Another crass attack on the cult's "boomers" almost one year after Ken Kronberg's suicide

Factnet posting by "eaglebeak," 04-09-2008, 09:35 PM
(Bracketed comments in the two LaRouche briefings included below are by eaglebeak)

April has rolled around again, and Tony Papert has produced another maniacal briefing channeling Lyn.

Another Wednesday morning briefing, after a late night of lubrication and lucubration at Lyn’s.

I refer to the briefing for Wednesday, April 2, 2008—and by implication, to the briefing from a year ago, Wednesday, April 11, 2007—the Ken Kronberg suicide briefing.

Both written by Papert, both written after Tuesday nights at Lyn’s with the NEC (and now, I suppose, the “LYM”), both accurately conveying the dementia Lyn is radiating.[FN 1]

Et voilà.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Fundamental Change Is in Progress

Our effort at the California Democratic Convention was highly successful. Quincy did what he can do, and we were highly effective.

A fundamental change is in progress. We’re screwing it up for the enemy, but we must stick to what we laid out Saturday [referring to discussion between Lyn and the LYM on Saturday, March 29]. Review again what was said there; that IS the policy. Cut the bull**** out; don’t come in with factoids, like a constipated bowel movement, which is a terrible pain to get out. [Lyn’s fascination with excreta—read Erik Erikson.] The idea of “facts” is crazy; it’s insane. [You tell ’em, Lyn] We’re talking about motion. We must win them to an idea, which is never a still life. It’s always the motion of development [ah, the Heracleitean dialectic]. The world is in a crisis orchestrated by the British, the greatest crisis in modern history. THAT is the stage on which we are situated. When you walk into the room: “Here’s where we stand in intelligence today, in the greatest crisis in modern history.”

Don’t come in with a factoid; it’s the worst thing you can do. But this is usual in the afternoon intelligence calls to Lyn, with some good exceptions. We bore ourselves to death. [Not just yourselves.] “Don’t interrupt me, I still have another fact to relate.” The phones click off. What comes out is usually bull****. Any ideas to be discussed are buried under factoids, like dingleberries one after the other, --but if you’ve seen five dingleberries, you’ve seen them all; you can’t tell them apart. [See above.] That’s the usual afternoon intelligence report.

The mind is destroyed [no doubt about it]; the power of concentration is shattered [too true]. People gather for a discussion, but then they’re hit with the first hot factoid. Words running off in pursuit of an idea. Where’d it go? No idea!

Reasonable people meet to discuss an idea, but here comes the endless slug, the giant slug which lost its shell, looking for its shell, going on and on and on, leaving a trail of slime.

What’s the cure? Start from the idea, which is what changes the course of history. The British Empire. What’s the idea? What we do to defeat the British Empire, and we’re very effective.

Similarly, the phone teams do bull**** pitches. They’re looking for the big special, but there ARE none. Contacts walk up on the street to give us $100 or $150 [not bloody likely], rather than go through this process. You ask the phone teams to do outreach, it breaks down. No outreach. Why? Bull**** sales pitches instead of ideas! A pitch instead of a political agenda. I have this report. Bull****! [Is it my imagination, or is Lyn’s vocabulary pretty limited?]

Our job is to change history. What is the crisis? Where are the crucial points? What are we doing, or what should we be doing? Then come some necessary details, but go from the total picture, never from the details. Anything else stinks; it’s pointless, monotonous, and mind-deadening.

Our job is to change history. The idea of history: what is the enemy up to? Who is orchestrating this? The crisis in Africa, in Europe. The U.S. won’t exist without our role. Europe will not exist without our intervention. Anything which leaves that out [as so many things unaccountably do], is worthless bull****, and should not be discussed.

We have a weekly publication of record. [That would be the EIR, only it’s not much of a publication, and it’s not much of a record.] Should it be a collection thrown together like the departments of a grocery store? Or should it be a unified conception of where the world stands? The website, the same thing.

The LYM had to be brought out to the basement [usually capitalized in organizational writings, but perhaps Tony doesn’t want to call attention to how Norman Bates this all is] to begin their breakthrough, because they couldn’t do it in the Leesburg office with the boomers. No one can think there, because all thinking is suffocated by factoids.

The youth in the Warroom were destroyed, demoralized, under slugs and factoids. They just sat there and did nothing. They had no standard of what to publish or not, no standard of judgment [after all, they did join the org]. Mere opinions decide what to publish and what not. No concentration, but when they moved out of Leesburg, there was a sudden improvement.

