The Root of All Evil

Comments on Factnet re the LaRouche organization's telephone fundraising scams of the 1980s

realme, Monday, December 17, 2007 - 4:57 pm:

And now, in the spirit of the season, I just heard a snippet of Handel's Messiah on the radio, and I suddenly had a Labor Committee flashback, to the late 70s or early 80s. I remember some of the music mafia folks (especially those whose day job was fundraising) singing made-up lyrics to the closing chorus, which goes:

to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory and blessing. Blessing and honour, glory and power...

but substituting the word "money":

to receive power, and MONEY, and wisdom, and MONEY, and honour, and MONEY and MONEY...

Of course this was sung for internal consumption only.

xlcr4life, Monday, December 17, 2007 - 6:52 pm:

Our fundraisers had plenty of help from the NCs [NCLC National Committee members] to hit quota. One pretty crazy guy used to quote from the Bible to the phone team with:

"The LACK of money is the root of all evil in this office....Make the quota or else evil will win....Only Lyn can stop the New Dark Ages."

The plays, books and other activities all revolved around the need to be ruthless in raising money and loans. One resignation letter I read years ago pointed out how after we stripped the members of everything and had them take out loans we hardly paid back, doing it to others became easier. In many instances one can read about how we looked at someone who asked for a simple loan repayment as an enemy of humanity. The Dennis King book has some choice words by Jeff Steinberg's wife Michelle about a contact named Hudson I believe.[FN 1]

We also handed out General Patton's autobiography to the phone team to read. Not to go after Nazis but to go after our contacts for every dime they had--to "supply the gas for Lyn to win."

The net result of this is that many of the remaining dead-enders believe in their hearts that Lyn was persecuted and have not a whiff of guilt for the tens of millions stolen from the elderly and how we bankrupted anyone who came within our lunacy.

This is how a convicted criminal like Rochelle Ascher can [today] go to Capitol Hill and yap about Social Security for the elderly, years after she raked the same elderly for their money and left them living on Social Security as their families tried to get their lifelong [earnings] back.

We laughed and laughed and laughed at the thought of all of this money ever being paid back.

Lyn sent a letter to some supporters I think telling them to go ask Henry Kissinger for their money! Ask Barbara [LaRouche legal assistant Barbara Boyd] for that portion of the [trial transcript].

It really is quite perverse to think that almost every one of our victims is probably dead now after their savings were hijacked by us.

For the yutes, they have to feed this nonsense of how Lyn is a white version of Martin Luther King. Lyn's VP running mate, the Rev. James Bevel, who assisted in this crap, should be coming up for trial pretty soon for allegedly molesting his daughter as this was going on in Leesburg.

Thank the web, Lyn. We have over 4K posts here about how sick this cult was, is and will be--with no end in sight. You spent a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS and our [postings are] much better read than any of the delusions you have supplied.

Total out-of-pocket expenses [of ex-members expressing their criticisms of LaRouche] perhaps was ZERO and whatever people have sent to . The rest of this is just memory, both PC and human.

eaglebeak, Monday, December 17, 2007 - 10:26 pm:

Lyn sent a personal letter to a lender named Elizabeth Sexton telling her to ask Henry Kissinger for her money (Sexton had complained that she wasn't getting repaid).

That letter found its way into the evidence against Lyn at his Alexandria trial, and it was used against him on cross-examination when he insisted on testifying at the New York trial.[FN 2]

Awkward above all was the fact that while Lyn was telling Elizabeth Sexton that it was all Kissinger's fault that the money "couldn't" be repaid, out at Ibykus Farm, Helga was having a swimming pool and a horse riding ring put in. But somehow they couldn't find the $$$ to repay Elizabeth Sexton, not even a little bit.[FN 3]

(Lyn wanted to use the argument at the Alexandria federal trial that the swimming pool was for security purposes--it was a firebreak. Ed Spannaus tried to sell Lyn's lawyer Odin Anderson on that absurd argument, but even Odin wouldn't bite.)

Also awkward was that in the New York trial, when the prosecutor asked Lyn if it was his signature on the letter to Sexton, he first said, "It purports to be my signature" (the jury looked at him as if he'd crawled out from under a rock), and later said, defiantly, "Get a handwriting expert." Well, that certainly made a fabulous impression.

Talk about evasive--heavenly Ned, but he was a lousy witness. And of course, there was Mrs. Sexton, testifying in the same trial and totally believable.

[1] The victim's name was Michael Hudson. He had lent LaRouche's publishing house $75,000 for what he thought would be the publication of scholarly monographs on economics. When he sued to get his money back, the LaRouchians published his picture in New Solidarity along with an article that called him a KGB agent. The relevant passage from Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism reads as follows:

When Hudson's legal efforts were discussed inside the NCLC, LaRouche Security aide Michelle Steinberg said (according to FBI testimony at her 1986 bail hearing): "Piss on him. Fuck him. That's what he gets for lending us money.

For the chapter in which this quote appears, click here.

[2] LaRouche insisted on testifying at this trial, even though he was not a defendant. His looney behavior on the witness stand probably caused more than one defendant to be convicted who otherwise would have been spared by the jury. I think this was probably deliberate on LaRouche's part: If he had to suffer a lengthy incarceration, he wanted as many as possibly of his followers to do likewise (misery loves company). Also there is the element of LaRouche's sadism--especially towards his Jewish followers who were the largest ethnic group among those indicted in New York and Virginia, and who were offered generous plea-bargain deals by the prosecution. (They failed to take advantage of this--LaRouche would not allow it and gave them a song and dance about the world-historic significance of being a "political prisoner.") You can be sure that LaRouche gloated over his house Jews' willingness to sacrifice their freedom as proof of his near-life-and-death power over them. One could call the inevitable trial results "induced incarceration"--the precursor of the induced suicide of Ken Kronberg.

[3] Click here for the 1987 affidavit of FBI special agent J. Richard Lytle--and the attached exhibits that document the lavish spending by LaRouche's fundraising entities on estate improvements at Ibykus Farm, such as the pool, the riding ring and a barn for Helga Zepp-LaRouche's horse.