"Deadlier Than the H-Bomb"?

Note: In this rabidly anti-Semitic and cryptically pro-Hitler 1956 pamphlet from England--sold in the U.S. in the 1970s/80s by far-right mail order houses--we see many themes and even many specific formulations that LaRouche would adopt. This doesn't mean that LaRouche copied them from the tract's author, one Leonard Young. Both Young and LaRouche practiced the scissors-and-paste method, with each selecting from the works of previous anti-Semitic authors whatever fit best with his own pathology. So LaRouche can present many similarities to Young without necessarily having read him. And for sure there are at least as many differences between the two (not the least of which is that LaRouche tends to hide behind code language more often than Young does). But I think it will be clear to anyone who carefully reads the below selections from Young's pamphlet, in which I have highlighted what I believe are the most relevant passages, that LaRouche's conspiracy theories are pretty much in the "mainstream" of 20th century anti-Semitism.

  • Preface; introduction; front and back matter. The title of the pamphlet is itself the first similarity. Young sees the London-based Jewish bankers (he doesn't call them the "oligarchy," but he might as well) as planning the world's "actual destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb." LaRouche sees the oligarchy as "one hundred times worse than Hitler" and as intending the annihilation of billions of humans through a combination of thermonuclear war, famine and plague (in effect, the same view as Young's). And if a group of people is deadlier than the H-bomb, it follows that it just might be okay to use H-bombs to stop them. Indeed, LaRouche's New Solidarity in 1978 called for doing to London what was done to Japan in World War Two unless the Jewish-British oligarchy ceases its nefarious plotting (click here). That same year, another New Solidarity article suggested that the H-bomb might be the best solution to halt alleged Israeli aggression (click here). The reader should note Young's complaint that politicians, the press, historians, etc. "regard events as episodic" and fail to realize that there is a "design behind events and that we are in the culminating period of a long and carefully prepared plot..." This is similar to LaRouche's complaints about the "pragmatism" of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, whom he regards as having been well-meaning but ultimately ineffectual leaders because they lacked his own deep knowledge of the "British" conspiracy.

  • Chapter Two: The Jews. Here is an in-your-face version of the secret Jewish elite theory without any code language. Young traces the conspiracy, as LaRouche does, back to Bronze Age times. In Young's version, it began with King Solomon, while in LaRouche's version the origins were in Babylon during the Captivity (or possibly earlier amongst nonwhite Dravidian migrants in Sumerian times). Also Young, like LaRouche, depicts the Jewish masses as being pawns--and their faith, a tool--of a cynical elite (LaRouche would go so far as to claim the Old Testament was a hoax cooked up by this elite who thereby created Judaism as their weapon). Young writes: "These [the elite's] plans were always kept secret even from the Jewish nation itself. The idea was to subdue other countries by an economical conquest." LaRouche would find this theory useful in persuading young Jewish intellectuals to betray their fellow Jews (especially their parents) and join his cult. And he would concoct the phrase "Jews who are not Jews" to describe the oligarchical elite and thus provide his followers with a fervent hope that they themselves could become the real Jews.

  • Chapter Three: The Khazars. If you ever wondered why LaRouche referred so often in the 1970s/80s to a vast network of "British" agents inside the Soviet Union--and why he kept warning about a Soviet-British plot to establish an Orthodox Christian "Third Rome"--this chapter partly explains it. You see, the Jewish conspiracy has two wings--the Britain-based one and the Russia-based one. Young says the Russian wing can be traced back to the Khazars, a people from the southern steppes who supposedly converted to Judaism in the early middle ages. To my knowledge, LaRouche has never promoted the Khazar theory but instead has apparently accepted portions of Spengler's view that the Orthodox Christian nations of Eastern Europe, along with the Semitic peoples of the Middle East, represent a "Magian" world-culture distinct from the "Teutonic" one. Still, LaRouche's version boils down, like Young's, to a vast conspiracy with two wings that emerged from earlier and less complicated Bronze Age oligarchical strivings.

  • Chapter Four: The Jews in Britain. Here are numerous similarities to LaRouche. The early Norman invaders of England were bad because they brought the Jews with them. Freemasonry, Theosophy and other forms of "satanic" occultism are part of the modern Jewish conspiracy to control Britain through Gentile puppets. The French Revolution was the culmination of a plot to create havoc through "secret societies and the use of 'mobs'" (remember all those LaRouchian tirades against "Jacobin" mobs?). The early Churchill family was in the pay of the "Dutch Jew, Solomon Medina" (or "Mendoza," in the LaRouche version). The Jews transferred the "centre of finance" (the oligarchy) from Amsterdam to London in the late 17th century (see why LaRouche goes on so much about the "Anglo-Dutch" financial elite?). By the beginning of the 18th century, the "grip of the money-lenders was now complete throughout Great Britain" (given this assumption, LaRouche is engaging in something more than euphemistic discourse when he refers to the Jewish bankers in London as the "British"). The Jews then created the "party system" in England, which they manipulated through the newspapers and their control of banking, and which is "still in full blast to-day" (hence LaRouche's assertion that party labels are meaningless and there's no such thing as "right" and "left" in politics). And Young ends with yet another attack on Freemasonry, which he says the Jews "started and developed to such an extent that the country is now riddled with it, particularly in the higher grades of Government Service and the Church of England" (another reason for LaRouche's tirades against the Anglicans and the "Episcopagans").

