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Oct. 14: Cultism in the LaRouche movement--and beyond. Factnet's "xlcr4life" compares his former organizational home to the larger world of religious cults. "Most cult leaders face very little retribution legally or criminally, which is why it is so profitable for them."

Oct. 13: LaRouche's cult is dangerous for society--and especially for young people. Fact sheet prepared by Lyndon LaRouche Watch for Erica Duggan's Oct. 17 forum in Berlin. "This sect poses not only political and legal problems but also a mental health one--its use of deception, psychological intimidation and outright mind-control tactics induces many young adopt paranoid ideas and a rigidly disciplined and self-denying lifestyle that most of them would otherwise reject."

Sept. 18: The LaRouche movement's anti-Semitism has its earliest roots in the Left. "The Left Question and the Jews" (Jewish Currents, January 1977) is based on freelance writer Bob Lamm's experiences as an activist in the early to mid 1970s. Although he does not mention the LaRouchians, his observations shed an important light on how Lyndon LaRouche was able to persuade so many young Jewish leftists of that period to join him in adopting the most extreme forms of ultraright anti-Semitism, and to remain his loyal followers for decades in spite of all the slurs and abuse he directed at them.

As described by Lamm (with a few exaggerations for comic effect), the 1970s Left was a milieu in which anti-Zionism was de rigueur, anti-Semitic slurs went unanswered, and the plight of Soviet Jewry was a forbidden topic. Many Jewish activists had internalized the drill and thus were among the most fanatical enforcers of the Jews-come-last political line. Lamm tells of his amazement on learning that one of his friends in an "anti-imperialist" group, whom he had assumed was from a Protestant background, was really a Jew hiding his identity--and not without reason: "Jews in the Left immediately have to face the burden of proving that we're 'good Jews'....[which] means facing an intense cross-examination. 'Aha, you're Jewish!...Do you unconditionally support all actions of the P.L.O.?'"

As to those in the movement who did not hide their Jewish backgrounds: "Most of the time, we're expected to keep silent [about Jewish issues] and never identify proudly as Jews. But, occasionally, when the Left finds it convenient to have a bunch of Jews criticize Israel or 'Zionism,' then, suddenly, they want us to be publicly Jewish. So that we can more effectively be used to attack other Jews."

All this fits like a glove with life inside LaRouche's NCLC, which originated on the campus left in the late 1960s and early 1970s. And the procedure LaRouche had to carry out to turn the NCLC into a fascist-in-all-but-name outfit was, because of this weakness of the Left, simpler than one might suppose: take red diaper babies who imbided anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic views and practices from their parents, mix in some of their go-along classmates who were not from leftwing families but had become swept up in the mass enthusiasm for revolution, add a cult-like controlled environment and a regimen of psychological terror sessions, lift out the existing ideology, insert the new ideology, sew up the skull incisions--and voilà!

Sept. 17: LaRouche explains how to use code words as part of a regimen to brainwash political activists and turn them into sociopaths--and even into killers. The NCLC chairman's followers have attempted via web postings to dismiss as a silly conspiracy theory the charge that he sometimes employs code language. In this 1978 article, however, Der Abscheulicher himself claims that "code phrases" are used by the forces of evil to whip up irrational hatreds, provide a focus for "reaction formations," and promote a "paranoid" world view...It's a classic case of projection, with LaRouche blaming the "Black Zionists," the British, the Rothschilds, etc. for supposedly doing what in fact he himself was doing.

But the piece can also be read as a kind of manual on how to run a political cult. For instance, on p. 49 he discusses how such a group (he uses a hypothetical terrorist cell as his example) functions as a surrogate family via which the individual becomes infantilized, with his emotions "cathexized" onto code phrases and his "outer-world behavior" reoriented towards "the schizophrenic-symbolic, rather than the real." And then the zinger: "If such a person once agrees that 'bad' people ought to die, 'so that they can't hurt good people,' and if the person is also dedicated to killing the 'bad' people himself, it insert a face, a name, and so forth in place of the symbol 'bad,' and say 'We must kill that bad person,' and there you have the gist of it."

This "gist" is actually a blunt description of how LaRouche revs up his own followers for vile deeds against their fellow human beings. Although he's never had the nerve to send out the most fanatical members of his cult as assassin squads, he did induce them to conduct elaborate harassment campaigns (explicitly aimed at triggering mental breakdowns or suicide) against Henry Kissinger (after first labelling him a "Nazi" and a "faggot") and Petra Kelly (after defining her as a "KGB agent" and a "whore"); to steal the life savings of elderly widows; to encourage the violence of paramilitary groups against indigenous people in Central America; to harass the cult's printer, Ken Kronberg, to the point where suicide appeared the only way out for him; to create a hostile environment around Jeremiah Duggan that resulted in this young Jew fleeing in terror down a highway to his death; and to slander and publicly ridicule the Kronberg and Duggan families when they wouldn't accept LaRouche's spin on the tragedies that had befallen their loved ones.

As to the psychosexual motivations of the man who set into motion all this sociopathy, LaRouche gives us a hint in his choice of the quote at the beginning of the article (taken out of context from the writings of philosopher Herbert Marcuse): "I nurture even sadistic dreams, but they remain dreams." LaRouche asserts that the second clause in that sentence "carries with it an unrecorded wink; the wink is there, recorded or not." I leave it to the reader to decide whether the wink LaRouche is talking about is Marcuse's--or LaRouche's own.

Sept. 16: "Is Lyndon LaRouche using your name?" (1985). In this article from the Columbia Journalism Review (March-April 1985), Emmy award-winning NBC-TV news producer Patricia Lynch focuses on how LaRouche operatives borrowed the identities of real-life journalists and/or used fictitious identities (while claiming to be from mainstream news organizations) in order to gather information about their perceived enemies. Lynch describes the experiences of reporters and editors throughout the country who were targeted by LaRouche's imposters, and how U.S. News & World Report obtained an injunction again LaRouchian publications for fraudulently using its name. Re this injunction, Der Abscheulicher (speaking through an aide) told Lynch: "I don't know anything about it and I never looked into it, but I do know that the liberal press uses undercover press practices that are abhorrent and beneath description." This is vintage LaRouche: first, deny any personal involvement (and let your followers take the rap); second, try to turn the accusation against your accusers.

Sept. 15: Lyndon LaRouche on "British-Israeli Terrorism in the USA" (1978). This article (missing two pages that I'll try to obtain soon) presents a variation of the theme of the LaRouche article I posted on Sept. 2. The suggestions for utilizing violence are more cautiously phrased this time, but the focus on the alleged evil deeds of the Jews is more intense. "This is the enemy," LaRouche writes, "not only of the United States, but of the human species."

According to Der Abscheulicher: The Rothschilds run British intelligence (and hence, international terrorism). The City of London financiers control the international drug traffic. The Bronfmans founded organized crime in North America. Rothschild-linked "Christians who are not Christians" are pushing drugs in Mexico. The Rothschilds and other bankers launched the Ku Klux Klan. Mossad conducts terror attacks on Israeli citizens and then blames it all on the Arabs in order to keep the Jewish masses bound to Zionism. America's rich Jews should be condemned as traitors. And on and on, laced with the usual historical suspects from Nazi and other Jew-baiting tractoids of previous decades: the Dionysians, the usurers of Babylon, Persian agents, the Fabians, Bertrand Russell, August Belmont, etc.

Reading this nonstop rant (much of it based on "research" that LaRouche's followers performed for him) shows how silly are the attempts by the LaRouchians, and by some but not all ex-LaRouchians, to exonerate the man and his movement from charges of anti-Semitism (psychologists call this denial, folks). And note the allegation that the "Iraq-resident Imam of the Shiite faction of Islam" was a British-Israeli agent. I suspect that the LaRouche organization's friends in Saddam Hussein's Baath party, which only a few years later would start torturing and murdering the Shiites in vast numbers, were pleased by this signal that LaRouche was still willing to be their political whore. But did they really pony up suitcases full of cash? Somehow I doubt it.

Sept. 2: Lyndon LaRouche on "How to Analyze and Uproot International Terrorism." Another "classic" of the LaRouche movement (New Solidarity, Feb. 17, 1978), posted here with comments in brackets by Dennis King. This article shows LaRouche in full operating mode as a fascist ideologue, working out ideas that would later serve as the foundation of his movement's encouragement of death squads in Spain and Latin America. And while urging all-out war on leftwing terrorists and their so-called support networks, he lays the ultimate blame on an alleged cabal of primarily Jewish banking families in Britain that he believes is directing the terrorists: "These ruling British forces, the avowed enemies of the entire human species, shamelessly declare war on the human species." But LaRouche is the man with the plan to fix the problem: "One might strike the hydra in the vital center, kill it, and then the arms are easily eliminated."

Sept. 1: LaRouche describes refugees from Hitler as "intellectual pus" and "moral refuse" who act like "cholera cultures." In this extraordinary passage from the The Case of Walter Lippmann (1977), Der Abscheulicher excoriates the wave of intellectuals from Central Europe, mostly Jewish, who found their way to the United States in the 1930s and obtained teaching positions at U.S. universities. He describes them in a manner very similar to how Hitler and Goebbels depicted Jewry as a whole, using words that evoke images of biological infection and moral depravity. Yet LaRouche has the gall to label the objects of his bile "fascists" (this type of semantic inversion--so similar to that in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four--occurs again and again in LaRouche's writings).

Note also LaRouche's allegation that the outlook of the "Vienna and Vienna-oriented emigres" was characterized by "decayed British-Viennese nominalism" and a rejection of "natural law" in favor of "degenerate-Aristotelian habits," which had resulted in a "moral bubonic epidemic" in "Old Vienna." What is all this but a dressed-up version of Chamberlain's thesis (see the posting directly below) about a Jewish conspiracy to impose materialism and materialist values on the gentile world? But LaRouche would soon expand his bill of indictment to include narcotics trafficking, pornography, Satanic child abuse, espionage, high treason and a "hundred-times-worse-then-Hitler" plot to kill off the majority of humanity through famines, plagues (the kind with real germs) and nuclear war.

Sept. 1: Yet another source for LaRouche's scissors-and-paste conspiracism. Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a leading anti-Semitic writer of the pre-Nazi era and had a direct impact on Hitler's views. Here are a few of the pages from Chamberlain's Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899)--his most influential book--that express themes similar to LaRouche's. LaRouche could have obtained the ideas either directly from this motherlode of hate or indirectly via the many pamphleteers who have cribbed from Foundations over the past century. Note Chamberlain's accusation on page 458 that Judaism is an artificial religion based on a hoax; LaRouche makes basically the same charge in "Solving the Machiavellian Problem Today" (New Solidarity, July 7, 1978) and in other writings and speeches.

Also see on the same page Chamberlain's assertion that a "materialist view...prevails wherever the Semitic spirit rules." This is echoed in numerous of LaRouche's articles, although he couches it as "empiricism" or "nominalism" or "Aristotelianism," i.e., the philosophy of the age-old "usurious" elite aka the "oligarchy" aka today's "ruling British forces." And see on page 459 the probable Ur-source of LaRouche's theory re the Babylonian origins of the oligarchy: Chamberlain claims that the Jews were already financially dominant in Babylon even prior to the Captivity and that the "Egibi brothers" were the "Rothschilds" of that era.

As to LaRouche's frequent odd references to "Persian agents," this also is not an original fancy. On page 463 of Chamberlain we find the assertion (a) that the Jewish minority which returned to Jerusalem after the Captivity did so under "the leadership of a half-Persian agent" and (b) that "Judaism originated in the name of the Persian king and by the authority of his Empire, and thus the effects of the Empire of the Achemenides extend...directly into our present age."

Sept. 1: Who are the "Persian agents" in LaRouche's conspiracy theory? Here are two pages from Spengler's The Decline of the West (1918-23) which apparently were either a direct or indirect source for LaRouche's scissors-and-paste version of ancient history. Note the statement that "the policy of the Parthian empire [was] largely in Jewish hands." Note also Spengler's belief that there was a deep spiritual affinity between the ancient Persians and the Jews. LaRouche takes these speculations out of context and weaves them into his theory of a "usurious oligarchy" that supposedly dates back to about 1000 BC and has controlled Britain in modern times by dominating its policy-making institutions. I doubt, however, that LaRouche ever read more than a few pages of Spengler's book, which, although it contains ambiguously anti-Semitic passages, advocates a morphological view of history in which there is little room for 3,000-year-old backroom plots.

August 27: South African Nazi and ultranationalist rhetoric before and during World War Two re the "British-Jewish" enemy. Here's yet more evidence that LaRouche's incessant rants from the 1970s to the present against a British elite with mostly Jewish surnames is rooted in the main historic currents of rightwing anti-Semitism. Gideon Shimoni, the historian of South Africa's Jewish community, writes of Ossewa Brandwag (a pro-Nazi storm trooper outfit with which future South African apartheid regime president Dr. Nico Diederichs--hailed by the LaRouchians as a great "humanist" circa 1978--worked closely in the 1930s and early 1940s): "It was 'British-Jewish-Masonic' imperialism or capitalism, or 'British-Jewish' democracy or the 'Jewish money power' which they denigrated with tireless repetition." Shimoni also quotes a noted Afrikaner liberal of the war years who contrasted Ossewa Brandwag with the National Party that would set up the apartheid regime in 1948: "Both alike are appealing to anti-British and anti-Jewish sentiment among Afrikaners; the former by representing all democracy as British-Jewish, the latter, by distinguishing Afrikaner democracy from British-Jewish democracy."

