LaRouche's ugliest (and nuttiest) rant....


(See editorial comment by Dennis King HERE)

August 3, 1982

According to a variety of very authoritative sources, Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew, but a faggot.

I will not tolerate any denial of civil rights to a person who happens to be homosexual. Ordinarily, a homosexual is like an ordinary person suffering the affliction of nasty boils; one recognizes the distinction between the person and the affliction.

The problem with Kissinger is not simply that he has a homosexual personality. The problem with Kissinger is like that of that flaming, fascistic faggot Roy M. Cohn, who is justly hated by most of the ordinary homosexuals of the United States, and a number of those from other nations. Similarly, Henry A. Kissinger is no ordinary, common, garden-variety of homosexual. His heathen sexual inclinations are merely an integral part of a larger evil.

One does not need to catch Henry in flagrante in the Carlyle Hotel, or with a Roumanian waiter in Acapulco. Whatever he does in particular hotel-rooms, or after meetings with Roy M. Cohn at certain New York City restaurants, or by arrangement of certain California acquaintances, need not be reported here. Kissinger may wash (one hopes) and dress, before leaving a hotel-room. He does not, and cannot change his personality.

To a trained eye, the evening television news-broadcasts over the past ten years have provided all the evidence needed to recognize what Kissinger is. I recognize him in the same way, and with the same accuracy I can tell by looking, the difference between a cat and a dog. Psychologically, Henry is a distinct species. He is of the species some psychopathologists prefer to describe as an extreme anal variety of sadomasochistic personality, of the same pathological type as organized crime's Roy M. Cohn.

Put Kissinger and Cohn under similar circumstances of stress, and each will behave on all crucial points of psychopathology like the other.

Take the case of Roy M. Cohn's physical assault on Barbara Dreyfuss, or Nancy Kissinger's, the "Newark Strangler's," homocidal behaviour more recently. Normal public figures do not strangle every person who says something they do not like. More lies have been told internationally about me, for example, than any living public figure of the past ten years; I have never had an impulse to strike a journalist for such reason, nor, I am more or less certain, does President Ronald Reagan, or any other psychologically normal or reasonably normal person in public life. We say of such public attacks, "It goes with the territory." We have more important issues with which to concern ourselves. Not so in the case of narcissistic, anal sado-masochists such as a Kissinger or Cohn.

They are not psychologically normal. They are something very, very sick.

Most citizens have noticed about Kissinger, that he explodes into irrational rages very easily. He exhibits a distinctly unmanly testiness. Sometimes, before a classroom at Harvard, or in attempting to play confidence-man with a foreign head of government or diplomat, Kissinger pretends to be "all charm." As long as he believes he is being admired, or admired for reasons of fear, Kissinger can be almost generous, more or less "seductive" in the way some confidence-men--of the sort who wear too much perfume, and too much jewelry--often are with prospective "suckers." Cross Kissinger, rip away his narcissistic, anal self-delusions, and his impulses turn instantly homocidal -- as Pakistan's Bhutto recalled vividly before he died by Kissinger's decree.

Kissinger is the kind of homosexual personality who ordinarily makes a potential professional assassin, a gangland thug for hire. Next time you see him on the television tube, especially when he is registering indignation, think the words, "Bugsy Kissinger," and watch how well those words fit the image on the TV screen.

Call Roy M. Cohn "a nasty little faggot" in public, and Cohn instantly finds himself seized by an uncontrollable grudge-urge to kill. He will nurse that grudge over years; he will be obsessed by it. He will return, again and again, to projects intended to destroy the person against whom he holds that grudge. It is not necessary to offend Cohn directly to stir up such a grudge-obsession; it is merely sufficient to be a person Cohn believes to stand in the way of some petty ambition of his at the moment. He doesn't mind being a faggot; he objects to being viewed as "unmanly," as a "nasty little" anything.

There are, unfortunately, too many persons who suffer the same mental disease as Kissinger and Cohn. One pities them; no human being, however wretched, should have to continue suffering the condition in which a Kissinger and Cohn exist; the problem is that very foolish people, world-wide, have given power to such homocidal types.

To understand the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is, what Roy Cohn is, think back to the Emperor Nero and his court. Think of Studio 54, then of Nero's court, and then of Studio 54 again. Think of Roy Cohn's parties (faithfully reported in exaggerated, name-dropping detail, in the New York Daily News). Think of Nero, and then of Kissinger, and then of Nero, and then of Roy M. Cohn. That is the kind of faggot Henry Kissinger is.

That kind of faggotry destroyed Rome. Will you permit it also to destroy the United States?

