The warm fuzzy Christmas spirit of Lyndon LaRouche

Holocaust denial and "Jew jokes" in years past, and now...the trivializing of Nazi crimes via frivolous analogies

One of the jokes in the LaRouche cult circa 1980 was about Jews and Volkswagen ashtrays. You were expected to laugh...or else.

From postings on Factnet by "xlcr4life," Dec. 28-29, 2009
(Footnotes, illustrations and captions added by Lyndon LaRouche Watch.)

DEC. 28--I hope everyone had an enjoyable Xmas who celebrates and we can all look forward to the New Year.

But how is Christmas celebrated in the cult, you ask.

Well, I think Lyn blew another gasket and for those who are or will be studying the techniques and tactics of how a cult works, this is very obvious in seeing just how a madman with his very own cult of personality directs the LYMers and LYMettes [members of the LaRouche Youth Movement] to spend those cold days and nights in the crazy house.

One blog I saw...was revealing on how just about every Xmas carol the LYMsters will be singing for spare change has Nazi or Holocaust in the lyrics.

How does this all tie in to the running of a cult?

Since we have a tiny cult of personality with very few Jews in it any more, Lyn has an audience where real Nazis and the real Holocaust are but an abstraction and prop for cheap parlor tricks aimed at very naive members. Since most Jews who were in the LC abandoned the cult years ago, we are left with what I call the "Trojan Jews" whose appearance is timed for whenever a question arises about the historical anti-Semitism of Lyn and the garbage we were producing: from the Protocols of Zion[FN 1] to Holocaust numerology[FN 2] to being birthday party planners for Nazi rocket scientists and a PR firm for Nazi Slave Labor camps.[FN 3] The boomer Jews[FN 4] have been so beaten to the ground that their critical thinking and, in some cases, their backs have been broken for good by Lyn.

Here's a good example of LaRouche's "cheap parlor tricks": an LYM demonstration against elderly investment banker Felix Rohatyn, a Holocaust refugee whom LaRouche has long demonized. One sign links him to Satanism--a typical anti-Semitic canard. A banner in the rear, however, calls him a "Nazi." Such semantic inversions and mixed messages disorient and confuse young people and prevent them from recognizing the full import of what they are doing.

Lyn and the cult celebrate the Xmas days with this new lunacy by Lyn at the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) website:

"Lyndon LaRouche today demanded the immediate resignation of Harry Reid. 'Because Harry Reid has now made himself a duplicate of Adolf Hitler, he's responsible for every Jew who was killed by Hitler,' LaRouche said. 'Harry Reid must take personal responsibility for every Jew killed by Hitler, by allowing this thing to go through. Every Jew who was killed by Hitler, Harry Reid is responsible for now!'" [Full text here.]

Orwellian language games beget multiple levels of confusion. Here an altered photo illustrating an article on LaRouche depicts him as a real Nazi hypocritically calling Obama the same. But the article itself focuses exclusively on LaRouche's leftwing past in the 1950s and 1960s, as if to suggest that he's really still a communist. So are communists really Nazis, or Nazis really communists--and just what is Obama? LaRouche delights in such confusion--it establishes a political space in which he can maneuver and spread hate without serious opposition.

I am not Jewish and during my early years had very little contact with Jewish people. While in the Labor Committee [LaRouche's cadre organization], I was able to learn about Judaism and anti-Semitism from many sources and to question why in God's name it would be acceptable to tell those "Jew Jokes" to Jewish LCers to "toughen them up" by fellow Jewish LC leaders.[FN 5] After leaving the LC and being retrospective of the whole mess the LC was and what we did print and say on so many occasions, I was in disbelief after learning more about historical anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

I would ask any current LYM members to really examine their souls for the holidays before they begin to spread this to others, and to [reflect on] why someone who is Jewish would be offended.

Perhaps this is why one Flickr picture comment on the cult I saw today used the phrase "LaRouche table of hate."[FN 6] We now have a membership composed of young people who were not born during the Protocols days and either were not alive or were just born when we stole millions[FN 7] and a court declared Lyn a "small-time Hitler."[FN 8]


Small-time Hitler meets big-time Hitler

DEC.29--I posted this real quick and when I had time later, I read [the quote about Harry Reid] over and over for it to sink in. Lyn has given the LYMers and LYMettes, along with the dead-ender LCers, a real Christmas present to show off to everyone proudly.

