How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism

[Note by Dennis King, Sept. 2, 2008: LaRouche's article below is what initially got me thinking, back in the late 1970s, that LaRouche had morphed into a fascist. On rereading it recently for the first time in decades, I found it as sinister and repulsive as ever, but I also spotted examples of LaRouche's bizarre psychological traits and self-promoting tricks that had been beyond my ken when I first read it. All the bracketed comments in boldface italics were inserted by me. Any unbolded editorial explanations enclosed in parentheses are part of the original text.]

New Solidarity, February 17, 1978

WIESBADEN, West Germany, Jan. 26 (NSIPS)--In the interest of the United States and its allies, I cause various kinds of relevant information to be made available to European security agencies responsible for antiterrorism. This includes information received from reliable sources which wish that information transmitted. It also includes evaluations and knowledge developed through the specialized capabilities of myself and my associates. [Is this why certain "European security agencies" (especially the Germans) don't want a homicide investigation of Jeremiah Duggan's death? Is someone protecting an informant network that has been useful in the past and might be useful in the future? Or is LaRouche merely puffing himself up? See more on this point below.--DK]

There have been many complaints against my own and my associates' activities to this effect, complaints from the associates and sympathizers of the terrorists and "zero-growthers."

Some of this information is "sensitive," and therefore is not and should not be publicized outside appropriate channels. Certain sources must be protected from public identification. Innocent people in the same milieu with terrorist-linked persons must not be subjected to avoidable injuries to their reputations. Sound working hypotheses of a criminal investigation, however sound, ought not to appear in public print except as strictly necessary for preventing criminal activity. [LaRouche and his supporters have never followed this rule. They have smeared hundreds of individuals and organizations as terrorists, drug dealers, etc. simply for championing beliefs that clash with LaRouche's own. Such defiance of the one and only truth manifests, in LaRouche's view, a "criminal" state of mind that will inevitably propel a person to engage in or encourage terrorist or other illegal activities. As to "innocent people" not being subjected to "avoidable" accusations, what about the Muslim man in New Zealand who spent many months behind bars in 2002-2003 because a LaRouche web site falsely linked him to terrorism? (Click here.) And what about Catholic Bishop Samuel Ruiz, the mediator between the Mexican government and indigenous Chiapas rebels in the 1990s, who was falsely accused by LaRouche's Ibero-American Solidarity Movement (MSIA) of being the secret leader of the insurrection--and then became the target in November 1997 of an assassination attempt by Peace and Justice, a paramilitary group with which the MSIA was allied (click here and here).--DK]

Nonetheless, some of this information transmitted to security agencies ought to be given the widest public circulation. The public has the right to be informed of the basic facts concerning international terrorism. Public knowledge of the nature of the terrorist problem is also essential to provide appropriate state agencies with the mandate for the measures those agencies must employ to fight terrorism effectively,

The following report is exemplary of the sort of information developed by myself and my associates which ought to be made public.

Through reliable, and partially through confidential sources, we have received briefing-information concerning the objectives of British intelligence agencies behind the new, current phase of international terrorism. Those British agencies--unless prevented--intend to mount the worst wave of terrorism to date--inclusive of Italy, France and the Federal Republic of Germany--and to lay a trail of false evidence leading to East Germany, Czechoslovakia and other East bloc nations. [Why is it that LaRouche predicts so many things that never happen? And why is it that his followers never seem to notice when the predictions fail--again and again and again--to come true?--DK] This false trail will emphasize the nominally "leftist" self-designation of certain British networks, and will also employ British intelligence networks in the East bloc and certain "Third World" nations.

Although the intelligence services of some of the targeted nations know that British intelligence is behind the terrorism, those intelligence services complain justly that their governments so far refuse to give them the needed authority to go after British intelligence networks as such. This misguided refusal by governments is based on fears which are variously diplomatic, financial and internal-political. The leadership of certain parties--such as the Socialist Party of France, the Lombardi-Craxi leadership of the Socialist Party of Italy--are deeply involved in international terrorist networks and also agents-of-influence of British intelligence services. Thus, any open attack on British intelligence means some degree of internal political crisis, because of the reaction by parties and fractions of parties under British influences.

This is complicated by the fact that elements of the United States policy-establishment are British agents-of-influence--e.g., Henry Kissinger, Walter F. Mondale, William F. Buckley, et al. Although the electoral base for these forces is between 20 and 30 percent of the U.S. electorate, British agents-of-influence have a disproportionate penetration of elements of the U.S. Executive branch. Hence, honest Americans are sometimes obliged to employ indirect means for assisting our European allies in the fight against environmentalism and terrorism.

The following report covers two vital features of British intelligence's international terrorist networks. First, the general way in which terrorist-controlled networks are organized. Second, the crucial features which must be isolated to determine whether or not the terrorist and terrorist-sympathizer organizations are British or not.

The point is that terrorism can be stopped at the source if appropriate political penalties are applied to suitable elements of British networks. Strike the hydra in the head, and the rest of the British-terrorist network is rather easily mopped up. As long as governments pursue the diplomatic course of pretending that the international terrorism problem is not British, the terrorism problem will simply become worse and worse.


