 when we fingered the Jews, I overcame my doubts and reservations and went boldly forth with the vile doctrine that, in effect, the Mossad had run 9-11, maybe using some Arab patsies. If you will remember, Lyn has on more than one occasion directly blamed Dick Cheney for 9-11. He backtracked on it, but the delicious lure of it was too much; later he recanted his backtrack and implied again that Cheney ran the attack.

In the course of my organizing I eventually met people who began to show me the terrible error I was laboring under. I, like Lyn, tended to blame Israel first for all the problems; Israel "needs to undertake a dialogue with the Palestinian people," as Lyn put it recently. I was shocked when I met a Palestinian woman refusenik: no two-state solution here, not even on the '67 borders; Israel must be utterly destroyed.

After I dropped out I was digging around some more and found the Holocaust denial stuff. A Jewish guy had once told me about it but I denied its existence vehemently. A Jewish physics prof I met warned me about Arafat's conscious-duplicity approach; my (Jewish) NC assured me this was nonsense. Lyn picked up, I believe, on Marx's confusions about his Jewishness, which Marx translated into overt Jew-hatred. It's always been there in Lyn's system, through all his protean morphings, and though less overt than formerly, it still resides as a sort of continuous substrate below all enunciated doctrine. Thus Lyn's ready embrace of Iranian nukes; thus his fingering of Israel for 9-11.

"shadok," Saturday, May 26, 2007, 06:00 AM:

Speaking of anti-Semitism (again)...the very fact that the "Zionism Is Not Judaism" anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying Campaigner is made available on their website, plus the fact that neither the org or of course God-LaRouche ever felt sorry about it, all of this demonstrates that the org remains anti-Semitic at its core. Period. (In my days this infamous Campaigner was's now made public to probably please their Arab/Iranian "contacts.")

Now what about the "Jews for Larouche" thing? To understand this "ironical paradox" (a sign of humanism, according to LHL), one has to go back to this famous "Jew" Karl Marx, whose family, as you know, converted to Lutheranism. Karl Marx, for racists like the Nazis, was considered as a Jew, because of his blood lineage, but Marx was very hostile to the Jews and their "privileges," to say the least. Just read his "The Jewish Question" pamphlet (! Lyn once wrote his pamphlet "My view on the Jewish question," obviously conforted by his own "Marxian/Christian" ideology. Marx's anti-Semitism was not just ideological, it was religious and very personal since he was raised by a father and a family who rejected their Jewishness.

Some older LCers from the "socialist" period probably found it intellectually/morally possible to be anti-Semitic, like these "Jewish" members or just like good ol' Karl...and accommodate with Lyn's "higher anti-Semitism."

There is nothing worse than a "converted Jew" (or any sort of converted by the way): they have to prove they are now "clean" from their sinful origin (I know some Christians who converted to Judaism, and they became such fanatical Jews!). No wonder that the "Zionism Is Not Judaism" Campaigner was entirely written by...Jews!

Lyn must have been so pleased of himself that day.

"charltonrom," Saturday, May 26, 2007, 08:27 AM:

One must reiterate this because it endures as the core substrate behind Lyn's thinking and doctrine. Soon Dean Andromidas will spew another screed: Israel's Gaza bombings are an outrageous atrocity against decency and global common will. Never mind that, even if--if--an overreaction, what are they an overreaction to? Implicit in Lyn's thought, I'm convinced, is an unstated commitment: Israel is eminently expendable. He on occasion will throw a sop out and say that he believes in a two-state solution, but the overwhelming majority of his utterances are covertly if not overtly hostile. The Yiddish Renaissance thing was nice, folks, but there is rather more to the story. Lyn picked up on it, I would speculate, partly to try to adjust his image.

Anti-Israelism is axiomatic. Just in the last few weeks he managed to bizarrely state that somehow the Russian proposal for offshore nuclear plants can show to Israel their errant ways, or some such odd construction. But of course there are other villains and demons to pick up and amplify the rhetorical slack. For a while we were leafleting Sunday morning church services on the evil Moonies. Mobilizing people to roll out of bed way early and go hand out a few thousand leaflets from the 850,000 in the lit room, requires concocting a continuously revolving Great Enemies of Mankind list, the which Lyn alone has courageously identified, who wish to stop Lyn at all costs. The members respond to the fear-mongering: despite their preference to stay in bed they roll out and go forth to slay the demons. Or they eat it all up and leap out joyfully. One of the very senior members I used to work with used to drive himself insanely, routinely getting 2-4 hours' sleep, night after night, week after week. The stipends were sporadic; I had to amass a pile of credit card debt to survive, but this member took a night job. He would leave his night job in the morning to go deploy for a few hours, or to steal a couple hours' sleep before meeting us at the card table. His health must be wrecked by now.

