Former members speak out on the Factnet message board (Dec. 14 - 22, 2007)

INTRODUCTION by Dennis King: The persons who participated in the below discussion on Factnet represent, collectively, over seven decades of experience of life within the LaRouche organization. They include at least three ex-members who quit some years ago, two who remained until the present decade, and a young person who recently spent time in the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM).

I am aware that when people first leave an organization they sometimes have a tendency to exaggerate its power and the degree of dangerousness it represents. But this psychological effect rapidly decreases in intensity as the individual reconnects to the normal world. In this case, we have statements of concern from old-time defectors who obviously (from their many other postings that make fun of LaRouchian antics) do NOT see LaRouche as a powerful figure (if anything, they tend to underrate his political skills).

Furthermore, the defectors from varying time periods who posted messages on this topic all agree that the spontaneous potential for violence by the LYM and/or the probability of LaRouche himself encouraging serious violence may have increased. This same point was made by Molly Kronberg (who knew LaRouche and his inner circle quite well and was a member of the NCLC National Committee until 2007) in her interview with Chip Berlet. Finally, we have the judgment of an outsider at UCLA (see below) who, after repeated run-ins with the LYM, decided its cadres are volatile and dangerous.

One thing about LaRouche is that he usually ends up repeating himself both in words and tactics. Several years ago, he sent his followers back to the college campuses to repeat his recruitment successes of the late 1960s and early 1970s, this time by founding and building up the LYM. He also adopted a certain leftist-sounding (as in his movement's early years) agitational line, but without changing one whit the fascist-in-all-but-name ideology he had adopted in the late 1970s. Now that LaRouche has gathered a core of hundreds of LYM cadres, and has practiced a variant of the old "brainwashing" methods on them, it would stand to reason that his next step will be to test them in combat, just as he tested his original disciples during Operation Mop Up and the battles against black nationalists (see below).

I thus find myself agreeing with the Factnet participants that the LYM could move into a violent phase--and that (among other things) what happened to Jeremiah Duggan in Germany might be repeated in the United States, and members of Congress (see below) or other political figures might be attacked. I am not predicting such events, but merely urging those with a pipeline into the organization to carefully monitor the situation and contact the FBI and local law enforcement regarding any ominous signs.

I would also urge the Factnet ex-LaRouche community to consider another possibility: that of an attempt by LaRouche--as he sinks into deeper irrationality--to trigger some kind of mass suicide among the "boomers" (those who have followed him since the organization's early years). I say this because LaRouche appears to have become obsessed with suicide (and especially with induced suicide), mentioning it in one or another malignant context at an escalating rate in the months since Ken Kronberg's death. (LaRouche has even alluded to enforced suicide--see his recent remarks about Robert Louis Stevenson's fictional "Suicide Club.")

I don't think LaRouche could succeed in carrying out such a plan, because I find it hard to imagine that such cynical opportunists as Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Jeff Steinberg would go along with it. But I might be wrong. Helga, Jeff and their respective close associates could merely slink away (taking the passwords for the offshore bank accounts with them), leaving Tony Papert to dole out the Kool-Aid. Such a gruesome outcome would certainly fit with the needs of LaRouche's ego-defense structure as he sees his grip on his surroundings weaken. After all, what other affirmation of his power and influence over the world will be left to this fantasy Hitler except the affirmation that his followers--and especially his sadistically manipulated Jewish followers--are willing to die for him in a symbolic replay of the Holocaust?

"yamabkad," Friday, December 14, 2007 - 2:19 pm:

I read the posted memos [LaRouche's 1980-81 statements attacking former aides, as posted HERE] and the whole of Lyn's rhetoric reminded me of nothing but violence. The sheer amount of times he kept repeating certain character-murder phrases itself was like watching Joe Pesci in one of those mob movies just pummeling away at someone in front of everyone's shocked view. I really don't know what "Beyond Psychology" was like,[FN 1] and I'm glad, because the rhetoric was vicious enough.

"tuer07," Friday, December 14, 2007 - 3:00 pm:

I am increasingly alarmed at the virulence of the rage LaRouche and the LYM are obviously feeling towards the general public and leadership of this country for not agreeing with LHL [LaRouche]. That rage is reflected in the infantile lyrics to the songs that have been posted on their websites. What's next? If everyone that disagrees with them is evil, what do LaRouche et al. intend to do?