Maybe I am wrong, but don't those words by Lyn truly sound like he has exonerated Adolf Hitler??????

Here is a definition of exonerate to read:

ex·on·er·ate [ ig zónna ràyt ] (past and past participle ex·on·er·at·ed, present participle ex·on·er·at·ing, 3rd person present singular ex·on·er·ates)

transitive verb


1. free somebody from blame or guilt: to declare officially that somebody is not to blame or is not guilty of wrongdoing

2. free somebody from an obligation: to relieve somebody from an obligation or responsibility

[15th century. < Latin exonerat-, past participle of exonerare "take off a burden" < onus "burden"]

Since Lyn is a master legal scholar, unlike that Ed Spannaus and Babs,[FN 9] and he is the King, Ruler and Mystic Grand Exalted Poohbah of the Cult Bizarro World, he does have this authority.

The other thing to notice is that Lyn proves that Homer Simpson is a genius since Homer mentioned cloning and how LaRouche is right, and Lyn mentions Adolf Hitler being duplicated and how LaRouche is ALWAYS right.

Merry Christmas, LYMsters, wear your new gift from Lyn proudly for the New Year.


Holiday stocking-notes:

Perhaps a few of the LaRouche Youth Movement naifs--who know next to nothing about the history of the political network in which they are entrapped but are curious enough to sneak an occasional peek at forbidden websites--will find the below enlightening.

[1] In a 1978 article (read here), LaRouche described the Protocols of the Elders of Zion--a notorious anti-Semitic forgery promoted by the Nazis--as having a "hard kernel of truth." The document was declared authentic--and its contents were woven into the LaRouche movement's larger conspiracy theories--in the book Dope, Inc. (also 1978) written by three LaRouche aides (read a summary of the book here and the full text of the Protocols chapter here). The negative response among ex-members, the media and Jewish organizations motivated LaRouche to be more discreet thereafter, and to disguise the "Elders of Zion" world domination conspiracy as a plot by the "Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy," "the Synarchists," the "British bankers," the "Venetian Party," etc.

[2] LaRouche wrote in the same 1978 article cited in the previous footnote:

"The contemptible but impassioned sophistry which the Zionist demagogue offers to all foolish enough to be impressed with such hoaxes is the 'holocaust' thesis. It is argued that the culmination of the persecution of the Jews in the Nazi holocaust proves that Zionism is so essential to 'Jewish survival' that any anti-Zionist is therefore not only an anti-Semite, but that any sort of criminal action is excusable against anti-Zionists in memory of the mythical 'six million Jewish victims' of the Nazi 'holocaust.'

"This is worst than sophistry. It is a lie. True, about a million and a half Jews did die as a result of the Nazi policy of labor-intensive 'appropriate technology' for the employment of 'inferior races,' a small fraction of the tens of millions of others--especially Slavs--who were murdered in the same way Jewish refugee Felix Rohatyn proposes today. Even on a relative scale, what the Nazis did to Jewish victims was mild compared with the virtual extermination of gypsies and the butchery of Communists. The point is that Adolf Hitler was put into power largely on the initiative of the Rothschilds, Warburgs and Oppenheimers, among other Jewish and non-Jewish financial interests centered in the City of London."

LaRouche repeated this Holocaust denial thesis over and over even after some of his followers protested vehemently and quit the organization. See, e.g., "LaRouche Reaffirms '1.5 Millions' Analysis," New Solidarity International Press Service news release, Jan. 17, 1981.

[3] For details of the LaRouche movement's glorification during the 1980s of Nazi science and former Nazi scientists--and the org's defense of war criminals such as slave labor camp V-2 production manager Arthur Rudolph--read "Old Nazis and New Dreams" (chapter 10 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism).

