Pro-Nazi "America First" tract foreshadows LaRouche's writings

War! War! War! was first published in 1940 in an effort to keep America out of World War Two. The basic thesis of its pseudonymous author ("Cincinnatus") is that a largely innocent Germany was being victimized by the "British-Jewish Empire," which, as described by Cincinnatus, is an entity closely resembling LaRouche's "Zionist-British organism" aka the "British oligarchy" aka the "Venetians." There are many obvious differences between the formulations of Cincinnatus and those of LaRouche, who embarked on his fascist career in a nation that had undergone vast changes since 1940. However, given the numerous very detailed similarities noted below, I think it is highly likely that LaRouche was influenced by War! War! War!

In 1984, a new edition of this anti-Semitic "classic" was published by Sons of Liberty, with a forward by Eustice Mullins, author of The Biological Jew, who was in close contact with the LaRouche organization at the time.[FN 1]

Here are selected chapters, with highlighting of the most relevant passages:

  • Introduction by "Cincinnatus." Begins with LaRouche-style hedging (some Jews are fine people, but...). Excoriates the alliance of American Jewry with "Anglophiles" and "Tories" (I suppose these are the equivalent of LaRouche's "New England bluebloods") to drag us into the war against Hitler. Claims that "every unbiased student of history and foreign affairs knows that the new world war is not a war for Democracy, but a war to maintain the British-Jewish Empire..."

  • Chapter 3: "American Tories in the War of 1812." Reminds his readers of how the Brits once burned Washington D.C. Claims that publishing houses are slandering George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc. and rehabilitating Benedict Arnold--as part of the "New York City, New England, Anglophile, Jewish plot" aimed at "'Union Now' with England."

  • Chapter 4: "The Chinese Opium Wars and British-Jews." Here we see the origins of LaRouche's "Dope, Inc." theory.

  • Chapter 6: "British Jews and the Boer War." Here's the line that LaRouche's intelligence staff pushed in reports to South Africa's apartheid regime 28 years later.

  • Chapter 8: "Jewish Power in the World Today" (pp. 67, 90-101 only). Here's the whole theory (much of it quoted from the writings of Catholic anti-Semite Hillaire Belloc) of how the Jews have taken over Britain through money and intermarriage. Claims they have a monopoly in British high finance and are achieving the same in the U.S. Says that England has become a "mongrel" nation, ruled "largely by a galaxy of Jews, half-Jews, and quarter-Jews." Quotes Belloc's theory that as of the early 20th century most of the British aristocracy was at least partly Jewish, and although the names of these families were still English their "physique and character had become wholly Jewish." (If you go to LaRouche's 1978 essay That Zoo Called the "House of Lords", you'll see what he was really alluding to when he complained about the alleged biological and moral degeneracy of the aristocracy.)[FN 2]

  • Chapter 10: "Jews and the Constitution, and Courts." Help! "BRITAIN IS ISRAEL"! And "the stage is now set...for an American-Israel to supplement British-Israel in a plan for world domination."

  • Chapter 11: "Jews and Morals." Ever wonder why LaRouche is so obsessed with Bertrand Russell? And why he made the late British philosopher one of the major hate figures for the NCLC membership? This chapter from the Cincinnatus book may be the source of LaRouche's Russellophobia.

  • Chapter 15: "Tricking America into Europe's New War." Claims this is a war "for the maintenance of the power and glory of the British-Jewish Empire." Says that Eleanor Roosevelt wants us to enter the war to "save Jew and English skins and Jew and English pockets." Rails against "Walter Lippmann, Jewish pundit" (like Russell, a favorite historical whipping boy for LaRouche). Says that Harvard and Yale's presidents want to send off their students to "give their lives for the Jews, Roosevelt and the "British-Jewish Empire."

  • Chapter 18: "Roosevelt--World Jewry--Anglophiles; Starvation of Friends; the Four Horsemen." The "British-Jewish Empire" is plotting to starve the peoples of Europe. Is this accusation one of the sources of LaRouche's constant litany that the "oligarchy" is behind famines and mass starvation throughout history and today is attempting, from its headquarters in London, to kill off most of the population of Africa through famine?

  • Chapter 20: "War! War! War! In Foreign Affairs the President Is a Usurping Dictator." Those who oppose joining the war as allies of the "British-Jewish Empire" are being demonized by the Jewish-run press. Alas, America in 1940 "is operated as an English Colony." But "American capitalists" can be persuaded to see the light--and to "forsake international finance and the British-Jewish Empire." (Hmmm...was this an inspiration for LaRouche's scheme of rallying "American System" industrial capitalists against "British"-controlled speculative capitalists?)

  • Afterword: "How the Jews Forced America into World War II." This piece by William Anderson written long after the war gives the neo-Nazi view that the Holocaust never happened and, instead, it was the Jews who plotted to sterilize 45 million Germans (huh?). Concludes that today "Jewry is leading America by the nose towards war in the Middle East on behalf of the bandit state of Israel"...which is pretty much what LaRouche has been saying since the 1970s.

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    [1] After LaRouche began filling New Solidarity with tirades against the "British" oligarchy and the "Zionists" in the late 1970s, a column under the name "Cincinnatus" (almost certainly someone other than the author of War! War! War!) would pop up occasionally in the twice-weekly newspaper. In addition, certain of LaRouche's security aides began to seek outside clients under the business name "Cincinnatus Associates." The LaRouchians can always claim, of course, that these name choices were intended to refer to the Society of the Cincinnati (a veterans group founded by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and other Revolutionary War heroes in 1783 which survives today as a historical association), and thus are an expression of Lyn's profound patriotism.

    [2] Cincinnatus also claimed that the literary Arnold family was part of the plot, which may help to explain LaRouche's strange theory--as publicized by Jeff Steinberg--about Victorian poet Matthew Arnold's alleged influence on the evil Fabian Society and more recently on the evil Lynne Cheney, control officer of Dick Cheney and Erica Duggan.