"eaglebeak," Friday, December 14, 2007 - 3:22 pm:

In response to yamabkad and tuer07, on the matter of Lyn's violence:

Lyn is an extremely violent personality, who is blocked from carrying out most of his violent fantasies by his physical cowardice and his inordinate fear of the police and of prison.

I think perhaps it is getting worse, in that in his senility, he has less of an internal brake on what he says, or does.

But he was always violent, always attracted to visions of violence--hence [Operation] Mop Up,[FN 2] hence his fantasies about "fighting it out" with the Nation of Islam, which he expressed after Mop Up in 1973, hence his obsession with the "original" LYM, the so-called RYM (Revolutionary Youth Movement), which was based on radicalizing ghetto youth and trying to send them out to do his violent bidding.[FN 3]

Luckily, the RYM kids were far too prudent to get caught up in that.[FN 4]

Hence the Mountain Lakes case, where Gus and Zeke and Dan were busted with--apparently--a trunkful of guns.

The history of the ICLC is one of violence indeed, and the fact that we didn't notice it gives an idea of just how zombified we were.

The circumstances which seem to have surrounded the death of Jeremiah Duggan suggest violence, intimidation, fear.[FN 5]]

The circumstances which definitely surrounded the suicide of Ken Kronberg--the vicious, unrelenting attacks, Lyn's violent remarks ("now we have our foot on Ken's throat"), his constant psychotic [verbal] pummeling of Ken--Lyn did not push Ken off that overpass (as far as I know), but he might as well have.[FN 6]

Look at the way he savaged Ed Spannaus. Or the revolting fantasies he expressed against Ken Dalto (recently posted by Dennis King) [click here].

This guy is NOT a well man. The danger is that some hopped-up LYMer may go out and do what Lyn only dreams of. Lyn gets excited thinking about mayhem and murder, but some poor kid may do more.

We all remember the story of Henry II and Thomas a Becket, and Henry's famous aside, "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" Well, someone did.

I noticed that in her interview with Chip Berlet, Molly Kronberg said she was afraid the organization ran the risk of turning into a killing machine.

So, as the old chestnut goes (Karl Marx and Lyn Marcus, together again), the point is to change it.

By exposing the nature of the cult, and getting the word out, we help save people. And also, by getting the word out often enough, we may head off whatever violence is bubbling up from the Basement.

"yamabkad," Saturday, December 15, 2007 - 8:51 am:

Eaglebeak writes:

But [LaRouche] was always violent, always attracted to visions of violence--hence Mop Up, hence his fantasies about "fighting it out" with the Nation of Islam, which he expressed after Mop Up in 1973, hence his obsession with the "original" LYM, the so-called RYM (Revolutionary Youth Movement), which was based on radicalizing ghetto youth and trying to send them out to do his violent bidding.

This portion of the history I always attempted to block out of my mind. Do any of you remember that period? I remember listening to the rehashed version of "Beyond Psychoanalysis" as an audio file on the LYM website (I think it was a Harley [Schlanger]/Phil [Rubinstein] tag-team effort [FN 7]), where the whole thing was portrayed as self-defense against communists who were beating up NCLCers. Otherwise this is a big DON'T GO THERE type of topic.

Eaglebeak also writes: "The danger is that some hopped-up LYMer may go out and do what Lyn only dreams of."

Speaking of this, back when I was feeling most guilty about betraying humanity by not organizing, I certainly had thoughts of assassinating Cheney or something similar to "redeem myself." It would have to be done in complete secrecy so that no one would trace it back to Lyn. The feeling which counterbalanced this was a fear that I would end up getting all of them--Lyn at the top--in trouble, and the impossibility of reconciling this with any sort of humanism no matter how evil Cheney is [or] is supposed to be. An aside: Dear Secret Service, I wasn't serious, and I sure as hell am not now.

What worries me is what will happen after LHL dies. If the whole organization disintegrates financially, and substantial numbers of unstable people end up on the street, some of them might actually be dangerous to more than themselves.