  • Chapter Five: Moneylending. Here we see Young's version of the worldwide conspiracy of the Jewish oligarchy, which controls entire governments through finance and the "means of publicity." The centralization of control through money has "with minor alterations...remained unchanged since the days of Greece and Babylon." Today, this centralization is almost complete, and virtually "all power and property" is now in the hands of the "inner ring of international financiers"--of "Jew financiers, whether they be superficially 'Dutch,' 'German,' or 'American,' etc." who work "for the same end--world dominion." And: "The British people...have been practically robbed of their country and reduced to the position of being wage or salary slaves in it, entirely at the mercy of the international financiers...." This state of affairs, Young reiterates, goes back thousands of years: "History shows that all societies with a usurious money system have collapsed in time. Do not forget that banks operated as long ago as in ancient Greece and Babylon. Rome was destroyed by the same means as those by which we are now being destroyed." Pray tell how this is different in essence from LaRouche's 1978 article, "The Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elites"?

  • Chapter Six: Some Effects of the Usury System. Young writes that "Rothschild, through his control of the City of London, was able to use the British people" to defeat Napoleon. And the Freemasons (whom Young described in earlier chapters as Jewish-created and Jewish-controlled) helped to set Napoleon up for this defeat even though the French emperor "remained in spirit and, in effect, a Freemason all his life." (Here we see a precursor to LaRouche's idea of Hitler being a "British agent" who was manipulated by his masters to march east instead of west.) Next we are presented with the accusation that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated as a result of a Jewish plot (another favorite LaRouchian chestnut). And finally, more on how the Jews supposedly manipulate politics via the Freemasons...

  • Chapter Seven: Two Jewish Plans. Young claims that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (which LaRouche would later call "factual") is an accurate account of the "appalling plan of the Jews for obtaining complete mastery over the Gentiles." In recent decades, Young continues, the Jews have carried out two parallel plans--one to establish a Zionist state, the other to spread Communism. "Probably the most astonishing thing has been the way in which politicians, particularly the British ones, have hastened to help them destroy western civilization and Christendom. It only goes to show the astonishing control of affairs the Jews have obtained by means of finance, Freemasonry and control of all the means of publicity." However, Young, like LaRouche, sees the Jewish masses as pawns of the Jewish elite: "The Sanhedrin would be quite callous and unscrupulous in using them [ordinary Jews] as might be expedient." And: "A large number of the Jews...who entered Palestine after the war were almost certainly driven there by fear of the Sanhedrin." (A variation of the latter theory is found in LaRouchian articles according to which the "British" oligarchy encouraged Hitler to crack down on the Jews masses so they would flee like sheep to Palestine.)

  • Chapter Eight: The Poison in Britain. Here we see a classic version of the Jews-control-Britain scenario. Young writes, regarding the U.K.: "It makes no real difference which party is in office, the Sanhedrin is always in power." And: "It appears to be impossible to rise in any party without making suitable obeisance to Judeo-Masonry." A key player in bringing about this Jewish dominance was Victorian prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, who "injected his Liberal and Radical Jewish poison into the Tory Party." (Remember LaRouche's rants against Disraeli and his evil "Venetian Party"?) Young then goes after the Fabian Society, the London School of Economics, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, all of which are featured in LaRouche's demonology as key levers of the Jewish bankers' alleged control of Britain. Young goes on and on about the evil Fabians and various villains from the British intelligentsia who are also reviled by LaRouche--Harold Laski, Arnold Toynbee, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, etc. (However, Young appears to have a certain affection for LaRouchian bugbear H.G. Wells.) As to Winston Churchill--an arch-oligarch to the LaRouchians--he's dismissed by Young as a "lifelong intimate friend of leading Jew financiers...a lifelong Zionist and a worker for World Government..." Young then ends the chapter with an attack on yet another LaRouchian devil: "For many years the control of our financial policy was in the hands of the Jew-descended and Jew-inspired Montagu Norman." (Emphasis added; this sentence should squelch once and for all the argument of LaRouchians that their leader can't be speaking in code words since his list of British villains includes people who are not Jewish.)

  • Chapter Nine: The Poison in America. The chief villains in this chapter are the Warburgs, Jacob Schiff and the investment house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. The schemes of these Wall Street Jews (whom Young says were sent over from Britain to oppose the Populist movement) were supposedly facilitated by the "Masonic Lodges" and by Warburg control of the Federal Reserve Board. Warburg, Schiff, etc. also financed the Russian Revolution. And behind their nefarious activities? "The 'City of London' [which] was a very large creditor both of the United States and Russia." This same conspiracy theory can be found, with minor variations, in LaRouchian publications.

  • Chapter Eleven: Hitler. Here we see an earlier version of LaRouche's Hitler-was-a-British-agent theory. "Hitler was, in effect, if not in intention the tool of the Sanhedrin....There appears to be no doubt that the persecution of the Jews, such as it was, was enormously exaggerated by the Jews for propaganda purposes....The Sanhedrin is completely callous and would not hesitate to allow a number of Jews to be slaughtered for propaganda purposes if considered worth it."

  • Chapter Twenty: The Remedy. Young here depicts the Jews as controlling the United Kingdom in pretty much the manner that LaRouche would describe. For instance, Young writes that the House of Commons "has become a House of Pawns, who dance to the tune of the Jew financiers acting through various mediums, e.g., Bank of 'England,' Masonry, T.U.C., Fabian Society and allied organizations, and the Party organisations." Young suggests that the Jewish bankers are working for "Satan" (LaRouche, more cautiously, says they are linked to "satanic" organizations). Also, Young compares the plotters to the "Beast of Revelation" and the "Antichrist" (LaRouche has used the same terms although, given his misogyny and obsession with race-polluting goddesses, he tends to refer more often to the "Whore of Babylon"). The reader should note, finally, on p. 81, the use of quotation marks around "British" in referring to the British Foreign Secretary--Young apparently believes the Jewish control of the British government is so tight that, for all practical purposes, "British" no longer really means what it used to mean.