Lyndon LaRouche's version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

Excerpts from infamous 1978 conspiracy tract accusing the Jews of running the global narcotics traffic

The following excerpts (with highlighting added) are from an anti-Semitic tract that has enjoyed wide circulation and exerted a malign influence among U.S. rightwing conspiracists over the past three decades. Commissioned by LaRouche and researched and written by some of his ultraleft-turned-ultraright cult followers, it was first published in 1978, with an Italian translation in 1980, a Spanish translation in 1985 and new English language editions in 1986 and 1992.[FN 1] The excerpts here are from the 1978 edition, almost certainly the one that gained the widest readership even if one regards as inflated the LaRouchian claims that it sold over 100,000 copies. The full first-edition text of this grab bag of paranoia and hate is available on the LaRouche Youth Movement website here.

There are unhighlighted passages in the excerpts below, and also passages in sections not included here, that deal with the purported role in the drug trade of British non-Jewish aristocrats and bankers whose relationship to the alleged Jewish conspirators is depicted ambiguously. Some passages describe the Jews as junior partners of English and Scottish kingpins; other passages strongly suggest that the Jews really run everything. Certainly the defense of the alleged authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on pages 31-33 (link below) would give gullible readers the impression that the "Order of Zion" either is already in control at the highest level or is plotting to achieve such hegemony at the earliest possible moment.

I'm aware that some LaRouche followers in the late 1970s--righteous individuals who would quit the org soon thereafter--tried to interest LaRouche in British aristocrats as a way of diverting him from his increasing anti-Jewish obsession. But whatever ruse of this type some of the researchers on Dope, Inc. may have tried to employ, it is a fact that LaRouche--whom David Goldman claims is the one who ultimately determined the content of the book's conspiracy rants--had repeatedly asserted, and would continue to assert, that certain Jewish families hold a controlling interest in the United Kingdom, both economically and politically (read here and here, and also note LaRouche's definition of "British" as meaning "Rothschild" in The Case of Walter Lippmann here).

LaRouche made this point more slyly and from a different angle in an extraordinary December 1978 article, "That Zoo Called 'The House of Lords'" (here), in which he depicted the British Anglican aristocracy and royals as a pack of inbred retards. The implication was that these non-Jewish aristocrats would be incapable of creating and running the intricate narcotics conspiracy described in Dope, Inc. and that it is the Jews (perhaps with the help of the Scots) who control Britain, just as it is the Jews (according to Dope Inc.) who control the North American Mafia. One might say that in LaRouche's imaginary world of plots and counter-plots, Lord Rothschild is to the House of Lords as Meyer Lansky was to the Syndicate.

One of the senior authors of Dope, Inc., Konstandinos Kalimtgis, would quit the LaRouche org in December 1980, and would oppose LaRouche's public influence--very effectively--during the 1980s. Another, Jeff Steinberg, continues to function as LaRouche's security chief 31 years later, and hopes to become the octogenarian's successor. The third, David P. Goldman, resigned from the org in 1988 and would break decades of silence in May 2009 with his "Confessions of a Coward," an article on the First Things blog that has attracted considerable attention. In this piece, he discusses his former role in the LaRouche movement, including his co-authorship of Dope, Inc., admitting that the book "had unmistakable anti-Semitic overtones" and that, in general, "Jewish banking families kept popping up" in LaRouche's conspiracy theories.

The below excerpts should provide ample proof to just about anyone except hard-core LaRouche followers that Goldman is correct in saying Dope, Inc. contains "anti-Semitic overtones"; indeed, these excerpts suggest that Goldman is greatly understating the case, and that Dope, Inc. is actually a Jew-baiting tract of the highest order of virulence. As to Goldman's claim that he only did numbers-crunching on the book, that "LaRouche took my quantitative study and combined it with the paranoid musings of other researchers," and that Goldman himself is only responsible for remaining silent out of fear: I find these assertions utterly preposterous.