I mean, LYM members do stalk congress people before/after/during they get in/out of their buildings, verbally attack enemies they spot in public areas, do all sorts of dishonest things to enter areas where they are not normally permitted, etc. etc. etc. Add a weapon to this and the picture can get messy.[FN 8]

"borisbad," Saturday, December 15, 2007 - 10:51 am:

Having been through Mop Up and fights with [Amiri] Baraka's group in Newark, N.J., etc., I think the most revealing link was the early Revolutionary Youth Movement which attempted to recruit gang members out of the housing projects to become "political leaders." Some of these guys were wannabes and some actual criminals. I remember one incident involving a RYM "leader"--Dennis Newsome, I think was his name [it was David Newsome--DK]--who at least was claimed to have assaulted Paul Gallagher when [Gallagher] was the NC [National Committee member] in New York. There were also recruitment plans at methadone centers where we were going to recruit users and get them off of Rockefeller's poison methadone, which was invented by the Nazi-run German pharmaceuticals. So this type of crazy crap was going on long before LYM [the LaRouche Youth Movement], although it was still [during] the time we called ourselves "revolutionaries," not the saviors of capitalism. Psychological intimidation was more the usual method then and now.

"larouchetruth," Saturday, December 15, 2007 - 11:39 am:

Yes, Mop Up was sold, and I certainly bought it as such, as self-defense against the Communist Party, which had physically attacked Don Phau and broken his nose when he was picketing outside of a Communist Party office in late 1972. I don't recall if there were any other incidents of direct violence against any members. The idea seems to have been that we would make ourselves such visible thugs, willing to take people on and really hurt them, without regard for getting arrested or having retaliation, that we would so intimidate them that no one would attack us. That said, I cannot explain why we targeted meetings other than CP meetings, i.e, meetings of several Trotskyist groups, for example. And we would go to pick a fight, not to provoke them to start one that we would finish. It was really bizarre, in retrospect, and rather amazing, that we got off with no attempt to counterattack us,[FN 9] and no one ended up in jail, though it took paying a top mob-connected lawyer to get Steve Getzoff and someone else off. And it was over in about two months, spending itself as suddenly as it began.

The RYM operation was intrinsically even more scary. We could have potentially provoked a gang to come after us, and the members actually working with them risked their lives. Absolutely nutty in retrospect. Amazingly, a few of the gang leaders recruited seemed to have some real potential to become political organizers--had Lyn not gone off on his wild kick at the December 1973 conference (the "brainwashing" conference) which represented a huge phase change (and not a positive one).[FN 10] Who knows, a few of them might have stayed with us. I don't know what became of them, but they certainly flaked off at about that time.

But we should never stop recognizing the real punctum saliens, that I called attention to some months ago and then referred to again recently, namely, the fall 1972 crisis that Lyn clearly went through when Carol left him for Chris White. That initiated, I believe, a personality change in Lyn that he immediately transferred to the organization, effectively going nuts against Chris and Carol. And then, by early 1973, he began his psychological "intervention" against the membership, starting with the internally circulated "Mother's Fears" document, followed by a bunch of others, each one going deeper in the area of going after members' sexual identities, culminating in "Beyond Psychoanalysis." THAT was the key turn which, I believe, also created in Lyn the mindset to begin the violence of Mop Up and the insanity of the RYM.

"sancho," Saturday, December 15, 2007 - 4:56 pm:

Perhaps taking young intellectuals and transforming them into "self-defense" experts was a part of the brainwashing process by desensitizing them to behavioral norms. The same thing could have been said about all the antics of those days, such as climbing into newsrooms through the fire escape and denouncing Rocky [Nelson Rockefeller] while standing on desktops waving New Solidarity around until one was carried out by security. Getting idealistic, well intentioned (though no longer intellectual) youth to act out in bizarre ways through singing vulgar song parodies and distributing literature with insane headlines is all part of the same package.[FN 11] It's just another way of reinforcing the internal bonds of the wolf pack and further alienating the membership from the reality principle of the outside world.

"xlcr4life," Saturday, December 15, 2007 - 5:01 pm:

One thing I doubt you will ever find Lyn apologizing for was how many other members were assaulted, raped and damn near killed by sending LCers to recruit for RYM and having unstable RYM members in LC offices and homes. There was also a lot of physical theft from offices and homes during this time.

In retrospect, one can be shocked at exactly how much physical and mental assault has been done to people while Lyn has a few dozen people waiting on him hand and foot. Members were sent out to very dangerous areas for deployments and walking tours. What was real sick about this was that after a member was assaulted or raped, we did the usual thing of creating a massive report about how the Rockefellers and the CIA were the culprits!