August 24: Science-fiction, astral projection, Antarctic colonies and the Aryan race. Undated copy of "Dragonfire," an early to mid-1980s newsletter issued by "Frack" (Roy Frankhouser) and his sidekick "Frick" while they were working for LaRouche. Note that the first article describes a trip to Rome for "business and pleasure" (apparently mostly pleasure) during "spring-like weather." This refers to the time when the superspy duo persuaded LaRouche to send them to Europe on the Queen Elizabeth II to investigate a possible plot on LaRouche's life. The varied themes in the newsletter reveal the influence of Klan leader Bob Miles, who was running a dualist/Christian Identity sect at the time; James Madole, a deceased crony of Roy's who had led the Theosophy-tinged National Renaissance Party; and utopian white separatists (see the article promoting a South Pacific/Antarctic version of Pastor Butler's Aryan Nation compound in Idaho). There are also LaRouche-style references to the Cult of Isis and the evil Oligarchy in Rome. Most amusing is the essay on the Star Wars movies and on the supposed real-life existence of Aryan Jedi Knights: "The Force can be used for creating illusions. No, adepts can't leap straight up, but they can make others think that they have done so." That's Roy Frankhouser for you.

Frankhouser's Fourth Reich?

August 18: Lies, bullying and paranoia in the LaRouche movement. The full sworn testimony (with highlighting by DK) of former Security staffer Charles Tate at the 1987 obstruction of justice trial of former LaRouche security advisor Roy Frankhouser. (Why did Admiral Bobby Ray Inman keep calling LaRouche's headquarters to speak with Jeff Steinberg? And what's with LaRouche's claim that the Aryan race came from the North Pole in 40,000 BC? And did you know about the indoor swimming pool at Lyn and Helga's German villa?) Tate's remarks are brilliant, witty and cover most aspects of life in the LaRouche organization. A must read!

Admiral Inman, former CIA deputy director,
called LaRouche headquarters often
in early 1980s.

August 18: Real learning and scholarship vs. Lyndon LaRouche's quackery. An ex-member and a nonmember eyewitness both comment on how LaRouche demeans honest academic scholarship and the scientific method, while drawing his followers into a world of authoritarian and irrational pronouncements.

August 13: Dr. LaRouche's ideological straitjacket. Berkeley graduate student "Mr. Doran" comments on the LaRouche movement's doctrinaire and ultimately absurd approach to literature, art, drama and philosophy. His observations, first posted on Factnet, are based on attending LaRouchian meetings, discussions with friends inside the cult, and reading LaRouche's cultural magazine for many years.

August 8: Total war, progressive liquidation, world hegemony...and radiation dead zones. Lyndon LaRouche tells us how to conquer the world in one easy lesson. The text of this 1978 article--the most extreme version of the Fantasy Hitler's "Great Design"--is accompanied by comments (in brackets) that expose, paragraph by paragraph, his appalling ignorance of history, his attempts to block all independent thinking by his followers, his obsession with plots by Jewish bankers, his use of code language, and the malignant narcissism that underlies his eagerness for a war of world conquest to be commanded by himself as President/Philosopher King of the Neoplatonic Humanist Republic of America.

ABC warfare (atomic, bacteriological and chemical all at
once), with a little bayonet practice for the survivors.

June 19: "The Conspiracy Theorists from Hell." The views of General Erich Ludendorff (of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch) and Pvt. Lyndon LaRouche (of Operation Mop Up) are compared. Satanic amulets..."artificial Jews" (aka "British agents")...hypnosis...evil men in ceremonial robes! Includes excerpts from Ludendorff's Destruction of Freemasonry Through Revelation of Their Secrets.

Ludendorff and a friend (Munich, 1923)

May 30: "Deadlier Than the H-Bomb" (1956). Persons who are still inclined to make excuses for LaRouche may be appalled by the large number of similarities between this rabidly anti-Semitic pamphlet from the U.K. and various writings of the LaRouche organization. Either the LaRouchians were borrowing from this tract or (more likely) the tract's author and the LaRouchians were borrowing from common sources. Here is strong evidence that LaRouche is not some kook with harmlessly diverse and eccentric hatreds but rather is a propagandist in the "mainstream" of 20th century anti-Semitic and fascist propaganda.

May 29: Roots of LaRouche's "Zionist-British" demonology. Here's the "English Octopus" (the Rothschilds) illustration from Coin's Financial School (1894). "It Feeds on Nothing but Gold!" the headline says. Note that the tentacles seem to have a special grip on the Amazon basin, as in LaRouche's propaganda exactly 100 years later (only LaRouche emphasized the alleged role of the Goldsmith brothers, cousins of the Rothschilds). The caption underneath the map claims that the Rothschilds own the equivalent of "nearly one-half the gold in the Chicago wheat pit."

May 29: Distinguished historian says that "anti-Semitism and Anglophobia went hand in hand" in America's populist movement. Richard Hofstadter, in The Age of Reform: From Bryan to F.D.R. (1955), describes conspiracist themes that strongly resemble those of LaRouche. One tract of late 19th populism included a map of the world with an octopus squatting on the British Isles, its tentacles stretching across the seas. The octopus was labeled "Rothschilds." Another tract denounced President Grover Cleveland as a tool of "Jewish bankers and British gold." Gordon Clark's Shylock: as Banker, Bondholder, Corruptionist, Conspirator (1894) accused the Rothschilds of bribing the U.S. government to deliver the American people "into the hands of England, as England had long been resigned into the hands of her Jews." The leading anti-Semite of the period, William Hope ("Coin") Harvey, called for war with Jewish-dominated England to "blot her name out from among the nations of the earth."

May 28: "Were the Jews the First Nazis?" Yet another example of Nazi era Jew-baiting with strong similarities to that of LaRouche. This reprint of a 1941 British pamphlet was sold by the Metairie, La.-based Sons of Liberty in the 1970s/1980s. Obviously, the authors, P.R. Masson and Borge Jensen, could not openly support Hitler in the midst of World War Two, nor could they go to Hitlerian extremes in their attacks on the Jews. So we find arcane, LaRouche-style formulations; for instance, that Hitler is "the most potent agent through which the leaders of world Jewry are carrying out their final attempt of world domination" (p. 7) and that the fuhrer's "anti-Semitism is merely a blind to cover the fact that he has received powerful support from highly-placed financial interests" (p. 6).

Like LaRouche, Masson and Jensen focus their main fire on the rich Jews while also criticizing ordinary Jews for supposedly following the rich Jews' malign leadership and being unwilling to break with the culture and values through which the rich Jews control the Jewish masses (sound familiar, ex-LaRouchians?). Masson and Jensen keep professing that they are not anti-Semitic and are willing to leave the Jews alone--if the latter will only stop being Jews or become Jews of an entirely new type (LaRouche would call such transformed Jews "Philo Jews" or "Mendelsohn Jews," although really meaning Jews who follow LaRouche himself).

Whether Masson and Jensen sincerely believed in their theory of a potentially good stratum among the Jews is doubtful, however, since the two authors devoted much of their pamphlet (as LaRouche would later devote much of his conspiracy theory) to allegations about Jews deceptively converting to Christianity (or, in modern times, adopting atheism) while continuing to support the giant plot to control the world.

Masson and Jensen do not engage in strong anti-"British" rants as LaRouche does--such rhetoric would have been extremely impolitic when Britain had its back to the wall and was united in patriotic fervor against the Germans. However, the authors do suggest (p. 9) that the very term "British" is a Jewish overlay which only became popular around the time of Disraeli and was intended to make people forget the "colour and vigor of the England of Elizabeth and Shakespeare, when the Jews had not yet made their reappearance on the English stage." These and other parallels to LaRouchism have been highlighted. As to the rest of the pamphlet, it obviously contains many formulations that are very different from those found in LaRouche's writings.

May 28: "Interpretation of the German-English Conflict." This Nazi pamphlet (the text of a speech by a German propagandist aimed at isolationist Americans circa 1940-41) was offered in a reprint edition in the 1970s-1980s by the ultrarightist Sons of Liberty. I have added highlighting to show just how closely such sanitized Nazi propaganda resembles LaRouche's crypto-Nazism. The author, Prince K.B. Zur Lippe, alleges that Nathan Rothschild became "Master of Great Britain" in the early 19th century (p. 1) and that Great Britain became "Master of the World" under Benjamin Disraeli (p. 2). (Both the Rothschilds and Disraeli would figure prominently in LaRouche's conspiracy theories.)

However, Zur Lippe--whose goal was to persuade his audience to oppose aid to the British, not to lay out the full Nazi ideology--then slips into a more careful form of discourse, referring to the Jews by such euphemisms as the "financial overlords of Britain," "London's international Loansharks," and "the Power behind the Throne of Great Britain--the International Banker." Yet for the cognoscenti in his audience he jokes: "I feel that you already begin to suspect whom the Germans are fighting..." (p. 7) The pamphlet is also eerily similar to LaRouche in its accusation that the "British" are responsible for mass starvation (p. 5) and its rant against "British" materialism (pp. 12-13).

May 27: "The Proxy Wars." Many disciples of LaRouche attempted at various times to open up his closed system of belief. Ex-follower "borismaglev" explains how all such efforts were foiled by LaRouche's intellectual judo. Comments added by DK.

May 27: "Drugs, Orgies and 'Species Hatred.'" LaRouche memo from 2005 shows how he's been preparing his youth movement for a purge of the NCLC's aging boomers. Comments by ex-followers; footnotes by DK.

May 27: "Trapped in LaRouche's Head." Ex-followers discuss why Der Abscheulicher's top aides are so afraid of him. "They can stand there stupefied while he blames the Jews for the Holocaust, the British for Hitler, the Yanomami for existing, the women for everything."

May 27: "The History of PMR Printing Company." Ex-LaRouche follower "eaglebeak" describes how Ken Kronberg's printing firm was squeezed and squeezed until there was nothing left.

May 20: "The Unauthorized Biography of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr." Ex-follower "borismaglev" satirizes Lyn's belief in himself as the "Transcendental Ego." If you ever wondered what the term "malignant narcissist" means, here's a textbook example. (Footnotes added by DK.)

May 20: "Ken Kronberg's Funeral, a Year Ago Today." Description by "eaglebeak" of the April 19, 2007 funeral of businessman hounded to death by Lyndon LaRouche. "The one person who wasn't there, of course, was LaRouche....It is rumored that the night before the funeral Molly Kronberg had called up Nancy Spannaus and said "If that man comes, I leave the church."

May 20: A warning to LYM members--don't max out your credit cards for LaRouche's political fantasies. "We were after all saving the world; and the banks were gonna go anyway, right? So what's the harm in defaulting on 5 or 6 thousand dollars, or, say, in not paying back your student loans, under these revolutionary circumstances?"

May 20: "To the Ice Floes!" (eaglebeak's Letter #2 to LaRouche Youth Movement members). "Lyn's idea...was that we would all sever our emotional ties to Family, and "cathect" to him instead. He would become our father, our polestar, our god..." (Footnotes by DK.)

May 16: "LaRouche finally finds a use for young people" (eaglebeak's Letter #1 to LaRouche Youth Movement members). "The children whose birth was previously regarded as tantamount to treason...were now the ones he wanted, and their formerly important parents, the original members, the Baby Boomers, had now become the 'useless eaters' and the saboteurs." (Footnotes added May 20.)

May 13: The LaRouche Youth Movement's recruitment tactics circa 2002. "The girl who was my recruiter called me and started asking me why was it so difficult to make up my mind about saving humanity. I straight out told her I had no intentions of dropping out of school....That's when someone else on the other line told me I was being a 'selfish bitch'."

May 9: The feverish imagination of Roy Frankhouser (so-called classified information presented by LaRouche in Boston federal court, 1987). Over a period of almost ten years, the notorious Klansman Frankhouser presented himself to the LaRouchians as a trusted CIA contract employee in order to get money out of them. When LaRouche and several aides were on trial in Boston federal court on charges of credit card fraud and obstruction of justice, they submitted "under seal" a proffer supposedly containing classified information about their relationship to the CIA by way of Frankhouser. The more naive of the LaRouchians were shocked when DOJ attorneys promptly made the document public in spite of LaRouche's claim that the contents were top secret.

The proffer includes a detailed account of the absurd stories Frankhouser made up for his manipulative purposes. By the time it was filed, high-level LaRouchians were probably already aware that Frankhouser had scammed them--but they decided to profit from their own victimization by using the record of their communications with Frankhouser and his associates to construct a "CIA defense" and to throw dust in the eyes of the jury. To this end they also included certain information about their private intelligence operations and dealings with Reagan administration officials that occurred independently of Frankhouser.

Roy Frankhouser

These revelations, however, constituted only a "limited hangout"--no mention was made of the LaRouche organization's actual dealings with a number of former CIA bureaucrats, CIA contract agents and other individuals from the spook world in the U.S., Europe and Latin America (some of the missing names are included in Chapter 22 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism). Apparently LaRouche was trying to blackmail the CIA into rescuing him from his legal problems, but it didn't work. Note: the appendix to the proffer naming former retired CIA official E. Henry Knoche as "Mister Ed," Frankhouser's control officer, should be regarded as yet another fabrication--the Klansman's own cronies testified in court that Mister Ed never existed.

