IV. LAROUCHE AND THE BUTCHERS OF DARFUR (and other despotic and genocidalist regimes in Africa)

LaRouche's first visit to Sudan (1994) to meet with leaders of the murderous Islamic fundamentalist regime. He is quoted as saying: "I met with many ministers of government. We had about three or four meetings a day of that sort, which were featured on television....[T]hey had the TV cameras there, and I would appear on the nightly TV." LaRouche and his wife stayed for a week; Lyn met with the Sudanese President, Lieutenant-General Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, and a religious leader Dr. Hassan Abdullah al-Turabi. Supposedly LaRouche warned them that "there are many people, especially in London, who are trying to influence certain people around our State Department...into getting the United States into a fuss with Sudan." This trip occurred right after LaRouche got out of prison--where the hell was his parole officer?

LaRouche's second visit to Sudan (1996). Again the convicted felon meets with General Al-Bashir and other officials. Lectures at Khartoum University. Claims that the productive nation-state economies of the world have been "undermined and destroyed by the parasitical structures of financial oligarchism." Warns that this oligarchy is making a "world-wide grab" for raw materials and food supplies. Says that the "continuing UN drive for sanctions against Sudan" on grounds of human rights violations is part of the plot and is being "run by the top echelons of the British oligarchy" [the Jews]. Says the British oligarchy controls U.S. policy behind the scenes. Holds out for Sudan the promise of "magnetic levitation trains, and nuclear energy plants for desalinization systems" but doesn't say who will pay for it.

LaRouche's third visit to Sudan (2001). This time, it's for a conference co-sponsored by the Schiller Institute and the Sudanese government. "Co-sponsored," of course, means LaRouche is being paid by the Sudanese government to concoct propaganda--just as he was paid for similar services by Manuel Noriega back in the 1980s. During the four-day event, two Sudanese government flunkies "presented the government's achievement in the peace process." Helga LaRouche then supposedly "raised the level of discussion" by emphasizing "the need to define foreign policy by the principle of love."

EIR backs Sudan's actions in Darfur (2004). "The accusation of genocide [in Darfur] does not apply to the Sudan government," writes Uwe Friesecke, a leader of the German LaRouche organization. Friesecke complains that the United Nations, various governments and the U.S. Congress are moving towards sanctions. Disputes the labels "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing" as applied to the Sudanese government and instead blames the crisis on Sudan's rebels from the southern (non-Islamic) part of the country. Says the crisis is part of a "pincer movement" orchestrated by the U.S., Britain and Uganda to get control of the country's oil. Notes that one of the "lead actors" in Sudan's oil industry, from which U.S. firms are excluded, is the China National Petroleum Corporation. (Now we know whose cat's paw LaRouche has been functioning as in the Sudan--the same PRC that's been lauding him in its government-controlled press while bankrolling Schiller Institute conferences.)

Note: Two years after Friesecke wrote the above disgusting drivel, he and other top German LaRouchians were expelled from the organization by their increasingly cantankerous Dear Leader. Some people feel sorry for Friesecke--but I say it's time he came forward and told everything he knows about LaRouche's involvement with the Sudan regime, the PRC, the German security forces, former German Nazis, the Spanish death squads, and--especially--the nasty bit of ethnic cleansing that went on in Wiesbaden in 2003 resulting in the death of Jewish university student Jeremiah Duggan. The Duggan family should not have to suffer Wiesbaden police stonewalling for a single day longer because of the moral cowardice of Friesecke and his associates.

How the LaRouche movement cozied up to tyrants in Zimbabwe, Rwanda and other African countries. This series of articles by a former LaRouche follower recounts (among other things) how, after the massacre in Rwanda of between 500,000 and one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus by the insane Hutu Power movement, the LaRouche organization in Europe "started a campaign to blame the genocide entirely on [the victims]....We acknowledged that about a million were murdered, but we never mentioned WHO had murdered them, only that the Rwandan Patriotic Front [a Tutsi movement] had 'initiated' the violence....Thus the genocidalists were not blamed at all. I never heard anything negative [from the LaRouche org] about the Hutu regime."