[4] Reference is to Jewish followers who joined LaRouche in the late 1960s and early 1970s (when his movement was on the far left) and who have remained with him to this day. Some of them are truly ground-down and very passive personalities; others are the "Trojan Jews" referred to by xlcr4life who eagerly step forward and display themselves to journalists (and to potential recruits who express doubts) as living evidence that the movement cannot possibly be anti-Semitic. The Trojan Jews rationalize their continued participation in the LaRouche movement--as do the non-Jewish boomers--through various arcane ideological arguments rooted in denial mechanisms. In the case of boomers who were red diaper babies, one could draw eery parallels between such rationalizations and those their parents adopted to deny the evils of Stalinism.

[5] The "Jew jokes" were first exposed by ex-members Alice and Don Roth in a 1981 letter that helped to motivate a number of individuals, both Jewish and gentile, to leave the organization (read here).

[6] This is a reference to the card tables, most notably on college campuses, where LYM members sell their literature and aggressively engage passers-by in debate. "Xlcr4life" has used the phrase "card table shrine" rather than "table of hate" in other postings, thus emphasizing the slavish psychological attributes of the LaRouche street organizers (both LYMers and boomers). The two phrases are complementary and equally apt.

[7] In 1988, LaRouche and six followers were convicted of mail fraud after scamming senior citizens and other victims all over the United States, from Alaska to Florida. In addition over a dozen LCers were convicted in state courts on similar charges. From my study of relevant court filings, bank records, and internal cult documents, and my conversations with law enforcement officials in the 1980s, I believe the amount stolen over a period of five years was well in excess of one hundred million dollars. For details read the excellent Wikipedia article on LaRouche's criminal trials, and also read "The World's Most Expensive Glass of Sherry" (Chapter 33 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism). For primary source documentation see the declaration and supporting exhibits filed in a California court in 1986 by 83-year-old Margaret Beynen which reveal how she was scammed. Mrs. Beynen would be a key witness against LaRouche and his associates two years later at their federal court trial in Alexandria, Virginia.

[8] The federal jury in LaRouche v. NBC (E.D. Va., 1984) found that it was not libelous for NBC-TV to include in a news program a statement by Anti-Defamation League fact-finding director Irwin Suall calling LaRouche a "small-time Hitler." I doubt that any member of the jury (which was so annoyed by LaRouche's performance on the witness stand that they awarded NBC $3 million on a counterclaim) would have been very upset in the immediate aftermath if someone had described this decision--as xlcr4life has done--as a positive affirmation of the truth of Suall's statement.

[9] Ed Spannaus and Barbara Boyd ("Babs") are long-time disciples of LaRouche: Spannaus since the 1960s when he was a student at the Columbia University School of Social Work, and Boyd since the 1970s. Boyd works in "Legal" (the paralegal office at LaRouche headquarters in Leesburg, Va.), which means she will be doing a lot of the grunt work for the defense in Kronberg v. LaRouche et al.--the libel suit that Molly Kronberg, widow of Ken Kronberg, has filed against LaRouche, Boyd, the LaRouche Political Action Committee and the LaRouche-founded EIR News Service. (Read the August 23, Sept 3, Dec. 1, Dec. 4 and Dec. 26, 2009 LaRouche Watch postings here.)

Spannaus used to work in Legal, but according to a little birdie in the Leesburg environs:

"He was thrown out of Legal after the 1988 Alexandria trial--first, because he had to do a little time in Fed penitentiary, but far more important, because he was the first person Lyn blamed for the loss of the case and Lyn's subsequent imprisonment. Lyn basically hated Ed ever after (probably before, too)."

In 2006, Spannaus was removed from the cult's top leadership (although his wife Nancy, a far more ruthless apparatchnik, remains in the Inner Ring). One would thank that, faced with the evidence that his god hates him--or, hate or not, has banished him from the divine light--Mr. Spannaus would go looking for a new god. Unfortunately boomers such as Mr. Spannaus, who've remained with LaRouche in spite of derision, abuse and lousy health insurance while he lavishes his attention on the bushy-eyed fanatics of the LaRouche Youth Movement (who are able to work longer hours and don't get sick as often), appear to be resigned to their fate.