May 6: LaRouche just can't stop sliming his loyal old-timers. The same month as the anniversary of Ken Kronberg's suicide, LaRouche with his usual crassness repeats (April 2, 2008) his claim that the organization's boomers such as Kronberg were/are nothing but slackers. This morning briefing, with commentary added by LaRouche's critic "eaglebeak," reveals more clearly than ever that LaRouche is serious about carrying out a "boomer pogrom"--thus guaranteeing that after his death the organization will end up under the control of a ruthless new generation of brainwashees.

May 4: Bail hearing for LaRouche security staffers Jeffrey and Michele Steinberg (Federal Court, Alexandria, Va., Oct. 9, 1986). This 201-page transcript (with many important passages highlighted) includes testimony of FBI special agent Richard J. Egan, who describes a wealth of reports re the nastiness of the LaRouche organization.

Example 1: Mrs. Steinberg, discussing a lawsuit by creditor Michael Hudson to recover the tens of thousands of dollars owed to him by a LaRouchian business, reportedly (p. 162) said: "Piss on him. Fuck him. That's what he gets for lending us money."

Example 2: Mrs. Steinberg is reported (p. 70) to have boasted in reference to subpoenas of LaRouche staffers to appear as witnesses before a Federal Grand Jury, that these witnesses had been hidden where "the sun doesn't shine."

Example 3: LaRouche is quoted as saying (p. 98) that the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, William Weld, who launched the investigation of LaRouchian credit card fraud, should "get a bullet...between the eyes."

Egan also described an alleged LaRouche security staff scheme to destroy certain loan documents at "450 degrees Fahrenheit." Judge W. Harris Grimsley decided to keep the Steinbergs locked up.

Federal prosecutor and later Massachusetts governor
William Weld: LaRouche called for a "bullet
between his eyes." Like Olof Palme, Lyndon?

May 2: The political economy of cult-slavery? LaRouche writes in a 1981 internal memo: "If a person whose skills and activities are competitively worth $35,000 performs those services for $10,000, the activity has the implicit value of the same work done at $35,000." This document not only provides a prescription for fraudulent accounting practices, but also provides the key to understanding the system of exploitation within the LaRouche cult: squeezing out the maximum in surplus-value through superexploitation. It's like in the Soviet Union where they underpaid everyone (in the name of socialism) to pay for a bloated military during the Cold War. The only difference is that LaRouche doles out the pittances (in the name of neo-Platonic humanism) to pay for Presidential campaigns. Read this memo carefully, all you boomers. This explains why LaRouche wants you to either commit suicide or just get lost--so he can replace you with energetic young people who have the health, energy and idealism to put in 16-hour days without complaining (and who don't require all those pesky health benefits).

April 30: "Head Shrinkers" Versus "Head Fixers" (LaRouche, 1962). This unpublished manuscript, written by LaRouche under the pseudonym Lyn Marcus when he was still a member of the Socialist Workers Party, shows in a germinal stage the line of thinking that would blossom ten years later into an ego-stripping, cult-building form of amateur psychology. Also in this document LaRouche announces that the "most fundamental form of illusion is religious belief or patriotism, having much of the general form of mental disease." Religious skeptics and left-wingers who find themselves reacting favorably to LaRouche based on this quote might reflect on how he went on to build a truly illusory (or rather, truly delusional) system in which worship of LaRouche as a "world-historic" genius-leader replaces worship of God, and loyalty to the cult and its peculiar ideology becomes a kind of ersatz patriotism (LaRouche's followers have even claimed that their program is rooted in something called the "American System" philosophy, and have compared their fraudulent fundraising methods to those used by Benjamin Franklin to help finance the American Revolution).

April 29: LaRouche the Trotskyist as business consultant ("Shoe Data Processing Comes of Age," circa 1963-65). Here is a report that LaRouche prepared for either a single shoe company or for the shoe industry as a whole on the adoption of keypunch data processing. It is so clearly and concisely written that I suspect his then partner Carol probably produced the final draft. Yet it bears a certain tone of grandiosity (as in the remarks about "tycoons") and a certain lack of social grace (as in advising shoe executives not to "steal") that suggests Lyndon didn't accept all of her changes. I would suspect that the executives who ordered this report found it well worth the money spent, but were left scratching their heads a little about its author.

April 29: "The Day the Bomb Went Off in Chicago." This is a semi-fictional account of life inside LaRouche's security staff, written by the Big Nut himself and published in The Campaigner, Sept. 1981. It's probably the most illuminating thing LaRouche ever wrote about his self-created role as spy chief of a parallel CIA (and hats off to Alan Yue for the fine illustrations). Note especially LaRouche's prescription for commiting treason without getting caught--he says you should just leave the documents lying around where you can reasonably infer the KGB will steal them. Or if you want to pass something to the U.S. government, just talk about it on a phone you know is bugged. For more comment on LaRouche's very funny (to an outsider) foray into Eric Ambler territory, see Chapter 18 ("The Billion Dollar Brain") of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism.

LaRouche the spymaster spies on his own mind: he calls
this method the "hypothesis of the higher hypothesis."

April 28: Lyndon LaRouche is no friend of the black community. A wealth of documentation showing that LaRouche's remarks re Obama and Obama's mom were not just some product of senility. Takes the story back to 1973, traces the development of LaRouche's bigoted ideas and behavior over the years, and shows how his deceptive tactics (with a little help from Farrakhan's NOI) have fooled African-American politicians who don't know about his past (or about the nasty inner life of his cult).

April 21: Is this what triggered the specific language LaRouche used in his anti-Obama rant? An Illinois delegate for Obama got into trouble for telling the two small sons (eight and nine years old) of a black neighbor to "quit playing in the tree like monkeys" when she observed them climbing a tree next to her house. This was widely reported in the press between April 7 and April 12; LaRouche gave his speech about Obama, monkeys and tree-swinging ancestors on April 12. LaRouche apparently knew that the particular words he would use had already been branded unacceptable by the Obama camp and the media. It would thus appear that his remarks were deliberately intended as a racial insult.

April 21: How LaRouche fooled black and white politicians and activists into treating him as a legitimate Democrat. In the wake of LaRouche's racist speech comparing Senator Barak Obama to a monkey, it is instructive to examine the following excerpts from the printed proceedings of the "Ad Hoc Democratic Party Platform Hearings" sponsored by LaRouche in Washington, D.C., June 22, 2000.

With the help of his geezer crony Eugene McCarthy (the former U.S. Senator who ran for President in 1968) as well as the Nation of Islam, LaRouche was able to entice a number of African-American state legislators to participate--along with farm activists, health care advocates, death penalty opponents, a United Auto Workers official, etc.--in what was essentially an attempt to provide legitimacy for LaRouche's own 2000 Presidential campaign. Among the panelists was Coy Pugh, a colleague of Obama's in the Illinois state legislature who is now supporting Obama for president. For some reason former U.S. Congressman Mervyn Dymally (who had strongly opposed LaRouche in previous years) agreed to participate by phone.

Most of the proceedings were very low key (even LaRouche's speech....he only implied he was the new FDR). The panelists for the most part presented standard liberal or populist ideas--although the NOI's Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad claimed that AIDS was created in a test tube to kill off people of color (and that the Bulgarian doctors and nurses languishing in a Libyan dungeon were part of the plot).

From this pamphlet one would never guess that LaRouche was a convicted felon still on parole, that his organization had continued during the 1990s to reach out to white supremacists, that he still harbored an ideology of hate (as would be revealed in his tirade against Obama on April 12), and that far from being an opponent of the death penalty he has often suggested its use against bankers, Zionists, environmentalists, leftists, etc.; has published quips in his newspaper about the need for vigilante lynchings of Teamster Union dissidents, Federal Reserve Board members, and others; and has unabashedly supported death squads in Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina and Spain.

Furthermore, one would never guess that Debra Freeman, the LaRouche aide who so graciously welcomed the panelists, has lent her name to some pretty scuzzy hate literature herself (click HERE). To top it all off, the LaRouche organization had the gall to present, in a LaRouche for President ad in the back of the pamphlet, the famous quote from Lincoln, "You can fool some of the people all of the time...." That portion of the Lincoln quote appears to be true from the evidence presented here.

April 18: Why Lyndon LaRouche hates Margaret Mead and Obama's mother. Here is a LaRouche article from 30 years ago ("The Witchcraft of Christians Who Are Not Christians," The Campaigner, Nov. 1978) that bears comparison to, and is certainly no less demented than, what LaRouche said last weekend. Obama's mother was not yet on his radar screen, but her forerunner Dr. Mead sure was. In "The Witchcraft of Christians Who Are Not Christians" (The Campaigner, Nov. 1978), LaRouche calls Mead a "long-standing British intelligence agent-of-influence" and "a priestess of the evil, pagan goddess Isis, a priestess of the Whore of Babylon."

LaRouche traces the influence of the ancient Isis cult to the present day "through a secret cult within Judaism associated with usury-practicing families of the Mediterranean." Involved in the plot as of the late 1970s--along with Mead and the anthropology community in general--were the House of Rothschild, the Scottish rite Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the Hari Krishna sect, the Israeli army, the feminist movement (e.g, LaRouche's first wife and her friends) and anyone who liked to watch professional football. (Note: LaRouche's rants against Isis worshippers and Dionysian rites in this article bear a suspicious resemblance to those in the writings of Hitler's chief ideologue, Alfred Rosenberg. For details on Rosenberg's possible influence on LaRouche, see item directly below.)

April 18: Isis worshippers! Evil Phrygians! Satanic rites! Whore-goddesses out of Babylon! Jews! Is LaRouche's hatred of Margaret Mead and Obama's mother rooted in weird Nazi theories about ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern cults polluting the well of Western civilization? See the comparison here of passages from LaRouche and from Hitler's "philosopher," Alfred Rosenberg.

April 16: LaRouche delivers racist rant (April 12) against Senator Obama, slams Obama's mother for race mixing. "If you chase his [Obama's] family tree, everybody's climbing and swinging from the branches....Every monkey in every tree, from every part of the world, has participated in the sexual act of producing him."

April 15: LaRouche fulminates against Dennis King and Ronald Radosh's 1984 article in The New Republic. "If the United States can not [sic] free itself from the grip of those trends in policies of practice exemplified by toleration of such antics as Dennis King's immoral activities, that corrosion of our moral faculties which guides us to tolerate the proliferation of such sicknesses, bespeaks a people which has lost use of those faculties of moral judgment on which a nation depends for its durable future." In other words, the future of America depends on shutting up Dennis King. (LaRouche also in this letter makes some rather indiscreet revelations, as about his personal meetings with a KGB agent, and attempts to present himself as part of the international scientific community in spite of his total lack of educational credentials or any history of doing scientific research.) For the TNR article that triggered LaRouche's wrath, click HERE.

April 14: Hounded to death! Statement by Factnet's "Eaglebeak" on the first anniversary of Ken Kronberg's suicide. "When Ken left the house that morning he did not intend to kill himself"...but then he read the LaRouche/Papert suicide memo. Eaglebeak's posting also includes a Nov. 22, 2004 LaRouche memo trashing Ken that was found on his nightstand after his death.

April 12: Life in LaRouche's "Inner Ring." Postings from Factnet (edited by DK) re the sadomasochistic manipulation and just plain bullying that are the dreary lot of Der Abscheulicher's Leesburg "boomers." Includes the text of a July 6, 2006 memo in which LaRouche heaps humiliation on two of his most loyal disciples--Ed Spannaus and Ken Kronberg.

April 11: Psychohistorian Richard Morrock scrutinizes a renegade Jewish organization that cooperated with neo-Nazis against Israel. Morrock's "The Lost Tribe: The American Council on Judaism and 'Jewish Self-Hatred'" will help those curious about the LaRouche movement to understand that anti-Semitic Jews are not a new phenomenon and that no one should hesitate to regard the LaRouchians as a gang of Jew haters simply because some of them are of Jewish descent.

April 8: Daughter of Rev. James Bevel (former vice presidential running mate of Lyndon LaRouche) testifies to repeated sexual abuse during childhood (Washington Post, April 8, 2008). Bevel's grown daughter says she was abused by her father beginning at age six. Her mother also testifies, claiming the reverend advocated a philosophy that "parents need to sexually orient their children" and had once suggested she (the mother) have sex with their young son! For more background information on Bevel and his relationship to LaRouche (including how he joined with the LaRouchians to organize a campaign against an apparently fictitious band of politically connected child molestors in Nebraska), click HERE.

April 8: "Carto used to brag to me that it was he who had converted Lyndon LaRouche from 'Leftism' to anti-Zionism." So wrote the late David McCalden in a 1988 letter. McCalden was the first director of Willis Carto's Institute for Historical Review (the Holocaust denial outfit) but had a falling out with Carto in 1981. Assuming that Carto really said what McCalden said he said, I think the statement is an exaggeration--LaRouche was anti-Zionist and had a deep prejudice against Jews (and was moving away from leftwing ideology) even before he met with Carto in 1977. Carto may, however, have suggested to LaRouche that he could achieve more mileage on the far right by shifting the main focus of his conspiracy-laced propaganda attacks from the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds. Yet even if LaRouche had already come to this conclusion on his own, the very fact that Carto--the leading neo-Nazi in the United States in the 1970s--was pleased with LaRouche's political transformation speaks volumes about the true nature of that transformation.

