Jorge Luis y María del Carmen
On the day of their wedding,
Córdoba, 1973

María del Carmen
Sosa de Piotti,
kidnapped (1976)
by troops under
Col. Mohamed Ali Seineldin's
cruelly tortured at death camp,

[The information below was translated from the Argentinian "Desaparecidos" (Disappeared Ones) web site. Click here for the Spanish language original. Our translation excludes the information about the victim's husband's death the following year, because the human rights web site does not allege that Col. Seineldin was involved.]

María del Carmen Sosa de Piotti was kidnapped on March 9, 1976 in Córdoba, by paramilitary troops of General Menéndez (Liberators of America unit, AAA, under the command of ex-Colonel Seineldin and ex-Inspector Telleldin).[FN 1]

She was taken to the extermination camp La Rivera where she was cruelly tortured. She was murdered and buried in a common grave in the cemetery San Vicente of the city of Córdoba, during the administration of the auditor Doctor Bercovich Rodríguez.

María del Carmen was a teacher and university student. Her grandparents were Spanish. Her father was a builder and her mother a housewife; they both have died of old age.

She is survived by a younger brother and an older sister Norma Sosa, a poet and writer.

While she was alive she adopted a child, Martín, who is today a young man of 23, a poet and editor. Martín was raised by her sister Norma.

María del Carmen had skin the color of wheat, black eyes, wavy dark hair. She was slender, of medium height.

She was a gentle, kind, sober person, unassuming in her dress. She was honest and open in her ethical and moral conduct in private and public.

She had great social sensitivity, love of the poor and defenseless, as well as an immense love for the children to whom she dedicated herself as an educator by vocation. She used to say that she tried to educate children to be free and healthy in body and soul.

[1] "Ex-Colonel" and "ex-Inspector" refers to their status many years later when the file on María del Carmen Sosa de Piotti's murder was compiled. Both Col. Seineldin and Inspector Telleldin--an especially infamous figure in the "dirty war" in Córdoba--were on active duty in 1976.