Former original members who have posted confirm that the enemies have changed, but there are always demons: Rockefeller, the UN World Federalist Conspiracy, the Satanists, the Synarchists, the British, the BAC (British-American Cabal), the Moonies, the CCF, Cheney and the Wolfowitz Cabal, Al Gore....Before and around 9-11 it was the British Roundtable crew around H.G. Wells and William Yandell Elliott, with a complementary selection of American foundations. But through it all, even if not overtly stated, it is Jews that are at the heart of it. "The British put Hitler into power," as Lyn put it once, but with the help of course of Jews. The Zionist-Conspiracies of the 70's and early 80's, notable in the old Campaigners and papers, have been replaced with more subtle formulations, but make no mistake: anti-Israelism is axiomatic. If you doubt it just watch how events in Israel-Palestine are covered and note the slant. Bloody-fanged demons of Satan, you see, plus of course the Jews. Add in the Looming Financial System Collapse and you have a potent ideological mix, quite good for recruiting idealistic dupes like I was.

"eaglebeak," Sunday, May 27, 2007, 01:50 PM:

Thinking about the anti-Semitism question and the appearance of positive reference to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the 1978 edition of Dope, Inc.

My information is that the person who put that reference into Dope, Inc. was Paul Goldstein--he and Jeff Steinberg were deeply involved in the writing of the book.

Now this was around 1978--Goldstein was maybe 29, not super-bright, and a self-hating Jew--so you can see how he might have stuck that in there without knowing that that is a notorious marker of Nazi anti-Semitism.[5]

But LaRouche was 56 or so, had lived through World War II (and, he claims, been in the Army during it) and was also supposed to be a genius, deeply educated, etc. There is NO WAY ON EARTH he could not have known the significance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion--or, if he didn't know, then--Crikey!--we may be forced to the conclusion that he is NOT a genius, NOT deeply educated, NOT well-informed. So he has the choice: Does he want to come across as a rabid, psychotic anti-Semite, or a moron?

He winds up coming across as both.

The publication of Dope, Inc. marked the moment when the ADL went ballistic over LaRouche.

There were a few people in the LaRouche organization who also went ballistic--a woman who was knowledgeable about Russian history and knew the provenance of the Protocols (initials BF for those who remember her), and Kronberg's wife Mollie, who knew a lot about the Nazis. They carried on about how could this have been put in a LaRouche book, but the "leadership" of the org just shrugged.

"shadok," Sunday, May 27, 2007, 02:11 PM:

Re: Paul Goldstein

When I was just a new recruit, involved in so-called "intelligence," Paul candidly told me we used to have a good relationship with the ADL and that "suddenly" they attacked us, pretending he didn't know why....

There is a concept that Lyn liked to use, and it applies to Goldstein and LaRouche himself: that of these "people who start believing in their own lies," i.e. the "self-brainwashed."

If think this could explain a lot about the org. itself. I think that Paul Goldstein managed to convince himself that he really didn't know why the ADL was after the org!

"shadok," Thursday, June 07, 2007, 12:42 PM:

The Bible as a "Babylonian hoax"...?

I have two quotes here from two authors who both despise(d) the Judaic "infection" within Christianity or any "semitic/oriental/near eastern/asiatic" influence over our "western culture."

Author 1:

"The personality of Evil is clearly and concretely identified as "The Whore of Babylon." This is no symbolism; it is the name of a very specific mother-goddess, whose priestesses practiced prostitution as part of religious ritual, to such effect that the names of Ishtar, Astarte, Isis, and Venus, are venerated as the goddesses of the lesbian's and the whore's professions into modern times. The source of these whore-goddesses' cults, in Mesopotamia, in Sheba-Ethiopia, in Egypt, in Palestine, and among the Phrygians, is the worship of the whore-goddess Shakti by ancient "Harrapan"' culture of the Indian subcontinent, introduced to Mesopotamia through the "Harrapan" colony at Sumer. The Satan-figures of ancient Mesopotamia, Sheba-Ethiopia, and of Osiris, Apollo, Lucifer, are, like the Phrygian Dionysos, derivatives of the "Harrapan" Siva. The most powerful form of this Satanic cult then, was the Syrian Magicians' cult of Mithra, which had been established as the leading cult of the Roman imperial legions, through an agreement reached between Augustus and Syrian magicians at the Isle of Capri."