Willis Carto

April 8: "NCLC Resume of Recent Events in Chris White Brainwashing" (leaflet, 1974). The dead-enders in the LaRouche movement should take this trip in the time machine back to the period when LaRouche still called himself "Lyn Marcus." Upon their return to the present, I urge each of them to answer the following questions: Do you still believe that "the first level of [White's] simulated KGB programming revealed a KGB plot to assassinate Marcus with a 7-man frogman team, activated by a call from White to a KGB agent in Greenwich Village"? Do you still believe that "Robert Dillon, a former LC member who was sent to Iran by the Columbia Univ. Dept. of Anthropology to be brainwashed, was running a discrediting operation with several programmed members and their dupes"? Do you still believe that "Alice Weitzman carried the code to activate White to kill Marcus," while "[Bill] Engdahl carried the code to activate White to kill White's own wife, Carol"? If the answer to the above three questions is "no," why in the world haven't you left the cult yet?

April 7: The Ur document behind LaRouche's British-Jewish conspiracy theory? Here are sample chapters, with key passages highlighted, from the 1940 America Firster tract War! War! War! cited in Chip Berlet's newly released report (see item directly below). I hope these examples will help to foil the inevitable attempts by LaRouche's internet activists to discredit Chip's report in the blogosphere and to prevent it from being quoted on Wikipedia.

April 7: Major new report by Chip Berlet on LaRouche's anti-Semitism (posted at Political Research Associate's website). Includes an interview with Molly Kronberg, widow of Ken Kronberg, in which she explains how in the 1970s LaRouche preyed on young secular Jews who lacked much knowledge of the traditions and spiritual depths of Judaism, and who tended to look on the Jewish people in simplistic Marxist terms--as "some kind of caste of agents of the money economy." NOTE: As of April 10, this link goes to a shorter version of Berlet's article; the full version, including Mrs. Kronberg's comments, will be restored in a few days after Berlet has made his final revisions.

April 4: LaRouche's Fusion Energy Foundation promoted the fascist Argentinian junta's drive to develop nuclear weapons (1979). Article hails plan for an experimental heavy-water plant to break Argentina's dependence on the U.S. and Canada. Complains that Canada has used heavy-water exports as a "political weapon to try to force [Argentina] to sign the Nonproliferation Treaty." Praises West Germany for promoting "technology transfer without strings" (an apparent reference to German deals with Libya and Iraq).

April 4: What LaRouche really thinks about Col. Seineldin's romanticized views on the Spanish heritage of Latin America. The LaRouchians were happy to suck up to the serial coup leader by publishing his glorification of the conquistadores, whom he says brought the Cross to the Amerindians by wielding a "sword, hard and true" (read here). But LaRouche himself presented a very different view in 1975 when he ranted about the "relatively impoverished European culture of Spain" and its heritage, during the age of conquest and afterwards, of "anti-humanist, racist limpieza de sangre" and "bloodiness" controlled by a Vast Rightwing Conspiracy of converso Jews. Colonel Seineldin, welcome to the club!

April 3: "Israeli Psychosis: Rockefeller's Solution to the Jewish Question" (The Campaigner, August 1975). At the time this article was published, the LaRouche org was still keeping up a pretense of being a group of idealistic socialists. However, its top propagandist--Nancy Bradeen Spannaus--had clearly embraced hard-core anti-Semitic themes; e.g., the Jews' fear of anti-Semitism is paranoid and psychotic, and causes them to behave like beasts (or like Nazis). Check out the highlighted passages in this ugly rant and compare them with similar remarks in a pamphlet offered for sale by Sons of Liberty, an unabashed hate group (see link immediately below this one).

April 3: "Paranoid Judaism" (undated pamphlet sold by Sons of Liberty in the 1980s). This neo-Nazi tract harps on the same themes as LaRouche aide Nancy Spannaus's article (above), although the rhetoric used by Spannaus is both slyer and nastier.

April 2: Jonathan Hermyle Swift on Jews, germs and plagues (1977). Here is one of those examples of New Solidarity "humor" designed to "toughen up" the Jews in the Lyndon LaRouche organization. The anonymous writer, hiding behind the name of 18th century satirist Jonathan Swift, chortles about an alleged "Rothschild flea-market...a source of disease and epidemic...." This piece would be followed over the years by a long series of decidedly unsatiric pieces linking Jews to the Black Plague, cholera, AIDS and disease in general, as well as to plague-breeding famines, wars and economic collapses past, present and to come. Is this obsession with Jews and disease (one of many similarities between LaRouche and Hitler) the reason why a recent LaRouchian press release attacking the family of the late Jeremiah Duggan misspelled Jeremiah's name as "Jermiah"? More on this to come.

April 2: "The LaRouche Connection" (The New Republic, Nov. 19, 1984). This cover article by Dennis King and Ronald Radosh describes in detail the attempts of LaRouche and his followers to build alliances with the Reagan White House, the CIA and defense scientists working on top-secret projects.

April 2: "The Jews and the British Empire" (Nazi pamphlet, 1935). This tract, reissued by Sons of Liberty in 1976, fits like a glove with the propaganda attacks on the "British" that LaRouche began to publish circa 1977-78. Claims the British empire is really a Zionist empire. Like LaRouche, sees Disraeli as a key figure in the purported Jewish takeover of Britain, and Freemasonry as a central instrument of alleged Jewish ideological control. And anyone who wonders why LaRouche keeps mentioning an "Anglo-Dutch" conspiracy will find the explanation here.

April 2: "Our Jewish Aristocracy" (British anti-Semitic tract from the interwar period). More evidence that LaRouche's anti-"British" rants are not merely an eccentric obsession but have their roots in Nazi and pre-Nazi paranoia about British Jews. Reissued by the Klan-linked Sons of Liberty and offered for sale during the 1980s, this pamphlet claims that the British people are being "displaced and replaced" by the Jews. Talks about the "pedigrees" (later to be a favorite LaRouche term) of upper-class British families. Provides a long list of Jewish, and Jewish-related, aristocrats (the folks whom LaRouche would later term the "Zionist-British organism") that doubtless would have been useful to the SS if Hitler had succeed in conquering Britain.

March 28: Resignation letter (1974) of A. Robert Kaufman. This is a detailed account of how the bureaucratic, top-down and elitist leadership of the early NCLC managed to stifle any creativity in its locals around the country, and hence rendered any real grassroots organizing (as opposed to cult recruitment) almost impossible. Kaufman's letter also helps us understand why, when NCLC members finally succeeded in generating the kernel of a nationwide mass movement in the 1980s (the "run early, run often" candidates' movement), they were unable to sustain it.

Baltimore socialist Robert Kaufman

I got to know Kaufman about 15 years later, and recall him as a brilliant man and energetic community organizer with extraordinary contacts throughout Baltimore. Any serious protest movement would have counted itself lucky to have him on its side, and would have found a way to accommodate his robust ego. In the case of the NCLC, however, no amount of diplomacy by its leaders would have kept Kaufman around for very long after 1974. Once LaRouche began his overt turn to fascism and started denying the Holocaust, Kaufman would have walked out--and he wouldn't have done so quietly.

I can just imagine him popping up on every radio talk show (and bombarding with phone calls and mailings every reporter) in the city of Baltimore and its suburbs to denounce LaRouche. I can also imagine him organizing an anti-fascist coalition to do more than talk. Believe me, the LaRouchians got off easy as things turned out.

March 28: Where LaRouche's security staffers got their training. Here is the 1980 course guide and other promotional materials for the late Mitchell WerBell III's Cobray International training school in Powder Springs, Georgia--where Jeff Steinberg, Paul Goldstein and other puffed-up LaRouchian amateurs received training in "counterforce." Note the vast number of complicated subjects taught in only ten days--it reminds me of the famous Saturday Night Live skit about the "Five-Minute University." I suppose some of this could have been valuable for people with prior intensive military or police training--but none of LaRouche's minions had such background. On the other hand, I haven't heard in the years since of any of his security staffers shooting themselves in the foot (except metaphorically), so at least WerBell appears to have taught them the basics of firearms safety. Note that the schedule sheet includes a list of motels for students to stay at--no survivalist training amongst the bugs and critters (and no midnight capture-the-flag games) for Paul and Jeff, alas.

March 28: Lyndon LaRouche rants against just about everyone. In this apparently alcohol-influenced tirade ("How the Classics Were Lost: A Personal Reminiscence," Campaigner, Oct. 1981), LaRouche compares his high school classmates (as well as his fellow World War Two veterans) to "cheap, fizzed-out, warm orange soda," calls Kissinger a "traveling social disease" and says Jimmy Carter reminds him of a "pair of dung-smeared overalls." Lyndon is especially incensed that the girls of his youth liked "jukebox culture"--the "rhythms of the chimpanzee gone psychotic in the small cage at the local zoo." How could an intelligent person continue to follow LaRouche for even five seconds after reading this thoroughly unpleasant and disjointed nonsense? I have to conclude that most of LaRouche's cadre were kept so busy at political and fundraising tasks that they didn't have time to read the article, or if they did read it, they just blocked it out.

March 27: Lyndon LaRouche tells the truth (more or less) about his Trotskyist past. The NCLC chairman wrote this mimeographed memoir, "How the Workers League Decayed," in 1970, when he was still on the left and didn't yet need to rewrite his past. Here we have a detailed and psychologically revealing account that utterly refutes his later claim that he had infiltrated the left as a patriot in order to sabotage it and rescue young people from its clutches. The document also reveals how LaRouche's experiences with the SWP and with Gerry Healy, the leader of a cult-like British Trotskyist sect, helped him develop the ideas and methods that would result in the transformation of the NCLC into a full-blown cult in the mid-1970s.

March 27: Lyndon LaRouche's so-called Manchurian candidate assassin was not hypnotized. Thus concluded Dr. Herbert Spiegel, one of the world's leading experts on medical hypnosis, after examining the hapless victim of LaRouche's fantasies. Spiegel wrote in a Feb. 8, 1974 letter to Dr. Gene Inch (a LaRouchian physician) that the alleged brainwashee was "not hypnotizable as measured by the Hypnotic Induction Profile" and "appeared to be anxious and confused in response to questions." (Of course the subject appeared "anxious"--Spiegel had allowed LaRouche to be in the room during the examination!)

The victim himself--once he was free from the quasi-captivity in which LaRouche's security staff had held him--would deny ever having been brainwashed. LaRouche's security chief became convinced it was all a hoax, and quit the organization along with several other prominent members. Essentially, LaRouche had created havoc among his followers based on a combination of delusions and lies--and the documents in which he set forth his Manchurian candidate nonsense are kept secret from today's LaRouche Youth Movement recruits since such documents prove that LaRouche is a fallible human being--indeed, a paranoid drama queen--not a world-historic genius. (The posting of LaRouche's nuttiest Manchurian candidate speech HERE is probably one of the reasons he has ordered LYM members not to go on the Internet.)

March 26: Ku Klux Klan propaganda machine promotes book giving same line on Kissinger that LaRouche spreads. Soviet Agent! Most Dangerous Man in America! Agent of Doom! I received this promotional brochure on Frank Capell's anti-Kissinger screed from Sons of Liberty in the 1980s. Apparently LaRouche borrowed formulations from Capell for his own attacks on Kissinger which began shortly after the publication of Capell's book in 1974. The fact that such formulations were being spread to U.S. anti-Semites from a Klan-linked source suggests that when the neo-Nazi/Klan/skinhead ultraright subsequently encountered LaRouche's rants against Kissinger they would instantly recognize that LaRouche, like the folks behind Sons of Liberty, was targeting Dr. K as a symbol of purported Jewish evil.

March 26: A former LaRouche follower's gradual awakening. Convincing description (from Factnet, 2005) of how it's possible to spend years in the rank-and-file LaRouche organization and honestly not recognize the seriousness of Der Abscheulicher's anti-Semitism.

March 25: A "Christian Identity" precursor of LaRouche's theory of an evil financial-racial oligarchy based in Babylon in the Bronze Ages and in Britain in modern times. This pamphlet, sold in the 1980s by neo-Nazi and Klan mail-order book dealers (and based on a 1966 talk by Rev. Bertrand L. Comparet), couches the theory in pseudo-Biblical terms rather than in the secular European-fascist jargon preferred by LaRouche. Nevertheless, the high-lighted passages reveal a remarkable convergence of these two versions of "oligarchical" conspiracism (as well as, on p. 30, a key divergence). Furthermore, both LaRouche and Comparet set forth the idea of "Jews who are not Jews" (or in the case of Identity thinking, Jews who are not Hebrews). Despite the many differences between LaRouche's and Comparet's formulations, one thing is clear: When LaRouche rants in his code language about the "Babylonians" and the "British," many white supremacists and neo-Nazis will have heard it before in a completely un-coded form and thus will recognize his underlying message. (Note: Ex-LaRouchians will find eery parallels between Comparets's description (p. 16) of Jesus's alleged scorn for His would-be Jewish followers and LaRouche's often-expressed scorn towards the NCLC's house Jews.)

March 24: LaRouche in Australia. This 1992 article by David Greason--who during that decade functioned as the Chip Berlet of Australia, constantly warning about rightwing extremism via articles in a wide range of publications--provides a detailed account of LaRouchian inroads in politics downunder. It would appear from many articles by Greason and others over the past 20 years that the LaRouche movement in Australia is the most successful (relatively speaking) in the world. It controls the Citizens' Electoral Council, a previously important far-right group, enjoys nebulous alliances with demagogic politicians, and raises money on a large scale from naive seniors without getting indicted. I suspect this success is partly the result of the local LaRouche network being farther away from Leesburg, Va. (LaRouche's headquarters) than any other international LaRouche group--and hence being less under the sway of Der Abscheulicher's constant micromanagement (including his often-disastrous tactical directives).