"shadok," Sunday, December 16, 2007 - 1:17 pm and 1:19 pm (merged):

Yamabkad: "I was a fascist"...."I certainly had thoughts of assassinating Cheney."

Yamabkad, we are not perfect, nobody is. LaRouche was a mistake we all regret.

Be aware that two-thirds of the population--when put in a controlled environment--could be turned into…assassins! This was demonstrated by the "Milgram Experiment" and confirmed again and again by later experiments of the same nature. So when people would say to you "It would never happen to me," just remind them of the Milgram Experiment. This is scary but now we (hopefully) have learned the lesson and can warn others as we try [to do] on this discussion board. [Click here for Wikipedia's article on the Milgram experiment.]

LaRouche believes in the "Power of the Words" (not Reason!). With his words he knows how to get, eventually, control of somebody’s mind.[FN 12] I remember he once said at an ICLC conference that were he in the same room with Henry Kissinger he could have killed him with…words! So, when you had this idea to assassinate Cheney, this is a technique LaRouche uses, i.e., suggestion. He didn’t order [his followers] to kill Jeremiah; he didn’t order Ken to commit suicide…No, it's all about “controlled environment” and the art of “suggestion” (what Dennis King calls “induced suicide”).

“Mindreader” showman Derren Brown has demonstrated on many occasions how it is possible to induce thoughts in somebody’s mind (and then to "read" them--to impress his audience) or even to induce them to commit a crime! (He did it! But they [did not use] real weapons.) [Click here.]

Cult leaders use similar techniques, consciously or not. This idea to assassinate Cheney wasn’t yours. It was created by an environment of continuous hatred, fear, sleep deprivation, lost sense of reality, etc.

When Jeremiah Duggan attended an ICLC conference in 2003, the “theme” was Armageddon: the LYM had to stop the invasion of Iraq. Otherwise, warned LaRouche, there wouldn’t be an "after the war," there would be a thermonuclear World War Three.

And who was to blame for it? The Brits, the Jews (neocons plus Leo Strauss) and of course Tavistock’s brainwashing machine.

Jeremiah Duggan, a British Jew (who was "seen" at the Tavistock clinic at the age of seven) didn’t agree. Openly. Would it be surprising that the young LYM recruits exerted pressure on him? At that ICLC conference it was also said members should be ready to "put their lives on the line," like Joan of Arc [click here].

Now, imagine the following scenario: paranoid LaRouche--seeing this Jewish Brit openly disagreeing with him--asks YOU personally to “take care” of this guy, reminding you that “we are on the verge of World War Three," that Lyn is the only one who could stop it and that Tavistock is known for creating brainwashed assassins…What would you have done?

"shadok," Sunday, December 16, 2007 - 2:14 pm:

Note on Milgram/D. Brown:

Of course the "Milgram experiment" was about testing people's degree of obedience to an apparent authority (scientists in this case, gurus in cults). We know it as "other-directness," don't we? Derren Brown's "The Heist" show [click here] was in this case about "inducing behavior," not "explicit orders." His version of the Milgram experiment was to inform and educate his viewers. This program was about a several-days-long [series of] "training sessions" where candidates were invited to learn his renowned "mind-reading techniques" to improve their managerial skills. This was the hook. (We all used "hooks" to recruit didn't we?) After several days of training sessions (which included purely informative presentations carefully associated with certain sounds, music, images, etc.) the candidates were "ready": at the end of the program several ended up recklessly committing [what they believed to be] armed robbery...People who never committed a crime before!!!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

So, yamabkad, it is a fact--yet scary--that most of us under certain circumstances could be turned into criminals (or fascists...).

Now, BECAUSE we have been directly affected by these manipulations, our "mental immune system" is reinforced and we are less likely to repeat the same mistakes. We have become, in this particular area, stronger individuals.

xlcr4life, Thursday, December 20, 2007 - 5:33 and 5:45 pm (merged):

There is a very interesting post on the Daily Kos blog about LaRouche:

Yesterday, I was assaulted by a LaRouchie. I think battery may apply too.

I had my camera in my hand recording his psychotic rants in a public area, and he tried to grab my camera. And I called the cops on him and had him arrested. I don't want to, because it's a distraction in my life, but I'll probably press charges and get a restraining order against him, because this isn't the first time.