Author 2:

"The great whore of Babylon of whom the Apocalypse speaks is no fairy tale or metaphor, but an historical reality attested to a hundredfold. It was literally the rule of the hetairai over the peoples of the near and middle east. On high festival days at all the centres of these various racial groups, the official prostitutes were enthroned as the embodiment of a common sensuality and universal lechery. In Phoenicia they served Kybele and Astarte; in Egypt, the great procuress Isis; in Phrygia as priestesses of wholly unbridled communal sexual orgies. The reigning priestess of love was joined by her lover dressed in diaphanous Libyan robes. Anointed with costly perfumes and bedecked with precious jewels, they then copulated before all the people (just as did Absalom with David's concubines in II Samuel XVI:22). This example was imitated in Babylon, in Libya, and in Rome under the Etruscan dynasty where the goddess priestess pushed the institution of the hetairai to its extreme limit in the closest collaboration with the Etruscan priests. (...) But in the hands of the Etruscan priests this becomes Asiatic magic, witchcraft linked with pederasty, masturbation, the murder of boys, magical appropriation of the manna of the slaughtered by the priestly murderer, and prophecies derived from the excrement and the piled up entrails of the victims. The virile sun impregnates itself with the magical phallus on the solar disc (the Egyptian point in the sun) which finally penetrates it. From this is born a golden boy, the foetus of a boy with a magical orifice. This is the so called seal of eternity. The violence of the magical phallus is imagined as a bull which copulates with such frenzied force that the disc rolls and the phallus bearer of the horn turns to fire, the phallus of him who possesses the heavens. In endlessly repeated obscenities, the original myth is degraded into repulsive homosexual love. This is to be seen on the wall paintings of graves, as in the Golini tomb where the dead man holds a banquet with his boy lover in the next world, and where two gigantic phalluses spring up from a sacrificial fire as a result of magical satanic rite."

"shadok," Thursday, June 07, 2007, 12:46 PM:

Okay, both quotes sound similar and even familiar, don't they?

Well author 1 is... Lyndon Larouche (in "The Truth About St. John's Vision of Apocalypse," 1987).

And author 2 is... Alfred Rosenberg, the chief ideologue of the Nazi Party (in The Myth of the 20th Century).

Strange that Lyn attacked the Nazis as "Babylonian," Isis/Ishtar homosexual worshipers...

And these are just a few quotes; if you read it all, you'll be in for some more surprises.

Maybe you'll think again before attacking Rohatyn the Jew as...a Satanist or a Nazi?

"shadok," Sat., June 9, 2007, 07:35 AM:

Judaism as a "Babylonian hoax"?

Okay, the "cut & paster" strikes back...

And for the record (this is from LL in "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites," pp. 11-12):

"We now cite one related, important case here. We cite the case of that influential hoax known as the Jewish religion.

"The modern Jewish religion originated not with the Kingdom of Solomon or earlier, but centuries later, as a synthetic cult created by the order of the Babylonians and other non-Jews. The first step in the fashioning of the Jewish religion was based on piecing together scraps of Mesopotamian legends (and anti-Phoenician and anti-Egyptian propaganda), with odd pieces of actual Babylonian and other history added to the mixture. The latter infusion gave a credible calendar to the otherwise fraudulent concoction. This original Mesopotamian hoax was reworked repeatedly, always under the supervision of non-Jews, with the basic structure of the Old Testament hoax completed during the Persian Empire period. This hoax was first introduced into European languages about 230 BC, on the recommendation of the same Aristotelian Peripatetics who contrived the exotic cults of Ptolemaic Egypt, and on orders from the Ptolemies. That edition of the "Seventy," is otherwise notable for the fact that it was produced in a variety of demotic Greek peculiar to such locations as the waterfront brothels of Egypt.

"Later, when Philo of Alexandria attempted to develop a Platonic version of Judaism (the roots of the later Sephardic tradition of Maimonides and Avencibrol), Philo avoided, for obvious political reasons, simply throwing out the mess before him. He attempted to circumvent the problem by the rabbinical, Pharasaical ruse of the "commentary" tolerating the text while fundamentally altering the reading to be attributed to it.

"The Christian Apostles, confronted with the same general problem, rid Christianity of the worst implications of the Old Testament by emphasizing the "Dispensation of Christ," and warning against the dangers of the circoncision. Christ had freed man from such barbarisms as the Old Testament.'"

Alfred Rosenberg [Hitler's chief ideologue--DK] would have been delighted!

