If Jeremiah Duggan's death was really just a suicide...

Why are the German authorities (and the LaRouche org) so desperate to avoid an investigation?

The German authorities are obviously determined to avoid at all costs--as are Lyn and Helga LaRouche--any serious investigation of Jeremiah Duggan's death. Lyn and Helga's reasons are pretty clear, but the German government's motives would appear somewhat murky. Are they simply covering up sloppy police work, or are they worried that if the worms under this particular rock are brought to light--and members and ex-members of the German LaRouche organization are indicted--it would result in hugely embarrassing revelations about the far-right Jew-hating cult's past (and possibly ongoing) involvement with Germany's security services?

Certainly the bits and pieces that we already know (thanks in part to the book Deckname: Schiller by Helmut Lorscheid and Leo A. Müller) strongly suggest that a serious relationship existed over an extended period in the 1970s and 1980s between high-level LaRouchians and various intelligence agencies, and that these agencies would not want the full extent of such dealings to be publicized. I mean, they would not want to be seen as having acquiesced in in the brainwashing of their nation's young citizens--the promising children of the middle class--in order to use them as Cold War pawns. And what if the public should find out that one or more of the resulting proxy operations had turned into a fiasco (almost inevitable when one farms out operations to the likes of LaRouche and his band of fanatics)?

LaRouche in handcuffs. This convicted felon and notorious hate-monger is allowed to enter Germany whenever he likes.

Today's Germany supposedly is vigilant against the anti-Semitic far right, while its law enforcement agencies certainly take a strong stand against so-called mind-control cults such as Scientology. So why is the LaRouche organization--which is BOTH an organization of the anti-Semitic far right with a history of Holocaust denial AND a political cult that uses brutal "ego-stripping" on young recruits--exempt in Germany from official surveillance or even from significant media scrutiny? Why is LaRouche, a convicted felon, allowed to travel in and out of the New Germany with impunity--even after a 2003 conference of his Schiller Institute near Wiesbaden (where he gave the keynote speech) culminated in the death of young Jewish attendee Duggan under circumstances that should be regarded as suspicious by any rational person?

If the conference had been a Scientology one, and if the young person who died under mysterious circumstances had been a Scientology pre-recruit, the German police and media would be treating the case with the utmost seriousness. But the LaRouche org apparently enjoys an extraordinary degree of official protection in Germany. There was no real investigation, key forensic evidence was destroyed, key witnesses were allowed to leave the country without being questioned...and the parents of Jeremiah were told that, well, the Schiller Institute is a respected local organization. And please, Frau Duggan, don't tell us about the blood-stained passport of your son that was in the possession of the Schiller Institute after his death rather than being found on his body; we don't see that as relevant to what we've determined is an open-and-shut case of suicide....

Recent high-level defectors from the German LaRouche branch could quash this nonsense overnight by coming forward with the truth about Jeremiah's death, but they choose not to. High-level German and American defectors from previous decades could come forward with the facts about the LaRouche org's dealings with the German security services and with old Nazi networks, which also could provide impetus for a serious investigation, but such individuals say they don't remember anything useful.

So I've prepared....

A few reminders for those who've experienced mysterious lapses in memory since leaving the LaRouche movement:

Anno Hellenbroich (above) was a top leader of the German LaRouche movement in 2003, when Jeremiah Duggan died in Wiesbaden. Anno later left the LaRouche movement but won't talk to the Duggans. His brother Heribert is a former top official of Germany's Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, or BfV) who subsequently became a business leader in the country's private security industry. Heribert, known to have occasionally attended LaRouchian events, removed the org from the BfV watch list of rightwing extremist groups in the early 1980s.

Anno's wife Elisabeth was involved during that period in the LaRouche movement's intrigues in Spain that resulted in LaRouche, Herbert Quinde (an operative wih LaRouche's security staff) and a shadowy French security official meeting with Spanish Ministry of Justice aides to discuss the establishment of the death squads that would end up kidnapping Basque terrorists from French soil and torturing and/or murdering them (read here and here; documentation on LaRouchian encouragement of death squads in other countries is here). Some of the people kidnapped under the Spanish program by neo-Nazi mercenaries operating under names like "Operation Mengele" were innocent of any involvement in terrorism, and the resulting scandal brought down the government of Prime Minister Felipe González.

National headquarters (above) of the German Federal Police (Bundeskriminalamt, or BKA) in Wiesbaden, the city where the European LaRouche movement is based and where Jeremiah Duggan died. The BKA helped local authorities to persuade Scotland Yard that a homicide investigation into Jeremiah's death was unwarranted. The BKA has used a printing firm run by ex-leaders of the German LaRouche group (the same printing firm that for decades churned out crypto-Nazi LaRouchian propaganda targeting Petra Kelly, Olof Palme and prominent Jews) to print brochures about what a great job the BKA is doing fighting crime.