Yes, this is the same LaRouchie that's been constantly harassing the Bruin Dems, showing up to private events, causing trouble all over campus. But nobody's been strong-willed enough to do anything about it, and so he got to continue his daily harassments.

Until now.

I think it's the blogosphere that did this to me, because I've never been confrontational before discovering the blogs. But I'm ••••••• sick and tired of people walking over us and treating us like dirt, because they know we won't fight back. And that's what he was doing. Even in his addled mind, he knew that he could spew his racist and psychotic rants, and we'd do nothing about it. Well, no more.

He made a move at me, made contact, so I called the cops on him as he ranted and raved about how there's a law against being an •••••••. Then he ranted about how he had the legal right to take my camera. Hey, he's foaming at the mouth about how Darfur is not a real genocide, that we're being lied to by the media, that oil is a renewable resource, in a public area to everyone walking by, I'm gonna record it for posterity.

He doesn't like it, he can go elsewhere and stop harassing the Bruin Dems while we're trying to table.

Backstory: This guy has been coming by our table almost every single day to rant and rave about his latest tinfoil conspiracies at us. It's counterproductive, and we can't effectively table, because when passersby see him there, they steer clear of him, and so don't come up to our table. And he's there for hours at a time. Enough is enough. This is basically intimidation from him to prevent us from our tabling efforts to raise awareness about our club and about the Democrats.

A couple years ago, a girl filed a restraining order against him because he was stalking her outside of class. But they never served it, because he's homeless and has no address. This guy's got some mental problems, and should be in a hospital, not roaming UCLA harassing and stalking co-eds.

Enough is enough.

So, what happened? The judge sentenced him to 21 days in jail, and now he's back on the UCLA campus doing the same ol' thing again. He hasn't been around the table as much recently, partly because we've been having holidays and finals and now winter break, so we haven't been tabling as much. The one time I was walking to the table, he was already there, and when he saw me, started walking away. So hopefully he knows at least not to mess with me anymore. Hopefully.

These LaRouchies are dangerous. They've already killed in Europe. [For original posting with reader responses, click here.]

This happened at UCLA I think. The LYM cult has been in physical battles and near fisticuffs with the Ayn Rand, Al Sharpton, Ralph Nader groups and fought comedian Al Franken in New Hampshire. The combination of extreme cultism, endless 24/7 hysteria, lack of sleep, incredible slave-labor exploitation and Lyn's nonstop demented apocalyptic directives is producing potential human sacrifices for Lyn.

Lyn had no trouble sending people to potential deaths in Mop Up, RYM and a five-minute ride in a "Larouchemobile" without a worry in the world.

Keep in mind that this is a cult which has whipped its zombies into a frenzy over Al Gore being a killer of two billion dark-skinned people unless stopped. The cult sent its zombie members to confront Al Gore around the globe at his public appearances and has bragged about how easy it was to abscond with official ID badges for arm's-length access to Al and Tipper Gore.

Be afraid yutes [LYM members], very afraid.

"sancho," Friday, December 21, 2007 - 11:42 pm:

The theme of the LaRouche Visigoths as they ruin Christmas for their families and friends as well as for the shoppers they harass to death appears centered around demonizing (yet again) Rohatyn. But check out this ominous language at the end of the most recent tirade:

The reader must not be fooled by the schemes and fascist policies of the Synarchist International agent, Felix Rohatyn; any true citizen of this Republic must burn and torch the so-called leadership of the U.S. Congress for associating themselves with the enemy of the United States.[FN 13]

We'll see if LaRouche is able to prompt young people to violence even more than video games allegedly can.

"shadok," Saturday, December 22, 2007 - 12:27 pm:

Thank you, Sancho, for spotting this LaRouche PAC insanity [the "burn and torch" statement]:

A few months ago I posted info [click here] on the LYM intention of "burning the textbooks," a call [issued] in May 2003 in Germany while commemorations were being held in the country for the 70th anniversary of the Nazi bonfires.

Now after years of vilifying Rohatyn (a Jewish refugee from the Nazis), the LYM have reached a new point in their "war of words": burn and torch him and his friends!

What would be the next step? To reopen the gas chambers that LaRouche denies existed?

Words are NOT innocent.

There could come a point when somebody would translate this into acts.

