LaRouche will say just about anything to avoid accepting responsibility for the deaths of Duggan and Kronberg

1. Ex-members speak out about LaRouche's treatment of the Duggan and Kronberg families

2. LaRouche suggests Kronberg was only a "beast"

3. LaRouche says Kronberg was "psychopathological"

4. LaRouchians call Jeremiah Duggan "unstable," depict his mother as part of a "filthy" conspiracy

5. Dennis King comments on LaRouche's spin re the Duggan case

6. Jeremiah's mother replies to LaRouche's spin doctors


1. Ex-LCers denounce LaRouche's phony condolence letter to Kronberg's widow

"Nothing about sorry for your loss, he was a great guy, he did great work for us...nada. It was pathological, and even more pathological was that the cult was so proud of it."

"shadok" on Factnet, Sat., July 7. 11:40 AM:

I heard that a few monthes after the Wiesbaden conference where Jeremiah [Duggan] died (March 2003), there was an ICLC [International Caucus of Labor Committees] conference in Germany where Lyn took on the EEC [European Executive Committee] calling them incompetent etc. But that was three years before the collective departure of the German EEC.

Does a Jason Ross [an LYM member who helped lure Duggan to Wiesbaden] or the departed EEC have any remorse or conscience? Did anyone feel any remorse after Ken Kronberg's suicide? I am afraid that's what most lose after years of LaRouche treatment: your conscience.

Btw: Lyn NEVER sent his condolences to Jeremiah's parents.

"eaglebeak" on Factnet, Sun., July 8, 1:10 AM:

LaRouche and condolences don't mesh. For him to have sent condolences to Jeremiah's parents might have seemed (to LaRouche) to suggest that he had something to do with it, or needed to care about it. It is LaRouche's complete lack of humanity which has betrayed him, time and again.

My information is that the ONLY reason Lyn wrote "condolences" to Molly Kronberg about Ken Kronberg's death is that he was getting extreme pressure from members in Leesburg to do so--including emails, etc.--and including from "ordinary" members.

Of course, he waited many many days to send anything--this for someone who had been in the organization 35 years and was well known to him personally--and when he did send his "condolences" to Kronberg's wife, the letter he wrote was positively frightful. Just nuts. Said basically Ken Kronberg's importance was that he worked for me, and you need to realize that.

Nothing about sorry for your loss, he was a great guy, he did great work for us, here's a gold watch--nada.

It was pathological, and even more pathological was that the cult was so proud of it they then printed it in the morning briefing and finally in Executive Intelligence Review! Obviously not realizing that it just showed what a cold, heartless, inhuman narcissist LaRouche is.

LaRouche tends to save his eloquence-in-death for people he doesn't know from Adam, like Indira Gandhi and Krafft Ehricke and John Paul I (read that memorial from the 1970s--amazing).


2. LaRouche's letter to Molly Kronberg suggests that her husband had become no more than a "beast"

"In moments such as these, we either cling to that dedication of our living, or we were no more than virtually beasts. The ugly, horror-stricken moment must pass."--LaRouche, April 19, 2007

[The following letter to Kronberg's widow was published on the Schiller Institute website under the title "The Immortality We May Share." Note that it's not "WE share" but only "we MAY share." Note also that LaRouche did not send out this cold, barbed missive until a week after the death of the aide who had served him loyally for 35 years.--DK]

Dear Molly:

For all among us, the realization of the purpose of a life lies within a certain continuity which is centered for each in both our forebears and in the outcome of the lives of those who come after we have passed on. In all the storms of life, our connection to that process and its outcome, is the durable, immortal meaning of our having once lived. In moments such as these, we either cling to that dedication of our living, or we were no more than virtually beasts. The ugly, horror-stricken moment must pass. To this end Nancyís memorandum on a selection among certain aspects of Kenís life as part of us serves a certain, essential purpose, for this passing moment. What is left out of her account, is the reference to what is even more crucial now than Kenís past life as such: what does his having lived mean for the future of mankind?

He was struck down by a sickness, amid more than a decade and a half of both persecution by our enemies and betrayal by not only many among our former friends, but truly evil forces of those who had already been not only our own enemies, but, in fact those who are still, dead or living, among the enemies of humanity today. What counts most, therefore, is what Kenís living contributed to the future of mankind.

Therefore, put aside the oppressive circumstances and the inner torment, betrayals of trust, and sickness which Ken endured during recent times. Grasp the essence of his life. That which is immortal is what is left in our living hands, to defend.