The boomers stopped thinking [that must be the sudden improvement]; they became a table of pool-balls in random motion: click, click, click. They lost all sense of mission from 1997 on. Editorial, publications, said “Lyn is wrong, there is no crisis.” The money is out there; you just have to be smart enough to get it. And they pushed the organization into bankruptcy. [Here, of course, Lyn doesn’t mean Editorial, and he doesn’t mean “publications,” he means “the printer”—PMR. Ken Kronberg. It’s the same lies he’s been telling about Ken all along. The same lies he told last year at this time, the day Ken jumped. Blaming Ken for the organization’s bankruptcy when the organization’s NATURAL STATE is bankruptcy.] Why? No mission orientation. No orientation to what Lyn represented, especially strategic forecasting. Tradition, “our tradition.” was increasingly substituted for purpose. [Whatever that means.]

Lyn saved the organization by what he had the LYM do at the Boston Democratic Convention in June, 2004, over hysterical opposition from the Leesburg office. [Time to beat up on Nancy Spannaus again. A typical case of Lyn misconstruing something. And what did he have the LYM do? Sing songs at someone outside the convention hall. That’s how Kerry won the election.] This continued into 2005 as an impulse to live, but the British fascists slammed us in 2006. Society collapsed because of what was done to us. [What in tarnation is he talking about?] If the Congress had worked with Lyn to save the auto industry [oh, that], the world would not be in the mess it is today. We were defeated by gutlessness, and the U.S. lost the only path to survival, for us or anyone else. We have to reverse that. [So I guess the U.S. didn’t lose it.] Only that will save us now.

What the basement has done is our proudest achievement. [My favorite line.] We have created the potential for an integrated science organization, going far beyond even the old Fusion Energy Foundation [that’s for sure]. It is a development in the gut; people developing science themselves, rather than merely riding on past achievements. Now we’re integrating the Warroom with the basement around the series of videos, first, “Firewall,” centered on 1923, and, next, the one centered in the same way on the 1932 Democratic Convention. This one will cover developments from the firing of Bismarck in 1890, through 1932 and the present [ah, a laser-like focus], and again give the population a sense of being inside history [or at least, inside the basement], even more so than the first.

In 1877, Bismarck had assured the Russian Czar that Germany would not join Austria in a Balkan war against Russia [Lyn, the poster child for ADD]. But then he was dumped on the orders of the Prince of Wales, and the worm was turned loose [mix that metaphor]. Sadi Carnot was assassinated. The British gained control of the Emperor of Japan, and launched World War I via Japan’s attack on China in 1895. From 1895 through 1907, Japan attacked China, Korea, and Russia. In the same period, under Teddy Roosevelt, the Balkan Wars were opened up, leading to World War I, which has never ended to this day. Yes, the shooting died down somewhat at times, but that war has continued to the present day; we’re in it now. [Through history with Lyndon LaRouche. What a hoot.]

You have to look at it in these terms. It’s a process which controls the wills of the participants. People explain that this guy did and so forth: bull****! History is a process, not the interaction of individuals or details. [Whoops, there goes the individual in history...] And it’s only the exceptional, creative mind, who drives history, as many of Lyn’s associates once were such, no longer are today. [Wonder when that was? He certainly never mentioned it before...]

Most are controlled by forces they don’t recognize; they are victims. Only through consciousness of the larger forces, only attained through creativity, can you understand history. If you follow behind it and explain it, you have explained actually nothing. What drives it? The process by which creative ideas are formed. But we’ve become oriented to opinion, not ideas.

But now we’ve got it back through the basement, especially the Gauss project. Lyn had explained how Kepler had deliberately laid bare every aspect of his thinking, and every twist and turn in its developments. But Gauss does not. He never tells his motives, his motivating ideas. We had to find them, to adduce the hidden purposes all the way from 1790 to the death of Gauss or to Riemann. [Translation: We made it up.] It was never explicit, but they did find it. Science is not a successful event, as it’s portrayed in stupid universities. Science is an idea, and as such is the force of history. The same is true of Classical culture, and everything else. [Don’t you love the precision of his formulations?] You only understand history when you see invisible ideas controlling the shaping of the mind. [Uh oh.]

Understand history as an idea. Science is that idea. Apply it, and now you can understand history. Up to that point, everything is merely a wild guess, and probably wrong.

When we pulled the Warroom out of Leesburg, they were cognitively dead, putting bouquets on the graves of the dead. What’s human is what’s important. The process of creativity is an idea which spans centuries and generations.

