LaRouche's token blacks: manipulated, intimidated, treated as pawns

"African-American members, Jewish members, women members--what are you all still doing with this dreadful old man?"

Posting on Factnet by "eaglebeak," 04-23-2008, 08:42 PM:

With the spread of LaRouche's racist remarks about Obama, I also wonder if Dennis Speed or Zeke Boyd [the only two black men left in LaRouche's circle of aging boomers--DK] is ever going to quit the org.

After years of being in "Security," being a "bodyguard," being held up as a tough-guy-for-LaRouche--and, of course, being on the National Committee--Zeke was smashed by Lyn in 1984 when he was thrown off the NC for the supposed legal "sabotage" of wife Barbara. [LaRouche blamed Barbara Boyd, head of his paralegal staff, for the loss of his civil suit that year against NBC.--DK]

For Zeke, this was a humiliating, devastating blow. Off the NC--out of Security--off the bodyguard roster--banned from traveling with Lyn--it was, in effect, a terminal blow, one from which Zeke has never recovered.

In fact, apart from a few "assignments" Barbara has given him, Zeke has done next to nothing in the org ever since, although he is still, consciously at least, totally loyal to Lyn.

Likewise for Dennis Speed--Lyn has been slapping him around for years, especially over the central issue of fundraising. As far back as the New York trial (1989), it was common knowledge that Dennis bullied his phone team unmercifully, to avoid being flayed alive by Lyn.

Lyn's abusive behavior, [his wife] Helga's insidious and invidious reverse racism (most grotesquely on display with Amelia Robinson, whom Helga claimed as her "adoptive mother" and whom she manipulated shamelessly with unctuous flattery, endless trips to Europe, etc.; but also on display in the European Labor Committee's position that the only good Americans were black Americans)--being black in the Labor Committee was never easy.

The Labor Committee's polemics against racism had a curious way of looking like racism (see the Jazz issue of The Campaigner).*

And now, as the clock runs out, we see Lyn for what he always was: Racist. Anti-Semite. Misogynist. African-American members, Jewish members, women members--what are you all still doing with this dreadful old man?

* "The Racist Roots of Jazz," by Peter Wyer, appeared in the Sept.-Oct. 1980 issue of the LaRouche theoretical journal. It basically argues that jazz and the blues were invented by an evil Jewish-British cabal using black prostitutes and drug addicts as its puppets. For an analysis of this article and links to the text, click here. For comments on how LaRouche forbid the token black members of his NCLC from listening to jazz, go here.