The majority of terrorist networks are set up in a manner intended to defy tracing responsibility to the source. British intelligence networks control elements of political parties, universities, professional associations, trade union organizations, corporations, and so forth. In addition, British intelligence creates various kinds of organizations, such as "environmentalist" groups, "peace movements," and so forth. British intelligence then penetrates these organizations with a different sort of organization. These latter are organizations which have a nastier quality than the organizations they penetrate. However, usually, most of the operatives of this second set of networks have no direct knowledge of the network's control by British intelligence. [Note the similarity of this fancied British intelligence network to General Erich Ludendorff's putative Jewish-Freemasonic network (click here).--DK]

That is the simplest form of the type of British intelligence network relevant to the terrorist problem. More complex arrangements are simply that: more complex applications of the same method of splitting and cross-penetrating one's own covert-use organizations.

The effect of this arrangement is principally twofold.

First, the pumping of material resources through a "peace movement" or "environmentalist" organization, or a section of a party, trade union and so forth is not in itself a visible offense. However, the effect is to place part of those resources at the disposal of the other organizations which penetrate the first. (A study of the material aid flowing into the Hamburg Maoist Arbeiterkampf ("Workers Struggle") and KBN groups would reveal this pattern.) With a witting, complicit British agent or agent-of-influence in the first organization, the pathway is eased for such penetration operations of the second.

This illustrative case represents a two-layer "safe-house" arrangement for inserting the terrorist-network operation. Now, the penetrating organization is itself penetrated by the British-intelligence network which runs the terrorism. [A little repressed homosexuality here? Like in LaRouche's 1974 fantasies about his ex-wife's new husband being anally and orally raped in London by CIA and MI6 agents and then being sent to America as a Manchurian candidate-style assassin to penetrate LaRouche's security screen? (Click here.)--DK]

For example, in tracing the connection to the Longo Mai "commune" in France, our sources first encountered camps in Belgium involving documents leading directly to Second International zero-growth ideologue Sicco Mansholt. From these Belgium camps selected, profiled participants were led into sex-and-drug camps in France (in one case, adjoining the Pyrenees). After a subject's extended conditioning in these sex-and-drug camps, the subject was recruited to the Longo Mai camp, where terrorist weapons training was given. The Belgian end of the terrorist operation was directly linked to Riccardo Lombardi of the Socialist Party of Italy, and to the British Mafia operation in the south of Italy. Furthermore, through financial networks centered around Geneva, save-houses [sic] for terrorists were operating for Longo Mai graduates and other terrorists, in the region north of Lake Geneva, as well as the old British Special Operations Executive safe-house in the south of France near the Italian border.

A terrorist operation in West Germany, such as the kidnapping and murder of industrialist leader Hanns-Martin Schleyer, is thus staged from the indicated French-speaking region of Switzerland, in which region "green border" operations into adjoining areas of France are relevant.

Among the available sources of funds for such operations is the British-controlled international drugs and arms traffic. From the "silver triangle" in the British West Indies, an indicated $8 billion annual valuation of combined heroin, cocaine, and marijuana is conducted, with a large portion of the funds "laundered" through Eurodollar market banks. The magnitude of British intelligence-coordinated international drug traffic--through Hong Kong and Singapore as well as the British West Indies circuits and Canadian British-intelligence channels--is estimated to equal the level of the petrodollar flow of surplus funds. [The same year as this article was published, LaRouche commissioned the book Dope, Inc., the authors of which blamed the international drug traffic on the Jews and even cited the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion to bolster their case.--DK]

Thus, although the terrorists have so far run chiefly under a "left" cover, the operation is directly connected to the neofascist networks, including the British Mafia and "Corsican Brotherhood." [Shortly after writing this, LaRouche would begin to court Italian-American organized-crime figures, claiming that they--in contrast to the "Zionist" gangsters--were pro-industrial-development patriots, and allies of his own organization in the "war on drugs" (click here).--DK]

The available model case for British terrorist operations is given by U.S. intelligence services' monitoring and neutralization of a projected "Black September" terrorist operation against the United States scheduled for early 1974. The results of that investigation were matched with British-Peking operations in Canada and with British-intelligence drug-running into the United States through the Canadian provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and the city of Montreal. In this matter, with considerable helpful information supplied to us by several concerned security services, we were able to get directly to the core of the British intelligence operation. [This was all a fantasy concocted by Reading, Pennsylvania Klan leader Roy Frankhouser, who in 1974 persuaded the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to send him to Toronto to investigate a purported Black September cell. I am told that Roy had a nice vacation and visited local museums. When Roy's ATF controller figured out he'd been scammed, he reportedly gave Roy a thrashing. Shortly thereafter Roy discovered a much more gullible source of funding--the LaRouche organization--and persuaded them that he had connections to a high-level CIA faction and had been assigned as the cut-out between LaRouche and individuals in this faction who supposedly had the utmost respect for LaRouche's genius. In the early 1980s, Roy cadged a free trip to Europe to investigate an alleged plot against LaRouche--and visited more museums. (For further details on Roy's antics, click here.) I personally think LaRouche was aware on some level that Roy was a scam artist--but Roy's yarns were enhancing the image of LaRouche as a world-historic figure and ace spymaster in the eyes of his followers while also boosting his feelings of self-importance (LaRouche could tell himself he was indeed such an important personage that Henry Kissinger was--or at least might be--staying up all night trying to figure out how to foil him). So one could say that Roy had figured out--like all successful con men--how to seduce his "mark" into becoming a psychological collaborator in the con.--DK]

The "Black September" operation, which we have exposed previously, was summarily as follows.