What are we doing, therefore, for the future of mankind? That is a crucial part of Kenís future now that he is gone. On that account, the worst effect of Kenís passing is that on those who have abandoned efficient expressions of hope in that future for which Ken dedicated decades of his life. As long as I live, and hopefully, beyond, that banner, his banner, will remain unfurled.

--Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., Chairman, on behalf of the International Caucus of Labor Committees (ICLC), April 19, 2007


3. It just gets sicker and sicker: LaRouche calls the late Ken Kronberg "hysterical" and "psychopathological"

"As our own experience of the results of such cases has shown us, such forms of hysterical denial of reality can be deadly."--LaRouche, June 30, 2007

"xlcr4life" on Factnet, Sun., July 8, 2007, 02:13 PM:

- LaRouche Youth Movement members: Have you boys and girls figured out why this [message below] was the lead in last week's briefing yet?

- Labor Committee boomers [old-timers]: What do you think Lyn will have to say about you when you perish?

["xlcr4life" followed these questions by posting the following excert from an ICLC daily briefing:]


June 30, 2007


I have noted, from e-mails sent to me, and otherwise, that typical Baby Boomers and others have reacted with clinically characteristic expressions of psychopathological denial (of the "what mushroom cloud" variety) to the principal point of the message contained within my June 21st webcast. This has included some current typical cases from among our associates.

It is clinically significant that this is the type of psychopathological denial, which echoes the leading pathological trait of many among the PMR leaders, as also the Win-Star psychotics of the 1995-2000 years prior to the mid-2000 crash of the Y2K bubble. We recall the hysterical denial expressed against forecasts of the crises which later occurred, "on schedule," denials such as the crash of the "Lyn's forecast is wrong; the money will be there" psychobabble, even among our own circles during those years. This was especially notable among the folks in the footsteps of perennially bankrupt Andy Typaldos, who argued that we were being unbusiness-like failures in putting priority on political organizing,

As our own experience of the results of such cases has shown us, such forms of hysterical denial of reality can be deadly.

Such types of reactions are almost always associated with certain clinically significant kinds of hysterics in manner of speech, facial expressions, and "body language" generally. These usually have forms of body-language and related expressions we would associate with efforts to "shout down" anything which frightens the victim of such pathological incidents. Sometimes, literal shouting occurs; but, as we know from experience, there are other varieties of this, such the kind of bare-faced lying which Hartmut Cramer showed in his broadcast lie in defense of Uwe's complicity with Fernando Quijano, in resigning from his post of treasurer. The case of the not-always-candid, money-grabbing Uwe Friesecke's essentially habitual practice of such bare-faced lying, is also notable as among clinically relevant typical expressions of witting lying as an habituated form of denial of obvious reality.

Those examples are also related to the kinds of hysterical attempts at denial which we encounter now from those who are either denying the BAE reality or clinging hysterically to the refusal to permit the impeachment of Cheney.

The important thing is: never capitulate to such forms of denial. Do it compassionately: "I am sorry to learn that you are too frightened to face reality in this matter. We can discuss this later, when you have thought over the reasons for your denial of this reality."

Now who exactly is not in the real world in Leesburg?


4. LaRouche's response to the Duggan family: You're just part of the giant plot to get me!

LaRouche aide Anton Chaitkin calls Mrs. Duggan's quest for justice "lurid," claims there's not a "scintilla" of evidence that her son's death was other than a suicide

"The counterattack by the Blair-Cheney gang also aimed directly at LaRouche. In March 2003, Jeremiah Duggan, a British student studying abroad, committed suicide while in attendance at a Schiller Institute conference in Germany. The Schiller Institute has long been associated with the international economic development proposals of Lyndon Larouche and Helga Zepp-LaRouche. German police and prosecutors thoroughly investigated Duggan's death and ruled it a suicide.

"Baroness Symons, however, met on April 1, 2004 with Erica Duggan, Jeremiah's mother, announcing that she would appoint a lawyer to work with the Duggan family to pressure German authorities to reverse their assessment of the case. What has followed has been a lurid international propaganda campaign, alleging that Jeremiah was murdered or terrorized to death, without a scintilla of factual evidence contradicting the German findings. The latest twist in the Symons-steered crusade is the Spring 2007 introduction of a resolution in the House of Commons, agitating for a new British investigation into the death of Jeremiah Duggan."--Anton Chaitkin, "BAE, Baroness Symons in Black Operation Against LaRouche," Executive Intelligence Review, July 6, 2007

LaRouche security chief Jeffrey Steinberg calls Mrs. Duggan's efforts "criminal slander" and a "filthy scheme"

"Some of Lyndon LaRouche's most significant enemies in Washington and London have been caught up in a massive series of corruption scandals that, cumulatively, make Watergate pale by comparison. Over the past week, new revelations have surfaced, implicating Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair, U.S.A.'s Vice President Dick Cheney, Saudi Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, former British Ministry of Defense chief procurement official Baroness Liz Symons, and scores of others, in one of the biggest bribery scandals in memory....