  • LaRouche: The "Zionist Lobby" controls organized crime. Front matter of Dope, Inc., where the book is described as having been written by "a U.S. Labor Party Investigating Team" under the "direction of" David Goldman and two other authors. Acknowledgements section says it was "commissioned in September 1978 by U.S. Labor Party National Chairman Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr." (the Acknowledgements are not included here because so many of the researchers named therein left the org decades ago). In the "Dedication," LaRouche alleges that the international narcotics traffic is "aided by those leading elements of the Zionist Lobby which have controlled organized crime in the USA and the Caribbean since the early 1920s."

  • The "Order of Zion" and its "Assassination Bureau." From the Introduction to Part One: "The descendants of the Triads [Chinese organized-crime societies--DK], the Mafia, and the Order of Zion still promote drug traffic, dirty money transfers, political corruption, and an Assassination Bureau even more awesome than the conspiracy that claimed Abraham Lincoln's life." But LaRouche had already stated in the Dedication that "leading elements of the Zionist Lobby" control the Mafia in the United States (p. iii), and Dope, Inc.'s authors would enthusiastically attempt to prove this thesis throughout the following chapters.

    The book's analysis of the supposedly highest-level direct players in the drug traffic does appear to leave the Triads beyond the direct control of the Jews. But the Triads are only mentioned eight times in the book (mostly in a brief, pro forma fashion to slyly disguise attacks on the alleged Order of Zion), and the only mention of them operating in North America refers exclusively to activities in and around West Coast "Chinatowns" in the nineteenth century. The result is that their inclusion in the list of criminal plotters serves scarcely at all to mitigate Dope, Inc.'s anti-Semitic central message.

    Indeed, even the detailed accusations re the activities of non-Jewish British aristocrats and bankers serve primarily as a smokescreen for what is in essence an insidious, relentless attack on British, U.S., Canadian and South African Jews, who are accused of a wide array of crimes, including treason (the "Dreyfus libel") and pushing dope to schoolyard children (the "blood libel" in disguise; see p. 265).

    The book even follows LaRouche's lead in resurrecting the "poison libel" (LaRouche had earlier in 1978 accused medieval Jews of poisoning popes in order to take over the Church, and had publicly warned the Soviets to beware of "British" physicians--an unmistakeable reference to the "Jewish doctors' plot" of 1953, when many Jews were arrested and some killed because Stalin decided they were trying to poison him). In Dope, Inc.'s version of this canard (p. 271):

    "The 'Seagram Chickencock' the [Bronfman] family poured across the border was pure poison--a mixture of pure alcohol, sulfuric acid, caramel, water, and aged rye whiskey that paralyzed its victim. Between 1920 and 1930, 34,000 Americans died from alcohol poisoning." [Read the full context here.]

  • Treason against America alleged; Protocols of Zion affirmed as a real, historical document. In Part I, Chap. 2 ("Palmerston's Fifth Column, USA"), we are told that the British set up a criminal, treasonous network involving most notably the "Order of Zion and its American spinoff, the B'nai B'rith" along with the Scottish Rite Freemasons. The Order of Zion is described as:

    "a highly specialized dirty tricks operation founded by London-based Hofjuden ('Court Jew') families, whose close ties to the British oligarchy traced back to the founding of the Bank of England, and before that to an alliance with the piratical financiers of post-Renaissance Genoa. The names of these families will appear and re-appear throughout this report."

    The Order of Zion is linked in this chapter to slavery, the Confederate secession, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, and the assassinations of Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is described not as a forgery but as the actual minutes of a secret Paris meeting of the Order of Zion "intercepted and published by the Russian counterintelligence service, the Okhrana." The Okhrana supposedly published the "captured minutes" as retaliation against "the Order of Zion's role in fomenting a sweeping destablilization" against the Czarist government.