LaRouche has always considered modern Judaism was "saved" thanks to some "good" Platonist/Christian (and German) influences. That's how you have to understand his stance in favor of Philo, Maimonid or the "Yiddish renaissance." He supports them because they were "enlightened" by this superior Platonist/Christian culture, never on its own merits. That is why he tolerates Jewish members in his organization; as long as they are enlightened by Him....But if any of these Jewish members start questioning his authority, they will soon enough be attacked as "Old Testament Jews." He still considers the Old Testament as a Babylonian hoax.

LaRouche could write something connecting (thanks to the "hereditary principle") the Synarchist Jewish bankers (aka the Rohatyn/Al Gore gang) to their "Babylonian ancestors." Then he could develop a whole theory that would connect the "Mesopotamian usurers" to their "environmentalist" cults (aka Astarte/Ishtar etc.) and then... back to the "environmentalist" Nazis and Malthus and to the present "Whore of Babylon" (aka the Queen of England) and her "environmentalist (Nazi) usurers," synarchist Rohatyn and Gore....

See? I could write his next memo!

"Purpleshirtdays," Thurs., June 16, 2007, 11:24 AM:

Topic: LaRouche's Anti-Semitism

Posted on "Testimony of LYM" blog at:

"Killing Jews isn't such a bad idea...?"

It’s such a little thing, but it’s so damning. Immediately after the first class meeting I was in, the group gathered in the kitchen. There were some snacks, and everyone stood around talking to each other, congratulating each other on a good class. There must have been around 60 people standing around in the kitchen, and crowding out into other areas of the office, all talking at once. Like church, except everyone is about 85 times more amped. It’s no wonder these people consider going off meds and becoming manic to be normal. It’s loud, and it’s as soon as the class ends, everyone sets themselves to fast forward. This is when I met Montez for the first time, after talking to him on the phone so many times, and after he swindled me into coming to this meeting in the first place, and like an idiot, I wanted to talk to him just because we’d talked on the phone so much. He wanted me to meet someone, so he was leading me to the far side of the kitchen. As I walked by a group of guys talking, I heard one of them say, “…killing Jews isn’t such a bad idea…” it sounded to me like he was in mid-sentence.

We had just gotten out of a class on how Frederick Douglass had escaped slavery, met Abraham Lincoln, and been part of the abolitionist movement. I immediately assumed that the guy talking had said these words in some hypothetical sense, as in, “When Hitler was in power, a lot of people must have not liked him at first, but after listening to him enough, they were afraid for their own lives and started to think, ‘Killing Jews isn’t such a bad idea.'” In just a split second, I filled in the rest. All I’d heard was, “Killing Jews isn’t such a bad idea.”

At this meeting of this organization that has this reputation for anti-Semitism that they’re so preoccupied with, as to vehemently deny when no one even asked, without even saying hello. In a way, I feel guilty that I didn’t say something right there, “Excuse me, I didn’t catch all of that. What did you mean by that?” Like any other statement or question that made them uncomfortable, it’s likely that it would have been met with a blank stare. I missed it. I missed a lot of things.

Holocaust denial

They talk incessantly about Hitler. They use Hitler as an example of what kind of person not to be. But it’s, don’t own a dog, don’t be concerned about the environment, don’t get married, don’t have the wrong taste in art. They never mention the reason Hitler went down in history. It’s one of those things I did not notice at all when I was in the cult. They’ll stand Hitler up next to anyone they want you to hate, and pick a similarity. They’ll find one. Hitler and Schwarzenegger are the same to LaRouche; they’re both “failed artists from Austria”. To listen to the LaRouchies, Hitler’s biggest crimes against humanity were some bad paintings and trying to conserve water.

The Holocaust denial, which they deny, so it’s easy to be in denial about it would be the central issue that I was totally blind to when I was in the cult, and didn’t see until later. They don’t come out and say “The Holocaust didn’t happen.” But they were always talking about Hitler and they never say that it happened.

Then there’s the Jeremiah Duggan case, which they deny had anything to do with their organization. They’ve made several different statements, which contradict each other to me alone since I found out about it; he had psychological problems and killed himself, that he was only a contact and never a member of the organization. The incident was politically motivated hoax orchestrated by the Cheney administration. If they can convince you of the slightest possibility of the latter story, you might stop worrying about whether it was suicide or murder. They’ve come up with a lie more shocking than the truth could possibly be. Their own weapon of mass distraction.

I believe that many of the members who are out at the tables on the street selling newspapers believe that LaRouche is not anti-Semitic. The organization has Jews in it. Two of the L.A. office’s senior members are Jewish. How could that be, if LaRouche were anti-Semitic?

“Look around. It’s a melting pot.” “Eastern cultures have no high purpose in the universe.” The same person will make these two statements in the same night.