March 21: LaRouche's Quaker background. In this unsigned 1986 report, journalist Chuck Fager, himself a Quaker, compares the lives of political activist LaRouche Jr. and religious rebel LaRouche Sr. According to Fager: "The father-son pattern of a dissident prophet rejected by fellow-believers and then returning to pronounce judgment on them is too evident to miss. For that matter, [LaRouche Jr.'s] self-image as a lonely visionary bearing witness against persecution and fanatical opposition is a familiar one in Quaker annals."

March 21: Conservative newsletter provides more evidence of LaRouche's historic links to the Republican Party--and the hypocrisy of his attacks on Molly Kronberg for her donations to Republicans. The Right Report (Nov. 19, 1976) discloses that "[l]iterally hundreds of conservatives and Republicans have already been approached by this cadre group, which obviously has compiled a thick file on the U.S. right." And: "A handful of top Republican party officials and prominent conservatives are now actively cooperating with the U.S. Labor party." Names several Republicans involved and claims that the finance chairman of the Oklahoma Ford campaign had helped funnel money to the USLP.

March 21: "'Our Town' Slander Signals Zionist Hit on LaRouche" (leaflet, Aug. 22, 1979). This was LaRouche's initial response to the Our Town series that chronicled his lunge into neo-Nazi rhetoric and his growing public influence during that period. One would think that if LaRouche were serious about trying to refute charges re his anti-Semitism he would not have filled this leaflet with hostile references to "Israeli intelligence and other Zionist-connected agencies," "deployment of a Zionist-controlled assassin," "a top-secret the Long Island summer home of [a] leading Zionist intelligence operative," "the New York Upper East Side Zionist machine," "the Zionist lobby, which is deeply every level of drug pushing and terrorism in North America," etc.

March 21: "Zombie Killers Out of Control" (June 1974). The rhetoric of this LaRouche leaflet veers close to Ku Klux Klan racism. "This summer you will be walking down the street with your family and a cruising car will pull up beside you. A group of young black men will jump out of the car and surround you. As they close may notice that their eyes show no emotion, their pupils are pinpoints. Your throat will be slashed, your wife will be stabbed, your children's heads will be smashed against the pavement. The attackers will be grinning or laughing." Note that the forum announced by this leaflet was held at the headquarters of Fred Newman's Centers for Change. Newman and his followers would subsequently break with LaRouche to found the International Workers Party (IWP). Today, Newman's outfit is close to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and has received over $20 million in city financing for projects to work with inner city youth (presumably ones whose eyeball pupils are not pinpoints).

March 21: "Mrs. Babbit Destroyed the U.S.A." (1981). The symbolic malevolent female in this Campaigner article is apparently compounded of all the girls LaRouche couldn't get a date with in high school--plus his two sisters, whose social conformity he always regarded with disdain. "[Mrs. Babbit] was, you know, the most popular cheerleader of her high-school class in her time. In the course of things, she married Mr. Babbit." And the latter was no prize--his missus would soon figure out that his "soul had a certain resemblance to the pathetic image of his dirty socks." (I'll bet Lyn didn't use this type of rhetoric when he spoke before Kiwanis and Rotary clubs during his various Presidential campaigns.) According to LaRouche, the way out of the trap for Mrs. Babbit is to join his NCLC so he can turn her into a "woman-statesman in the equivalent image of a Plato, an Alexander the Great"....a LaRouche. But this Pygmalion strategy has nothing to do with the women's liberation movement, which LaRouche describes as a collection of "poor dykes" whom he wishes "would get back into the closet and occupy themselves with the psychiatric cure of their awful disease." As to the destruction of the U.S.A., it is happening through sodomy: "The bad smell of stale marijuana-smoke and old Vaseline reeking in the precincts of lower Manhattan is the ironical stink of old Sodom in the new Sodom..."

March 20: Poems by "L. Marcus" (Lyndon LaRouche). "One day/Where the children played/There came a smiling man/From a dead planet." Etc., etc. A psychobiographer could have a field day with these eruptions from Lyn's unconscious, which appeared in mimeographed form under the title "Morning Is a Wonderful Day." (A "morning" is a "day"???? Perhaps on Dead Planet.) The document is undated, but according to a Factnet posting by an ex-LaRouchian it was produced circa 1972.

March 19: Economist Michael Hudson clearly explains LaRouche's fraudulent schemes (1986). Apart from the light shed on LaRouche's career as a white-collar criminal, these unpublished documents stand as a reproof of former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark and his hypocrisy on the LaRouche issue. Hudson and I had been contacted by Clark, who claimed he wanted to raise funds for investigating and exposing LaRouche. Clark's main interest was LaRouche's alleged involvement in nefarious U.S. government schemes, but Hudson wanted to concentrate instead on LaRouche's financial crimes. To this end Hudson presented Clark with the three documents included in this pdf file.

Michael Hudson

Clark lost interest not only because Hudson and I were not down for a narrow CIA-bashing campaign but also because the U.S. government proved its seriousness later that year about prosecuting LaRouche (by, among other things, conducting a massive raid on his headquarters pursuant to federal search warrants). Still, we were not suspicious of Clark's initial expressions of concern, since Clark had represented German Green Party leader Petra Kelly in a bitter legal dispute with the LaRouchians, and had himself been the target of smears by LaRouche's publications. Hudson even retained Clark to represent him in an unrelated civil matter.

Both Hudson and I were surprised when we heard that Clark had visited LaRouche in jail after the latter's 1988 conviction and had signed on as his appeals attorney. Clark began asserting that LaRouche had been the victim of a giant government conspiracy, but it was clear to Hudson and myself--based on our knowledge that Clark had read Hudson's 1986 reports and discussed them with him at length, and on Clark's own filings and public comments re the Petra Kelly case--that Clark knew perfectly well (a) that the LaRouche movement was fascistic in character and (b) that LaRouche was guilty as hell of the frauds for which he was convicted. In retrospect, I think that Clark--who had become closely associated with the Workers World Party, a cult-like Stalinist group--took the case because, among other things, he saw it as an opportunity to demonize the U.S. government.

March 17: Piercing LaRouche's corporate veil--the Complaint and Jury Demand in the 1986 First Fidelity RICO suit against the entire U.S. LaRouchian network. When First Fidelity Bank in New Jersey froze the credit card merchant accounts of several LaRouche entities in response to accusations of credit-card fraud, LaRouche responded with a lawsuit against First Fidelity and a massive leafleting campaign that alleged the bank was a tool of organized crime. But First Fidelity was represented by aggressive lawyers who counterattacked with a federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act ("RICO") suit. When LaRouche saw the First Fidelity complaint, which essentially pierced the corporate veil of his scams, he agreed to a dismissal with prejudice of his own suit in return for the dropping of the RICO case. First Fidelity agreed to mutual releases, since civil RICO suits are notoriously hard to win. But its lawyers turned over their findings to the FBI and the New York State Attorney General's office, thus making this another example of LaRouche lifting a rock and then dropping it on his own foot.

March 17: Judge Michael J. Dontzin's New York State Supreme Court decision (1980) that it's "fair comment" to call the LaRouche organization anti-Semitic. In dismissing a LaRouchian libel action against the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Dontzin cuts to the heart of the matter on pp. 10-13: "Upon consideration of the voluminous evidence presented to the court, it is clear that the A.D.L.'s characterization of plaintiffs as anti-semitic constitute fair comment. Plaintiffs have continuously expressed highly critical views about prominent Jewish figures, families and organizations....[and] have linked prominent Jews and Jewish organizations...with the rise of Hitler...the international drug trade, and a myriad of purported conspiracies...." And: "It is only through public expression, protected so zealously by the First Amendment, that the clandestine work of bigotry and intolerances, which florishes [sic] when comment is suppressed, can be exposed to the full light of public scrutiny and dealt with appropriately." Dontzin's carefully reasoned opinion, meticulously grounded in case law, is good ammunition today for anyone involved in debates on the web with members or supporters of the LaRouche organization.

March 16: Cobalt bombs with fans? Physicist Steve Bardwell reveals (1984) that LaRouche's version of the Strategic Defensive Initiative had evolved into an effort to encourage an offensive, or preemptive, war against the Soviet Union. Cites LaRouche's insane cobalt-bomb idea. In reality, the Soviet Union would collapse on its own a few years later, but if--in some parallel universe--the Reagan administration had listened to the fantasy Hitler's advice, tens of millions of people (at a minimum) would have died in a senseless war. Bardwell's broadside, essentially his farewell to LaRouche Planet, also contains intriguing insights about LaRouche's psychology--including his gullibility re "garbage from down the way" and his desperate drive to gain the approval of people in high places.

March 15: LaRouche compares himself to Alexander the Great. This is an edited EIR transcript of a Presidential primary campaign speech Lyn gave in Detroit, Dec. 28, 1979: "So let's look back, to the fourth century BC and the case of Alexander the Great, because that's the key to what I must try to do now, the key to the only thing that is going to prevent this sick human race...which has declared itself morally unfit to survive, from dying." Sounds heroic, but when the Manchester, New Hampshire loan shark who had helped LaRouche with his campaign demanded payment or else, Lyn's response was less than Alexandrian (more like raw panic).

March 15: "KGB Jewish Nazis Set Up Reagan for Assassination," New Solidarity, May 9, 1985. This article, which supports Reagan's trip to the Nazi SS cemetery at Bitburg and urges him to skip his scheduled stop at the Bergen Belsen death camp, accuses Holocaust survivor organizations, Nazi hunters such as Simon Wiesenthal and Israel's Mossad of being traitors to the West working for the KGB. The author calls these Jewish individuals and organizations "KGB Jewish Nazis" to provide a thin veil for his own rant, which in every essential respect is itself neo-Nazi propaganda. The picture below the article is of the 40th reunion of Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip (New Solidarity euphemistically refers to them as "America's German born scientists"). They are holding up a picture of their dear leader the late SS general Werner von Braun, but you can be sure some of them would have preferred to be holding a picture of He Who Must Not Be Named.

March 13: CIA report re LaRouche's 1983 trip to Langley (with DOJ affidavit of authentication). This is a memorandum to the DDI from the Director of European Analysis regarding the latter's January 21, 1983 meeting with Lyn and Helga LaRouche and Jeff Steinberg. Says that LaRouche "claims to have sympathetic contacts (collaborators?) throughout the French government and 'extending right into the Presidential Palace.' In Spain, his contacts are mostly with the 'old crowd,' but he believes the new crowd can be worked with as well." This is the document that helped the Spanish daily El Mundo nail down its story on LaRouche and Herb Quinde's role in encouraging the GAL death squads that operated against Basque nationalists both in Spain and in France in the 1980s.

March 13: LaRouche makes bid for support (1978) from CIA operatives fired by Admiral Stansfield Turner. "Oh, but were I given a suitable mandate and backing from Congress, I would pull together an effective overall U.S. intelligence capability within weeks."

March 13: LaRouchian leaflet (1982) attacking New York gubernatorial candidate Lew Lehrman. The cartoon looks to me like it's straight out of a German Nazi propaganda rag from the 1930s. And the message of anti-Semitism is driven home by the buzz phrases embedded in the text: "banking dictatorship," "crime kingpin Meyer Lansky," "dirty-money interests," and "Dope, Inc.-connected real estate speculators." (Dope, Inc., by the way, is the mythical conspiracy in the LaRouche-inspired book of that name, which also promoted the Elders of Zion conspiracy theory.) The leaflet may call Lehrman a supporter of "fascism," but the leaflet's sponsors were the real fascists.

March 13: Incendiary U.S. Labor Party hate literature circulated in Baltimore (1978). This pamphlet issued by LaRouche follower Debra Hanania Freeman's 1978 Congressional campaign uses Louis Farrakhan-style anti-Semitic rhetoric. Calls for "ending 200 years of Zionist trading in black commodities." Claims the Jews were the "first slave traders" and that after World War Two, Baltimore's "resident Zionist families" took over the city. Calls Congressman Parren Mitchell (the black incumbent whom Freeman was running against) a "house n-----" and a "pimp" for the Zionists. All in all, one of the most disgusting pieces of campaign literature the LaRouchians ever produced. (In 1982, Freeman would run against another Baltimore congressional incumbent, Barbara Mikulski. This time, Freeman's chief tactic was lesbian-baiting: She not only accused Mikulski of having an affair with an staff aide but also ran radio ads against the congresswoman that featured sounds of monkeys, baboons and hyenas--apparently to suggest that Mikulski's alleged sexual practices, and Mikulski herself, were subhuman.)

March 13: More praise for LaRouche (1984) from neo-Nazi leader and anti-busing bomber Robert Miles. "He [LaRouche] is White Racist to the core....He has done more to split the ranks of the jews than most groups labeled as NS [National Socialist] or Klan could ever do....Good show, Lyndon!"

March 13: Affidavit of LaRouche security staffer Robert Barry Kay (1984). This concerns an incident at the deposition of LaRouche in his unsuccessful libel case against NBC, the ADL, Chip Berlet and myself. Berlet and I complained that although defendants and their attorneys had to pass through a metal detector to enter the deposition room, LaRouche's lunatic bodyguards were apparently allowed in and out carrying concealed weapons. Kay admits in his affidavit that he was armed, and provides details of his exceedingly skimpy training as a security specialist--including the weekend-warrior course that LaRouche's drinking buddy Mitch WerBell provided for LaRouchian security teams. Note that Kay was unable to cite any professional background in law enforcement or the military (one would think the court would have insisted on such qualifications before allowing him to serve as a bodyguard in the deposition room).