  • "Filthy business of the Our Crowd banks..." In Part I, Chap. 3 ("Britain's Noble Experiment") we are informed that prohibition "was aimed at degrading the American people through popular 'violation of the law' and association with the crime syndicate controlled by the Our Crowd banks of Wall Street--the Zionist Lobby of its day....[T]he creation and rapid growth of an organized crime syndicate in the United States was the filthy business of the Our Crowd banks...."

  • "We know how to mop them up..." The introduction to Part II promises to "guide the reader down the family trees of the Canada-based Zionist financiers, to their contact-points in the world of organized crime and heroin distribution...." Says the "international web of the British-centered 'Zionist lobby'" exerts "financial control of the Canada-U.S. drug channels." Says the "leading controllers of the opium war against the United States are not only connected by interlocking directorates and other business ties but by ties of 'blood' that constitute this web under one family." Alleges that the drug traffic "is controlled by a single group of evil men...whose intimate ties of ownership, family, and political collaboration go back 200 years. We know their names and addresses, and know how to mop them up."

    At the time, the LaRouche org was best known for "Operation Mop Up," a campaign of violent attacks against U.S. communist groups conducted in 1973. Thus the phrase "we know how to mop them up" can be easily read as a threat of physical violence to be perpetrated on "Zionists." And 1978, the year of publication of this book, was when LaRouche followers first started trickling down to Georgia for paramilitary training at a "counterforce" school run by Mitch Werbell, a supporter of the Holocaust-denying Liberty Lobby (and an associate of mobsters) who also served as LaRouche's "security advisor."

    The real Dope, Inc.? LaRouche security advisor Mitch WerBell (center), Cleveland crime boss John Nardi (right) and other defendants celebrate their acquittal in Miami drug smuggling case (1976) shortly after key government witness died in mysterious private plane crash.

  • Rothschild, Oppenheimer and the drug traffic. Chart on pp. 154-55 purports to show the organizational structure of the "Drugs and Dirty Money" plot. Extensions of the chart continue for several pages with lots of English and Scottish names, but the first page here clearly depicts London and Johannesburg-based Jewish financiers as central players (with a little help from Israel's Bank Leumi).

  • "Drug running--The Canadian Connection." Chart (pp. 170-71) shows the "British Monarchy" at the top. However, of the six names immediately underneath, three are Jewish families or historically Jewish banking firms. Below that, you have Eagle Star Insurance (British firm that was a big investor in the Bronfmans' Trizec), English Properties (connected to the Bronfmans and Reichmanns), Trizec (Bronfman real estate firm), Edper (holding company named after Edgar and Peter Bronfman), Cemp Investments (Bronfman family holding company) and Seagram (the flagship Bronfman business). On the left in block letters is MacMillan Bloedel, which was Edper-controlled. Near the bottom right of the chart in small letters is "E.L. Kolber, Zionist Lobby." That's E. Leo Kolber, who for 30 years ran Cemp for the Bronfmans.

    One is left with an overwhelming impression that the insertion of the monarchy at the top of the chart is for show only, and that the alleged conspiracy is basically a Jewish one. Indeed, only a month after LaRouche's commissioning of Dope, Inc., an article appeared in New Solidarity under his own name illustrated by a big Star of David with Queen Elizabeth at the top flanked on one side by economist Milton Friedman (who would be the subject two years later of The Ugly Truth About Milton Friedman, a book by LaRouche and Dope, Inc. co-author David Goldman) and on the other side by the LaRouche org's number one Symbolic Evil Jew, Henry Kissinger. So much for the idea that LaRouchian conspiracy theories can't be about the Jews simply because LaRouche chooses to call them the "British."

    Elizabeth, Queen of the Jews.

