Drugs, Orgies and "Species Hatred"?

LaRouche revs up his youth movement to purge the cult's worn-out boomers

From: LAR
Subj: Not Exactly Arcana
3:50 PM 8/26/2005 EDT


It was sometime during the early 1960s, when an adolescent Baby Boomer wrote in his Biology-class notebook: "Today, we learned you can have sex with almost anything!" The spread of that belief among that generation became known as "The Great Species Jump."

They jumped on him, they jumped on her, they swung from limb to limb, of almost anyone's limbs. No longer was hate and lust limited to the targets chosen from the opposite sex; the whole world of species, even trees and some of the Bushes, were permitted targets of hate-love lust.[FN 2] No longer were they controlled by hunger; they had discovered the glorious purity of lust. So, they freed themselves from the mores of the older generation, and became a new degeneration, all their own.

They were the peace people, who used the bodies of those they hated, as temporary entertainment-centers, even sometimes married them, in order to achieve the acme of cheating on one's own spouse with someone else's spouse. So, peace came, occasionally, in these frequent unions of hate and love.

It has been a grand festival of de-generation ever since. It had begun, as a failed experiment with the "Beat Generation," also known as the "Lost Generation." The primitive Big Beat of the Rock Age, tongue lolling from the head, timed to the twisting arsch of the revellers, was the Spock[FN 3] which ignited the coming degeneration, the Baby Boomer generation, from among the children of the dancers to that 'fifties Suburban Beat.

So, an older, now balding degeneration, sitting growing moss in their underpants, became the Baby Boomer degeneration, whose ideas were uttered as shattered fragments of the rock litany sung by such as the friends of Ma Krud, all to the throb of LSD and cheap wine laced with pot on the preceding academic evening.

Alas, that great Baby Boomer degeneration is now passing into a special kind of limbo, a special Purgatory from which the generations of their parents and their offspring are excluded. It is a generation which screams while going sullenly insane. Yet, behind that facade of pathetic, yellow-lace decadence, there is sheer hatred, a sense of triumph over their parents' generation, and sheer fear and hatred of any and every young adult between the ages of 18 and 25. It is, after all, a species hatred -- Don't you see.

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The above rant was posted on the Factnet anti-LaRouche message board on March 31, 2008. Here are comments on it by ex-members of LaRouche's organization:

"eaglebeak," 03-31-2008, 04:49 AM:

Talk about self-revelation! There is a special kind of obscene and obscenity-filled rage and fear that permeates Lyn's vile attacks on the people who have been his only supporters for so many decades.[FN 4]

It's embarrassing to read; it's cringe-inducing.

Doesn't Lyn, the great creator of Beyond Psychoanalysis--well, it wasn't too creative, being enraged 12th-rate Freudianism, but still--doesn't Lyn, with all his supposed psychological insights, realize how ugly and debased his thoughts are?

Forget Lyn. How about you, LYMers and others? Read what the man writes, and try to square it with anything to do with "agape."

It simply cannot be done.

"larouchetruth," 03-31-2008, 11:29 PM:

Oh, My God. Just when you think you've read it all, that he can't dig any deeper into the depravity and sophistry that is the sum and substance of his soul, he exceeds expectations and excavates another subterranean floor. Truly stunning.

Since this kinda speaks for itself to everyone not yet sucked beyond the LaRouche Event Horizon, I want to point something out in this context that pervades absolutely everything else he writes, but has never been more clearly demonstrated than here. LYM members and aging LaRouche Boomers alike, take heed. If this doesn't convince you that something is amiss, then you may be beyond help.

Ask yourself, what is Lyn describing here? The closest I could come to it was some of the broadcast images from Woodstock, with couples stripping and screwing in the bushes. Now, they were all heterosexual, at least all that I saw, no animals involved, so even that wasn't at the level of depravity that Lyn describes here. I mean, of the entire generation of Boomers who came of age in the late '60s, what, 10 million, maybe more, how many individuals out of them engaged in sex with animals, much less trees and bushes (pray tell, how, exactly, is that done, will you please explain in full graphic detail, Lyn, since my poverty of imagination prohibits me from seeing it in my mind's eye)? Probably a few hundred, if that.

Leaving aside everything else to be said about this entire piece, Lyn is here giving new meaning to [Factnet discussant] xlcr4life's favorite term, "cheap parlor trick." Lyn is describing behavior that very few, if any, members of our generation engaged in, and asserting that that, possibly fictional, behavior, characterizes the entire generation of 10+ million individuals. WHAAAT??

LYM members and others still in LaRouche Orbit, this is sophistry, of the first order. What is sophistry? If you believe Lyn makes any sense, you not only have no clue, you are under the thrall of a master sophist. He says or writes almost nothing that isn't employing sophistry. That's what he does, that's all he does.

Sophistry is a misuse of reason to make falsehood appear truth. And there are various means to do this. One of the most basic, and transparent to anyone who hasn't self-lobotomized, is what Lyn does here, known as generalization. You attribute a characteristic of one or a small number of members of a group to the group as a whole. Lyn has of course been doing this vis-a-vis the Baby Boomers for years, taking characteristics of the most radical leaders of the 1968 student actions on campuses, such as Mark Rudd, and attributing them to the entire generation. But there were more people like Mark Rudd, by far, than there are people engaging in what Lyn describes here. Yes, there were advocates of "free love," but nothing as perverted as the fictional orgy with inanimate objects that Lyn describes here.