Captured Soviet arms were shipped, in U.S. wrappings, from an airfield depot outside London. They were received in Toronto, Canada, at the premises of a Yemen Airlines office. There, the weapons, destined for "Black September" operations in the United States, were inspected under the supervision of a top British agent, an old British Special Operations Executive operative, whose regular assignment is the interface between U.S. Maoist organizations and Peking. The fact that a U.S. intelligence operative penetrated this aspect of the operation most probably led to the operation being scrapped. [The "U.S. intelligence operative" was Roy, of course.--DK]

U.S. intelligence penetration of the network was made possible through initial penetration of the Ku Klux Klan (also created by British intelligence in the 19th century, with participation of former Confederate Treasurer Judah Benjamin, a Rothschild agent allied with August Belmont). This penetrated a joint Maoist-Ku Klux Klan-linked gun and drug-running operation in the Reading, Pennsylvania area. This was a cutout arms depot for explosives and weapons, wnich supplied various terrorist groups in the U.S., including the Weathermen. (Later investigation of this connection turned up Henry Kissinger's authorization of covert gun-running into Lebanon.) [From Roy, except for the assertions about Jewish control of the KKK.--DK]

The Maoist network associated with Ku Klux Klanners in operating the Reading-area arms depot was both a part of the drug-networks of the Institute for Policy Studies, and a Maoist group under the leadership of the same William Hinton who worked closely with Canadian-based British intelligence in his travels to and from Peking, China. Not only did Reading lead to the Black September base in Toronto, but the same British Special Operations Executive agents in charge of the Black September operation were otherwise linked to Reading through William Hinton's Maoist activities. [More from Roy's vivid imagination.--DK]

Although the Institute for Policy Studies' links to British intelligence usually operate under a left-to-liberal denomination (London Institute for Race Relations, Holland's Transnational Institute), the connection to the Ku Klux Klan in the Reading area is not untypical of the neo-Fabian's rightwing affiliations. Major funding of the now-liquidated CounterSpy-Fifth Estate operation, to which Philip Agee's name is most notoriously associated, came through the Eli Lilly Foundation, which like Milton Friedmann [sic], is usually associated with funding "extreme right-wing" organizations. ["Neo-Fabians" refers to intellectuals influenced by Britain's moderately socialistic Fabian Society (founded 1884), which is sometimes cited in anti-Semitic pamphlets as being Jewish-controlled (see Chapters 8 and 20 of one such pamphlet here).--DK]

Just as EEC Commissioner Roy Jenkins's circles were associated with the creation of the London Institute for Race Relations, so Winston Churchill III is presently a central figure in maintaining British intelligence's "conservative" networks. British "liberal" networks are of major importance, as are British fascist networks. British intelligence comes in all colors of the nominalists' political spectrum in every part of the world. [A LaRouche play on words: Nominalism (a form of scholasticism that originated at Oxford University in medieval times) equals British empiricism equals British materialism equals the alleged "dirty-Jewish" form of materialism attacked by Karl Marx. But also, nominalism (or the "nominalists") alludes to the nominal Jews, the "Jews who are not Jews," the Jewish merchant banking families in London.--DK]

The importance of this fact is that the British are able to set up what are ostensibly violently antagonistic "right," "left," and "liberal" networks in various nations, and then to abruptly deploy these in coordinated fashion for concerted effect at a point of British intelligence's choosing. [In other words, there's no real difference between left and right, or liberal and conservative--the political spectrum is just an illusion employed by the "British" to manipulate people. This viewpoint proved to be extremely useful to LaRouche in squelching his leftist followers' doubts about his new rightwing rhetoric and his alliances with the likes of Willis Carto.--DK]

For example, the bulk of the "black nobility" in Italy--the descendants of the "Black Guelphs" of the 14th century--are presently working hand-in-hand with the Italian Maoists, Trotskyists, and terrorists, with the Mafia, and with the networks of Socialist Party figure Riccardo Lombardi, in Henry Kissinger's projected 90-day "Chile Scenario" for Italy.

Except in such cases as the cited "Black September" operation, security services seldom get through the tangle of cross-penetrating cut-outs through which British intelligence deploys its international terrorism. [That's because the "cross-penetrating cut-outs" don't exist--except in LaRouche's highly sexualized fantasies.--DK]


Although it is unavoidable, indispensable, to attack the terrorist problem as such, no general success can be gained by limiting countermeasures to this level of approach. On that level one is fighting a hydra's many, proliferating tentacles. One might strike the hydra in the vital center, kill it, and then the arms are easily eliminated. The "Old Man of the Mountain," Hassan ibn Saba (leader of the Ismailis in the late 11th and early 12th century--ed.), were he alive, would have none of the conceptual difficulties which have weakened the effectiveness of most European security agencies to date in dealing with this problem.

