"Thinking the unthinkable" about

LaRouche's real opinion of Hitler

Factnet posting by "shadok," Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 7:01 am:

To deal with Lyn's sick mind I realized you have to be ready to think the unthinkable.[FN 1]

I always wondered (I mean since I left the organization) why he's against Hitler.

After all, Hitler was pro-German, he was a dictator (Lyn hates democracy as we all know), he loved war (as Lyn does) and did it against Lyn's "enemies": the Brits, the Jews, international finance, the Freemasons, the Jesuits, homosexuals, communists, the Russians...which happen to be the same as Hitler's enemies. Culturally speaking it might not be ideal but, contrary to what the org says, the Nazis celebrated Beethoven and Schiller quite officially (these are facts).[FN 2] And, last but not least, Hitler "made History," in the same romantic sense as Hegel's "Philosophy of History" (fascination with Napoleon/Zeitgeist)....

The only logical explanation left to solve this puzzle is that...LaRouche is against Hitler BECAUSE HITLER LOST THE WAR!

Why did he lose the war?...Well, because he was a "British agent," says LaRouche!!! (He also blamed Hitler for his fatal strategic error: the East-Front.)

Consequently we have to conclude that if he wasn't a British agent and didn't [attack] to the East, he would have won the war (and Lyn would have been pro-Hitler)!

Lyn is against these (British) Nazis but is openly pro-(German) Wehrmacht (aka what he calls the "good nationalists"). This explains why all these "Wehrmacht scientists" were associated with, or even defended (against OSI) by, the org. It explains why the "Patriots for Germany" we created was full of ex-members of the Wehrmacht. And another example: Peenemunde was good as long it was run by the "good scientists/Wehrmacht," but then the "bad" (aka British, Malthusian) Nazis spoiled it all with the Dora slave-labor camp, etc....That's the org's analysis on Peenemunde.

In fact LaRouche believes Germany SHOULD have won the war, because German "culture" is so much superior than any other nation's. There was no other explanation in his sick mind that Germany should have [lost] the war unless...Hitler's Nazis were a nasty (non-German) British/Jewish operation, i.e., "traitors" created to destroy this great "German Culture." (By the way, in the same vein the Nazis used to blame the Jews and Brits for [Germany's] defeat in World War One.)

However unthinkable it is, this all makes sense to me now.

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Footnotes by D. King:

[1] This is a reference to "Thinking the Unthinkable," a 1974 NCLC internal document by Marian Kester, one of several members who rebelled that year against LaRouche's ego-stripping psychological methods and general authoritarianism, quit the organization and futilely urged others to leave. The "unthinkable" refers to the growing realization by Kester and her friends that LaRouche was not the great genius and revolutionary leader of the masses that he would have the world believe he was. To read this document, which includes the most detailed description yet written of how LaRouche "brainwashed" his followers, click here.

[2] The glorification of Schiller continued among German far rightists in the years after the war. I noted in Chapter 27 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism:

West Germany outlaws overt neo-Nazi agitation. Yet hundreds of neo-Nazi, racial nationalist, and conservative nationalist groups have sprouted on German soil since World War II, each with an intense desire to communicate various forbidden or impolitic messages to the general public. They do so in large part through code words. Political scientist Kurt Tauber, in his 1,600-page Beyond Eagle and Swastika, describes the deceptive tactics of scores of such groups in the first two decades after the war. One militant youth league in the 1950s was called the Schiller Youth, although it engaged in activities more appropriate to the Hitler Youth. It is significant that LaRouche has founded a Schiller Institute, and his wife speaks of bringing a Schillerzeit to America.

I wrote this over a decade before LaRouche founded the LYM. We now have a clear succession from Hitler Youth to Schiller Youth to LaRouche Youth...