Declaration of Mordechai Levy
Feb. 1, 2008

[Mr. Levy, a Jewish activist, infiltrated the LaRouche movement's security operation from 1980 to 1984 posing as a security consultant. He undertook this effort completely on his own initiative, but from the beginning he provided information to journalists and to Jewish communal organizations. He later cooperated with the U.S. Justice Department in its successful prosecution of LaRouche. A more detailed declaration by Mr. Levy was presented to the State Prosecutor in Wiesbaden, Germany, as part of an effort to persuade German authorities to open an investigation of Jeremiah Duggan's death. This earlier statement can be read here.]

During the years in which I was infiltrating the neo-Nazi LaRouche organization, I had numerous discussions with Tim Pike, a member of the group's security staff ("Security") in Los Angeles. I recall a face to face conversation--it had to be between early 1982 and mid-1984--in which Pike was talking about how dangerous the LaRouche organization was and about various people it was connected with. At one point he said (and I'm paraphrasing from memory): "If Dennis King really knew our connections in Latin America he would not be messing around with us. Even King only knows the tip of the iceberg about our relationship with those guys the media here calls death squads."

The way Pike said it, he was actually expressing pride that his organization had a working relationship with such people. He was secretive about the details, but given his high-up position in Security, he would have heard a lot. I knew Pike well, and I am convinced he was not making this stuff up. Also, I took his remarks seriously because I had seen articles in LaRouche publications about members of Security such as Jeff Steinberg traveling to various Latin American countries to meet with government officials and current and retired military officers and discuss how to fight against supposed narcotics-funded terrorists.

From my knowledge of the LaRouche organization, I believe that LaRouche had the notion he could use already-existing death squads in Latin America as a murder machine for his own ideological goals--just as he had tried without success, several years earlier, to recruit the Outlaws, a street gang in Brooklyn, to kill his leftwing enemies in New York and New Jersey.

A statement from a former LaRouchian who was close to the organization's top leadership will be posted shortly--and will provide further evidence that LaRouche aides had dealings with Latin American death squad leaders.