You have to have that point of view as you begin every morning [or, in Lyn’s case, a little later in the day], and never abandon it. People on the phone with Lyn in the afternoon are going brain-dead from these factoids. “Wake me up when you’re finished,” he would like to say. Our people on the phones do the same thing that was done to them by the briefing session, --no concept! The concept! The concept! [The horror! The horror!] Some of the most effective calls last only a couple of minutes until, “I get it!” Rather than, “listen to this fact,” “listen to this fact.”

The key thing to focus on: get the idea across in various facets. Not factoids: “I think this is relevant.”

Gore and Gere. How does Gore connect to gerbils? [Another exemplar of Lyn’s obsession with supposed homoerotic sexual practices. He’s nothing if not obscene.]

Look at it all top down. The whole planet is a battlefield. The Russia, the China case, the Ukraine case, are all a single process. India’s reaction to the British attack on China, affected Pakistan. From China, and especially Pakistan, it affected Iran. That resulted in Iran’s mediation to stop the Shia-against-Shia fighting in Basra, in order to screw Dick Cheney and the British! [Clear?]

The British African operations against Zimbabwe and against Darfur are both China-related. They are also related to Lisbon, which is a military alliance for war, a new Entente Cordiale, which is exactly what Sarkozy called it when he was just in London. And we know Sarkozy because we know the naked truth of his wife. The Sarkozy who made such a disgusting display of fawning on the British royals, is several inches shorter than his wife, and tries to disguise it by wearing two-inch elevator shoes! [And the strategic significance of this is … what?]

Lyn’s political associates in many cases have given up their PASSION, becoming mere hulks of themselves as a result [Lyn used to say husks—a little aphasia happening there],—gone bunnies! The same reason all the associates of Martin Luther King failed. None of them were the heirs of Frederick Douglass, or of the classical-music tradition among so-called African-Americans, who said, “If it’s great, we can do it! Whatever is best, we can do it!” They liberated themselves by educating themselves and their children to do THAT.

Comment: No one, not even the most glassy-eyed member, believes that Ken Kronberg was “in it for the money.” No one, not even Lyn’s biggest fans—well, except for Tony Papert—believes that Ken Kronberg thought the “money was out there, you just had to be smart enough to get it.” They all know it’s a lie, they know it’s a lie Lyn has been telling since at least 2005 and the November NC conference call, they know it formed part of the April 11, 2007 Ken Kronberg suicide briefing—and still they let it go by.

They still let the old buzzard lie, and lie, and lie—a lie with consequences. A lie that killed.

And speaking of the April 11, 2007 Morning Briefing, here it is again (with a few comments afterwards):




The leadership is among the 18-35 year olds. The Baby Boomer generation is politically dead, and can only be brought back by artificial insemination. And get ready for new pedagogicals forthcoming on Gauss; in "the basement," there is already the first model of determination of the orbit of Ceres.

It's not an individual problem; we have mass insanity. The Boomers are politically insane. They can follow a trail of ****, but they can't lead anything. You want proof,-- look at the US Senate since Al Gore began his latest pitch. The world is going to Hell, and their talking about sex with polar bears! Look at Kerry's crazy debate with Gingrich yesterday; and it's not just Kerry; it's the entire Senate! Typical Baby Boomers: in 2005, LaRouche told them what had to be done about the auto crisis. They said, "Yes, yes!," but did nothing, and went the other way. And then they brought fascism onto the Supreme Court in 2006.

The leadership in society will come from the young adult generation, because the Boomers are all similar as a generation; it's not a question of individual, but of group behavior. Despite individual exceptions, the group behavior is tantamount to senility.

To the extent that they perceive that the younger generation is setting the agenda, and only to that extent, does the Baby Boomer recognize that someone is telling them what to do. There is no way to raise money from Baby Boomers, other than a mobilization of young adults. They will never mobilize themselves. Only if the young generation says to them, "Now, here's what we're going to do!"

The breakdown in fundraising is a symptom of a moral breakdown in leadership. The issue is not a supportive attitude to the right agenda; the issue is the conviction to make that agenda effective. The disintegration began in the period of the 1990s to 2000, especially, in Leesburg, in 1992-93. When Lyn came out of jail, he presented his solution to the sales force in the very living room in which he spoke last night. People went screaming out of the room, and refused to change. This Boomer policy failure went on uninterrupted into Y2000, and only changed as the Y2K bubble finally exploded. The print shop was the worst. "Lyn is wrong," they said. "There may be crisis, but the economy won't go under. There will always be money there for people smart enough to grab it." This was the prevalent approach radiated back and forth, out of Leesburg into the whole organization.