It is a slander that Hassan ibn Saba's "Assassins" were indiscriminate killers. On the contrary, the Ismaili assassins were a counterterror force, whose targets were always selected most carefully to eliminate key oppressors of the Middle East populations. For example, the Assassin's unfortunately unsuccessful effort in sending 40 agents to attempt to eliminate Ghenghis [sic] Khan. What sort of morality is it which states that nations and persons have no right to efficiently defend themselves against brutal murder of the sort represented by British international terrorism today? [This and the preceding paragraph constitute one of LaRouche's more revealing rants. Kill the hydra's "vital center"? I interpret this as a reference to the "British" bankers (the same "rich Jews" that top LaRouche security staffers used to boast would be rounded up after LaRouche's rise to power). Eliminate the "tentacles"? It is unclear from LaRouche's wording in this passage just how many people he regards as being tentacles or filaments of the fancied plot. But a New Solidarity editorial the following month suggested that the U.S. should subject the British to the same treatment meted out to Japan in 1945 (click here). And a Sept. 5, 1978 editorial called for purging "thousands of operatives for the Zionist Lobby" from the halls of Congress, the executive branch and "American business and labor organizations" (click here). But what did LaRouche envision as the ultimate fate for such persons if they were ever actually purged and forced to "register as foreign agents"(in effect, to wear yellow stars)? And did LaRouche draw any lines between these "thousands" and the rest of American Jewry--the millions who staunchly support Israel from OUTSIDE of Congress, the executive branch or corporate boardrooms? Since supporting Israel makes one a Zionist "operative" in LaRouche's expansive use of espionage lingo, would these millions also be eliminated? And then there's the "Old Man of the Mountain": LaRouche says that if this leader of medieval Islamic assassins were alive today, he'd know what to do about the international Zionist-terrorist conspiracy. But WHICH Old Man is LaRouche really talking about? The one who had his Eagle's Nest castle in medieval Syria and sent 40 hashish-addled assassins against the Mongol conqueror? Or the one who built the Kehlsteinhaus (known in English as the Eagle's Nest) on a mountaintop in Bavaria and sent over four MILLION assassins against Stalin's so-called Mongol hordes? Who knows for sure? Maybe this was all just a spontaneous late-night eruption from LaRouche's unconscious mind, flowing like lava into his fingers and from thence onto the typewriter keys.--DK]

Assassination of a key figure behind terrorism is not recommended of course, except to stop an impending crime which can be stopped in no other way. Such desperate measures need not be required if other, political means are used in time. [This is a typical LaRouche cover-your-ass statement in case one of the more demented of his followers should take up an assault rifle and start shooting at the cult's perceived enemies. However, LaRouche cautiously leaves open the option of assassinating "key figures BEHIND terrorism" in order to stop an "impending crime." Not only are such alleged controllers of terrorism--as listed by LaRouche--mostly either Jewish or closely associated with Jews and Israel, but LaRouche's idea of a terrorist crime includes publicly advocating (or even just silently nurturing) ideas that, in his view, might somehow encourage terrorist acts (click here). What this amounts to is that anyone who happens to disagree with LaRouche's peculiar ideas on economics, the environment, civil liberties, and Zionism is potentially toast.[FN 1]]--DK

I am informed that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (17th and 18th century German philosopher, mathematician, and Humanist--ed.) understood this correctly. ["I am INFORMED..."??? Today (2008) LaRouche is singing a different tune, claiming that he studied deeply, and mastered, the thought of Leibniz while he was in high school in the 1930s (click here). If this latest boast re his adolescent precociousness were true, however, LaRouche would not have needed to be "informed" in 1978--by one of his followers, or by anyone else--about Leibniz's views.--DK]

It is the political measures for stopping terrorism we propose here. Only if the public press creates such a clamor against British responsibility for international terrorism, so that British interests are penalized generally as a result of this scandal, can one create so large a penalty for Lazard Brothers, Barings, N.M. Rothschild, Winston Churchill III, et al., that they will abandon their terrorism as a practice made visibly contrary to their most vital interests. [Here LaRouche reveals who he's really referring to when he talks about "British" controllers of terrorism: Lazard Brothers (Jewish), Barings (not Jewish but rumored to be converted Jews in British anti-Semitic lore), N.M. Rothschild (Jewish), Winston Churchill III (grandson of Hitler's greatest foe and scion of a family that, according to LaRouche, has worked for the Jews since the 17th century when they allegedly accepted the gold of "Anglo-Dutch" banker Solomon Mendoza).--DK]

The essential motive behind British terrorism and environmentalism is identical with British opposition to the Luxembourg market, British slanders against the Dresdner bank, and then the British terrorists' murder of Dresdner's head Jurgen Ponto, British efforts to wreck the U.S. dollar and loot the U.S. economy, British efforts to sabotage Middle East peace, British efforts to ignite a global confrontation around a British-created war in the Horn of Africa, and British efforts, aided by British agents in high positions within the United States, to crush the economies of West Germany and Japan with a hyperinflationary depression. [Try reading this paragraph out loud to your friends--they may just laugh. Then (a) read them the previous paragraph about the Rothschilds et al. and (b) read them THIS paragraph again, replacing "British" with "Jewish." Now see if anyone laughs.--DK.]