March 13: Wow! "Our Direct March to World Power"! (draft program of LaRouche's European Labor Committees, 1973). This document (with key passages highlighted) makes clear, especially on pp. 48-53, that although the LaRouchians still used a kind of Marxist terminology they were already in a protofascist mode. Appearing in the same Campaigner issue in which LaRouche came out of the closet as a Jew hater, this fantasy-laced tirade manifests fascistic thinking on several levels: First, the hysterical irrationalism--depicting the workers of social democratic Western Europe as being on the verge of starvation. Second, the portrayal of working people (and non-LaRouchian leftists) as subhumans who can only be made human by accepting LaRouche as their leader. Third, the glorification of LaRouche's cadre as a ruthless "Promethean" elite possessed of a "vehement passion which loves development in the other and uncompromisingly hates and destroys what hinders such development."

I hope that posting this doc will lead to a little less nostalgia on the Factnet message board regarding the putative leftwing idealism of the early LaRouche organization. If such a benign period ever existed, it ended in an organizational sense with Operation Mop Up in the spring of 1973. Thereafter, the only meaningful way for individual members to express a principled idealism was through rebelling against LaRouche and quitting his totalitarian outfit. And many did rebel and quit over the next few years (most notably during the 1974, 1978 and 1981 defection waves in New York). In my opinion, they did so by drawing on the idealism and common sense they had possessed long before they joined LaRouche.

March 11: "British Intelligence Deploys New 'Left'-profiled Assassination Capability" (report by LaRouche circa 1979). This document expresses Lyn's delusion that the Tavistock Institute, a mental health research facility in the U.K., is at the center of a longstanding conspiracy to kill him and destroy his movement. It sheds light on why his followers apparently went nuts over Jeremiah Duggan during the March 2003 Schiller Institute conference in Bad Schwalbach, Germany. Duggan, a British Jew who had traveled to the conference from Paris, where he was a university student, heard them ranting against Tavistock and told them they were mistaken--he had gone to its London clinic with his parents when he was a child, he said, and didn't recall anything sinister about it. This was absolutely the wrong thing to say to LaRouchian fanatics who see Manchurian Candidate assassins behind every potted palm--especially at a conference where the great man himself was present. Want a reason for harsh treatment of Duggan (who died under suspicious circumstances near LaRouche's German headquarters several days later after a desperate phone call to his mother for help)? This is it.

March 10: German Nazi pamphlet from 1940 lays out the same line as LaRouche (albeit in a less oblique manner) on the "British." Ex-followers of LaRouche (and current dupes like actor Ed Asner) should read carefully this special report from Hitler's "World-Service" propaganda organ ("How Jewry turned England into a Plutocratic State") which targeted Americans in an effort to turn them against England in its hour of need. This is just the sort of drivel LaRouche's Jew-hating shoe salesman father would have had around the house during the war. But there are scores of other examples of this line dating back to pre-Nazi years in the U.S. and in England itself as well as in Germany. Many of these old pamphlets and books were still being sold by Klan and neo-Nazi groups in the 1980s. Are we to believe that LaRouche and Scott Thompson--and the leaders of the German LaRouche organization--were blithely unaware of this propaganda tradition? Or that LaRouche's Nazi friends like Krafft-Ehricke, Baron von der Heydte and the guy from the "Bavarian Soldiers Association" didn't recognize Lyn's attacks on the "British" for what they really were?

March 10: Arch-segregationist and neo-Nazi J.B. Stoner claims (1977) that the LaRouchians approached him about forming a political alliance. Also alleges they were working with members of the Klan and white citizens' councils "throughout" the South (in my opinion the latter claim was a bit of an exaggeration).

J.B. Stoner (1924-2005), chairman
of the National States Rights Party
and publisher of The Thunderbolt.

March 10: "Does U.S. Mean Uncle Shylock?" (New Solidarity editorial, Aug. 12, 1985). LaRouche can tell simpletons in the media and his own brainwashed Jewish followers that when he talks about "usurers" he really means Boston bluebloods, or when he talks about the "British" he simply means the Windsors. But here we have "Uncle Shylock"--and Shylock was neither a Bostonian nor a British aristocrat, he was the fictional stereotype of a Jewish moneylender in The Merchant of Venice. (The Shylock reference proved so useful to the LaRouchians that they began to use the terms "Venetian" and "British" interchangeably to refer to their alleged ancient oligarchical species-enemy.)

March 10: What did Moynihan know about Mayor Koch's dealings with the LaRouchians? Here is an intriguing item from the archives of the Koch administration--a 1986 letter from an NYU professor complaining that the late U.S. Senator Moynihan had accused Koch, in a public speech, of taking money from LaRouche (presumably in the early 1980s). Hmmm...I remember when a handful of elderly Holocaust survivors went to demonstrate peacefully in front of LaRouche's Manhattan headquarters in 1980: Koch's underlings pressured the police to send a busload of Tactical Police Force cops to protect Lyn.

Yet Koch & Co. displayed no similar concern when the LaRouchians brought automatic weapons into the Roosevelt Hotel during a 1981 rally of their NCLC...or when they hired a Ku Klux Klan leader to handle armed security at LaRouche's mansion on Sutton Place...or when they busted up the offices of Our Town and threw acid on its typesetting equipment...or when they seized the podium at a Jewish senior center during the 1983 school board elections in Washington Heights to rail against a Rothschild plot (the cops on the scene did nothing, and the elderly audience hastily exited the premises).

Koch's blase attitude towards anti-Semitic groups would be copied by his successor David Dinkins (friend of Sonny Carson and protector of the Crown Heights rioters) and by current mayor Michael Bloomberg (the financial angel of Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman). I don't personally know if Koch ever took money from LaRouche--although the city's number one political fixer during those years, Roy Cohn, certainly did--but it's a fact that LaRouche never became a serious target for law enforcement until he foolishly moved his headquarters out of New York.

Ed Koch, who invited the LaRouchians into the big tent of the
Democratic Party, cynically used them to trash his main opponent in
the 1981 mayoral race, and never fought their brand of anti-Semitism.

March 10: The witness list that caused LaRouche to suddenly drop his federal court civil case against the FBI in 2000. LaRouche had pursued this COINTELPRO-related litigation against the feds since 1975, spending a million dollars or more on lawyers and directing his in-house paralegals to spend thousands of hours on it. Suddenly, he backed off on the eve of trial and agreed to a dismissal with prejudice so he could never refile the case. I think that when he saw the list of both friendly and hostile witnesses that the defense planned to call, he recognized the name of at least one individual who knew where the bodies are buried (so to speak) and who couldn't be relied on to risk a perjury conviction on Lyn's behalf. A former infiltrator of LaRouche's security staff thinks Lyn was worried about possible trial questions re the Olof Palme assassination. I dunno...but it's an interesting hypothesis.

March 10: LaRouche's 1979 bid to be taken seriously by the world's major intelligence agencies. The founder of Executive Intelligence Review claimed that he had been asked by "a concerned European official" to furnish an "estimate of the comparative qualities of several nations' intelligence services." Lyn's resulting "special report" is not without value in calling attention to the relationship between prowess at spycraft and the historical and cultural traditions of the nation doing the spying, and to the ideological prisms through which spymasters look at raw intelligence. I found the report quite amusing, although I doubt LaRouche intended it as such. The question is: which "European official" (if indeed he or she actually existed) asked for the study? My guess would be either Heribert Hellenbroich of the BfV or someone at MAD (West German military counterintelligence). On the other hand, it may simply have been a scam artist pretending to be an official spook in order to cadge money from Lyn.

March 8: Declaration of 83-year-old California widow Margaret Beynen detailing step by step how the LaRouche organization scammed her out of almost $65,000. Attached are ten exhibits backing up her charges. Defendants in this 1986 civil case included LaRouche, Phil Rubinstein, Michael Billington, Khushro Ghandhi, Ted Andromidas and several NCLC entities. LaRouche and Billington would go to prison (after criminal trials in Virginia) for precisely the type of senior citizen victimization outlined here.

March 8: Checks sent by LaRouche to security adviser Mitch Werbell bounce (1979-80). Werbell, the proprietor of a "counterforce" training camp, is furious--he sends Lyn a Feb. 12, 1980 letter saying: "It is incredulous [sic] that an individual endeavoring to manage the economics and resources of a Republic is unable to cope with the finances of a small staff." Encloses draft of a press release with the implication that he'll send it out if Lyn doesn't pay up. (This material would have arrived at a time when LaRouche was preoccupied with raising money to pay associates of the Patriarcha and Meli crime families for their services during his New Hampshire primary campaign.)

Mitch WerBell (center), Cleveland crime boss John Nardi and other defendants celebrate their acquittal in Miami drug smuggling case (1976) shortly after key government witness died in mysterious private plane crash.

March 8: "Dear OSS Veteran" letter (1983) from Scott Thompson of LaRouche's security staff to World War Two vets who served in the CIA's precursor. Urges them to subscribe to EIR. This letter should be viewed as really targeting retired or close to retirement CIA employees, since the CIA was largely directed and staffed during its early years by former OSS members. You can be sure that one of the motives for the letter was financial: Any senior citizen foolish enough to shell out $65 to learn how Soviet leader Yuri Andropov was plotting to become the Czar of an Orthodox Christian "Third Rome" would clearly be ripe for Lyndon's loan scams.

March 8: Fact sheet from the Liberty Lobby (neo-Nazi outfit run by Willis Carto) on the LaRouche organization (1985). Criticizes the LaRouchians' "internationalist outlook" but hails their opposition to Zionism, Henry Kissinger, international bankers, etc. Says that "no group has done so much to confuse, disorient and disunity [sic] the Left as this one has."

Feb. 25: "If I were you, Molly, I'd have my brakes checked." New documentation from Factnet of LaRouche's callous and hostile treatment of Ken Kronberg's widow.

Feb 25: The dark side of LaRouche's favorite Argentinian colonel? This translation from the Desaparecidos website re a woman kidnapped, tortured and murdered in 1976 suggests that Mohamed Ali Seineldin's record during his nation's "dirty war" was sinister indeed.

Feb. 25 (from our archives): "Mayor Koch Discovers the Fairness Doctrine," 1985. How a former New York City mayor used LaRouchian candidates against his opponents, setting a precedent for current mayor Michael Bloomberg's alliance with Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani.

Feb. 19 (from our archives): LaRouche's security staff spied on anti-Klan conference. You can be sure that a dossier containing the information from this March 3, 1981 Investigative Leads (and probably with further details) was circulated by Roy Frankhouser--the Pennsylvania KKK grand dragon who was serving at the time as a paid LaRouche security operative--to violent white supremacist groups around the country.

Feb. 19 (from our archives): LaRouche urges "surgically precise preventive action" (1978) against alleged terrorists. Says the aim should be to "knock out the terrorist infrastructure and neutralize key controllers of the political organizations providing indispensable support of cover for the terrorist action." In other words, anyone LaRouche doesn't like or that he fancies is part of the terrorist cover operation (as defined by himself) has got to go. This is a prescription for the type of fascist crackdown that occurred during Argentina's "dirty war" (which LaRouche would subsequently glorify), where tens of thousands of noncombatants were tortured and murdered simply because they had engaged in left-of-center activism.

Feb. 19 (from our archives): LaRouche security staff report (1982) regarding undercover phone calls to individuals on the LaRouchian enemies' list. Note how the author of this report gloats over the success of his deceptions and/or the "paranoia" he thinks he is triggering in the persons called. One of the items is an expurgated description of an obscene Herb Quinde undercover call to myself which I described in an August 1982 letter to Our Town (read it here).

Feb. 19 (from our archives): U.S. Senator Daniel P. Moynihan denounces (1988) the LaRouchian smear campaign against Michael Dukakis. Some former LaRouchians have recently attempted to trivialize this incident of 20 years ago, but Moynihan--writing to his political support base--regarded it as no laughing matter. "This neo-Fascist, anti-Semitic fringe is no longer a fringe," he wrote. "It can get its lies right into the Oval Office."

Feb. 19 (from our archives): U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz (1983) orders the U.S. Embassy in Bonn not to criticize Lyndon LaRouche. Note how this carefully worded cable blames everything on a Carter administration policy. Bull! The Reagan administration could have changed the Carter policy at any time.

Feb. 18 (from our archives): The LaRouche organization's ultimate propaganda attack on Israel (1978). Uwe Henke von Parpart and David Goldman claim that a "nest" of Wall Street "traitors" using their "Zionist credentials" stole the secret of the H-bomb and gave it to Mossad, thus giving Israel the means to "destroy the United States." Says that the U.S. and the Soviet Union "should make terrifyingly clear--and if the American government does not, the Soviets should do so unilaterally--that if Israel explodes a nuclear weapon of any sort in the Mideast or anywhere else, it will immediately be annihilated by nuclear counterattack of the superpowers." Note: Parpart and Goldman are now working on Wall Street themselves as economists for Cantor Fitzgerald, a firm whose staff was largely "annihilated" by Israel-hating terrorists during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks (Cantor Fitzgerald was located on one of the upper floors from which evacuation was impossible).

Feb. 18 (from our archives): LaRouchian smear leaflet (1984). When Marcie Permut, a 22-year-old researcher for NBC-TV's Chicago affiliate, was working on a story about LaRouche, this leaflet appeared on car windshields on the block where she lived with her parents.