The second to last paragraph, writes off the entire generation today as the degenerated remnants of people all of whom did LSD, cheap wine and pot. And what in tarnation is "Ma Krud?" or did I miss out on some once-well-known band?[FN 5] It is the most simplistic, the most transparently absurd, employment of sophistry in the arsenal of sophists.

Apart from the sophistry, this piece is a verbal Hieronymous Bosch imitation (a cheap imitation, to be sure). It is pure id, where the primal, sexual core of Lyn's perverted soul is spewing out incoherent filth. What, for heavens sake, is he even talking about in most of it: he ties lust to hate--what's with the hate part? Cheating on one's spouse? If the Kinsey Report is to be believed, that was Lyn's generation, those who were married in the '50s. He's mixing his metaphors here--in free love, no one is married, so you can't cheat on a spouse by definition. But I digress into a reasoned statement.

He seems to be developing one long description of what Lyn imagines an orgy to be like, people jumping on and off people, of either and both sexes, their minds rotted with Rock, acid and pot, rageballs all of them whose lust was really uncaused hate. And now he pictures them today, sitting growing moss in their underpants, where does that image come from? And they all have a "species hatred" of everyone between 18 and 25? Like their own children, including some present Boomer members whose children are still in that age range?

This is the product of a deeply disturbed mind. Find no problem with this, and you are far, far gone.

Footnotes by Dennis King

[1] "Tavistock" refers to the Tavistock Clinic, a world-renowned London mental health facility (founded in 1920), and the Tavistock Institute, a not-for-profit social science research, advisory and training entity which was housed in the same building as the clinic until 1994. For decades, LaRouche has railed against these benign organizations, accusing them of being a front for various nefarious plots aimed at destroying Western civilization (as by assassinating LaRouche himself). In 2003, a naive young Jewish Londoner named Jeremiah Duggan, a guest at a LaRouche conference and cadre school in Germany (he apparently agreed to attend without knowing about their cult-like reputation), heard mention of Tavistock and revealed that he and his parents had attended counseling sessions at the clinic when he was a child. This revelation, along with Jeremiah's outspoken criticism of the anti-Semitism the LaRouchians were spouting, seems to have triggered an intense paranoia in some of LaRouche's followers--and Jeremiah ended up dead on an autobahn near the LaRouchian headquarters in Wiesbaden after being struck by a car. The local police rushed to judgment and ruled his death a suicide. But a London coroner's court disputed this finding and ruled that Jeremiah had apparently been fleeing in terror. According to British forensic experts, photos of Jeremiah's body revealed bruises suggestive of a brutal beating, not of a traffic accident. For more on this case, click here.

I'm not sure what the reference to a Tavistock "truth serum" means. In the text of the memo as published on Factnet, there is no mention of Tavistock anywhere except in the title. I can only speculate that LaRouche is linking the name of Tavistock to his memo's phantasmagoric and horrifying images as a way of indirectly demonizing the Duggan family, which has fought fiercely to bring LaRouche to justice and, as of 2005 when his memo was produced, had managed to trigger much unfavorable publicity about his cult in British, German and U.S. media. Since then, LaRouche and his followers have continued their sly digs at the Duggans and their late son; for instance, in 2007 a LaRouchian joked on a blog about Jeremiah liking to "run around in traffic," while a LaRouche press release misspelled Jeremiah's name as "Jermiah" (given LaRouche's longstanding obsession with Jews as bearers of germs, viruses, infections and plagues, I don't think this misspelling was an accident). So if there's any "serum" in LaRouche's memo, it's based on an anti-truth formula.

[2] Swinging from "limb to limb"? Sex between "species"? This passage bears an eery similarity to LaRouche's racist rant (April 12, 2008) against U.S. Senator Barak Obama (click here).

[3] This is a pun on the name of the late Dr. Benjamin Spock, whose book Baby and Child Care, first published in 1946, encouraged the Boomer generation's parents to use child-rearing methods more permissive than those used by most parents in the 1920s and 1930s when LaRouche was growing up.

[4] Eaglebeak is emphasizing that although the LaRouche memo appears to be an attack on boomers in general, it is in fact aimed at the LaRouchian boomers--the tired old-timers whom LaRouche wants to remove from positions of responsibility and replace with energetic and starry-eyed members of the LaRouche Youth Movement. LaRouche has given many talks and written a number of memos in recent years in which he has used progressively more vehement language to implant contempt of, and induce feelings of rage towards, the old-timers in the minds of the LYM members. Some ex-followers of LaRouche believe that he plans to rouse the LYMers for a systematic overthrow of the boomers when the time is ripe--and that this purge could become violent.

[5] "Ma Krud" is probably a reference to Mark Rudd, the chief spokesperson of the Columbia University student strike in 1968 who would later become a leading member of the Weather Underground. LaRouche has harbored a special hatred of Rudd because the latter, through his oratorical skills and media savvy, outmaneuvered LaRouche's own followers during and after the strike to win a dominant position in the Columbia SDS chapter, thus depriving LaRouche of the considerable fame/notoriety he would otherwise have achieved as an adult guru of the campus antiwar movement.