The British loudly, shamelessly advertise such objectives in the press controlled by the same Barings, Lazards, and Rothschilds who control the Round Table, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the London International Institute for Strategic Studies. These ruling British forces, the avowed enemies of the entire human species, shamelessly declare war on the human species, and yet the governments of the nations targeted for victimization profess to be incredulous when we insist that the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the policy-arm of British MI-5 and MI-6, is behind international terrorism and environmentalism. This incredulousness despite the fact that every organization generating those policies for which the terrorists act is a creation of British intelligence networks. They profess to be incredulous even though every known link of the terrorists comes back to a British intelligence network doorstep. [This time around, it's just the Barings, Lazards and Rothschilds running the show; the Churchillian puppet has been dropped from the list. The Jews thus have been assigned, in LaRouche's fantasy world, a two-thirds' majority, which is better than either the Tories or Labor could hope to achieve in Parliament except under rare circumstances. And note that LaRouche calls these families the RULING British forces, not just the British controllers of terrorism. Note further that he calls them the avowed "enemies of the ENTIRE human species." This clearly implies that they are not part of the human species but belong to some other species. I'm not exaggerating: In another article ("The elite that can't think straight," Executive Intelligence Review, Oct. 17, 1978; click here and here), LaRouche claims that the leaders of the so-called international oligarchy "recognize in the distinctions between the functioning of our minds something akin to a species difference." And then, more strongly: "They recognize quickly in that distinction that exists between us evidence that I represent the ancient and feared adversary of their own evil species. The Whore of Babylon recognizes the mind of her potential destroyer." LaRouche even boasts that the oligarchs, seeing his supposed growing influence, "tense, growling such phrases as...'more dangerous than Hitler'..."[FN 2]--DK]

The problem is not that they lack facts, but that they are afraid to face those available facts which lead overwhelmingly to the proper conclusion. Indeed, the British laugh at these governments' failure of nerve on just that point. It is the politicians who block relevant intelligence and security forces from pursuing leads pointing to British intelligence networks. It is fearful politicians who prevent their governments from developing the sort of anti-British counterintelligence capabilities needed to cope with the terrorist problem. ["Fearful politicians" in the Weimar Republic?--DK]

The citizens must give their governments the courage to take the necessary measures, the courage to face the facts so abundantly available.

Let me put it this way. Were I a head of state of any principal European nation, I would clean up the terrorism problem in short order. It is not that means do not exist, but that the combined will and perception to properly employ those means is wanting in the political leadership. I am not without sympathy for the problems of Presidents and Prime Ministers in this connection; fully knowing those problems, at least their nature, I insist that the existence of nations demands a corresponding courage by national leaders.

There are two kinds of facts which are crucial to determining British responsibility for international terrorism from case to case. The first, not conclusive by itself, is "Who benefits?" The second, which is decisive, is "What is the national origin of the state of mind of the terrorist? To what national interest and national philosophical outlook does that state of mind belong?"

For example, the zero-growth ideology is endemic in many nations, but, among developed nations, is characteristic only of the national ideology of Great Britain. This is most conclusive in dealing with organized groups which represent themselves as "leftist."

The Marxian socialist movement among factory workers and their supporters has always been, somewhat like Marx himself, pro-growth, pro-technological progress. Among Marxists, it was the failure of capitalism to continue the process of technologically advancing expansion of the economy which classically defined the point at which objective ripeness for socialist transformation appears. When the sociology of this view among working people is taken into account, it is impossible for socialist political groups concerned with the interests of working people to "independently" endorse zero-growth ideas, let alone condone violence against technological progress. Among today's "leftists" some alien intervention has occurred. ["Alien" intervention? See the quote I provided above in which LaRouche describes the British oligarchy as a separate "species."--DK]

The zero-growth or Malthusian outlook has a long history, which aids us in rigorously assessing the inner national loyalties of those who espouse it. Its ancient form, continuing to the present day, is what was known during the time of Aristotle as "the Persian model" and otherwise known as the "oligarchical principle." Excepting the oligarchical strata to which this view is endemic, it has never appeared spontaneously among any urbanized section of the population except among lumpenproletarian strata...over a period of approximately two and a half thousand years! ["Assessing the inner national loyalties..."? This sounds like special loyalty checks on Jews to see if they're working for Mossad. And don't tell me that when LaRouche refers to the "oligarchical strata" as the BRITISH he is speaking of the British nation in the ordinary sense of that term--the English, Scots and Welsh never lived under Persian rule and haven't been around for "two and a half thousand years." (LaRouche's notions about a Persian stage in oligarchical history in which "Persian agents" 2500 years ago carried out various nefarious intrigues are apparently a reworking of ideas about ancient Jewry found in Houston Stewart Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, an anti-Semitic tract that influenced Hitler, and in Oswald Spengler's The Decline of the West. Read the relevant pages of Chamberlain here and of Spenger here.)--DK] Industrialist-capitalist, skilled and semi-skilled workers, and scientific-professional strata are incapable of secreting such oligarchical or zero-growth views as characteristic of their strata. [Those cosmopolitans don't know how to work with their hands...they only manipulate fictitious financial values...they are foreign to the productive economy which is the soul of the modern nation. Such ideas are typical canards against the Jews.--DK]