In 1986 we were suspected to have killed Olof Palme, after years of vilification and hate campaigns against him that portrayed him as a Nazi, a "Fascist/Social Democrat" working for Moscow and the KGB...(or whatever).

Viktor Gunnarsson, a contact of ours, was suspected by the police and arrested. They found our anti-Palme literature in his house (hence the attack against us by the Swedish tabloids at the time). The case against him was eventually dropped (he was killed several years later in the U.S.).

The Olof Palme murder remains unsolved. But it is important to realize that words MEAN something. Yamabkad's previous post on this ("I certainly had thoughts of assassinating Cheney") is a good reminder of this. When people are desperate and frustrated, anything could happen. This is how terrorism works.

[1] This is a reference to LaRouche's "ego-stripping" indoctrination tactics of the early 1970s, which were based on ideas set forth in "Beyond Psychoanalysis" (not "Beyond Psychology"), a LaRouche article published in the November 1973 Campaigner.

[2] Operation Mop Up was a 1973 campaign of physical assaults by LaRouche's NCLC on members of rival leftist groups, especially the Communist Party USA. It involved breaking up meetings in a manner apparently inspired by LaRouche's reading of the chapter in Mein Kampf in which Hitler describes how his stormtroopers broke up leftwing meetings in Germany in the early 1920s. The Mop Up campaign also included street ambushes of individual CP leaders. For the detailed account in Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism, click here.

[3] Not only did LaRouche attempt to recruit gang youth to do violence against his rivals on the Marxist left but he also sent his mostly white NCLC cadre into battle against Amiri Baraka's followers in Newark, N.J. (where the LaRouchians had no base of support) and against the Mau Mau group in Boston. In the latter case, the middle-class LaRouchians, armed with guns, ambushed the Mau Mau and thoroughly routed them. It was the LaRouche organization's luck that neither of the targeted groups was composed of especially dangerous street-gang elements (Baraka, the well-known poet and playwright, was attempting to do grassroots community organizing in Newark, not build a gang). If the victimized groups had been of a different type, several LaRouchians would almost certainly have ended up dead. And for what? So LaRouche could impress Ku Klux Klan leader Bob Miles and Newark white-ethnic demagogue Anthony Imperiale? For more details on RYM and the fights with black nationalists, click here.

[4] It was not the "prudence" of the Outlaws street gang so much as the prompt action of Detective Jack Finnegan of the New York City police intelligence division that led to the collapse of RYM. Many former and present LaRouchians owe Finnegan a great debt. He may have saved lives--and he certainly forestalled crimes that would have resulted in stiff prison sentences for the perpetrators. This is the same Finnegan who indirectly set in motion the NBC-TV "First Camera" show in 1984 that resulted in the severance of the Reagan administration's ties to LaRouche.

[5] Jeremiah Duggan was a Jewish college student from the U.K. who died under mysterious circumstances while attending a Schiller Institute Conference and LaRouche Jugend Bewegung (LaRouche Youth Movement) cadre school in Wiesbaden, Germany, in March 2003. He spoke out against the anti-Semitism he was hearing and revealed he was Jewish. The Wiesbaden police maintain that he committed suicide, but forensic experts hired by the Duggan family assert that the bruises on the body are not consistent with being struck by a car (the police's story) but suggest he had been brutally beaten. The German police have never offered an explanation of why his passport, which was in the possession of the LaRouche organization rather than on Jeremiah's person at the time of his purported suicide, had blood on it which DNA testing (done in the UK for the Duggans) has revealed was Jeremiah's. The German police also have never explained why they destroyed Jeremiah's clothing--key forensic evidence--shortly after his death. Click here for the Duggan family's website.

[6] For full coverage of the circumstances surrounding the Kronberg suicide--and of its aftermath--go to the menu here.

[7] Schlanger and Rubinstein are longtime LaRouche cadre who rule over the hapless LYM recruits in Los Angeles. Rubinstein is known as one of the most ruthless fundraising quota-enforcers in the entire LaRouche organization. Schlanger and Rubinstein are believed to be part of the effort of LaRouchians, operating under anonymous user names, to censor Wikipedia articles on LaRouche--several of these user names have been traced back to the same location in Los Angeles and have been banned from Wikipedia on grounds that they are "sock puppets" for previously banned user names.