  • Pollution of bloodlines? The excerpted pages from Part II, Chap. 9 ("All in the Family: The Real Syndicate") discuss the alleged role in the "Dope Empire" of the Japhet family, Bank Leumi, Kuhn Loeb, the Schroeder Bank (its chairman said to be married to Otto Kuhn's granddaughter), the Churchill family, the Lazard group ("related to the Churchills by marriage"), etc. Also includes more details about intermarriage between British Jews and aristocratic British Christians--an obsession the LaRouchians share with earlier anti-Semites including, among others, Arnold Spencer Leese, founder of Britain's Imperial Fascist League (pamphlet circa 1936 here) and the pro-Nazi America Firster "Cincinnatus" (1940 book here).

    According to the authors, "[t]he Rothschilds were the first of a number of leading [Hofjuden] families to come up the ladder through intermarriage." And then came Edgar Bronfman, but his "attempt to wed Caroline Townshend...came to naught...Apparently, there are limits to what the British families will suffer from social-climbing Hofjuden." And: "The individuals named throughout this section [British-Empire Jewish and Christian financiers, often the product of intermarriage--DK] are part of a single family operation, whose members take critical roles in furthering the opium trade, financing the opium trade, and directing the opium trade."

  • More on the alleged Jewish control of organized crime. In the introduction to Part III, the "Zionist Hofjuden" are described as the "wholesalers of the drug trade...whose assigned task is to ensure swift and secure Britain's retail distributors: the mob." Suggests that the "criminal underworld of North America" is controlled through Bronfman family corporate subsidiaries. Says the "leading lights of the Zionist Lobby" are traitors to America ("contemporary Benedit Arnolds"). Claims that the LaRouche team's research has found "tainted heroin money being funneled into Zionist organizations and from Zionist fronts back into political machines for the dual purpose of buying protection for the drug trade and shaping U.S. policy." Alleges to show how the money flows through the "Anglo-Dutch [as used by LaRouche, a code word for Jewish financiers--DK] offshore banking it changes ownership from the mob, to the Bronfmans, to British banks, to the Israeli finance international terrorism and a privately owned assassination bureau..."

    The authors condescend to tell us that "one cannot condemn the entire Jewish people for the centuries of crime committed by the Hofjuden. The only relationship the Hofjuden have had to Jewry is that of persecutors and tormentors." We are also told that the Rothschilds et al. instigated "waves of persecutions" against Jews and thus "terrorized" them into supporting Zionism, and that the Hofjuden became the "leading financial backers of Adolph Hitler." (Note how this neatly shifts the blame for the Holocaust from the Nazis to an Elders of Zion-type conspiracy (see Part I, Chap. 2). No wonder the LaRouche organization would end up in the 1980s supporting every Nazi war criminal in sight from John Demjanjuk and Tscherim Soobzokov through Arthur Rudolph and Kurt Waldheim.)

    The chapter ends with a virtual hit list for the promised "mop up" campaign: the Montefiores, the Goldsmids, the Mocattas, the Oppenheimers, the de Hirsches, the Sassoons, the Rothschilds, and the "new initiates," such as the Bronfmans--who were "raised out of the gutter to become some of the best paid crooks in the world."

    Carlos Marcello (1910-1993), crime boss of New Orleans. The LaRouchians depicted him in Dope, Inc. as a "Zionist" puppet, yet they themselves sucked up to him in the early 1980s, hoping for a piece of the action.

  • The Bronfmans as Symbolic Evil Jews. Here, in Part III, Chap. 1 ("The Bronfman Gang"), we find a torrent of accusations similar to those the LaRouchians were directing at Henry Kissinger at the time and are today directing at George Soros. The trick in constructing Symbolic Evil Jews is to pick a high profile Jewish individual with a controversial public record--or a high profile Jewish family with something controversial in its past (Samuel Bronfman, the founder of the family fortune, was involved in rum running during the Prohibition years)--and then conflate it so that the person or family appears to be at the center of a global web of evil. And note the buzz words included in the subheads: "Going legit ain't necessarily kosher" and "Are they really clean?" (the latter phrase, in context, is merely a polite version of the 1930s street-corner Nazis' cry of "dirty Jew, dirty Jew...").