This policy is associated over two-and-half-thousand [sic] years with an alliance of landlord-oligarchies with those financier oligarchies which practice usury rather than productive investment. [Any doubt now that he's talking about the Jews?--DK] These oligarchical forces have always based themselves on the most backward rural strata plus the lumpen strata of urbanized regions. Since the accession of the Welfen (Guelph) house to the throne of England, and Welfen alliance with the House of Orange, Holland and England have been the leading national bastions of Welfish or "Malthusian-irrationalist" policy. Continental Europe and the United States have been anti-Malthusian, except to the extent that Anglo-Dutch networks have imposed or insinuated a contrary policy. [In anti-Semitic theories, especially those emanating from Britain, the Jewish conspiracy for world domination set up its base in Amsterdam after fleeing from the Spanish Inquisition and then transferred its headquarters to England once the ban on Jewish residency was lifted in the 17th century (for an example, click here and scroll down to Chapter Four). Hence we find LaRouche supplementing the code word "British" with references to the "Anglo-Dutch." He has also used the term "Venetian," a rather obvious allusion to Shylock, the Jewish moneylender in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice.--DK]

In the modern world, any section of urban populations which adopts a Malthusian outlook is ipso facto an agent of Anglo-Dutch ideological influence, whether wittingly or not. Since the British military expedition led by Marlborough at the beginning of the 18th century, and more emphatically since 1815, the British and their Dutch allies have built up deep networks linked to London in every nation of continental Europe in particular. [Marlborough was an ancestor of Winston Churchill, so once again we have LaRouche's theory of the centuries-old conspiracy of the Churchill family and its alleged patron Solomon Mendoza.--DK] As the case of the "black nobility" of Italy illustrates, these British networks have coopted the vestiges of the old Welf-allied networks of Europe going back approximately a thousand years in some instances. [Elsewhere LaRouche has slyly implied that the Black Nobility aka the Black Guelphs aka the Black Maltese were Jewish converts to Christianity or otherwise had Jewish blood.--DK]

It is this feature of British networks which most completely escapes the powers of comprehension of the security agency which seeks to uncover networks it presumes to have been established ex novo during a recent few years or a decade or so. Family traditions and associations, in some cases going back more or less consciously 1,000 years, are the inner aspect of the British intelligence networks. These old families are the hard core of that oligarchy of financial and feudal traditions which is the inner core of British intelligence today. The Welfish monarchies of Britain and Holland are being used as that international oligarchy's present home base, the national royal powers through which the exertion of the oligarchy as a whole are provided a coordinating focus and conduit of national power.

These families are embedded in various institutions of each nation. Despite individual and other defections from the oligarchical traditions among these families, the core which continues to adhere to that oligarchical tradition represents aggregately a large force for Anglo-Dutch corruption in the governments and major private institutions of power in various nations. [Families "embedded" not just in the institutions of their own nation but in those of "each" nation--in other words COSMOPOLITAN families, operating conspiratorially throughout Europe and representing "Anglo-Dutch corruption." This is classic rightwing anti-Semitic conspiracism.--DK]

Around these families are gathered a secondary layer of plebians. These plebians of the next-to-inner circles include leading intelligence and political families going back a generation or two, certain families with a legal-professional tradition, and so forth and so on. Around these there is an outer layer of agents, trusted, deemed useful, but not really on the "inside." Henry Kissinger is typical of this sort. [LaRouche would soon upgrade Kissinger to the status of an oligarchical superstar--the Symbolic Evil Jewish Conspirator.--DK] Around these strata, another layer of agents, and so, down to the pathetically demented individual environmentalist or terrorist.

Apart from the determination of the oligarchy to dominate the world, the larger mass of the oligarchical faction is characterized by personal, heteronomic ambition to rise to the hierarchy. Reality, the consequences of policy for the human species, is not an object of concern. What is of concern is competition to make a reputation for oneself within the oligarchical hierarchy, usually at the expense of some competitor. They are vicious, paranoid sycophants. [One doesn't have to be a psychiatrist to spot the projection and compensation mechanisms at play here. LaRouche can't "make a reputation" for himself in the real world, so he sets up a parallel "hierarchy" under his own control. And the "vicious, paranoid sycophants"? Who else but his own top aides jockeying to get as close to him as possible?--DK]

Most of the agents of these networks are largely unwitting of the network as a whole. They are corrupted persons, who usually know only that certain contacts and possible contacts have the power to improve or worsen the individual's state of affairs, that such contacts have influence which reaches more or less mysteriously into high places. They sense themselves--usually without knowing--to be part of a mysterious power independent of governments, with an entirely distorted perception of the reality this involves. By step-by-step conditioning of their perceptions, various elements of such networks can be induced to adopt "belief systems" and do deeds at the discretion of the oligarchy as a whole. [This sounds like Ludendorff's "artificial-Jew" Freemasons or, for that matter, LaRouche's artificial-Nazi NCLC Security staffers.--DK]

Thus, the British intelligence system does not operate in the main on the basis of a standard table of organization. It operates through manipulations, such that the individual down the line is induced to adopt beliefs and perform deeds without being aware of the way in which this is arranged.

