LaRouche compares jazz musicians to monkeys

Posting by ex-LaRouche associate "xlcr4life" on Factnet, Wed., June 14, 2006 - 8:00 pm:

Lyn had to deal with some black recruits like Allen Salisbury [now deceased--DK], Zeke Boyd, Dennis Speed and a few others who were into jazz. Well, that is a problem because that means independent thinking. So, it has to go. Lyn was relentless with his hatred of any dissenting music unless it served his views. So, everything had to go.

The end result was this Campaigner called "The Racist Roots of Jazz."[FN 1] It was written by a Dr. in NYC named Peter Wyer. He left a few years after that for good in some dispute. There are many great quotes in that Campaigner which show the extent of hate in the org for different ways of doing things.

It still continues to this day as you can see by this recent briefing by Lyn:

*****FROM THE MAY 2 , 2006 DAILY BRIEFING*****

There are two most essential paradigms for this. First, scientific discovery as typified by the program being employed under my direction by the LYM. Second, the mastery of the difference between musical masturbation, such as jazz, and creative composition and performance as by Classical Florentine modes of well-tempering as applied to the challenge of such elementary statements of principle as Bach's Art of the Fugue and Beethoven's view of this from the vantage-point of the Grosse Fugue (as I have recently audited the unified efforts of the Sigersons, Shavins, and Mindy, on this matter. What a beautiful, rich challenge that represents! No wonder Beethoven reacted, in his Grosse Fugue, as he did.).

In contrast to real music, the psycho-sexually impotent, but super-active fornicator, is like a jazz musician; he takes exquisite satisfaction from the erotic excitement of perceived chordal dissonance, but hates the music, in which the ironies are carefully crafted to force the conception of an actual idea. (To a musician, bearing a trumpet or guitar into a hall, while displaying a condom on the relevant organ, the appropriate salutation is: "Ah, you must be a jazz player on his way to a hip-hop event.") After all, what is the difference between a typical "macho" and a rhesus monkey, when considered as to pairs of each species placed, clinically, side by side in the act of fornicating? The pair of monkeys and the pair of human companions are each "getting money" without actually "earning" any.

Imagine a Las Vegas or London convention of salesman [sic] and accountants, where the gentlemen in question are attended by female rhesus monkeys in spangled green or red brassieres and panties. Above the proceedings, seen [sic] the displayed banner: "It Is All About Getting The Money!" That is real jazz in its truly frankest expression.

[1] For selected pages from this tract, with highlighting, click here. The full text is available from the LaRouche Youth Movement website here.