Above is the official emblem of the Militärischer Abschirmdienst (Military Counterintelligence Agency, or MAD). The Teutonic symbolism is rather appropriate for a group headed in the late 1970s by former Nazi military officer Paul-Albert Scherer. General Scherer became friends with LaRouche in the 1980s, supported the legal defense campaign for the indicted fraudster, and was widely quoted as saying that he'd checked with international intelligence officials (presumably the CIA) and had confirmed that LaRouche was a highly regarded and reliable fellow.

Petra Kelly (above), 1947-1992, a founder of Germany's Green Party and a leading figure in the early 1980s of the movement to remove nuclear weapons from German soil (both in the west and in the communist east). She was subjected--during the period in which the anti-nuclear weapons protests were gaining momentum--to a COINTELPRO style harassment campaign conducted by the German LaRouche organization. The campaign used smear leaflets about her sex life, physical threats, incessant surveillance, close-up and obscene verbal assaults (which in one case turned physical), and harassment of her family.

It was the standard LaRouche tactic of trying to build a total aversive environment around the targeted person to cause him or her to have a heart attack or mental breakdown--or hopefully to commit suicide. Who was encouraging this campaign? The Militärischer Abschirmdienst's counter-extremist branch? I suppose it could have been any of several spook outfits. Many German and American LaRouche followers participated in the campaign but none of them who later quit the org have ever acknowledged that the attacks on Kelly were immoral and undemocratic nor have any of them provided details about the campaign and its ultimate backers.

Here's an intrigue that's murkier than most (and may ultimately be nothing but murkiness): Viktor Gunnarsson (above) was a Swedish neo-Nazi associated with the LaRouche org's Stockholm branch, which had conducted a decade-long campaign of vilification against Sweden's leftwing prime minister Olof Palme, and had even stalked him at one point. When Palme was assassinated in 1986 (a crime that has never been solved), Gunnarsson, who had been near the scene, was the first suspect and gave varying accounts of his actions. However, Swedish prosecutors dropped the investigation of him in spite of vehement protest by the homocide detectives on the case. (The lead detective would later write a book stating that Gunnarsson--whose apartment when searched had contained LaRouchian anti-Palme literature--was most likely the assassin.)

The LaRouchian response was to say they'd expelled Gunnarsson from their European Labor Party (a front group) prior to the Palme assassination. Later they would concoct the ludicrous claim that Gunnarsson's only relationship to them was that he once signed an EAP petition. They also claimed the KGB had killed Palme and was trying to blame it on LaRouche.

Gunnarsson was allowed into the United States in the early 1990s, and settled in North Carolina, where he lived without any visible means of support (with frequent unexplained trips out of town) and boasted to friends about killing Palme and getting away scot-free. After his body was found in a remote wooded area in January 1994, a former Salisbury, N.C. police officer came under investigation and was eventually indicted and convicted for supposedly killing the Swede because of a romantic rivalry. Now serving life in prison, the former cop maintains that he's innocent and claims that the evidence from a car trunk that was used to convict him had been planted there after the car had been searched for forensic evidence on no less than six occasions with nothing incriminating being found.

Here's the Palme crime scene: Sweden's prime minister was gunned down at this spot after leaving a Stockholm movie theater with his wife. I'm aware that no strong evidence has been discovered linking the leadership of the LaRouche movement to an organized plot to kill Palme, but LaRouche once discussed in print how to carry out the perfect assassination without breaking the law: just deluge society with hate literature against your target (he certainly did this to Palme) and wait for a psychotic "lone assassin" to do the deed. In this case, I've wondered if maybe LaRouche--who acts out spymaster fantasies in his head--became impatient and foolishly compromised himself by playing groupie to someone else's operation (thus leaving open to a possible public relations disaster the mainstream U.S. and German spy agencies that had been using his org albeit at arm's length).

I would suggest that journalists interested in the Palme hit take a look at the names of the LaRouchians and ex-LaRouchians on a U.S. Department of Justice witness list (designed to include individuals who probably would not be willing to perjure themselves and go to jail for Lyn) that was presented to LaRouche's counsel in 2000 on the eve of trial of a civil rights lawsuit LaRouche and several of his followers had filed against the FBI decades earlier in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Apparently, LaRouche went into a panic when he saw the defense's list, and immediately dropped the suit even though his followers had spent 25 years and huge organizational resources preparing it as their ultimate revenge weapon against the Feds. I personally think that the one item in the LaRouche org's smoke-and-mirrors past which was most likely to have triggered this extraordinary decision was the group's anti-Palme activities and its dealings with Gunnarsson and far-right associates of Gunnarsson.