Beyond Psychos: The Analysis

What I do know is that they say all that stuff in Beyond Psychoanalysis, not only to make sure you’re scared to have sex, but that you shut the hell up about who you are and where you come from, and ultimately, stop caring. All that stuff about your mother’s nipples. But, “It’s harder to brainwash girls, because the bond between mother and daughter is by nature homosexual,” says LaRouche when he’s on crack, years before crack was ever invented. Yes, because breastfeeding an infant is a sexual act.

The press blinders

They told me not to read mainstream newspapers or watch the news on TV, or listen to the radio, or to use the internet for anything other than listening to webcasts from the Campaign’s website, or for printing out literature from the Campaign’s website. There wasn’t any point. Allegedly. The whole world was going to hell, and they were the only ones doing anything about it.

Jeremiah Duggan

I knew nothing of Jeremiah Duggan’s mysterious death in Wiesbaden, Germany until after I was expelled for heresy in September or October 2003. It must have been only a month or two after it happened that I was recruited. In one briefing while I was in the cult, it was announced that Germany was a dangerous place for members of the organization and that someone had been kidnapped recently....

The Duggan story even in 2006 is not the first thing that comes up if you Google “LaRouche” or “Lyndon LaRouche/” Maybe try “Schiller Institute” or “state of terror.”

I was tipped off by another ex-member, after posting some things on remainn for antidummies, the cult’s message board, which, at the time, was strictly moderated to protect members from seeing posts such as the ones I wrote. They know better now. I’ve taught them a lesson. I believe I can give myself credit for that.

Riemann for antidummies is hosted by Yahoogroups, and is listed under geometry. Anyone with a Yahoo id can post on it. Yahoo is free to join and easy to use.

Jeremiah Duggan was a British anti-war student who was approached by the Schiller Institute, a front group for the LaRouche Youth Movement in France, where he was studying in March 2003, and decided to go to their conference in Wiesbaden, Germany. In the hours before his death, he became extremely uncomfortable with some of the things he was hearing at the conference, announced to the conference that he was Jewish and had a problem with anti-Semitic statements he was hearing from members of the group. He fled from the conference in the wee hours of the morning, made several attempts to call home from a pay phone during which he told his mother he was frightened and wanted to come home. When he was trying to spell the name of the town he was in, the line cut out. He was struck by several vehicles and killed. Police immediately dismissed the case as suicide at the scene.

The British coroner who examined him had not accepted the conclusion by the German police that it was suicide, stating that Duggan had been in a “state of terror” when he died.

When I read that, I felt like I had a pretty good idea what a “state of terror” was. Only instead of fleeing, I felt I had to try to stay in the cult and change it. Sort of like turning into a skid, I guess.

You can read more about Jeremiah Duggan, and his family’s fight to keep the case open at

Notes by D.K.

[1] Ex-LaRouchians on FactNet would have recognized this as a sarcastic reference to the similarities between the two propaganda tracts. Dope, Inc. did not actually include a reprint, in the literal sense, of The Protocols.

[2] LaRouche is quoted accurately here; however, the remarks appeared in his article "New Pamphlet to Document Cult Origins of Zionism" (New Solidarity, Dec. 8, 1978). The book Dope, Inc. also contained a favorable comment about The Protocols, but not under LaRouche's name.

[3] Elizabeth Holtzman was a congresswoman from Brooklyn and later served as the Brooklyn District Attorney. While in Congress, she was instrumental in (a) persuading the Carter administration to establish the Justice Department's Nazi hunting unit, the Office of Special Investigations (OSI); and (b) securing passage of the Holtzman Amendment, which rendered Nazi war criminals excludable from the United States. During the 1980s, the LaRouchians not only targeted Holtzman with sexual slurs; they also (in the context of their defense of Arthur Rudolph and other mass murderers) called her a Soviet agent worthy of the death penalty and a servant of the Antichrist.

[4] Speaking as an outside observer, I think it would be more accurate to say that "most of the members do not regard themselves as anti-Semites." LaRouche has provided a host of convenient ideological framings to facilitate such self-deception.

[5] Major General John K. Singlaub told The New York Times in 1979 that LaRouche's followers were the "worst group of anti-Semitic Jews" he'd ever met. In referring to deeply compromised individuals like Paul Goldstein, Jeffrey Steinberg and Tony Papert, I would choose Singlaub's term over "self-hating Jew," which suggests a Woody Allen-style neurotic rather than a propagator of really hateful beliefs. And why do Jewish communal organizations condemn unequivocally a Klansman like Roy Frankhouser but, in effect, depict his erstwhile collaborators in the high levels of the LaRouche organization as merely being candidates for psychoanalysis? For my further thoughts on this double standard, go to