DENNIS KING COMMENTS: It should be obvious to readers who already have a knowledge of LaRouche's personal background and career that the above 1982 leaflet represents a classic case of psychological projection by which the NCLC chairman unwittingly lays bare the deeply repressed aspects of his own personality while also shedding a fascinating light on his public interactions with his followers. One might say (and only half jokingly) that LaRouche in this screed is unconsciously using "Kissinger" as the code word for "LaRouche."

"Cross Kissinger," LaRouche writes, "rip away his narcissistic, anal self-delusions, and his impulses turn instantly homocidal." Isn't this a good description of LaRouche himself? And further self-revelation follows in a digression on Roy Cohn (another of LaRouche's Symbolic Evil Jews), whom he characterizes as often being "seized by an uncontrollable grudge-urge to kill. He will nurse that grudge over years; he will be obsessed by it." This could remind one of LaRouche's grudge dating back to 1971 against the late economist Abba Lerner, who deigned to disagree with him during a public debate. Or his grudge against his former aides Gus Kalimtgis and Andy Typaldos whose alleged 1980-81 treachery he dredges up again and again in NCLC internal briefings. Or, for that matter, his grudge against Ken Kronberg trigged by the latter's role in selling Ibykus Farm, LaRouche's estate, in the early 1990s while LaRouche was in prison--a move that probably saved the then-disoriented and demoralized LaRouche movement from financial collapse. (The latter case is the only one in which LaRouche was able to obtain revenge successfully--through the prosecution-proof tactic of suggesting suicide to a man whom he must have known was deeply traumatized and in a state of despair.)

As to the "Politics of Faggotry" itself, it is about as extreme an example of homophobic ranting as one is likely to find anywhere short of Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. True, LaRouche states in the second paragraph that he "will not tolerate any violation of the civil rights of homosexuals" (a variation of the Christian Right's assurance that it loves the sinner and only hates the sin). But LaRouche follows this remark with a sustained tirade in which he strives to be as offensive as possible. (The complete insincerity of his concern for gay civil rights would be proven four years later when he sponsored a ballot proposition in California to mandate forcible quarantine of people with AIDS--and then penned an article noting that a "dead AIDS carrier ceases to be a carrier" and speculating that the organizers of lynch mobs against gays might one day be remembered as the "only political force which acted to save the human race from extinction.")

Although I find the message in the "Politics of Faggotry" repulsive, I have to admit that the final two paragraphs rise to a certain evil poetic grandeur--what one might call a homophobic inversion of the "Molloch" stanzas in Allen Ginsberg's Howl. But these two paragraphs are something more than eloquence gone bad: Read them carefully and you will see what is a textbook example of Ericksonian hypnosis--the cognitive and semantic reframing techniques pioneered by the psychiatrist Milton Erickson. I doubt that LaRouche ever studied the Ericksonian method. Probably he's just hardwired (like most cult leaders) for that type of manipulative communication--and driven by narcissism to use his talent for the purposes of self-aggrandizement and ego-defense rather than for the public good. Yet I think his manipulative use of language in the "Politics of Faggotry"--especially at the end--gives us a hint as to how a man who seems so uncharismatic in his TV infomercials has managed to recruit so many bright young people into his movement, keeping many of them, such as Ken Kronberg, as servants of his political fantasies and his need for adulation throughout their adult lives.

I'm aware that this posting will be googled by many leftwing and rightwing conspiracy theorists who have a hostile obsession with Kissinger. All I can say is, if you want to criticize Kissinger's career, there is an abundance of information on the public record. You don't need LaRouche's hollow accusations about the former Secretary of State's personal life.

I call the allegations hollow (and utterly contemptible), because the LaRouchians never produced any sources or documentation--they were just whistling a malicious Dixie. I also say this because of LaRouche's response when asked about the matter under oath during his unsuccessful 1984 libel suit against NBC and the Anti-Defamation League. Here is the portion of the transcript that shows LaRouche backing away from the allegations under aggressive questioning by NBC attorney Thomas Kavaler:

KAVALER: Do you think it's an honest attack and fair comment to say that Henry A. Kissinger is not a Jew but a faggot?

LAROUCHE: That, in the context, that is a fair comment.

KAVALER: You said that about Henry Kissinger, didn't you?

LAROUCHE: That's right.

KAVALER: Do you think Henry Kissinger is a faggot?

LAROUCHE: Yes, I believe he has the personality of a faggot, yes. [emphasis added]

In other words, LaRouche had no more evidence for his personal accusations about Kissinger than he had for his charge that Kissinger was a KGB agent--or for his allegation that Kissinger was a British agent working for the Queen of England (the same Elizabeth Windsor who according to LaRouche is the world's biggest drug dealer).

For the full story of LaRouche's smear campaign against Kissinger and the blatantly anti-Semitic motives behind it, go to Chapter 17 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. For PDF page images of LaRouche's original 1982 leaflet, "Kissinger, the Politics of Faggotry," click here.