The LaRouche Movement's sinister history in the shadow-world of international fascism and human rights abuse

Funeral of victims of the Acteal massacre, which was perpetrated by government-backed paramilitaries in Chiapas, Mexico on December 22, 1997 against indigenous Catholics who were attending a prayer meeting. Slain were 45 people, mostly women and children, plus four unborn babies. The LaRouchians had worked to whip up a climate of hate, and had formed close ties with leaders of Paz y Justicia, the most notorious of the paramilitary gangs. The month before the massacre, Paz y Justicia had attempted to assassinate Bishop Samuel Ruiz, a champion of indigenous rights (and frequent target of LaRouchian hate propaganda) who is shown here (front right) presiding at the funeral.

I. The Death Squads in Spain

II. Dictators, Death Squads and Hate in Latin America

A. Efforts to Organize a Regional Fascist Network among Military Officers

B. Death Squads and Political Polarization in Mexico

C. LaRouchism in Argentina: the Seineldin connection

D. LaRouche and Colombia's General Bedoya

E. LaRouche and Manuel Noriega

F. Fanning the Flames in Guatemala

G. Lyn and Helga in Brazil

H. Support for Chile's Human Rights Abusers

I. LaRouchism in Latin America: An Overview

III. Spying for Apartheid South Africa

IV. LaRouche and the Butchers of Darfur

V. The LaRouche Movement in Germany

Many of the articles on this menu about Spain and Latin America are from LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review (EIR). Such articles usually also appeared in some form or other in Resumen Ejecutivo, the Spanish language sister publication of EIR that was widely circulated in influential circles in several Spanish speaking countries in the 1980s and 1990s and included material not found in EIR.