"[T]he web of corruption actually extends significantly beyond the weapons procurement scandal, and touches on a number of other major scandals of recent years. Among the scandals now threatening to explode into an international super-Watergate process:

  • "The still-ongoing Blair-Cheney campaign of criminal slander and attempted frame-up of Lyndon LaRouche, centered around the case of Jeremiah Duggan. Baroness Liz Symons, a Blair inner circle Fabian operative, has been one of the drivers of this filthy scheme, and the London-directed "Get LaRouche" operation thoroughly overlaps with the July 2003 mysterious death of British WMD expert Dr. David Kelly, who was in the process of blowing the lid on the Blair government's collusion with Dick Cheney and Washington neocons in fabricating the case for the invasion of Iraq."--Jeffrey Steinberg, "Corruption in the Camp of LaRouche-Haters Cheney and Blair," Executive Intelligence Review, June 15, 2007
  • Chaitkin dismisses Jeremiah Duggan as "psychologically unstable" and suggests that Mrs. Duggan is a puppet of the "Blair war clique"

    "Since then, still desperate to block LaRouche's persistent leadership aimed at bringing them down, this same tight-knit clique has operated an international slander campaign against LaRouche, managing the Jeremiah Duggan affair--a case which was cooked up during Spring, 2003, when LaRouche addressed Great Britain over BBC.

    "The slander case was built around the March 2003 suicide of a psychologically unstable British student Jeremiah Duggan, who had attended a conference of the LaRouche Youth Movement in Germany. German police said he had thrown himself in front of cars on a highway; but his mother was brought into contact with Blair circles, who promoted a media attack accusing murder.

    "The first Duggan slander was put through the London Guardian on July 12, 2003--one month after LaRouche's second (June 9) BBC broadcast calling for Vice President Cheney's impeachment in the faking of Iraq weapons intelligence. Five days after the slander (July 17), David Kelly was treated savagely by Blair's goons during his forced testimony to Parliament. The next day (July 18), Kelly died suddenly. In this chaotic terrifying situation, three days later (July 21, 2003), BBC itself broadcast the Duggan slander."--Anton Chaitkin, "Blair War Clique Runs Anti-LaRouche Slander Drive," Executive Intelligence Review, April 20, 2007


    5. LaRouche and the Duggan case

    "LaRouche hopes that once again he can divert his followers' attention away from embarrassing evidence by mobilizing them against an imaginary threat to his own safety."

    By Dennis King

    The recent spate of allegations in LaRouche's publications and on his websites regarding the Jeremiah Duggan case reflect his growing concern that the Duggan family's campaign for justice may finally break through the brass wall of silence in the German law enforcement community.

    LaRouche can't acknowledge the need for a full investigation of Jeremiah's death because even it there was no premeditated murder--even if it was simply an instance of an LYM thug high on Jew hatred becoming overenthusiastic about protecting LaRouche from a potential assassin--the fallout would virtually destroy his organization. So, operating through his surrogates at Executive Intelligence Review, he has racheted up his claims that Jeremiah was crazy and that anyone who disagrees is part of a giant "Get LaRouche" plot.

    This spin is aimed (as in past instances when LaRouche came under negative public scrutiny, including by U.S. criminal court juries) at his own followers. LaRouche hopes that once again he can divert their attention away from embarrassing evidence by mobilizing them against an imaginary threat to his own safety (with the addition this time of Jeffrey Steinberg's assurance that a HUGE international scandal is about to break that will finally bring down LaRouche's enemies and vindicate his statemanship...if the troops just hang in there a little longer).

    So far as the allegations of an anti-LaRouche plot go, the underlying narcissistic message is that "I, Lyndon LaRouche, am so important, so world-historical, that Cheney and Blair must labor night and day to counter my influence by deploying Mrs. Duggan, the BBC, the Jerusalem Post, Baroness Symons, the Tavistock Institute and a host of other assets on the strategic chessboard against me."