Today, British-networks' control of major portions of the press, of radio and television broadcasting, of mass entertainment, book distribution, foundations which shape the policies of universities, and so forth, are the most essential "Rahmen" of British terrorism. [Here we have an old obsession of anti-Semites on both sides of the Atlantic: Jewish control of the media.--DK] Certain prominent newspapers and magazines do not themselves issue instructions to terrorists in the ordinary sense of instructions, but they do shape the public perception of developments in a manner which is absolutely indispensable to the kind of international terrorism Britain presently deploys. [See LaRouche's comments above on the conditions under which it might be okay to assassinate people for advocating ideas that, in his view, indirectly encourage terrorist acts. From LaRouche's ever-expanding list of such terror-inspiring ideas and movements it would appear that vast numbers of environmentalists, Jesuits, Wiccans, communists, socialists, neoconservatives, anthropologists, Episcopalians and Latin American tribal rights activists, as well as the Jews, should now be regarded as appropriate targets for "counterforce" operations. In fact, LaRouche and his followers have encouraged death-squad actions against Catholic clergy--and members of indigenous tribes seeking autonomy--in Mexico and Central America without regard for any proof of their involvement in violent revolutionary activities. Click here.--DK]

The development of the form of linguistics associated with Rand Corporation associate Noam Chomsky and related development of controlled schizophrenia at the Tavistock Institute, are an essential part of British international terrorism. [Is this anti-Tavistock paranoia--which LaRouche still teaches today--the reason one or more of his followers assaulted Jeremiah Duggan after Jeremiah revealed at a LaRouche cadre school that he'd attended Tavistock counselling sessions as a child?--DK] These brainwashing methods, proposed by Bertrand Russell during the 1920s, and developed in part by Russell, Karl Korsch and R. Carnap during the 1930s, are the techniques now used for "programming" journalism in the way required to develop the controlled environment of public opinion indispensable to the kind of international terrorism we face today. [LaRouche loves to deliver one-sentence judgments on prominent intellectual figures (as if he were the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland), yet he rarely gives the slightest indication that he has read (or knows much about) the ideas of the condemned. In most cases, he apparently only possesses a few facts or allegations about their political backgrounds as well as some kind of thumbnail sketch of the school of thought they represent (with such schools--or "factions," as he calls them--being anchored in his memory by various abusive adjectives). He then fits the individual thinker into his fancied network of "British" agents (who, in his view, are mostly degenerates of some kind). The British philosopher Bertrand Russell was an easy choice for LaRouche's list--Russell had already been condemned as a tool of Jewish immorality by the U.S. Nazi writer "Cincinnatus," who most likely was a strong influence on LaRouche's anti-Semitism and Anglophobia (click here and go to Chapter 11). Korsch and Carnap? They were German philosophers with anti-Nazi convictions who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s, as did many Jewish intellectuals from Austria and Germany. LaRouche once described such emigres/refugees as "intellectual pus" and "moral refuse," and alleged that they had infected/poisoned/fatally undermined American academia (click here for the relevant page from LaRouche's The Case of Walter Lippmann (1977)). Later, LaRouche would weave the German Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss, who also moved to the United States in the 1930s, into his theory of intellectual infection, depicting Strauss as a kind of Lord Voldemort of American neoconservative politics.--DK]

The terrorist operation depends upon a predictable response from a major portion of the press and other "communications media." In addition to this, without the buildup of the fraudulent "environmentalist" doctrine by a corrupt press, without press build-up of fascist Maoist and other bandits as "leftist," the present form of international terrorism could not function.

Yet, excepting such chic individuals as Feltrinelli, there is no direct connection between the Baader-Meinhof gang terrorist and the complicit press. The connection exists, if one traces the training of journalists to such locations as the BBC or other parts of the British intelligence network, if one traces the financial connections of certain newspaper [sic] and magazines, the pedigrees of certain publishers and editors, and if one also traces the connections leading back to Lazard Brothers in London for the terrorist networks. The corrupt press and the terrorists apparently are not directly connected, except through a common "mother" squatting at the London Round Table. [Here again the meaning is clear: the controllers of terrorism are not British Gentiles but rather the Lazard Brothers--Jewish bankers--who are in cahoots with "certain publishers and editors" possessing sinister "pedigrees." And the Lazard "mother" (meant to evoke an image of James Bond's MI6 boss, "M") squats at the Round Table (a reference to a venerable U.K. policy group, formerly known as the Rhodes-Milner Round Table, which LaRouche and his followers have frequently described as a key lever of the Lazards' and Rothschilds' "British" power; see above and see also LaRouche's "Anti-Dirigism Is British Tory Propaganda," New Solidarity, Feb. 3, 1978. However, the squatting "mother" might also be interpreted in psychoanalytic terms as LaRouche's own mother giving birth to the evil younger sister he hated so much (see pp. 37-38 of his 1979 autobiography The Power of Reason; text here and my comments here).--DK]

Not only can such connections be established. but it can be shown that there is a close correlation between orders issued from London and shifts in behavior of both the terrorists and the corrupt media. Both are acting in parallel according to the current "party line" issued from London.