Feb. 18 (from our archives): Letter (1983) from scientist Edward Teller to Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham (U.S.A., Ret.). "I was sorry to hear about the misinformation being circulated about you personally by the Fusion Energy Foundation people....Their motives are at best confused and inconsistent, and their tactics are totally inappropriate in a democratic nation."

Feb. 18 (from our archives): Purchase order (March 21, 1983) from the Executive Office of the President for 50 copies of Nazis Without Swastikas. This was the League for Industrial Democracy pamphlet on LaRouche, written by Dennis King. Order was placed shortly after the airing (March 4) of Patricia Lynch's NBC First Camera segment on LaRouche's connections to the Reagan Administration.

Feb. 17 (from our archives): Christian Anti-Communism Crusade nails LaRouche (1977). "The NCLC-USLP is appearing more and more as a classical Fascist Party. Since there is great structural similiarity between Communist and Fascist Parties and since their programs overlap, transference from one to the other is relatively easy." (More postings to come of interesting analyses of the LaRouche movement from both the right and the left.)

Feb. 14: EIR special report (1986) on the German Green Party and peace movement. This report, which also appeared in German and was prepared by the EIR bureau in Wiesbaden, strongly suggests that the LaRouche intelligence apparatus in Europe was functioning (among other things) as an unofficial wing of the German security services. How long did this relationship last? Is it still ongoing? Is this one reason why the German government, with the apparent complicity of elements in the British government, is blocking any investigation of the death of Jeremiah Duggan?

Feb. 13 (revised Feb. 24): Lyndon and Helga LaRouche's former "factotum" Dino De Paoli dishes out the secrets of high-level factional strife in the ICLC. Describes the war between the "Helga-Fernando" faction and the "CIA" faction (and the extraordinary tension between Helga and Lyn). Makes clear that LaRouche knew all about--and fully approved--the organization's alliances with murderous fascists in Latin America.

Feb. 12: "Many of [LaRouche's] dead-enders...have not a whiff of guilt for the tens of millions stolen from the elderly." Unsparing descriptions by ex-LCers of the nasty fanaticism that motivated LaRouchian scam artists in the 1980s--and of LaRouche's own callousness when his followers got caught.

Feb. 12: "LaRouche's empire, on both sides of the Atlantic, was and is based on slavery." Ex-member who left in the early 1980s adds new insights re the Computron split. Says LaRouche's decision to abandon Computron but reassert control over PMR (the printing business) resulted in "the looting operation which would end in the tragedy of Ken Kronberg's suicide."

Feb. 11: LaRouche the fantasy-Hitler announces plan (1987) to dominate the planet. When a notorious anti-Semite and fan of the Third Reich's Wehrmacht schedules a conference in Munich (of all places), invites Bundeswehr officers and defense contractors, urges them to develop a new generation of "mass-killing" superweapons that can "dominate this planet," and warns that "we had better move quickly, before it is too late," this can only be interpreted in one way. (And note that one of LaRouche's co-speakers, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Jobst Rohkamm, calls for formation of new commando units based on Wehrmacht experience on the Eastern front.) But we should be grateful for little things: At least Lyn didn't hold the event in a beer hall.

Feb. 11: LaRouche and various German military, security and far-right circles. Why is the family of Jeremiah Duggan finding it so difficult to persuade the German government to launch a criminal investigation of Jeremiah's death? Some observers believe the problem may have its roots in the LaRouche organization's historic relationship to German and other Western European security services and far-right political networks. Here are EIR articles that document or allude to LaRouche's influential German connections in past decades (more to come).

Feb. 11: Did the LaRouche organization finger witnesses for the mob during a 1982 federal investigation of alleged links between a Reagan cabinet member and organized crime? Here is a letter from LaRouche security chief Jeff Steinberg to Morris Levin, in-house counsel for Schiavone Construction Company, the firm of U.S. Labor Secretary Ray Donovan. Steinberg spoke repeatedly with Levin and also met with company president Ronald Schiavone. The LaRouchians' snooping was first undertaken at the behest of Teamster circles. A prospective federal witness from Tony Provenzano's Local 560 ended up dead in a car trunk. For more background, see Chap. 38 of Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism here.

Jeff Steinberg

Feb. 10: The LaRouche Youth Movement's "addictive illusions." Former recruit provides rare insights into nightmarish environment of deceit, manipulation, ideological "wolf-packing."

Feb. 8: The Plot to Annihilate the Armed Forces and the Nations of Ibero-America (1994). Ultimate fascist tract of the LaRouche movement. Full text of the most shocking chapters, with summaries. It is difficult to explain away this book as "neither left nor right" or as a mere vanity-press venture. It had a real impact on Latin American militaries, especially in Mexico. The ultranationalist alarmism and vile, dehumanizing racism in The Plot--and in Resumen Ejecutivo and various propaganda leaflets of LaRouche's MSIA--may very well have helped trigger some of the violence against indigenous people in Chiapas.

Feb. 6: Strong medicine from an ex-LaRouche follower."Let's stop pretending and start getting honest about the hatred and ignorance we contributed to the world."

Feb. 6: Ex-LaRouche associate replies to "death squads" postings. Suggests that the role of Jeff Steinberg, Paul Goldstein and the Security staff be examined. Describes 15 years of factional infighting between a Helga Zepp-LaRouche/Fernando Quijano faction and a Security faction. Tells how LaRouche purged Quijano as a way of striking at his own wife, whom he was afraid to purge. This stuff (and there's much more to come) is straight out of Procopius.

Feb. 6: "London's irregular warfare vs. nations of the Americas," Dennis and Gretchen Small, EIR (Nov. 10, 1995), with point-by-point rebuttal by Dennis King. The Smalls claim that "Fidel Castro's assets are working overtime to create a a new narco-terrorist force." But behind Castro is the "London-centered" oligarchy which is "at the extremes of hysteria, in its determination to destroy existing nation states." Article cites LaRouche-published book by a Nazi war-hero friend of his on how to fight irregular warfare, but complains that the puppet governments of Argentina, Mexico, etc. are "purging from their ranks, and those of their armed forces, any officer or civilian who sees the danger and wishes to fight." Depicts the EZLN in Chiapas as a giant danger that is being protected by an international network of "feminists, environmentalists, gays, indigenists, human rights activitists" and, of course, the "liberal media." If it weren't for these groups, backed by London and Washington, "the Mexican government and military could have wiped out the EZLN long ago. The same hold true for every country of Ibero-America." Hmmm…wipe 'em all out? Just how many tens of thousands of peasants' lives are you talking about, Mr. and Mrs. Small?"

Feb. 4: Did EIR's 1994 fascist tract, The Plot to Annihilate the Armed Forces and the Nations of Ibero-America, influence the Mexican Army strategy in Chiapas of supporting death squads and relocating thousands of villagers via terror tactics? Read Dennis King's thinking on this, and then follow the link to Darrin Wood's 1998 Proceso article on the plan which the Mexican defense secretary promulgated in October 1994, and which was subsequently carried out. (Note: Wood's article was published less than two weeks after the massacre of 45 unarmed Amerindians, mostly women and children, at Acteal.)

Feb. 4: LaRouche alludes on the "EIR Talks" radio program (1995) to plans for extra-legal action in Colombia to stop drug traffickers and guerrillas. "Patriots in Colombia…say the time has come. Either it's them or us. And therefore, actions are being taken, on a minimal level, with some encouragement from some circles in the United States, to clean the mess up…" Also indirectly suggests the need for similar action in Mexico to stop the EZLN. References to Castro (who usually does not loom large on LaRouche's radar screen) probably reflect an attempt to play on the traditional Cold War anti-communism of Latin American militaries and of death squads in the Alianza Americana Anticomunista (AAA) mold--in order to entice them into serving LaRouche's own agenda. (Click here for more on LaRouche and Colombia.)

Feb. 3: Declaration by Mordechai Levy. Jewish activist who infiltrated LaRouche's security operation in the 1980s says he was told about the death squad links. Quotes former L.A. security staffer: "Even [Dennis] King only knows the tip of the iceberg about our relationship with those guys the media here calls death squads." (This is hearsay, but I am posting it because there is more to come on this subject from a former member who was close to the top leadership--and also because of the abundant evidence here.)

Feb. 2: "The Cult Leader meets the Kleptocrat-in-Chief." LaRouche fancied himself the economics tutor for Mexican President Lopez Portillo--but what was really going on? (And what did Helga really think when Lopez Portillo compared her to an Aztec serpent goddess?)

Feb. 1: Woman reporter investigating the LaRouche-Farrakhan connection (1994) becomes the target of repulsive telephone abuse from LaRouche aide Anton (Tony) Chaitkin. Reading this, I think maybe the concept of induced suicide in the LaRouche movement should be expanded to include induced insanity.

Jan. 30: Does LaRouche have any valid ideas? Witty (and often profound) comments by ex-followers, e.g., "whenever Lyn wraps himself around an idea (or his blurry approximation of an idea), he has an uncontrollable need to possess it, dominate it, own it..."

Jan. 29: English translation of Darrin Wood's "Lyndon LaRouche and the Chiapas paramilitaries" (Nuevo Amanecer Press report, 1996). Wood, who earlier worked on the story of LaRouche's relationship to Spain's GAL death squads, here explores how LaRouchian activities helped to encourage a death-squad mentality in Chiapas in the wake of the 1994 EZLN (Zapatista) uprising. Introduction and footnotes by Dennis King update this article and provide in-depth background for those unfamiliar with recent Mexican/Latin American politics. (Click here for the original Spanish language version.)

Jan. 29: More examples of the sick propaganda the LaRouchians spread in Mexico to encourage violence against clerics and indigenous villagers. Includes links to U.S. intelligence documents that debunk the Mexican military's claims (echoed in LaRouche propaganda) that the Zapatistas were part of a giant international conspiracy and that vast numbers of clerics were secret EZLN members.

Jan. 29: More documentation from the 1990s re the LaRouchian alliance with Colombian military circles via General Harold Bedoya Pizarro, General Hernando Zuluaga Garcia and a national political movement of retired officers. Bedoya, sacked as commander in chief of his nation's armed forces in 1997 because he refused to negotiate with FARC (the leftwing guerrillas), uses EIR to threaten (sort of) a coup against the civilian government. Both Bedoya and the LaRouchians make absurd predictions, backed up by EIR's usual geopolitical maps, that FARC will take over half the country unless (Bedoya hints) Uncle Sam provides Colombia with lots of Blackhawk helicopters. (Note: The predicted giant expansion of guerrilla territory was never even attempted by FARC, which remains bottled up today in the same area it's been in for over a generation--and outside of which it has very little support.)

Jan. 27: More LaRouche meddling in Chiapas (1994). National Catholic Reporter describes angry anti-Zapatista demonstration at church in San Cristobal de las Casas calling Bishop Samuel Ruiz the "Antichrist." Placards supplied by LaRouche's MSIA "depicted Ruiz as a treacherous snake and called upon him to flee for his life." (Enterprising Mayan women, however, were selling Zapatista dolls to tourists nearby.)

Jan. 23: "His biggest mistake was his suicide"??? Handwritten letter by top LaRouche aide Nancy Spannaus to Ken Kronberg's widow (Aug. 14, 2007). "I do have regrets...," Spannaus adds. "But what's important now is to honor [Ken's] memory by doing the work which he dedicated his life to....I ask you again to that mission." (For background and a print version of this letter, see Jan. 5 posting below.)

Jan. 22: More documentation of LaRouchian meddling in Mexico. Attempts to rekindle armed conflict in Chiapas, instigate violence against clerics and indigenous Mayan farmers, spread extremist poison in the country's electoral campaigns.

Jan. 21: Spreading hate against the Jesuits. National Catholic Reporter (1994) describes smears, death threats and harassment of Mexican clerics in wake of the Chiapas uprising--and suggests the LaRouche organization was heavily involved.

Jan. 21: "Thinking the unthinkable" about LaRouche and Hitler. Blistering attack by ex-follower who sees through Lyndon's fraudulent reframings.

Jan. 20: Once again it's blame-the-widow time. LaRouche announces that Molly Kronberg caused his 1988 fraud conviction. This nonsense is supposed to absolve Der Abscheulicher and his Leesburg Suicide Club of any responsibility whatsoever for Ken Kronberg's death. Posting includes devastating point-by-point rebuttal by ex-LaRouchian "eaglebeak."

Jan. 9: Leading neo-Nazi Robert Miles hails LaRouche as an "instinctive" white supremacist and compares his movement to the SS (1986). Gloats that the LaRouchians wrought "havoc" in the ranks of ZOG [the so-called Zionist Occupation Government in the U.S.] through their victories in the Illinois Democratic primaries that year. (The page reproduced here from Miles' "From the Mountain" newsletter also promotes the Order--a neo-Nazi terrorist gang--and the Aryan Nations.)

Jan. 9: Confidential report (1988) from PrairieFire Rural Action. This document, written by Dan Levitas, one of the nation's top experts on far-right groups, describes the LaRouche movement's strong efforts (even while its leader and many of its members were facing federal prosecution) to build an anti-Semitic movement among angry farmers in the Midwest. This is but one example of the documentation in our files suggesting that the LaRouche movement's political history has been a bit more serious (and dangerous to the outside world) than some ex-LaRouchians are willing to let on.

