"Look at What Happened in Brazil" (2001). LaRouche comments on the legal dispute between his organization and the World Wildlife Fund-Brazil. Claims there is an environmentalist plot to destroy Brazil's national sovereignty orchestrated by the British monarchy, the IMF, Rothschild cousin Teddy Goldsmith and Britain's "Venetian Party" (the Jews). Is this drivel what qualified him for being declared an honorary citizen of Sao Paulo the following year?

LaRouche in Sao Paulo (2002). Receives honorary citizenship from South America's largest city--does this mean he has a place to flee to the next time Queen Elizabeth and Felix Rohatyn send the FBI after him?

LaRouche addresses the alumni association of Brazil's Superior War College (2002). In the Q & A period he states that the "Jewish lobby" in the United States was originally "organized largely around organized crime figures," that Israel is conducting a "Nazi-style war against the Palestinians," and that Zionist Jews should "stop acting like animals. Stop reacting according to program, as if you were a programmed beast...."

"Moment of Truth" conclave during LaRouche's 2002 Sao Paulo visit. Ultrarightist crowd celebrates LaRouche's "grand design" for "Ibero-America" and expresses solidarity with the still-imprisoned Argentinian coup leader, Colonel Seineldin. Read more about the Seineldin-LaRouche alliance here.

Supporter of LaRouche and Seineldin elected to Brazil's Congress. Dr. Eneas Carneiro is elected from Sao Paulo. EIR calls him a "strong nationalist intellectual leader" and claims he received nearly 1.6 million votes in Sao Paulo--allegedly the highest vote total of any congressional candidate in Brazilian history. "Given Brazil's system of proportional vote allocation, his election enabled five more PRONA congressmen to be elected as well, thereby turning Eneas' election into a congressional bloc, conferring important prerogatives within the Congress." [Dr. Carneiro died in 2007, and I have seen no evidence that the LaRouche movement ever capitalized on his electoral victory to develop a significant political base of their own in Brazil.--DK.]

Biographical profile of Dr. Carneiro. According to this EIR article (which may contain some exaggerations) the Sao Paulo cardiologist formed his own rightist Party for Rebuilding of National Order (PRONA). Running for president in 1994 he received nearly 5 million votes. He then linked up with the LaRouchians, instructed his supporters to start reading EIR ("the only magazine in the world which still defends the existence of the sovereign nation-state") and began promoting LaRouche's ideology on national TV. According to Der Spiegel his platform in the 1998 election was to "build atomic weapons, triple the manpower of the armed forces, and liberate Brazil from the claws of the international mafia of speculators." Dr. Carneiro received only about a million votes that time. In the course of his campaigning in 2002, when he decided to switch from a Presidential to a congressional bid, he attacked the head of the Central Bank and government economists as "enemies of the Fatherland" and said the fight was between "Christian truth and Satanic lies."

"On the Death of Dr. Eneas Carneiro: Brazil Loses a Patriot, the LaRouche Movement a Friend," (obituary on LaRouche's website, May 2007). Praises Carneiro's address to the Chamber of Deputies in 2003 that called on President Lula da Silva to break with the IMF system ("this nauseating and infected model that sucks out the innards of the nation") and cites the work of the "renowned American economist and thinker, Mr. LaRouche," who "studies, dissects, and explains the crisis of the International Financial System as heading toward an abyss...." The obituary also quotes a 2004 EIR interview with Carneiro in which he hailed the International LaRouche Youth Movement: "I am an enthusiast for this, an enthusiast....I want to believe that leaders will emerge from that collection of youth....Further ahead, I have to participate in a process similar to that...." Carneiro died of leukemia.

LaRouche spokesperson (1994): Brazil should have the Bomb! EIR article slams Brazilian government's decision to sign treaty banning nuclear weapons in Latin America, claims that the government was thereby undermining national sovereignty in the interests of Brazil's "new world order" masters in the Northern hemisphere. Article is especially critical of a Jornal de Brasil editorial that had pointed out the sensibleness of the decision in light of the Cold War's end and the decision of the U.S. and Russia to no longer target each other with nukes. [If there's no more Cold War, and if Brazil has no aggressive neighbors, LaRouche's promotion of nuclear weapons only makes sense in light of his ideological fantasies about "Ibero-America" becoming, under the likes of Argentina's Col. Seineldin and his admirers in several neighboring countries, the new center for the fight against the usurious First-World oligarchy.--DK]