[8] In the late 1970s, I requested the CIA's files on the LaRouche organization under the Freedom of Information Act. I eventually received, among other things, a translation of a 1975 article (click here) from a Swedish newspaper detailing how the LaRouche organization's local branch had been stalking the country's prime minister, Olof Palme. The LaRouchians would continue to stalk him and to circulate massive quantities of hate literature targeting him for over a decade. In 1986, Palme was assassinated on a Stockholm street by a lone gunman. An unstable member of LaRouche's organization was the first suspect arrested--and anti-Palme literature was found in his apartment. He was later released for lack of evidence, although his story kept shifting and he never came up with a solid alibi. Another individual was tried and acquitted. The LaRouche associate, Viktor Gunnarsson, moved to North Carolina where he was murdered in 1993, supposedly as a result of his involvement in a love triangle. According to witness statements collected by an investigator working for the man convicted of Gunnarsson's murder, the Swede had bragged to American friends about having killed Palme. The Palme assassination has never been solved, but Gunnarsson remains near the top of the suspect list and was named as the assassin in a book by Borje Wingren, a former Swedish police inspector who worked the case and was blocked by his superiors from aggressively investigating Gunnarsson.

[9] Although the targets of Mop Up did not counterattack in the sense of trying to break up meetings of LaRouche's NCLC, they did begin to vigorously defend their own meetings. Joint defense squads of Trotskyists and CP members gave as good as they got in some encounters, and the Trotskyists scored a clear victory over the NCLC during a Detroit melee. When police in several cities arrested NCLC members on assault charges, and other members began to call in sick whenever a Mop Up attack was scheduled, LaRouche declared "victory" and terminated the campaign.

[10] LaRouche announced that a follower of his named Chris White had been tortured and brainwashed by the CIA--to turn him into a "Manchurian candidate" assassin who would kill LaRouche on the utterance of a "trigger word." This led to weeks of hysteria in the LaRouche organization. For a detailed account, click here (and then click here for the full text of one of the LaRouche speeches that whipped up the hysteria). The psychological motives driving LaRouche during this key incident in the organization's history are dealt with in the posting above by "larouchtruth" and in a prior Factnet thread (see edited version here).

[11] "Sancho" does not mean that intellectuals in the organization have ceased to be intellectuals, but rather that the young people being recruited today appear to be less well educated or intellectually inclined than those LaRouche attracted in the late 1960s, when opposition to the Vietnam War caused many of the "best and brightest" to adopt extremist positions they would never have otherwise adopted. Today there is no selective recruiting of an "elite"--the LaRouche Youth Movement will find a place for any young person who proves susceptible to quickie "brainwashing" (a type of indoctrination that would not have worked with most of LaRouche's original recruits, whose transformation into cult followers occurred only through incremental steps).

A corollary to the observation that recent young recruits seem less "intellectual" is that they also appear to be less stable emotionally. Although those recruited in the early years would end up manifesting the same irrational political behavior as today's LYMers, the former joined in most cases on the basis of ideology rather than because they were seeking some kind of group self-medication for personal problems. Over half quit over the course of the 1970s and 1980s, with many going out fighting rather than just slinking away. My perception of the many ex-members I have met or whose careers I have followed through the media or mutual acquaintances is that after leaving LaRouche they mostly led stable lives, keeping their marriages intact (in an unusual percentage of cases), finishing their educations and enjoying successful careers. By contrast, the LYMers of today, according to various anecdotal reports, appear to include a much higher percentage of disturbed individuals who are attracted to the movement because of personal dissatisfactions rooted in bipolar disorder, learning disabilities, anger issues, etc., and/or who are susceptible because of their personal isolation. This is one reason why some ex-LaRouchians and other observers expect the LYM to turn to violence before long--either at LaRouche's instigation or in the period of organizational turmoil following his death.

[12] Ex-LaRouchians are probably sick of hearing me talk about LaRouche's semantic tricks. So they can take the pill from another doctor here. Or better yet, from George Orwell himself.

[13] I discuss this LaRouche press release in detail here. My interpretation is that LaRouche is reacting to the articles I've been posting about his and Herb Quinde's role in setting up Spain's GAL death squads in 1983 and about the LaRouche movement's involvement with sinister rightist military figures in Latin America over the past 30 years (click here for the menu of these postings).