I have had personally approximately 10 years of continuously fighting British international terrorism, beginning with events around New York City in 1968. [LaRouche was beginning here to rewrite his personal history--especially his years in the Socialist Workers Party--in preparation for his 1980 run for President as the rightist tycoon in a ten-gallon hat.--DK] I had then the advantage of seeing the direct connection among Herbert Marcuse, the Ford Foundation, the Institute for Policy Studies and the systematic creation of the Weatherman terrorists. Over the intervening years, through collaboration with my immediate associates, and later with other forces combatting the same evil [he means Willis Carto, Mitch WerBell, Col. McCrary, James Madole, Robert Miles, etc.], I have a better scientific knowledge of the British mentality than perhaps any other living person, and therefore a better analytical understanding of British international terrorism than anyone outside the inner ranks of British intelligence itself. I know the enemy, how he operates, how he thinks, and how he can be decisively defeated. Vis-avis [sic] most world leaders, I find them, relative to myself, bumbling amateurs in this matter. I know from much experience what is crucial in detecting and defeating British intelligence operations, including international terrorism. What is crucial is epistemology, Erkentnistheorie. ["Epistemology" is a perfectly clear word in the English language--why would LaRouche need to tack on the German term except to show off? Name me one legitimate U.S. or British philosopher who would do this.--DK] One must evaluate terrorist problems in terms of the way in which the enemy and his dupes think, and one must define countermeasures based on that same knowledge.

You can not defeat terrorism if you tolerate "environmentalism," for one thing. By tolerating "environmentalism" you are not only maintaining the support-in-depth of terrorist operations, but you are refusing to establish the epistemological-political criteria, the political discrediting and containment of "environmentalism," which is indispensable to isolating the British networks behind the terrorists as such. Every time a government makes a compromise with "environmentalism," that government is setting itself up for a new wave of international terrorism, by virtue of the fact that only an anti-environmentalist mobilization of the majority of the population gives governments the political means to contain and root out the terrorists themselves. [It would appear that LaRouche was calling for a violent crackdown by governments on the environmental movement. This passage was written only a few months after the Clamshell Alliance had staged a mass demonstration to halt construction of the Seabrook nuclear power plant in New Hampshire. LaRouche operatives went to the State Police with concocted evidence that the demonstrators were planning acts of violence. The result was Gov. Meldrim Thompson, Jr. announcing that the Clamshell demonstrators were "nothing but a cover for terrorism." Police tactics were influenced by the LaRouchian predictions, and over 1,400 nonviolent demonstrators were arrested. By the early 1980s, LaRouche would be sending reports to German security agencies filled with similar false or wildly exaggerated charges about the Green Party and slyly urging an authoritarian crackdown on environmentalists and peace activists (click here). His followers also launched a nasty campaign of harassment against Green Party leader Petra Kelly (click here) around the same time that West Germany's Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) suspiciously removed the LaRouche organization from its watch list of anti-Semitic groups. Click here for a declaration by U.S. Justice Department informant Mordechai Levy about how LaRouche security staffers tried to hire him to travel to Germany and commit provocative acts of violence that could be blamed on members of the Green Party and result in their arrest.--DK]

If one wishes to stop terrorism, these steps are indispensable: (1) expose British responsibility for international terrorism; (2) ruthless [sic] oppose environmentalism in favor of nuclear energy-centered, high-technology exports to the developing sector; (3) act in concert to bankrupt the City of London merchant banks, the forces behind terrorism; and (4) root out, with all force required to accomplish that, all international traffic in hard drugs and marijuana, imposing heavy penalities for individual use of marijuana pending the elimination of the general drug problem. [Sieg Heil, Lyndon.--DK]

Notes by DK:

[1] During the period in which LaRouche conceived this approach to terrorism, he was receiving a political earful from his to-the-right-of-Genghis-Khan security advisor (and fellow nasty drunk), Mitch WerBell III. WerBell, now deceased, was a purported CIA contract agent and the bankrupt former manufacturer of the MAC-10 (a submachine pistol that had become the preferred weapon of cocaine traffickers, largely because of its WerBell-designed silencer). His views on combatting terrorism involved lumping terrorists and "dissidents" into a single category and then going after BOTH via "techniques of deterrent and compellent force" (a concept not unlike what was being carried out in Argentina at the time via techniques involving electrodes). WerBell's doctrine of "counterforce," as he euphemistically called it, was touched on in a 1980 sales brochure for his combat training school in Powder Springs, Georgia (click here and scroll to page 6).

[2] LaRouche's followers recently tried to remove this quote from Wikipedia by arguing that LaRouche was only objectively describing how others perceive him. However, LaRouche's choice of the verb "recognize," and his use of it three times in a row, clearly show that he regards the perception of himself which he attributes to the so-called oligarchy to be perfectly accurate.

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