Jan. 9: Affidavit (1987) of FBI special agent J. Richard Lytle. This document and the attached financial statements show that much of the money raised by NCLC members in the mid-1980s for the purpose of putting LaRouche in power and saving the world was really spent on a luxurious country estate for their leader and his wife Helga. Note that the enhancements to the estate included a swimming pool, a riding ring, and a barn for Helga's horse (given to her, our sources say, by one of LaRouche's mobster friends). Every LaRouche Youth Movement member who is out on the streets of America today, seven days a week, selling Dear Leader's tracts should be given a copy of these financials!

Jan. 8: Rage and violence in the LaRouche movement. Will the LYM "yutes" go ballistic? Is the fantasy Hitler ruminating over the option of a boomer mass suicide in Leesburg? Factnet postings with intro and footnotes by Dennis King.

Jan. 5: Holding LaRouche's feet to the fire. More criticism by ex-LaRouchians re the monstrous attitude of Dear Leader (and his top aides) towards the Kronberg family tragedy.

Jan. 3: "Mind rape" in the LaRouche cult. POWERFUL statements by former LaRouche followers (from Factnet, Nov. 2007) on silence, shame, denial--and the need for ex-members to acknowledge their complicity in LaRouche's dubious activities.

Jan. 2: "Felix Rohatyn did it, not me!" Dennis King analyzes LaRouche's reaction to the postings on this site re LaRouche's history of supporting death squads and military dictatorships. Shows how LaRouche is trying to divert his followers' attention from this explosive evidence by fabricating new charges against his favorite Symbolic Evil Jew.

Jan. 2: "Words are NOT innocent!" Ex-LaRouchian "Shadok" warns that LaRouche's recent call to "burn and torch" Congressional leaders could lead to real violence by "desperate and frustrated" LaRouche Youth Movement members.

Dec. 30: A former LaRouche follower provides new evidence re LaRouche's art of "inducing suicide." Der Abscheulicher has now admitted that induced suicide exists--but is trying to pose as the great champion against it. As to those who criticize on the internet his treatment of Ken Kronberg, LaRouche compares them to Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition!

Dec. 28: LaRouche's obsession with the suicides of people he doesn't like is reflected in a rant against a former college classmate. Future journalist Murray Gart apparently said something to LaRouche at Northeastern University in 1947 that really, really angered the future Hitler wannabe. In "The Aborted Suicide of [Washington] Star Editor Murray Gart," written 30 years later, LaRouche not only comes close to equalling the maliciousness of his tirades against Henry Kissinger, but also sheds light once again on his own psychological demons.

Dec. 28: More on the LaRouche organization's links to the Pinochet crowd in Chile. EIR's William Wertz lied to cover up LaRouche's role and to place the blame on former members who had left the organization. Could this evidence cause LaRouche's leftwing allies (such as actor Ed Asner and Marxist scholar James Petras) to finally denounce him? Don't hold your breath.

Dec. 21: Season's greetings from Lyndon LaRouche Watch. Click here for amazing image of conspirators caught in the act!

Dec. 20: ADL report (1988) by Rachel Schwartz Rubin on the LaRouche network in Latin America. Admits the LaRouchians have "contacts in high places." Warns that "where fledgling democracies and nascent pluralistic philosophies struggle to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds, the LaRouche network, thriving on secrecy, deception, fear and hatred, may be a threat to democratic values and institutions." [Warning also holds true for LaRouchian outreach in Africa, Eastern Europe, China today.--DK]

Dec. 19: Monica Lewinsky part of the giant plot? Executive Intelligence Review editorial (Sept. 25, 1998) suggests she's a Zionist Mata Hari who set Clinton up for blackmail by the Israeli government. Compares her to convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Says the aim was to protect a high-level Mossad mole in the U.S. government and force Clinton to toe the line of the Likud Party and the U.S. "neo-conservative Zionist Lobby apparatus." (Other examples of LaRouchian anti-Semitism are here.)

Dec. 19: Will LaRouchism survive LaRouche? Howard Chaykin, in his American Flagg! comic-book series (1983-89), depicts a kind of neo-LaRouchism as thriving (more or less) in the chaotic post-multiple-disasters America of the 2030s even after some of its devotees commit suicide en masse in Peoria in response to their "defeat in Chicago." Fans of the old TV show "The A-Team" will have no trouble guessing the name of LaRouche's fictional successor who leads the "American Survivalist Labor Committee." The ASLC and other villainous forces are opposed by Reuben Flagg, a Jewish hero from Mars. However, Flagg's bosses bear a certain resemblance to LaRouche's evil oligarchy, while the breakdown of America in 1996 (on which the plot hinges) corresponds to typical LaRouche predictions made during the 1980s. In other words, the line between LaRouchian ideology and the comics is a very thin one.

Dec. 18: U.S. Information Agency interview with Dennis King (1992). This interview was triggered by anti-U.S. government propaganda the LaRouche organization was circulating in Thailand.

Dec. 15: Linda Ray's "Breaking the Silence: An Ex-LaRouche Follower Tells Her Story." This 1986 article from In These Times is a superb account of rank-and-file life inside the LaRouche organization.

Dec. 14: Testimony of National Security Council aide Richard C. Morris in LaRouche v. NBC (1984). Apparently some Reagan administration officials took LaRouche seriously in the early 1980s. Sidebar includes excerpts from LaRouche's own trial testimony.

Dec. 14: Resignation statements by several disillusioned LaRouche followers (issued during the 1981 struggle between LaRouche and the Computron faction). These are the html versions of attacks on LaRouche contained (along with LaRouche's rants) in the PDF file posted on Dec. 11. The strong-minded individuals who wrote these statements could no longer tolerate Der Abscheulicher's anti-Semitism, irrationality, cult of personality and incipient totalitarianism--and several were disgusted by the cowardice and sycophancy of friends of theirs who wouldn't speak out. [Some ex-LaRouche followers have recently complained that I often use strong language in describing LaRouche, his aides and his organization. Well, my language is relatively restrained in comparison to what is found in some of the 1981 split documents.--DK]

Dec. 12: Computer Systems News's article (1981) on the Computron bankruptcy. Describes the attempt of LaRouche puppet Tony Papert to oust Computron president Andy Typaldos. LaRouche and Papert failed not just because Typaldos and his partner held a controlling interest in the firm but also because Typaldos had backup from friends in the NCLC who were not intimidated by LaRouche and were willing to quit rather than do Lyn's thuggish bidding. Twenty-six years later, however, LaRouche drove another NCLC-affiliated business, PMR Printing, to the brink of bankruptcy and then sent (through Tony Papert) the message that caused PMR's owner, Ken Kronberg, to commit suicide. Kronberg and his wife had many friends in the NCLC, but almost none would stand by the couple. Virtually all of the people in LaRouche's organization with personal courage and integrity had quit in disgust years earlier.

Dec. 11: Documents of the Computron-LaRouche split, Dec. 1980-Feb. 1981. Compiled by the late Dave Phillips. Numerous interesting parallels with LaRouche's treatment 26 years later of Ken Kronberg and PMR. Includes powerful statements denouncing the LaRouche movement by Don and Alice Roth, Paul Teitelbaum, others. (Note: the underlining in these documents is not by DK and does not reflect his judgment as to what is most important therein.)

Dec. 7: LaRouche and Argentina's fascist Col. Seineldin. A close alliance going back at least 20 years.

Dec. 6: Former LaRouche follower Greg Rose's 1979 National Review article. An accurate and devastating description of the LaRouche movement during its transition from left to right during the mid-1970s.

Dec. 5: Opera Fanatic magazine's detailed coverage (1989) of LaRouche's opera-pitch campaign and how it gained support from some major opera stars. Read how experts debunk the "pitch putsch." And would someone please tell me exactly what expertise college dropout LaRouche has in musicology, the history of opera, the physics of sound, the physiology of the vocal cords or any other relevant subject?

Dec. 5: More on LaRouche and Noriega. Also articles on Noriega and Seineldin, Latin American military discontent in the 1990s.

Dec. 3: LaRouche and the Guatamalan Army. LaRouche tries to blame this 1980s alliance on allegedly treacherous former aides, but the evidence shows otherwise.

Dec. 2: Herb Quinde and his many aliases. He didn't fool NBC Nightly News.

Dec. 2: More on Herb Quinde's impostures. He pretended to be Chip Berlet, as well as using various made-up names.

Dec. 1: Big expansion of files and links on LaRouche and international fascism/ human rights violations. Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Sudan, more (but not yet complete).

Dec. 1: An ideological Roach Motel, Victorian style. Robert Louis Stevenson portrays a young man torn between the commands of a fanatical group, on the one hand, and his sense of right and wrong and desire to be free, on the other. Recommended reading for LYM members and Boomers alike.

Nov. 30: First official communique of the Spanish death squads (Dec. 14, 1983). Proclaims a strategy quite similar to what the LaRouchians were promoting in Executive Intelligence Review, i.e., do something about ETA's alleged "rest and resort center" in France.

Nov. 29: Selected articles (1982-1984) from EIR on Spain's conflict with ETA. Here, in their own words, is further documentation of how LaRouche's minions encouraged the Spanish government's "dirty war."

Nov. 28: More on LaRouche, Quinde and the Spanish death squads. As compensation for providing information on Basque refugees in France, the LaRouchians obtained a dossier from the Spanish police on the finances of Otto Skorzeny's family--i.e., the Nazi SS "ODESSA" money. Apparently LaRouche felt that he himself was the proper heir to this rumored Nazi nest egg.

Nov. 28: Quinde complained, in the Dec. 13, 1983 EIR, that his friends in the Spanish security forces weren't taking a hard enough line. How many killings would it have taken to satisfy Quinde and his master LaRouche? Hundreds? Thousands? And how much evidence will it take to persuade certain ex-LaRouchians in Europe and the United States to finally come forward and tell what they know about the LaRouche movement's role in human rights violations (including the events that resulted in the death of Jeremiah Duggan)?

Nov. 24: Wall Street Journal article by Sergio Sarmiento evaluates LaRouche's activities throughout Latin America. "Maybe Hitler's fanatics aren't around anymore. But I don't doubt that LaRouche's teams will undertake the same task if given half a chance."

Nov. 20: Article on Erich Fromm (1962) by SWP member "Lynn Marcus" (LaRouche). Foreshadows LaRouche's later views and rhetorical style.

Nov. 19: U.S. Labor Party report reveals close collaboration with Republican Party in 1976. LaRouche says Ken Kronberg's widow is an evil person because she donated to Republican election campaigns in 2004, but LaRouche himself and his top aides served as Republican errand boys and dirty tricksters for over 12 years! Here's documentation of one of the first of many such efforts: the wave of lawsuits that LaRouche caused to be filed in an attempt to overturn Jimmy Carter's election on grounds of "vote fraud." The suits were supported by then National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Guy Vander Jagt and RNC executive director Ed Mahe. LaRouche's role as an impresario of GOP dirty tricks only ended when he couldn't cadge a pardon out of President George H. Bush after being sent to prison for stealing the life savings of senior citizens.

Nov. 16: LaRouche's infamous "Manchurian candidate" speech. Here is the idea of inducing suicide (especially the suicide of Jews) already worked out in 1974: "The [brainwashed] persons goes into a final total caricature....Pathetic. Worse. Like a dead cow....Automatic crematoria. No gas ovens required. The person is programmed to self-destruct."

Undated postings (summer and fall of 2007)

Once again LaRouche lashes out at the Boomers, Al Gore, Felix Rohatyn and, especially, Ken Kronberg's widow. From the Oct. 22, 2007 morning briefing circulated to cult members throughout the world: "Although...Ken, who had committed suicide recently, was quite loyal to the organization, she [Molly Kronberg] was an enemy, actually. So, there wasn't much loss. But nonetheless, this mess had to be cleaned up."

LaRouche speculates (2001) on how to "induce" a "select victim" to "destroy himself." Also reveals that he really, really does not like Harry Potter.

Update of Lyndon LaRouche Watch's August 2007 special report. New examples given of LaRouche's sliming of the Kronberg family.

LaRouche and Manuel Noriega. Investigative journalist Bryan Chitwood provides a comprehensive account of the LaRouchians' dealings with Panama's former cocaine dictator. Describes what they did for Noriega's G-2 and how they were paid.

LaRouche' support for death squads. Ever-growing menu of files and links re LaRouche's involvement with international neo-fascism, dictatorships, human rights violations.

LaRouche's all-time ugliest rant (is it any surprise that Kissinger is the target?). Commentary by D. King on what this document reveals about LaRouche's personality and proclivities.

"Bankruptcy petition filed by Computron" (Our Town, April 5, 1981). LaRouche's undermining of PMR's success follows a pattern that goes way back.

"Nazis Without Swastikas" (League for Industrial Democracy pamphlet, 1982). The LaRouchians would later accuse Gorbachov of calling their leader a "Nazi without a swastika." I am dubious of this claim, but I do know that the LID received a bulk purchase order of this pamphlet from the Reagan White House.

"Lyndon's Labor Pains" (City Paper, Jan. 15, 1982). Yet another example of LaRouche's hatred of followers who become independently successful at something (he blames it all on the Jews).

"Candidate's wife arrested" (Our Town, 1985). How a LaRouche fundraiser tried to swindle a 77-year-old woman in New Jersey.

"Lyndon LaRouche's celebrity scam" (Our Town, 1982). How the LaRouche organization used an altercation between Nancy Kissinger and one of their airport fundraisers to gain publicity for LaRouche's smear campaign against Henry Kissinger.