  • Zionist "Assassination Bureau"? Chart (p. 315) purports to show the command and control structure: Rothschild, Rosenbaum, Bronfman, Mossad, the "Lansky-Marcello Crime Syndicate" (the book explicitly depicts the Syndicate as being thoroughly controlled by the "Zionists"), etc. And at the center of it all is Louis M. Bloomfield, a Montreal attorney who, while in the British Army in the 1930s, helped to train Jewish self-defense forces in Palestine (the LaRouchians believe Bloomfield was the mastermind behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy).

  • A Zionist plot to legalize drugs? Excerpt from Part V, the "Drug Lobby," claims that the drug decriminalization lobby is "thoroughly interlocked with organized crime" (emphasis is in the original) and that this "interlock" is "keyed around the Zionist Lobby, and more precisely around the person of Senator Jacob Javits (R-N.Y.)." Says that Javits [another of LaRouche's Symbolic Evil Jews in the late 1970s--DK] "gets his orders several times a week at private planning briefing sessions at a number of exclusive New York City apartments," and lists several prominent Jews who supposedly participated in these meetings. Says Javits was in cahoots with drug traffickers and the Bronfmans, provided classified government information to the "Lansky syndicate," sponsored a secret LSD experimental program, and served as the "unofficial head of the Zionist Lobby in the United States." The chapter notes provide no documentation for these allegations.

    Nowhere in this chapter do the authors explain why organized crime (or the alleged "Mister Bigs" behind it) would support drug decriminalization, a policy that would almost certainly lead to a sharp decline in their profits. But one should not be surprised by the lack of logic or evidence in this book: Its aim was not to seriously address the drug problem but rather to whip up an irrational hatred of rich Jews, Zionists and the State of Israel. If the LaRouchians were serious about fighting drugs they would not have been cooperating with mobsters throughout the late 1970s and into the early 1980s, and would not have allied themselves with cocaine dictator Manuel Noriega in the middle and late 1980s (read here).

  • Dope, Inc. authors complain they've been targeted by Jewish "fascists." In an afterword, the authors claim that "European collaborators" of the Dope, Inc. research team "conducted a public meeting in Paris to present the results of the investigation. The meeting was attacked by 20 hooded and armed members of the fascist organization, Betar [the reference is to the Zionist-Revisionist youth movement of that name--DK]....The French authorities believe that the attack was ordered by the Mossad..."

    Also described is a meeting of the authors with "eight officials of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors" and a later meeting with "officials of the New York State Banking Authority." Apparently neither group of officials was especially impressed by the quality of the U.S. Labor Party team's research, but the authors were nevertheless hopeful: "The first blood has already been drawn from a group of gentlemen who have been long accustomed to working at a distance from the combat zone. The terms of the battle have been redrawn to make an American victory possible."

    Betar marches in Warsaw, 1938. Founded by the great Ze'ev Jabotinsky, it served as a communal self-defense org in British Palestine and Eastern Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, and is regarded as a precursor of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Betar saved the lives of tens of thousands of Jews by smuggling them out of Europe. Its members fought in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and led partisan units against the Nazis in Lithuania. LaRouche hates and fears this tradition of proud Jews who fight back, and believes that the only good Jews are servile, anti-Semitic Jews who'll follow his own commands.

    Dope, Inc.: An organizing tool against the Jews

  • LaRouchian grassroots organizing in Detroit based on Dope, Inc. themes (1979). Here is a fine investigative piece by Doug Hall (Detroit Free Press, Aug. 26, 1979) about LaRouche's National Anti-Drug Coalition, which was attracting sizeable crowds to inner city rallies in several cities, including Detroit and Chicago, and was targeting "Zionist" drug dealers. Article shows the Symbolic Evil Jew tactic at work (although Hall doesn't call it that) in the LaRouche org's targeting of Max Fisher, a prominent Detroit businessman and Jewish communal leader. Hall cites a New Solidarity headline, "The Case Against Max Fisher, Part III. Destroy the Zionist Drug Runners," and quotes Fisher's strongly worded response.