    LaRouche may expect that his followers will react with their accustomed hysteria to his announcement that the Oligarchy has once again targeted him for elimination (although help is on the way!)--and thus forget about the person who was really eliminated: Jeremiah Duggan. This will probably work with the LYM members, but it may not work with the old-timers. The latter were willing to rationalize away the Duggan death because Jeremiah was not their long-time friend (indeed few of them had even met him), but now they HAVE lost a long-time friend: Kenneth Kronberg. I understand that some of the old-timers (I am speaking of those still inside the organization) are beginning to connect the dots between the Duggan and Kronberg deaths, and between both of these deaths and the malignant narcissism of the man they have followed loyally until now.

    It is unfortunate, as this drama unfolds, that the families of both of the deceased must endure LaRouche's abusive rants and his gratuitous insults to the memories of their loved ones. The two families should reflect, however, that every time LaRouche or his surrogates speak out on these deaths they are providing fresh examples of LaRouche's insensitivity to the needs and suffering of anyone except himself--and that the day when the majority of his followers desert him (and reveal his secrets to the world) may come sooner than we think.

    As to Jeffrey Steinberg's Cheney-Blair scandal that supposedly will dwarf Watergate, where is it to be found? So far, only in the paranoia-driven pages of Executive Intelligence Review. I suspect it will go the way of Steinberg's previous claims (financed by Dodi Fayed's father) that Princess Diana was killed by British Intelligence on orders from that evil LaRouche-hating, Muslim-despising, hundred-times-worse-than-Hitler environmentalist spawn of Black Guelph breed, Prince Phillip.


    6. Jeremiah Duggan's mother replies to LaRouche's spin doctors

    "The Manageress [of the Schiller Institute] had his passport. DNA tests now show this was stained with my son's blood. Why--if the passport was not with the body?"

    The LaRouche people did far more than slander and defame me and my son. They deliberately perverted the course of justice in the following ways:

    1. They failed to report to the police at the time of Jeremiah's disappearance about his allegedly "running off." We do not know what time that was. Some articles quote 2 am. The boy Sebastien told the police 5 am. It was only after my phone call to the EIR offices via Sebastien's phone around 11 am German time that they reported him missing. Then they [the LaRouchians] said they had rung me when it was actually me that alerted them to the danger.

    Why wait more than six hours if you consider someone "mentally unstable"???

    2. They deliberately misled the police by saying my son had a history of suicide attempts. Spoke about jumping into rivers. Also he was a patient of the Tavistock.

    3. The Manageress [of the Schiller Institute] had his passport. DNA tests now show this was stained with my son's blood. Why--if the passport was not with the body?

    4. They sent the people last with my son out of the country when we arrived and since then have still refused to speak to me. Under orders of LaRouche. No one except LaRouche is in control of this.

    5. Within hours of Jeremiah's death they were telling all the youth in the cult that my son was the enemy and brainwashed by the Tavistock. A British Jew.

    6. They publish defamation about my son having psychological problems and being on drugs. All lies. My son on Sunday night had a headache and was looking for an aspirin. This is confirmed by a witness who has made a statement. Jeremiah never took drugs and was totally opposed to drugs. He smoked cigarettes and was trying to give up smoking and made a pact on the last night with Nicholas Ruffin that the two of them were going to stop smoking! The blood tests also (3 sep tests) confirm there were no drugs in his system.

    So why spread lies about Jeremiah being on drugs?

    7 Jeremiah was subjected to their methods of breaking someone down . That is confirmed. He told his girlfriend he was under too much pressure from them. He told me he wanted to get away from them and he told another witness that he did not trust LaRouche.

    8 Sebastien ( the boy last with Jeremiah) did agree a few months after the death to meet with Jeremiah's girlfriend. Only she thought he was lying and was not telling the truth. One of the things he said to her was that Jeremiah said that he did not trust LaRouche because he thought it was all mental manipulation. At the same time Sebastien said that Jeremiah was worried about what LaRouche had said about the future nuclear holocaust being brought on. So I think it's possible that LaRouche's terror tactics had stirred up a terrible anxiety within Jeremiah for the future. To my mind by spreading such terror and defamation about the Jews bringing Hitler to power and about September the 11th (which, according to Jeremiah's lecture notes, LaRouche said was done by a special department in the U.S. Government) and all the rest of the LaRouche conspiracy theories, LaRouche had attempted to subjugate Jeremiah. That in itself is an attack on a person.

    So as far as the LaRouche people are concerned they have prevented a full enquiry by misleading the police and withholding evidence. Also there are a number of accounts that do not measure up and I suspect they are covering up for what really may have happened. I believe that my son was in a kidnap situation, held against his will by the LaRouche people who were trying to interrogate him and also intimidate him at the same time.

    --Erica Duggan, July 11, 2007