Winstar was another part of it; a phoney company which was paying big salaries, while producing and selling absolutely nothing! "We have a lifestyle." Commitment to the lifestyle was a cause of the collapse. Some of them disappeared in 2000 or thereafter.

Don't go telling a Boomer to exert leadership. We're organizing the country: namely the 18-35 year olds. How? Just like an army: convince them that that's what they should be doing! That's what we're doing! The change into the new news aspect of the LPAC website by the LYM is the key to everything. It's already raised the quality of our intelligence, much of which was bull**** (if passable bull****) before. We're entering into active exchange with significant people, not just in the US, but into Russia and India as well. We're in interchange of views with key people in various parts of the world.

We're reaching the most active part of the younger generation, with product which no one would have dreamed of. We go the the Boomers: "We're your boss." "You? Who are you?" "We represent the youth, the leadership." But, you have to make it stick!

We're stirring controversy; we're getting responses,-- often enraged responses. Rage! How can you say that? How dare you? We're setting the agenda, by forcing them to respond. That's how you organize the older generation: "Hah! These young guys are doing something!" it's always that way,-- it's young adult leadership which moves the entire population.

Through the website postings, pulled together into briefings in the evenings, the publications develop over weeks. Not stylized, stereotyped publications which must always devote one page to this and two pages to that. Take the ideas off the website and deploy with them. To influence the population, you need ammunition. The best is knowledge they could not get otherwise. They may not agree, but they'll be impressed by your command of the subject and your mission. That's the way you organize. It's not consolidated yet; we can do much better, and we will do much better in two weeks. In one month, we won't recognize ourselves.

The Boomers will be scared into becoming human, because you're in the real world, and they're not. Unless they want to commit suicide.

Our members became demoralized by taking their approach of the 1980s and '90s, and trying to adapt it to a different situation, where it can't function. They stopped thinking how to win, and instead tried to adapt to failure. The right approach is not a ritual in which we glorify our "suffering." It's to provide effective leadership to society, and to go to society: "this role must be supported."

Take the website. How insane were we, not to do all that time what we are doing now? It was clinically insane. To build a mass movement, you need a mass base. The easiest way is through this sort of website! It you think you can succeed without a mass effect, you're an idiot!

The Boomer is characterized by a self-imposed insecurity; a sense of jeopardy regarding his personal identity in society. Imagine yourself at a big party of cannibals, wondering if you'll be next.

LPAC is it. Our impact as an organization in every way depends on LPAC, which depends on its website. Activate that! Don't look for any other miraculous plan. No effort we do would exist without LPAC. The world has changed! Any other idea is masturbation: a lot of work and no satisfaction!

LPAC is the equivalent of a political party among other political parties. It raises all the leading political issues of the world, which are all contained in US policy. US policy is contained in LPAC; everything else is an adjunct. And what LaRouche does defines LPAC.

Lyn concluded by addressing the youth: You must represent the pinnacle of what mankind has achieved so far. Not as something given to us, but as a responsibility. We will make the world a better place for the human race, as FDR wanted. Therefore, demand of yourself the very best. You can be confident if you represent of what our culture has won.

Lyn is pleased that the LPAC operation is working; now it's ready to go wild. It's our opportunity; no one else could take it. There's a dead generation in the Senate, but we're going to start having fun doing this,-- it'll work.

Comment: Isn’t it eerie how the same obsessions appear in the two Papert-authored, Lyn-dictated briefings, a year apart?

Isn’t it eerie how batsh-t crazy it all is?

And isn’t it villainous, wicked beyond words, that Ken Kronberg was killed by this?

[1] The National Executive Committee (NEC) is the nominal day-to-day governing body of LaRouche's cadre organization, the National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC). Composed mostly of "boomers" (old-time LaRouche followers), the NEC exercises little authority apart from LaRouche himself. It is most accurately described as a combination of transmission belt for his arbitrary directives and captive audience for his narcissistic and frequently sadistic rants. The LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) is a parallel organization for youth cadre—LaRouche often meets with its most promising (from his viewpoint) members apart from the NEC. Through his attacks on the boomers and his flattery of the LYM (a strategy roughly equivalent on a miniscule scale to that of Mao Tse-tung when he unleashed the Red Guards against his own party bureacracy during China's Cultural Revolution), the octogenarian LaRouche hopes to replace his organization's current transmission belt operated by worn-down NEC members with one run by LYMers in their twenties and thirties who possess the necessary energy and ruthlessness to guarantee that LaRouchism survives in the years ahead.—DK