    Also, Rollin Tobin, the Southfield, MI director of public safety, told Hall about a meeting with NADC organizers: "They came in saying they were against drugs, and then they went totally anti-Semitic....I don't know what's wrong with these people." And a spokesman for Muslim leader Wallace Deen Muhammad was quoted re the use of the anti-drug issue by LaRouche's U.S. Labor Party (USLP) to "dupe innocent people."

    The article documents how the coalition listed names of politicians, ministers and other community leaders in Detroit and elsewhere without getting their permission, or else gathered their names by misrepresenting the group's policies and affiliations. However, a few endorsers justified continuing to work with the coalition either because they believed the drug issue could be kept separate from the USLP political stances or because they regarded the USLP not as anti-Semitic but merely as "anti-Zionist."

  • National Anti-Drug Coalition pamphlet. Cover page of 1979 report on the NADC's founding convention in Detroit, plus an inside page that makes clear that Dope, Inc. was playing an integral role in the org's efforts to build an anti-Semitic mass movement around the drug issue. Advertisement calls Dope, Inc. the "book that launched a nationwide anti-drug movement," claims it's already sold 35,000 copies, and offers special prices for bulk purchases.

  • More on the NADC's supposed crusade against drugs. Included here is the cover of the Dec. 1980 issue of the NADC magazine War on Drugs and an inside page documenting the use of Dope, Inc. for organizing purposes in the U.S. and Europe. Note the photo of a representative of the World Community of Al-Islam in the West being given a copy of Dope, Inc. at the 1978 founding meeting of the Michigan Anti-Drug Coalition. The use of this picture must be described as utterly cynical, since, after the meeting in question, the Muslim movement's leader, Imam Wallace Deen Muhammad, had repeatedly, strongly and unequivocally denounced LaRouche's effort to parasite off the black community. And it's only fair to point out that Kostas Kalimtgis, shown in this photo as presenting the book to the Imam's follower, had withdrawn from an active role in the LaRouche organization months prior to Dec. 1980, and was soon to face a campaign of vilification and harassment (including death threats directed at himself and his family) orchestrated by LaRouche.

  • LaRouche supporters demonstrate at Max Fisher's offices in Detroit. Article is from LaRouche's New Solidarity, Sept. 13, 1985. The campaign had now expanded its focus to suggest that the cult's favorite local Symbolic Evil Jew was promoting prostitution and pornography as well as drugs. Rally also targeted Resorts International, the casino company [yes, the same Resorts International on which the LaRouche org had run a shakedown in 1979 to get a contract for a then-LaRouche-controlled computer systems firm to design casino software in Atlantic City--thus facilitating the same social evils the LaRouchians would blame on Fisher six years later]. And note the photo of the demo's "Mugsy the Mobster" character intended to attract media coverage while also projecting a crude stereotype of a Jewish gangster of the "Purple Gang" era.

    [1] The 1986 edition removed the references to the Protocols that had triggered so much criticism of the first edition. However, the authors (Goldman and Steinberg) added a lengthy tirade against the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, claiming it was heavily involved in the narcotics traffic. A search of the index reveals an increase in the number of references to the Rothschilds from 29 to 38, to the Oppenheimers from 7 to 19, to the Warburgs from 7 to 18, and to Meyer Lansky from 29 to 49. The conflation of Lansky into the Symbolic Criminal Jew is achieved by relegating the Mafia to an insignificant role: The name Gambino appears only twice in the index, Genovese and Trafficante only once each, and Meli, Patriarcha, Bufalino and Marcello not at all. I thus can't see Dope, Inc.'s second edition as much of an improvement over the first one.


    We'll examine in detail the bizarre and almost psychotic hypocrisy behind Dope, Inc. and the LaRouche cult's "war on drugs" (especially in Detroit)...